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Education, Memorize and Reegurgitate

Any base-ball player would tell ya that if you wants to hit a home run, you put all ‘a your energy to the small end of the bat.

I was thinking just this morn (not surprisingly, as I often have this thought) that, afore any other ritual at start of school daze, and on global basis, kiddies from kiddergarbage on should be encouraged to recite something akin to the following …

I am a Child born of and to this Earth, Begot from the Nation of Mankind.

I owe no allegiance to any particular group, nor particular clump of dirt aside this little rock island in the sky, everything within it, on it, and beyond it.

Enjoy Peace

There is room for improvement within this wreckage of what so many fondly consider and refer to be an “Education” system.

earth 4 copy



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FourTwenty 420

I am a Child of this Earth, begot from the Nation of Humankind.

Welcome to our home.

Believe in extra-terrestrials, don’t believe in extra-terrestrials?? However and regardless, would it not be prudent to entertain some level of curiosity?? Does believing in Gawd, in whatever form one chooses to identify with this supposed entity, negate import of such curiosity??

UFO disclosure, Mexican Air Force

full article:

Excerpt from video (UFO disclosure, Mexican Air Force);

“Disclosure is at hand. It is very close, and the American people need to prepare themselves, very soon, for announcement from our Government that there is in fact extraterrestrial presence engaging this planet and the human race.”

A couple observations;

a) “the American people need to prepare themselves” ~ Thankfully, no one else round this little rock island in the sky need concern theyselves. Yippee ki-yay Mother Phuckers!!

* phewwww … *

I so do tire of this pompous patriotic attitude. What?? You thought I’d have something more enlightening to say??

b) “engaging this planet and the human race.” ~ Makes one wonder, just how limited is a military officer’s vocabulary?? Alternately, just how limited is the public’s understanding of vocabulary used by military officers??


A versatile enough word meaning hire, require, involve, attract, reserve, interlock and of course, definition number 5)

“5)  vti MILITARY fight somebody: to fight or begin a battle with an enemy.”

c)Then too, and standing by it’s own self and merit, there is the definition of “engaging”.


“charming: charming or pleasing in a way that attracts and holds the attention”

Would disclosure of UFOs be presented as something we should fear, or something we should welcome??

In consideration of UFOs in the broadest of scopes, the totality of time and space, to and through that which we perceive to be infinity, the kestions one may ponder are limitless. Least of which, how would our Gooberments welcome these wayward travelers?? Should we be inviting, or should we shoot first, ask questions later?? Given obvious technological advance of these travelers, would there be any sense at all in taking up an offensive/defensive posture?? Mayhap we’d be just as well off to invite ‘em to the shindig, and fire up the jukebox?? What (if any) is they’re past, current and future role in and of our physical/social evolution?? The list of kestions cascades on …


The universe is a big place, and I for one will not discount the presence of others.

Unknown terrestrials. Who was it said, “A stranger is someone you haven’t yet met”??

Enjoy Peace …


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“I believe therefore, that education is a process of living and not a preparation for future living”

John Dewey

Straight Blue

The Setting … A holiday dinner at the son in law’s (so’s ta speak) and his gal’s place. A bunch attending from his side, and a bunch from her side as well. One of her brothers is in the Navy, posted and training at HMS Halifax. A Naval training base as much as anything. There is a point while all are set to the table enjoying a little after dinner palavering when the conversation spotlights said Naval Brother, all attention, questions, answers, compliments, and a general feeling of pride all round for his accomplishment.

This goes on for a spell afore I finally interject, as near to verbatim as I recalls. Well, mayhap embellished just a wee little tad for clarity sake:

Meaning no disrespect, and knowing so long as every other country has a military force, is a given there will be a military force in Canada as well. And too, recognizing that the military is one ‘a the greatest employment opportunities all round the globe, but I just can’t help but wonder. That there are young men and women so willing to enlist, to train in armed combat knowing that at any moment one can be sent to war. Sent into the “Arena” to kill other human beings, often without ever seeing these victims. To board a vessel of war with certain knowledge that time can come when you will either kill, or be killed … What’s that say for our Education System on a global basis?? From the cradle to the kill zone, at home and at school!! What curriculum are we teaching our children that they are so willing to sign up for this nature of business??

The table went silent!! A few sheepish grins, Naval Brother included. A bunch of dropped heads, Naval Brother included. A noticeable enough bit of utensil fiddle fidgeting, a few odd looks about the room, then … How Bout Them Yankies?? Not one word!! Not one phricking word from round this table did anyone dare speak on the subject!! 


Nor was there another word spoke of the military!!


The right to bare arms??

The order to bare arms??

Rather antiquated notions, are they not??

Have you anything to say of the matter, or will you too set silent??



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Straight Blue

Category: ~ This Brave New World ~ Part ‘Four’

Just Do It

      T’was about a year, perhaps a year and half ago when I was Introduced to a Movie on the Internet by name of ~ Zeitgeist: The Movie – 2007 ~ written and directed by a fella goes by the handle, Peter Joseph. It’s a two hour gig, and although one ‘a the most informative and educational movies I’ve ever seen, it is not the subject of this Blob. Not to be mistaken, I do recommend you watchin it, just that it’s not a prerequisite to understand this next one …

The subject movie of todays Blob would be …

~ Zeitgeist: Moving Forward ~

“In a Decaying Society, Art, if it is Truthful,

Must Also Reflect Decay.

And Unless it Wants to Break Faith With it’s Social Function,

Art Must Show the World As Changeable,

And Help to Change It.”

Ernst Fischer

     Is awareness enough?? Is awareness without action enough?? The answer to they both questions would have to be a resounding, indisputable, indelible … NO!!!!  Evolution is that which I ask and speak of. In saying this, No, I am not settin here waitin for that often needed third arm ta grow out ‘a my azz. The evolution I speak of is the evolution of mankind’s mindset. Our Social Evolution on a global basis. Evolution of Government such as to see one single “Global Governing Body” with Conviction to simplest of mandate, “For the Good Of All Mankind and our environment”.  Misguided and misplaced patriotism to specific chunks of dirt, to specific races, nationalities and religion is what has landed us in this quagmire we now bask. Patriotism to the Nation of Mankind, Society of Mankind on a Global Basis is about the only thang what’ll get us out of it. A broader sense of awareness, a broader circle of compassion.

That bridge we keep saying we’ll cross when we gets to it?? We’ve long ago gotten to it, and have opted instead of taking the high and dry road, to tread murky foul water with the weight of corruption tied about our ankles. Complacency is a poor choice of floatation devise.

*glug glug glug … * 

“A human being is part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. We experience ourselves, our thoughts and feelings as something separate from the rest. A kind of optical delusion of consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from the prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty. The true value of a human being is determined by the measure and the sense in which they have obtained liberation from the self. We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if humanity is to survive.”

(Albert Einstein, 1954)

Awareness falls somewheres short of a start, and nothing greater than a scratching of the surface.

Could it be that I, with no offspring of my own, could care more about your children than you do?? If in terms of any particular individual child’s welfare on any given day, not bloody likely!!! If in terms of caring for future generations, beyond my lifetime, beyond your lifetime, and of  caring about the preservation of this little rock island in the sky we so lovingly like to call “Planet Earth” … then yes, perhaps. As much as parents love to claim concern for they’s children’s future in this society of needless consumption and waste, please do take a look about at the Fracking mess, the legacy what *WE* leave behind. We can not have our collective heads so deeply entrenched in complacency as to be so unaware. We can not believe that all is well. We can not accept that things are as they should be. We can not be convinced that staying the course is the answer to mankind’s best future interests.

I am appalled that the curriculum of our education systems teach our youth how to survive within the community of mankind such as it is today, as opposed to teaching our children that which is necessary to evolve. That which is necessary to break away from this system of enslavement to the one percent population who head up our global banks, Gooberments, and megalith corporations.

      This movie, ~Zeitgeist: Moving Forward~, is an two and three quarter hour commitment. Fair to say I spose that there is precious little “entertainment” value to it. There be no exhilarating car chases, no nerve curdling blood and guts shoot ’em up scenes, just a little nudge to the grey matter, some education, some speculation, a vision of hope. I wonders why they call it grey matter?? Grey as in blurry minded??  

Worry not that this movie starts out all fuzzy liken as if there’s a problem afoot, on account …

There Most Certainly IS a Problem Afoot!! 

                Of personal note:

      Towards the end of movie, we are presented with a possible model of future communities. It is just that, a model, a jumping off point for discussion and discovery. There are points I agree with, and points which I do not. For example, it suggest that with technology working for us, there would be no real need for people placements. To my way of thinking (and in conjunction with technology), within education, medicine, rehabilitation, veterinarian care, care for the aged, care for the physically and mentally challenged, there would be people placements abound. For instance, Why oh Why should parents of children with Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Paralysis, etc be forced to shoulder that yoke, and drag that sled all by theyselves with as precious little assistance as is available within our current communal bliss??

      In a world where ones personal worth is no longer measured by wealth and material accumulation, the abundance of help in these areas alone would be just as staggering as is now the lack thereof. There would be placements for all to contribute within the society of mankind, and in the words of George Bernard Shaw …

A day’s work is a day’s work, neither more nor less, and the man (woman) who does it needs a day’s sustenance, a night’s repose, and due leisure whether he (or she) be painter or ploughman.

      As well, the one other thang what always bothers me bout this nature of educational programing  is the omission of the one other greatest threat to mankind.


      Let’s give some thought now, baring in mind that within a Global Community with one single Global Governing Body, war would become a thing of legend. Other than the blindest of us, it is no secret that war is the single greatest tool driving the money machine. War is designed by the rich bitches at the top ‘a the heap to divide and conquer for profit, to instill fear in minds of public and to keep theyselves at the top. There is also one other end to which war serves. Population Control!!! (short of inviting famine and disease to run rampant throughout the lands due to an overabundance of people)

      Of all we peons “Supposed” inalienable rights, the right to pump out as many offspring as we danged well please as though they are little more than raggedy dolls ranks right up there at the top ‘a the list. In order to maintain a population without war, birth control would also have to be implemented on a global basis. It would take more than just simple education and installation of condome machines in the high school laves. It would take science and technology. There could be no more “ooops!!! How’d that happen??” pregnancies, nor could there be anymore six children “Planned” families.

      The Earth’s resources cannot be replenished. Once we use it up, our species, as well as the very rock island in the sky we call home, are … 


“The Growth of a Nation cannot be Achieved

By Keeping the Downtrodden Down”

~ Turn It Up: Simply Red ~ 

Alex Jones’ is dedicated to alternative investigation & reporting of Corporate, and Gooberment news seldom seen or heard in mainstream media. He may come across as a pompous azz by most time, but he digs in deep, liken to a tick on a dawgs azz.

Infowars Logo

“Unknown to most, we are currently witnessing the final stages of a sinister global agenda being carried out before our eyes”.

The greatest problem of this particular global threat to the general public is that “The Good of All Mankind” is the furthest thing from these few power addicted orchestrator’s minds!!! ..

Another long one, two and half hours beginning with an appropriate, albeit unnecessary scene from the movie “Matrix” afore gettin to the meat and potatoes …

Wake Up Call - The Movie on YouTube

An education is available for you and your Children, you’ve simply to open your eyes, ears, and minds to it.


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Category: ~ This Brave New World ~ Part ‘Three’ 
Straight Blue   
IMG_0086_The rat race_da' Bunker  Will Durant, Wikipedia

Cowboys, Indians, Cops, and Robbers …

I’ve always classified the difference between a dream, and an fantasy as the difference between something what is possible through hard work, determination, dedication, and possibly a little dumb luck (winning the lottery perhaps??), as opposed to that which is realistically, physically beyond reach. Take a poll of folk’s hopes for the future of mankind, and right there at the top ‘a the list is World Peace. The common thread for the most of these folk is that they “dream” that this joyous event can come about through awareness and education alone. I on ta other hand am within the diminutive minority who see this as nothing more than an “fantasy”. Of the thought that by whim, the human race could come together as one single, peaceful global society by virtue of our accumulative knowledge, and wisdom?? … This to me is at very best, nothing more than an intellectually challenged joke!! An unobtainable fantasy!! A punch line to a John Lennon song!! *ouch … * No offence intended.

The allure of power …

Most of us play it at some point in our daze of youth, with parents supplying toy guns, handcuffs, Billy clubs, bows ‘n arrows made ‘a plastic, sticks, and sometimes even moulded white metals for authenticity. Caps what go bang, ‘n the whole nine yards. Cops ‘n Robbers. Cowboys ‘n Indians. War games. All played out in backyards, parks, and the local wooded areas. (not to mention the myriad of computer games our newest generation partake of while setting comfortably on they’s fattening azzes) At tender ages, this is where we begin to learn of the battle waging betwixed good, and evil. I spose too, fair to say we also learn that good does not always prevail, and that a good cheat will quite often prosper.

Of the most, the better bunches of us give it up, ‘n move on to Barbie dolls, Tonka trucks, ‘n creative arts. A still good count however, graduates to BB guns, Pellet rifles, air pistols, and of course, real honest ta goodness bows ‘n arrows. Tin cans, bottles, pieces ‘a wood, buddies leg, arm, moving vehicles, and the occasional tweetie bird just so’s we can say we killed somethin, make up a never ending arsenal of targets.

Of this lot, most set aside they’s toys yielding to the world of industry, and technology. That which makes the world go round, puts the bacon on the table so’s ta speak. The remainder of the group graduates to bigger, better firearms breaking into two categories. Firstly, they who become responsible hunters, cops *oooops … law enforcement agents*, and members of the military. Although, in some cases I spose, one could view the military as being a weapon in it’s own rite, with trigger-happy politicians aiming down the sights. Regardless, I do use the word “responsible” quite loosely here. On the flip side ‘a the coin, the irresponsible lot being they who pick up these bigger badder weapons for use in employment of criminal activities. Theft, rape, murder, genocide, whatever the case may be.

Wherever there are laws, there are enforcement agencies. It’s a given, and I don’t see that changing any time soon. Soon being a blink of the eye, a couple of millennium at very least. Sheriffs departments, municipal police, county mounties, State & provincial police, federal, national, multinational law enforcement agencies. Military police, religious police, aboriginal police, railway police, border police, then of course, *shhhhhh … * secret police. As well a good number of law enforcement, and investigative police services such as in the United States, often called bureaus. FBI, USMS, ICE, ATF, DEA, USSS, SBI, CIA, etc. Then too of course, the military in event of war, or martial law.

A couple of, if not the largest issues when looking at current law enforcement inadequacies, are jurisdiction, and dissemination of information. Dissemination of information is getting to be a little better with the aid of electronic technologies, hindered yet, of course, by other forms of jurisdiction. The first being jurisdiction by department, which for the most part a person can live with. I mean Hey!! Who wants the local parking enforcement officer heading up an murder investigation?? Jurisdiction by geographic region however … Sheesh Man!!!

You as an individual get in the way of, and hinder a criminal investigation, yer azz is goin ta be locked up for what, … obstruction of justice?? They very same criminals step crost some imaginary line, and are home-free. Aided and abetted by our good friend, Jurisdiction!! Neener, neener … you can’t get me!!Pick a crime, any crime. With a little research, a scheme of sound design, confirmed travel plans, a person can get away with anything from a parking ticket, petty theft, grand theft and embezzlement, to higher end crimes such as kidnapping, and of course, even Murder!! Jurisdiction by region has obstructed justice more times than the sum of all individuals, and yet this is acceptable??

NOT On My Planet, it Ain’t!!! One Single Global Governing Body!!! One Law for All!!! One Jurisdiction by region!!! One Law Enforcement Agency!!! One bad azz goin ta get azz-kicked, I don’t care how many times you circumnavigate the globe, nor where you end up. Unless you has passage to some distant planet in the far reaches ‘a the universe, this here globe just ain’t big enough. You can run, but you cannot hide!!! No more imaginary lines ta take refuge behind. Were flatulence illegal, you pass gas, yer azz is grass!!! Pay your parking ticket azz-wipe, or your driving privileges will be suspended, here, there, and everywhere!!! Crime don’t pay, cause there’s nowhere to hide.

I wouldn’t want ya ta hurt yerself now, but things bein as they is, consider this. Imagine the cornucopias nature of crimes, and the shear number of cold cases, and charges pending which could be acted upon, and brought to term were there not this blatant obstruction to justice by regional jurisdiction. Driving infractions alone would be unimaginably staggering. Computer scammers?? These untouchable mooks who, while sitting naked, masturbating in the privacy ‘a they’s own living rooms, are scamming untold $millions from the wallets of middle minded folk in other countries what just can’t resist that offer what seems “to good to be true.” How bout the ability to reign in delinquent dead beat parents evading child support by simply moving crost some danged line?? Parents who kid-nap they’s own children under the guise of “visiting” the homeland. Yeah!!! Back in two weeks, the cheque’s in the mail, I won’t cum in yer mouth!!! The list goes on, and on, and on, and on, and on … etc, etc.

Would Anyone Else Want To See An End To This Nature Of SHYTE!!!

The new Canadian HST tax program starts up tomorrow. July 1st, 2010. After all ‘a the sunshine the Canadian Gooberment is bin pumping up our collective azzes bout how this will pass on savings to the consumer, here’s the scoop on the price ‘a gas. … A litre ‘a gas what sells for $0.96 today, will tomorrow be selling at $1.04.         
            ~ I Can’t Afford My Gasoline ~ 
Bend over, and get Them Savings into ya …
   Happy Canada Day, eh??? 

              Take Good Care …
                  Ciao Fer Now …

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… and here we are, Still tryin ta pound a square peg into a round hole!!!

Can you imagine what it must ‘a bin like fer ole Chris, bein the only man aboard three large-azz sailing ships with absolute certainty that they wasn’t about ta fall off ‘a the edge ‘a the world?? The world, she is round??? How’s that for some kind ‘a radical change!!! … From that point in time, and for how many years was it pretty much an arms war ta see who could claim the greater parts of this new found real-estate?? Kind ‘a like the United States, and Russia of they’s space-racin fer ownership ‘a the Moon. Just imagine if’n the moon were inhabitable!! Or, heaven forbid, if there were GOLD in them there craters!!

Change!!! … Interesting word, so change is. Nickels, dimes, ‘n quarters. Could be a switch to Corn Flakes fer breakfast as opposed to the usual fare of Raison Bran. Or somethin as simple as a change of under-shorties. A no brainer, lest of course yer not too very current with the laundry, in which case, might I suggest yer cleanest dirty pair. Or yeah, there’s always the option of goin commando.

How’s about we kick it up a notch, let’s say a change of lifestyle. Quit smoking, implement an exercise routine, improve your diet?? Now change gets a little tougher necessitating the need of self motivation ‘n willpower. One might make a fairly radical change of a personal nature in attempt to curry affection of another they love, as well as curry favour of acceptance from this other’s family. Plenty often enough you might hear of someone casting off the old ways, and converting to a new religion in hope of making, and maintaining the peace. Religion of convenience … How sweet!! All ‘a this nature ‘a change is of personal choice however, so no-one ta bitch at but yerself.

A slightly different case when it comes to compulsory change bein jammed down our throats. Good, bad, or indifferent, we’re just as likely ta look upon it with a certain distain simply on account we either don’t agree, are quite content with the status quo, or didn’t give our consent. How dare they change the Facebook page without first coming to my door, and asking ME if it’s ok?? Changes in the workplace, increases to your property taxes, extra charges levied on the utility bills, higher percentage to the income tax you’ll be paying this year. Change such as laws enforcing with penalty the use of seat-belts. Anyone else recall the hubbub, ‘n strife what that one caused??Hell Man!! I was nailed for that one twice afore I conformed to (as opposed to accepted) that particular change. These, just ta name a wee few compulsory changes what’ll have us out dancing, partying in the streets.

Were there some gigantic haemorrhoid come whirling at us from outer space, crash into our little rock island in the sky emptying the oceans, and killing off two thirds or better of our global population, would that be enough??? Were there a ‘World War Three’ come equipped with nuclear missiles rocketing about liken it were the forth of July, again killing off two thirds or better of our global population, would that be enough??? How’s about starvation, ‘n disease as result of overpopulation, an epidemic ‘a some ghoulish nature what boils our blood, fries our brains killing off two thirds or better of our global population, would that be enough??? What would it take, and at what point would the most intelligent species on this planet finally decide, HEY!!! If’n we wants ta survive, mayhap we’d best band together as one, and start looking at humanity as a whole, our human society as one single society of equals!!!

In some cases, change can mean simply revamping the system already in place. A couple of tweaks here ‘n there, improvements as it were. However, if’n the current system has proven over the course of plenty millennium to be faulty to a fault, useless as teats on a bull, such as it is, then mayhap the best thing to do is to deep six the entire system, and start from square one. In our particular case, we are dealing with ‘one hundred, ninety five’ quite different systems (on account 195 countries around the globe), and not one of ‘em compatible with the rest.

Then of course, countries within countries governed by they’s own set of laws such as Indian nations within they’s own reserves. And too, State of the Vatican City, a great walled enclave within the city of Roam, autonomous, a country of it own issuing they’s very own passports for the elite which live within these protective walls. Any guesses why the great wall surrounding it?? …

So, deep sixing seems the order of the day, and starting from scratch being the challenge facing we custodians in implementing one single governmental system for this brave new world. Point of interest: There are 192 ~Member States of the United Nations~. I’ve checked the list twice ta see who’s bin naughty or nice, and unless I’m just blind, not seeing it, the State of the Vatican City is no where’s to be found. Not interested?? Not playin in the same sandbox as the rest of us wee peons?? Are they “Holy” rollers just too estra special to be amongst this lot??

Of one thing, I am certain!!! In many respects, the rights of the individual will take somewhat the backseat to the rights of humanity. Ok!! So never mind the somewhat crap!! Get the Hades into the back seat, ‘n shut the hell up!!! Enjoy the ride!!! This is all about the preservation, and evolution of humanity, and the society of man. It’s not about YOU!!! … There’ll be some things what’ll have ya’s applauding, and rubbing your hands together in anticipation. There’ll be some other things what’ll have ya’s appalled, gasping in disbelief. With near each, ‘n every change, there’ll be two groups. They who will feel as though they have been stripped, and they who will feel as though the golden goose has just landed. As a species, our collective selfishness, ignorance, and arrogance will be tested to the nth degree!! When this train leaves the station, we all had best buckle up, ‘n keep a few choice words close thought at all times. Temperance, Charity, Diligence, Patience, Kindness, and Humility. Do ya recognize this short list from anywhere’s?? Less Chastititty of course, cause HEY!!!! A wee romp in the sack ain’t goin ta mind yer neighbour much, lest ‘a course yer bangin the neighbours spouse. *Yikes … *

Just for ta hey of it, here comes one of many edicts to come. … Is bin one fun freakin circle jerk tween religion ‘n goobernment since the beginning of time. Hell!! I’m not even sure which came first. Religion, politics … Politics, religion … one ‘a they chicken ‘n the egg deallies I spose. Hands in each others pockets right the way along. They diddlin days is DONE!!!

There will be no influence of religious nature within governmental chambers what so ever!! Absolutely, positively, unequivocally, NONE!!!! Some religious representative comes in with concern for humanity as a whole with no religious overtones, chambers will listen. He, or she starts citing rhetoric scripture from this, that, or ta other “Holy” book with want favouring they’s own particular religious group, they’ll be hucked out to the street on they’s cauliflowered ear. End of story!! Thanks fer comin out!!! The same goes for religion within the school system. There’ll be no more ‘a that, Period!!! But hey!! That’s another story for another day.

Here’s the crux of it. We’s talking about one government encompassing the globe with one volume of law enacted, and enforced for all. How many religions are there, each clinging to, and preaching of they’s own set of antiquated beliefs??? ~Wikipedia page – List of Religions~ You go right ahead if’n ya wish. I counted upwards of one hundred, not including Esotericism, Mysticism, Magic (religion?), Joke religions, nor fictional religions which are included in this list. As well, and sure as I’m breathin, there’d be a slew more of sects, and non-recognized religions not making this list. Like I’ve said in the past, if’n they religious leaders had any little wee notion of world peace, one harmonized society of man, they would ‘a put dissension to the wayside, and banded together quite some long while ago. To my way ‘a thinkin, if religion (as opposed to spirituallity) is our moral compass, then God help us all, cause we be in some deep kaka poo!!

Kiwanis, Rotary, Lions, Kinsmen, Y’s Men International, Elks clubs … These to name a few are what we know as service clubs, or service organizations geared twards aiding they’s communities. “A Voluntary non-profit organization where members meet regularly to perform charitable works by either direct hands on efforts, or by raising money for other organizations.” By the government of this brave new world, religion would be seen, and regarded in the same manner as any other of these service clubs.


Phewwwww!! … I’m out ‘a here. Take good care, ‘n catch me later.

Ciao Fer Now …




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~ Announcing Candidacy ~   4 comments

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da Bunker, Banner Inukshuk(5x7) Blue


G’day to my fellow homo sapiens. My name is Archie (aka Grumps), and I’m announcing my candidacy for region of Canada’s …

“Representative to the New Global Governing Body of Planet Earth”

Sounds impressive, don’t it??? Well Hey!! If’n ya wants ta end war ‘n stuff, that’s what it’s goin ta take. One single world governing body with steadfast conviction to the simplest of mandate, “The Good of ALL Mankind, and Our Immediate Environment [Earth]”. (this is where y’all are spose ta laugh hysterically, choke on yer Coke, ‘n send a spray of carbonated bubbly foam across the room) Corruption!! It’s what we know, what we’ve become accustomed to, what we’ve come to expect, and accept. Sure, in some countries, where it’s not a crime punishable by death, there’s some wee bit ‘a bitchin happening these days when it comes to politicians excesses, nepotism where it comes to government contracts ‘n such, but let’s face it. For all ‘a the watch-doggin we hear of, we’s barely scratchin the wee little hem draggin on the carpet from the quilt of corruption coverin a king sized bed. Like the old saying goes, “power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”.

April 2, 1917 … Of his “declaration of war speech” in reference to the United States entering into WWI, Woodrow Wilson (28th president of the United States) made statement announcing a “war to end all wars”. What he meant by this, or dreamt at best, or quite possibly a deception, is that he wanted to build a basis for peace that would prevent future catastrophic wars, and needless death and destruction. So much for that thought, eh??? Curious of just how many wars there’s bin since good ole WWI, I Googles “wars since world war one” (seemed appropriate *grins … *), ‘n finds my way to ”Wikipedia page, “Lists of Wars”. Civil wars, conflicts, crisis’, invasions, occupations, revolutions, rebellions, world war two, Korean war, border wars, Vietnam war, Gulf war, Yom Kippur war, one called the “dirty war” in Argentina, the “Banana wars”, Iran, Iraq wars, … the list goes on, ‘n on. Some ‘Two Hundred Eighty Nine’ wars in total, give ‘er take a handful. I lost count a couple ‘a times. As listed, the longest ongoing war is the “Israeli – Palestinian Conflict” which has bin ongoing since the year …“1918”. That’d be eight, count ‘em, ‘Eight’ years shy of a phuckin ‘Century’, ‘n they kiddies over yonder have still not got it figured out!! What the dillio man!!

Goin for the depths ‘a despair here … 

Stamp that inta yer forehead,

‘n give it some wee little bit ‘a thought!!

What’s it goin ta take indeed. …

This is somethin I’ve given a good deal of thought to over some number ‘a years, and believe me when I say there’s one, ‘er two … thousand barriers ta break. Hoops ta jump through, obstacles ta make way round, precipices to mount, chasms ta span. A whole bunch of other good, ‘n seemingly insurmountable stuff as well. If you are of mind that evolution is all about yer physical state, ya best give that a wee rethink as well. Your physical self is quite plain ‘n simply, nothin more than a vehicle what carries yer sorry azz from point ‘A’, ta point ‘B’. Nothing more than that!! Some like ta think of they’s body as a temple, when in fact, it is nothing more than the vehicle what hosses yer temple about. It is the essence of our collective minds which is the temple, and at our current state of evolution, seems to me that this temple is gotten as far as the foundation bein laid, a mortal one at best, ‘n we’s all settin about proudly, complacently, not givin a rats azz fer puttin up the walls, ‘n coverin it with a roof.

To put it into perspective, think of the society of man as a building, a temple built of bricks. Now, imagine that each and every single solitary member of the human species as bein one single, lowly brick. Do ya see where I’m goin with this?? Can you see in yer minds eye the current state of this ‘temple’ of human society?? The society of man is an chaotic mess. The bricks of this temple are strewn about haphazardly, in a shity, dangerously self destructive, and careless mess as though a jigsaw puzzle no-one cares ta take time ta put tagether as there are quite simply, far too many pieces. Tossed into a pile, out ‘a sight, out ‘a mind. Then of course, bein as each of these bricks is a sentient being (one of ‘em being ‘you’), there is the problem of the bricks on the top ‘a the heap. Just for the hey of it, we’ll consider that the bricks on the top ‘a the heap are the politicians and big business tycoons of society. Naturally, these are the bricks what one might consider first to be laid. These are the strongest of bricks at the bottom of the structure what shape the halls, ‘n walls. These are the bricks what one might trust to hold up, support, and give structure to the rest of the bricks. Presently, the bricks on the top ‘a this bloody messed up heap have no desire to see this temple of man take shape. They’s far to preoccupied crushing the bricks at the bottom ‘a the pile, taking advantage of they’s weaknesses. Far too content in they’s callousness, selfishness, sated of they’s own unfounded pride, revelling in they’s spoils at the expense of the weaker bricks below them to have want of seeing a society based on the concept, “Good of All Mankind”. And Hey!! Why would they want ta make change so long as we wee peons known as the blue collar community, and as well the greatest majority of our human society are complacently willing ta put up with they’s shyte??

Somewhere’s between democracy, ‘n dictatorship is a golden balance. So long as the general public isn’t lookin for more than what’s feasible, and the representatives aren’t taking more than what’s deserving. The good of all mankind would necessitate a certain amount of equality amongst man. It could not be tolerated that there would be those having to choose between utility bill, or groceries, while at the other end of the scale, the rich bitches living the life of riley with riches beyond dreams of avarice, and with absolutely no need for any of it other than to satisfy they’s own sinful greed. 

I’ve not got a nickel to my name so’ ta speak, and I’m not looking for one. What I’m looking for is support. Support not only from my Countrymen, whatever in the phuck that means, but rather support from the society of man. Support on every continent, within each and every region of the world regardless whether currently democratic, communist, or Royal reign. Not simply for myself, but rather in the belief that we, the society of man are capable of oh so much more. Support in the belief that we do indeed have a collective consciousness derived from an as of yet untapped intelligence. Support in the belief ‘we can evolve’, awaken from this recklessly complacent comfortably numb slumber. What I’m looking for is one single Global Governing Body, void of Party Partisan, with independent representatives from each and every region on this beautiful planet to be registered on every regional ballot affording the peoples of our society the opportunity to vote ‘YES’ to a fair and equitable standard of life for each and every soul of this wonderful Temple of Humanity. The opportunity to vote ‘Yes’ to the abolishment of corruption, abolishment of tyranny, abolishment of a society driven by accumulation of wealth, abolishment of a ‘class’ structured way of life wherein ‘One’ gets the gold while ta’other ninety nine grease up for, and share the shafting. The opportunity to vote ‘Yes’ to a more resource based economy.

Don’t be forgettin now … Come the first “Global Governing Body” elections, look for me on the “Region of Canada Members” ballot. It’s not all about you, or I … It’s all about us All. We are the caretakers of our own species, and as well, our little rock island in the sky.

Thank you in advance for your consideration. *phppppt … *

Corksilly; Archie (aka ~Grumps~)

Can’t be buggerin off without givin ya’s a little giggle. Just wouldn’t be right now, would it??

Husband and wife are waiting at the bus stop with they’s nine children, and are joined by a blind man. When the bus pulls up they find it overloaded, and there is only room enough for the wife ‘n nine kids. The husband, and the blind man concede to walking, so begin they’s journey as the bus pulls away without them.

After a bit, the husband gets a little irritated by the ticking sound of the blind man’s white walking stick. “Why don’t you put a piece of rubber on the end of your stick??” asks the husband. “That ticking sound is driving me crazy!!”

The blind man replies, “If you had put a rubber on the end of YOUR stick, we’d both be riding the bus right now, so shut the hell up!!”

Alrighty then … That’s it, that’s all. Take good care, ‘n catch me later …

Ciao Fer Now …     

(A series in the making)


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