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“I believe therefore, that education is a process of living and not a preparation for future living”

John Dewey

Straight Blue

The Setting … A holiday dinner at the son in law’s (so’s ta speak) and his gal’s place. A bunch attending from his side, and a bunch from her side as well. One of her brothers is in the Navy, posted and training at HMS Halifax. A Naval training base as much as anything. There is a point while all are set to the table enjoying a little after dinner palavering when the conversation spotlights said Naval Brother, all attention, questions, answers, compliments, and a general feeling of pride all round for his accomplishment.

This goes on for a spell afore I finally interject, as near to verbatim as I recalls. Well, mayhap embellished just a wee little tad for clarity sake:

Meaning no disrespect, and knowing so long as every other country has a military force, is a given there will be a military force in Canada as well. And too, recognizing that the military is one ‘a the greatest employment opportunities all round the globe, but I just can’t help but wonder. That there are young men and women so willing to enlist, to train in armed combat knowing that at any moment one can be sent to war. Sent into the “Arena” to kill other human beings, often without ever seeing these victims. To board a vessel of war with certain knowledge that time can come when you will either kill, or be killed … What’s that say for our Education System on a global basis?? From the cradle to the kill zone, at home and at school!! What curriculum are we teaching our children that they are so willing to sign up for this nature of business??

The table went silent!! A few sheepish grins, Naval Brother included. A bunch of dropped heads, Naval Brother included. A noticeable enough bit of utensil fiddle fidgeting, a few odd looks about the room, then … How Bout Them Yankies?? Not one word!! Not one phricking word from round this table did anyone dare speak on the subject!! 


Nor was there another word spoke of the military!!


The right to bare arms??

The order to bare arms??

Rather antiquated notions, are they not??

Have you anything to say of the matter, or will you too set silent??



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Christmas 2011_CH


Best Wishes to all for

all good thangs throughout the

Holiday Season …



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Straight Blue

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Just Do It

      T’was about a year, perhaps a year and half ago when I was Introduced to a Movie on the Internet by name of ~ Zeitgeist: The Movie – 2007 ~ written and directed by a fella goes by the handle, Peter Joseph. It’s a two hour gig, and although one ‘a the most informative and educational movies I’ve ever seen, it is not the subject of this Blob. Not to be mistaken, I do recommend you watchin it, just that it’s not a prerequisite to understand this next one …

The subject movie of todays Blob would be …

~ Zeitgeist: Moving Forward ~

“In a Decaying Society, Art, if it is Truthful,

Must Also Reflect Decay.

And Unless it Wants to Break Faith With it’s Social Function,

Art Must Show the World As Changeable,

And Help to Change It.”

Ernst Fischer

     Is awareness enough?? Is awareness without action enough?? The answer to they both questions would have to be a resounding, indisputable, indelible … NO!!!!  Evolution is that which I ask and speak of. In saying this, No, I am not settin here waitin for that often needed third arm ta grow out ‘a my azz. The evolution I speak of is the evolution of mankind’s mindset. Our Social Evolution on a global basis. Evolution of Government such as to see one single “Global Governing Body” with Conviction to simplest of mandate, “For the Good Of All Mankind and our environment”.  Misguided and misplaced patriotism to specific chunks of dirt, to specific races, nationalities and religion is what has landed us in this quagmire we now bask. Patriotism to the Nation of Mankind, Society of Mankind on a Global Basis is about the only thang what’ll get us out of it. A broader sense of awareness, a broader circle of compassion.

That bridge we keep saying we’ll cross when we gets to it?? We’ve long ago gotten to it, and have opted instead of taking the high and dry road, to tread murky foul water with the weight of corruption tied about our ankles. Complacency is a poor choice of floatation devise.

*glug glug glug … * 

“A human being is part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. We experience ourselves, our thoughts and feelings as something separate from the rest. A kind of optical delusion of consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from the prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty. The true value of a human being is determined by the measure and the sense in which they have obtained liberation from the self. We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if humanity is to survive.”

(Albert Einstein, 1954)

Awareness falls somewheres short of a start, and nothing greater than a scratching of the surface.

Could it be that I, with no offspring of my own, could care more about your children than you do?? If in terms of any particular individual child’s welfare on any given day, not bloody likely!!! If in terms of caring for future generations, beyond my lifetime, beyond your lifetime, and of  caring about the preservation of this little rock island in the sky we so lovingly like to call “Planet Earth” … then yes, perhaps. As much as parents love to claim concern for they’s children’s future in this society of needless consumption and waste, please do take a look about at the Fracking mess, the legacy what *WE* leave behind. We can not have our collective heads so deeply entrenched in complacency as to be so unaware. We can not believe that all is well. We can not accept that things are as they should be. We can not be convinced that staying the course is the answer to mankind’s best future interests.

I am appalled that the curriculum of our education systems teach our youth how to survive within the community of mankind such as it is today, as opposed to teaching our children that which is necessary to evolve. That which is necessary to break away from this system of enslavement to the one percent population who head up our global banks, Gooberments, and megalith corporations.

      This movie, ~Zeitgeist: Moving Forward~, is an two and three quarter hour commitment. Fair to say I spose that there is precious little “entertainment” value to it. There be no exhilarating car chases, no nerve curdling blood and guts shoot ’em up scenes, just a little nudge to the grey matter, some education, some speculation, a vision of hope. I wonders why they call it grey matter?? Grey as in blurry minded??  

Worry not that this movie starts out all fuzzy liken as if there’s a problem afoot, on account …

There Most Certainly IS a Problem Afoot!! 

                Of personal note:

      Towards the end of movie, we are presented with a possible model of future communities. It is just that, a model, a jumping off point for discussion and discovery. There are points I agree with, and points which I do not. For example, it suggest that with technology working for us, there would be no real need for people placements. To my way of thinking (and in conjunction with technology), within education, medicine, rehabilitation, veterinarian care, care for the aged, care for the physically and mentally challenged, there would be people placements abound. For instance, Why oh Why should parents of children with Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Paralysis, etc be forced to shoulder that yoke, and drag that sled all by theyselves with as precious little assistance as is available within our current communal bliss??

      In a world where ones personal worth is no longer measured by wealth and material accumulation, the abundance of help in these areas alone would be just as staggering as is now the lack thereof. There would be placements for all to contribute within the society of mankind, and in the words of George Bernard Shaw …

A day’s work is a day’s work, neither more nor less, and the man (woman) who does it needs a day’s sustenance, a night’s repose, and due leisure whether he (or she) be painter or ploughman.

      As well, the one other thang what always bothers me bout this nature of educational programing  is the omission of the one other greatest threat to mankind.


      Let’s give some thought now, baring in mind that within a Global Community with one single Global Governing Body, war would become a thing of legend. Other than the blindest of us, it is no secret that war is the single greatest tool driving the money machine. War is designed by the rich bitches at the top ‘a the heap to divide and conquer for profit, to instill fear in minds of public and to keep theyselves at the top. There is also one other end to which war serves. Population Control!!! (short of inviting famine and disease to run rampant throughout the lands due to an overabundance of people)

      Of all we peons “Supposed” inalienable rights, the right to pump out as many offspring as we danged well please as though they are little more than raggedy dolls ranks right up there at the top ‘a the list. In order to maintain a population without war, birth control would also have to be implemented on a global basis. It would take more than just simple education and installation of condome machines in the high school laves. It would take science and technology. There could be no more “ooops!!! How’d that happen??” pregnancies, nor could there be anymore six children “Planned” families.

      The Earth’s resources cannot be replenished. Once we use it up, our species, as well as the very rock island in the sky we call home, are … 


“The Growth of a Nation cannot be Achieved

By Keeping the Downtrodden Down”

~ Turn It Up: Simply Red ~ 

Alex Jones’ Infowars.com is dedicated to alternative investigation & reporting of Corporate, and Gooberment news seldom seen or heard in mainstream media. He may come across as a pompous azz by most time, but he digs in deep, liken to a tick on a dawgs azz.

Infowars Logo

“Unknown to most, we are currently witnessing the final stages of a sinister global agenda being carried out before our eyes”.

The greatest problem of this particular global threat to the general public is that “The Good of All Mankind” is the furthest thing from these few power addicted orchestrator’s minds!!! ..

Another long one, two and half hours beginning with an appropriate, albeit unnecessary scene from the movie “Matrix” afore gettin to the meat and potatoes …

Wake Up Call - The Movie on YouTube

An education is available for you and your Children, you’ve simply to open your eyes, ears, and minds to it.


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From the extreme shy guy to the Drunken Shwauncy Shwinger, there’s a place for every man in the Public Pizzer Parade. Don’t bother tryin ta look up ‘shwauncy’, cause I just made it up. If shwauncy were in the dicfictionary, it’s definition would read somethin along the lines ‘a boorishly self-indulgent to the tenth power with a good healthy lot of gorilla thrown into the mix. There’ll be a test later, so try not ta ferget that.

The poor sot whose first choice for a fine dining out experience is at some roadside greasy spoon on account they’s facilities are generally a one man water closet with a locking door. At very least, he can probly jam ‘is boot up agin the door while he takes care ‘a business. He’s the extreme shy guy, and puts you in mind of a character on Bonanza whom no-one ever sees goin fer a pizz. He’s a devout Leafs fan who’s never bin to a hockey game, no wonder why. When with no choice other than a multi stall pizzer, he’ll cross ‘is legs near til the juice is runnin down his thigh afore he slithers along the wall to the first empty crapper stall he sees, duck tapes all ‘a the cracks in the cubical so’s No-One sees his junk. He’s the guy never flushes, nor washes ‘is hands on account every other Dick is touched they’s penis, and may well ‘a pizzed on they’s own fingers right before touchin the flush handle, and faucet. The anxiety is probly such that he subconsciously squeezes the stream off to a painful dawdling dribble keeping him there three, four, mayhap five times longer than need be. There’s no doubt this guy’s looking at his own self while pizzin, telepathically giving his unit a little encouragement. “Come on big fella … let’s get ‘er done so’s we can get the hell out ‘a here!!”  A problem only to his own self, a rapid shake, and he’s out ‘a there.

Yer regular shy guy likes ta keep an eye on the public pizzer door when he feels the urge comin on, and plans his trips to a time when there won’t be many other fellas in there. Certainly a low enough number such that everyone can pizz comfterbly at every other stall. You can near hear an audible sigh of relief if’n he sees, and can beat that other shy guy to a corner stall what he can kind ‘a turn into the corner better keeping his junk concealed from view. He’s mayhap bin to a couple ‘a hockey games, but just as likely to ‘a missed that all important tie breaking goal. He’s no so much afraid someone might reach out ‘n grab his junk, he just don’t like the thought ‘a some guy gettin near enough ta catch a peak at it. A little paranoid, and most probly a wee tad homophobic. He’s probly lookin at a dot on the wall, or checkin out the grout job whilst whistling Dixie in effort to distract attention from his Johnson. Bettin on this guy to wash his hands would be much akin to bettin on the flip of a coin. Although, if’n he distracts his own self more than the onlookers and inadvertently flushes, it’s a safe bet that he will.

 The conscientious, or somewhat germ phobic pizzer reads, and follows all the instructions. He even washes his hands afore goin fer that pizz bein sure to hang on to a piece ‘a paper towel fer when he flushes. A wee mumble of “right on!!” will be heard if’n he haps across one ‘a they public pizzers with they automagic flush actuators. Ya gots ta Love that technology!! He prefers havin an empty stall betwixed he and the fella next, but will be ill at ease with whatever empty stall is available. Three good shakes ta get that last drop ‘a dew off ‘a the end ‘a the lily, and it’s off to the wash basin. Lather rinse and dry, again being sure to hang on to a piece ‘a towel to shut off the faucet, and as well to open the door on the way out. This is another dude you’ll not likely see at a hockey game, cause damn!! Who knows what nature ‘a germs there might be in that pizzer just waitin ta jump out, ‘n have way of ya by the short ‘n curlies.

He’s humble with an equal amount of confidence, and has ta shoot a pizz. No hidden agenda, no fear, and he’s not making a production of it. He’s a man on a mission! He’s yer run ‘a the mill Bill, and is as comfterble in a public pizzer as he is at home. He might wait for the line-up ta dwindle down, but quite comfy pizzin at the hockey game during intermission, and not to likely ta miss any ‘a the action for it. A couple ‘a quick shakes, and will most likely wash his hands unless there’s a line-up at the sinks. He’s the envy of the shy guys and the germ phobics, all of whom wish they could be just like him.

“How about that Leafs game last night” is how this fella generally starts with the small talk, and is the fella I’d most like ta turn towards and say, “yeah … how bout that game!!” whilst pizzin down his leg. This mook is the conversationalist, and figures it’d be productive ta introduce his-self, and engage in a little chit chat while he’s nothing better ta do with his dick in his hands. Ya know that chatty Cathy you can never seem ta get away from til ya’ve said “see ya later” a  trice dozen times?? There ya are getting the denim dragon tucked back into it’s lair, and buddy is worked way wantin ta know “how goes it with the wife ‘n kids??” He’d probly have the entire facility at the arena to his-self ceptin that no-one knew he was there til it was too late. He’s an excessive shaker, and probly only washes his hands if’n there’s someone ta chat with at the next sink.

The trumpeter is a fella what has ta prepare for a trip to the public pizzer. A couple ‘a three chilli dogs, and one ‘a they big gulp mugs ‘a carbonated soda has this fella prepped, and ready ta go. He’s a show-off, so you’ll know when it’s comin cause he always hikes up one azz cheek, curls his lip, and grits his teeth right afore that resounding blast ‘a azz gas escapes engulfing an area six pizzers wide. With a cloud ‘a grey green methane gas enough ta heat a small city, and toxic enough ta send his neighbouring pizzers away choked off half way through they’s task, this dude’s sigh of relief lets all others know, he’s a happy camper. The louder the prouder is this boys motto and he’s probly touched cloth more times than my incontinental father.  For most part when at the game, he does at very least have the decency ta squeeze in betwixed a few fellas sporting the visiting team jerseys. No tellin if’n this fella will wash his hands or not, but he may well need ta wipe his azz before he leaves.

Look out kiddies, cause here he comes. He’s the Shwauncy Shwinger!! He’s loud, he’s proud, and everybody knows he’s there. Generally he’s a large lad thinks he’s hung like a moose, and he’s full ‘a juice. He’s not a show-off by intent or design, just a boorish lout by nature. As a tot, he probly twisted all the arms off ‘a his sister’s Barbie dolls just cause he could. He smells like a locker room, is a puck hog, and thinks that somehow the word team is spelled with an capital “I”. In his defence, there is indeed an “M” and an “E” in team, so he’s got it covered whichever way ya looks at it. This is the guy who’s undoing his fly as he passes through the public pizzer door announcing “Stand Aside Lads … Tanker Load, Comin Through!!”, and is shwingin his manly manhood in hand halfway to the urinal. Heaven forbid you should be in front ‘a this Neanderthal should there be a line-up on account he’d be just as likely ta pizz in yer pocket. The shwauncy shwinger don’t shake it when he’s done, he just gives it a crack agin the side ‘a the urinal to the tune of a resounding THUD!!! His idea of washing hands is pizzin on his fingers, and wiping ‘em on some unsuspecting germ phobic’s shirttails. Just cause he can!! The shwauncy shwinger has season tickets, never misses a game, and still misses the old trough he so loved at the Gardens. Ah yes … The good ole days.

This dear folk, brings us to the Sandy Clause float of the Public Pizzer Parade. The one ya all bin waitin on the side ‘a the road for. … You guessed it!! The Drunken Shwauncy Shwinger. This guy is all over the board, he’s rude, crude, drunk as the proverbial skunk, and could be anyone from the extreme shy guy, big or small, right the way through to the Shwauncy Shwinger with a blood alcohol level higher than his shoe size. This drunken lout is an entire truck-load ‘a unpredictability, and should be kept an eye on at all times. He’s got four blurry eyed doors ta choose from, so gals … don’t be surprised if’n ya catches ‘im in the woMen’s facilities. He’s no doubt got his zipper lizard in hand afore even getting to the door, and after busting through the door giving his self a big ole goose egg on his forehead, there’s no tellin what this fool might do with his tool. He may indeed make it to the urinal where he’s just as likely ta be hangin on to his own shirttail while pizzin his pants, could be pizzin in someone’s pocket, or admiring his self in a mirror thinkin … “Hey!!! What a great idea puttin a mirror right there above the pizzer!!”  He’s the coolest bloke on the block, and believes everybody loves ‘im. He’s talkin up a storm, doin his very best ta outdo the trumpeter (generally resulting in a pant-load), and is even bin known ta mistake the urinal fer a shyter. This drunken dolt never washes his hands, and a night out to the Leafs game is never complete lest he wakes up the next mornin in soiled trousers with a black eye and a bloody fat lip. “Wow!! Must ‘a bin a great night last night.” Unlike the extreme shy guy who’s a problem to no-one but his own self, this Drunken Shwauncy Shwinger is everybody’s problem.

There’s only one rule at da’Bunker …

Rule (1) – If’n ya has ta pee, pee on a tree. If’n ya has ta poo, take it with you.

Bin a splash kiddies. Now, if’n ya’ll will escuse me, I’ve ta go fer a pizz.



Catch me later

Ciao Fer Now …

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IMG_8281_Archie's Bunker sized

That’d be my ride. An 1983 Honda GL-650 Interstate SilverWing. Washed, waxed, ‘n ready ta go on First adventure *with me anyways … * to Port Dover for the 51st running of PD13.

For all threat of rain, and thunder storms forecast for Friday May 13 2011 in Port Dover, it turned out to be a B-E-A-Utiful day for the ride. Plenty enough sunshine, T-shirt warm temps, and again, a cornucopia of Crowds, Chrome, and Camaraderie. I do believe I felt two early evening raindrops fall on me on route into London for a quick stop at Johnny’s Deli afore polishing the last leg heading home.

Sam had made the ride this year as well, so the two of us launched at about 08:30 to meet up with London friends at the Timmy’s in Aylmer. We chose a much more scenic, as well a much less travelled route into Port Dover this year, which made for an excellent cruise.

Sam and I both had our cameras with us, and between the two of us I do believe there was somewhere in the neighbourhood of two hundred, twenty pictures … there abouts. I managed ta’ chop it down to a respectable 106 for the album, so won’t take too long to get through for they who wish to have a look see.

Link to album is in picture below.

IMG_3484_PD13 Clickie Here

Tis a shame photos can never do justice in regards to the depth, and detail of these paint jobs, but all in all, some beautiful looking rides. Hope you enjoy, and will catch ya’s later.


    Ciao Fer Now …




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~ Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s Off to the Polls YOU Go ~   7 comments


Off To The Polls

Some say that because I do not vote, I’ve no right to complain after the polls close. I’m here ta tell ya that I do indeed have the right to complain, ‘n here I’m tellin ya why!!!

Where’s the little box on the ballots ta check off if’n ya wants ta vote for None of the Above?? Was there ever a time that “None of the Above” was on the ballots??? Was “None ‘a the Above” gaining a little too much popularity???? Are we not all entitled to our own opinions, and with the right to express them???

Then pray do tell!!! When I go to the voting polls, where the dilio is the little box for me to check off to let the goobernment of this country know that there’s not one of ‘em I’d trust without shame, and of clear conscience ta run my household, never mind my constituency, my province, my country or state?? Nor, for that matter, to have anything to do with representing my interests in the field of international politics.

As well, I would be interested ta know what percentage of the voters would vote “None of the Above”. So should, I would like to think, every voter have an interest in knowing. And Hell!! Wouldn’t we have the right to know?? We know how many votes each candidate acquired. We know what percentage of votes each party obtains. Where is there a column in these stats what reflects the feelings, ‘n opinions of folk such as myself who believe not one of these candidates to be worthy ‘a takin on the posts they’s runnin for.

Politician:  (n) (synonyms)

representative, political figure, candidate, official, legislator, office-bearer, statesman, stateswoman

There Ya go!! Straight out ‘a the thesaurus!! Funniest danged thang though, the only time I hear these terms bein used is on the news, ‘n mostly during electoral process. What do I generally hear in conversation amongst the blue collar community?? It’s no small wonder they don’t add ‘em to the thesaurus, as there just ain’t a big enough book ta cover ‘em all!! Starting I spose in the “A’s” with azzwipe, ‘n endin in the “Z’s” with zombie. Including a few choice ones such as thieves, rat bastards, communists, backstabbers, koch knockers, and a large angry mouthful of others. Often with multiples ‘a these strung together to form a complete sentence, sort of. i.e.: Koch knockin muther phuckin thieving communistic backstabbing lying rat bastards!!!! This no doubt, would be someone who really wants ta make they’s point known. Does this person have the opportunity as well as the right to make they’s point known on voting day?? NO!!! Apparently, there’s no little box fer someone ta let they’s opinion be known if’n they’s honest informed opinion is, None of the Above!!!”


None of the Above” is my party, and I’ll complain if’n I wants to!!


                     Ciao Fer Now     


Update: On advice of Niece Kelly’s comments made Sept 24, 2011, I am now a participating member of the voting public. Although it disgusts me that there is not a check box for none of the above, and that the number of voters liken to myself are not made public, an unmarked ballot does so seem the next best thang.   Smile

I do so hope and wish to see the day of a ‘Global Governing Body’ party with name on every ballot around the globe, and with position I could take pride in supporting. A single Political Party with Courage, Compassion,  Conviction and Commitment to one single simple mandate …

”The Good of ALL Mankind, and OUR Environment”

~ Green Peppers … Influenced ~   3 comments

There are times such that I really should refrain from tryin ta think on three (or more) different things at the same time. It can get confusing … especially under the influence. *wee chortles … * Ya gots ta love it though. A little something to maintain that delicate balance betwixed sanity, and insanity.

The words in thought from all what rambles through me wee nuget kind ‘a tumble out in a heap, and ordering a particular thought is like tryin ta put a jig-saw tagether. Like lookin for the pieces what kind ‘a look like that tree in the picture. … So, if I pick up the pieces what kind ‘a look like the green pepper, it would go somethin like this. …

What The Phuck Man!!! … How does the price of green peppers go from less than a dollar a pound, I’m thinkin bout a year ago, to ‘Four Dollar’ a pound as it is today?? In the course of about One year??

         That’s … FOUR      PHUCKIN      DOLLARS           a POUND!!!!!!!!

              It’s plain ole Green Peppers fer quap sakes!! 

                          Does That Not Seem a Wee Tad     INSANE!!!!

What are these corporate mooks goin ta be tellin me?? Green Peppers is turned to GOLD?? They goin ta tell me some Cold Snap in Californicate is done it?? How could that be with all ‘a that hot air they had blowin about out there. Arnold was Governor fer quap sakes!! Im tellin ya Man!!! It’s drivin me NUTS!!!! 

I can just imagine the last line of Arnold’s ‘Gone With the Windspeech. … I’ll Be Back!!!

Have we become conditioned?? Have we become so conditioned as to expect, and accept that every time we hear there bin some nasty bad thing happen somewheres, the price ‘a some danged thang or t’other is going Up??? … So conditioned that the powers to be wait with bated breath for the next escuse to Jack up the prices?? Guaran-Dang-Teed???  I mean Shyte Man!! This or that may or may not effect the supply to the demand, but up goes the prices just as a matter ‘a standard practice. When do they come down?? When is the catastrophe done with??

     Price Hikes. … Ya hear Hydro goin ta be havin at us again?? Yeah!! They’ll have ta put a little more extra lube on they bills fer the next couple ‘a months. Till we get used to it.      

It makes me laugh, the only thing I can laugh about when it comes to the oil spill in the Golf of Mexico, that I don’t recall hearing that the price ‘a gas was going up on account ‘a that oil spewing into the gulf, turning it into an environmental kill zone. Not directly anyways. Certainly not a lot. Not by any great and lofty ideals. That’s why the rat bastards is gone ‘n invented … The Libya Thang

I  remember!! … Do you remember?? Do you remember the daze when a dime bag was a dime?? A sawbuck!!     Ten bucks a bag, Man!!  Whatever in Mother Nature’s almost green earth (somewhat green .. still), did happen to they daze???

So, Yeah … That Libya Thingy!!! *sheesh … *

Natural Disasters … i.e.: War, Drought, Hale, Hurricane, Tsunamis, all nature ‘a shyte what can effect the price ‘a somethin or another, but they ‘Cracker Heads’ couldn’t hold we wee peons responsible for that one. The Gulf oil spill was BP’s  Fault, and gall dangitBP’s  dammit well going ta be footin the tab for it!!  … Yeah Right!!!

     Get in line and bend over Muther Phucker!!    The ‘Sunshine’ pump is right over Here!!!

            Thank You Libya … *shhhhhhhsh … *  {That’s just ta throw the cent off to they corporate, and Gooberment rat bastards so’s they won’t know that I know that they know that I know.}

        So there ya goes … That’s pretty much all ‘a the pieces what kind ‘a look like…

                    Golden Green Peppers … 

               Golden Green Pepper  Enjoy Peace.

            Ciao Fer Now …