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Off To The Polls

Some say that because I do not vote, I’ve no right to complain after the polls close. I’m here ta tell ya that I do indeed have the right to complain, ‘n here I’m tellin ya why!!!

Where’s the little box on the ballots ta check off if’n ya wants ta vote for None of the Above?? Was there ever a time that “None of the Above” was on the ballots??? Was “None ‘a the Above” gaining a little too much popularity???? Are we not all entitled to our own opinions, and with the right to express them???

Then pray do tell!!! When I go to the voting polls, where the dilio is the little box for me to check off to let the goobernment of this country know that there’s not one of ‘em I’d trust without shame, and of clear conscience ta run my household, never mind my constituency, my province, my country or state?? Nor, for that matter, to have anything to do with representing my interests in the field of international politics.

As well, I would be interested ta know what percentage of the voters would vote “None of the Above”. So should, I would like to think, every voter have an interest in knowing. And Hell!! Wouldn’t we have the right to know?? We know how many votes each candidate acquired. We know what percentage of votes each party obtains. Where is there a column in these stats what reflects the feelings, ‘n opinions of folk such as myself who believe not one of these candidates to be worthy ‘a takin on the posts they’s runnin for.

Politician:  (n) (synonyms)

representative, political figure, candidate, official, legislator, office-bearer, statesman, stateswoman

There Ya go!! Straight out ‘a the thesaurus!! Funniest danged thang though, the only time I hear these terms bein used is on the news, ‘n mostly during electoral process. What do I generally hear in conversation amongst the blue collar community?? It’s no small wonder they don’t add ‘em to the thesaurus, as there just ain’t a big enough book ta cover ‘em all!! Starting I spose in the “A’s” with azzwipe, ‘n endin in the “Z’s” with zombie. Including a few choice ones such as thieves, rat bastards, communists, backstabbers, koch knockers, and a large angry mouthful of others. Often with multiples ‘a these strung together to form a complete sentence, sort of. i.e.: Koch knockin muther phuckin thieving communistic backstabbing lying rat bastards!!!! This no doubt, would be someone who really wants ta make they’s point known. Does this person have the opportunity as well as the right to make they’s point known on voting day?? NO!!! Apparently, there’s no little box fer someone ta let they’s opinion be known if’n they’s honest informed opinion is, None of the Above!!!”


None of the Above” is my party, and I’ll complain if’n I wants to!!


                     Ciao Fer Now     


Update: On advice of Niece Kelly’s comments made Sept 24, 2011, I am now a participating member of the voting public. Although it disgusts me that there is not a check box for none of the above, and that the number of voters liken to myself are not made public, an unmarked ballot does so seem the next best thang.   Smile

I do so hope and wish to see the day of a ‘Global Governing Body’ party with name on every ballot around the globe, and with position I could take pride in supporting. A single Political Party with Courage, Compassion,  Conviction and Commitment to one single simple mandate …

”The Good of ALL Mankind, and OUR Environment”