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~ Text Widget Tutorial ~   2 comments … Welcome to WordPress. After a few weeks of muckin about much a’liken to a doped up monkey, I’ve gotten da’ Bunker ta look the way I wants it. Must be time ta take it fer a test drive, and figure what the Hades!! .. First blob might as well be a little tutorial fer they still havin a time figuring out how ta make a list in the sidebar.

Lists, list, and more Lists!!! Lists for friends, favourite books, favourite movies, songs, lists for favourite websites. … Near as I can see, there’s two ways ‘a doin it from yer “Dashboard”.

Just a suggestion here!!! … Much like tryin ta build a Barbecue new out ‘a the box, or a piece of IKEA furniture, is best ta read through the directions first ta get an idea of what yer doin, then proceed with yer build taking it one step at a time.

First Method: There is the “Links” widget you can put into the “Sidebar Widget Area”.

Step one, clickie on Link Categoriesfound in the dropdown menu of “Links” in the left hand column of Dashboard.

Create a new category with name such as Friends List”, or They Folk What Need A Swift Kick In the Azz List”, whatever works fer ya. Clickie on the “Add Category” button.

You then clickie on Add New in the “Links” dropdown menu in left side column of Dashboard.

On the “Add New Link” form,  copy the “Name” and URL” into the appropriate fields, making sure to check off the box for your new category, and save. Viola!!! Add as many links as you’d like to any given category.

There’s a bunch ‘a more stuff you can do on that Links form, but hey how hi-tech do ya want. I’m just givin ya the meat ‘n tators of it.

After ya get yer link category started in Left hand column of Dashboard, clickie on ”Widgets” in the “Appearance” dropdown menu.

Locate the “Links” widget in the “Available Widgets” area, then drag ‘n drop it into yer “Sidebar” widget area in right hand side column.

From the “Sidebar widget area” of the Widgets’ page, you open your new Links” Widget by clicking on the dropdown arrow positioned at the right side  of your new Widget. 

Open the first dropdown menu for category, and clickie on the category for which you want that peculiar widget to display. … Somethin like that anyhows.

I personally wasn’t too big on this method as I couldn’t find a way to Bold the Destination Name what ya clickie ta get to the page. As well, when I tried adding a Description which is supposedly to show “below” the link, It followed along right after the link doing the text wrapping thang. Didn’t like that!!!

Second Method: My personal favourite, the Text widget designed for “Arbitrary text or HTML”. Not as if I’m that much a Geek, but I do know a little about HTML, and when in need ‘a some simple bit ‘a code, can generally figure out where ta find it. There’s no automatic fields to fill in with this widget (other than the title), but it does give one a little more flexibility. For instance, the ability to make <b>bold link titles</b>, or perhaps <b><i>bold italic link titles</i></b> if’n that’s what yer wantin. Then too, the text widget makes it easier to put descriptive text “below” the title, and to put a spacing line between items.

Just a matter ‘a preference, and the “Text” widget be mine. Hence, the title ‘a this blob …


~ Text Widget Tutorial ~


As illustrated in screenshot below, in left hand column of your dashboard, clickie on “Widgets” in the drop down list of “Appearance”.

Find “Text” widget in the list of available widgets, then drag and drop into the “Sidebar widget area” in right hand side column. See, yer half way there already!! How easy is that!!!   *snidely snickerings … *

Well, yeah, Ok … That’s the easy half, … part, … thing-a-ma-jig, … do-flickie.

In images below, there are two examples of opened, and completed “text” widgets in the “Sidebar widget area” of “Dashboard” showing two different styles. The end results of which show up in the widget column to left side of blob in the theme I’ve chosen here for da’ Bunker. Check ‘em out if ya’d like. There’s ~Bunker Buddies~, and ~Bunker Junk~ up there, and as well a third “Text” widget used for ~Contact da’ Bunker~ 


Edit “Text” widget from the “Sidebar widget area” of the Widgets’ page in your Dashboard. You open your new Text Widget by clicking on the dropdown arrow on the right side  of your new Widget.

When you open the “Text” widget for editing, first thangs first … check the box in lower left corner what says “Automatically add Paragraphs”. Otherwise, each item you enter will follow along after each other, text wrapping as it goes. Hell of a mess, so it is.

Next, give your “Text” widget a title. … Friends List”, or They folk What Need A Swift Kick In the Azz List , you know the drill. Clickie on “save”.

Next comes that little wee bit ‘a HTML coding I was tellin you about. Don’t panic, relax, take yer time. I find the easiest way is to copy & paste the coding, and then to add, or change only the appropriate text as needed.

For the ~Bunker Buddies~ list, I’ve simply the names of the folk in my list (so as Bolded), and linked to they’s page. The coding is as follows …

    <a href=”URL.example"><b>Name Example</b></a>

     (Alright!!! I’ve since opted to add separation lines!! So, Sue me!! Pretend they isn’t there.)

When entering the URL, make sure ya puts it so it’s betwixed the “Quotation marks”. I haven’t tried gettin rid of ‘em ta see if’n the link would still work, but my thought is that they little marks is there for a reason. Mine is not ta question why. Lest me curiosity gets the best ‘a me.

So, if’n you were adding a link to da’ Bunker, with name bolded, it would look just like this here …

    <a href=””<b>Archie’s Bunker</b></a>


And, heaven ferbid, should ya might like yer link destination titles leant over a bit, one would simply add the <i>coding for Italics</i> … Thusly …

       <a href=””<b><i>Archie’s Bunker</i></b></a>

The left side image above is the ~Bunker Buddies~, text list. It’s the simpler of the two list with just the links for friends websites. (destination text bolded of course) After each link, drop to the next line, add yer next link, and so on  for each link. Be sure not ta ferget ta clicky that “save” button when yer done.

The right side image above is from the ~Bunker Junk~ Text list. The only two differences between the two lists is that the Bunker Junk one has beneath each link, some extra (non-linked) plane texting  to describe the link, then a line of ten blue “Equal signs” below the description to make up a dividing line before the next item in the list.

After yer done putting the link in, advance to next line, type in a description, then advance to the next line for the item separation line. (Shown below is with a plain white separation line of “Hyphens”)

      <a href="website.URL.example"><b>Website Name Example</b></a>

       A Short Description


If’n you wants ta spice up that separation line a wee bit, that requires a wee bit more ‘a html coding. For the blue Equal signs, the coding is as follows:

     <p><b><font color="#0000ff">==========</font></b></p>

On to the next item in the list, and Damn!!! Be sure ta hit the save button when ya finishes up.

Alphaboobical order is no biggie neither. Find where the new link should be in the order for your list, Line yer cursor up at the end of the link preceding where yer wantin ta put yer new link, hit yer enter key to make a new line, and jam the new link into your new line. … If’n there’s one thang I’d keep ta harpin on, is the danged save button!! Havin ta do that quap over again ain’t nothin more, ‘ner no wee little bit less than an azz-ache!! To be sure!!!    

     A little long winded?? *phewwww … * If it helps one person, yippee-ki-yay!! If’n anyone does give it a shot from this, let me know how it works out. Is there anything needin esplained any better?? The part that comes after Hello I’ll bet …

Take good care. Peace.

Ciao Fer Now …    


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