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“I believe therefore, that education is a process of living and not a preparation for future living”

John Dewey

Straight Blue

The Setting … A holiday dinner at the son in law’s (so’s ta speak) and his gal’s place. A bunch attending from his side, and a bunch from her side as well. One of her brothers is in the Navy, posted and training at HMS Halifax. A Naval training base as much as anything. There is a point while all are set to the table enjoying a little after dinner palavering when the conversation spotlights said Naval Brother, all attention, questions, answers, compliments, and a general feeling of pride all round for his accomplishment.

This goes on for a spell afore I finally interject, as near to verbatim as I recalls. Well, mayhap embellished just a wee little tad for clarity sake:

Meaning no disrespect, and knowing so long as every other country has a military force, is a given there will be a military force in Canada as well. And too, recognizing that the military is one ‘a the greatest employment opportunities all round the globe, but I just can’t help but wonder. That there are young men and women so willing to enlist, to train in armed combat knowing that at any moment one can be sent to war. Sent into the “Arena” to kill other human beings, often without ever seeing these victims. To board a vessel of war with certain knowledge that time can come when you will either kill, or be killed … What’s that say for our Education System on a global basis?? From the cradle to the kill zone, at home and at school!! What curriculum are we teaching our children that they are so willing to sign up for this nature of business??

The table went silent!! A few sheepish grins, Naval Brother included. A bunch of dropped heads, Naval Brother included. A noticeable enough bit of utensil fiddle fidgeting, a few odd looks about the room, then … How Bout Them Yankies?? Not one word!! Not one phricking word from round this table did anyone dare speak on the subject!! 


Nor was there another word spoke of the military!!


The right to bare arms??

The order to bare arms??

Rather antiquated notions, are they not??

Have you anything to say of the matter, or will you too set silent??



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Short of nuclear war itself, population growth is the gravest issue the world faces. If we do not act, the problem will be solved by famine, riots, insurrection and war

.Robert McNamara, Former World Bank President 

        Well, I did say there was more ta come. Alrighty then!!! Lets see how it goes here. I spose a little recap would be in order, eh?? Let’s see what we gots thus far. …Part one: An introduction to what I believe to be the root causes ‘a war, violence, and dissension amongst the troops. The troops bein people in general on a global basis. Religion, political structure, our economic tables in they’s myriad ‘a tiers, and perhaps above all, a continual pattern ‘a over population. Part two: A quick overview ‘a the myriad of economic tables from the lowliest of one’s own pocketbook, to corporate, ‘n governmental economic tables on a global basis. Complete with a comparison ‘a blue collar income between third world countries, specifically Indonesia, and the blue caller workers of economically sound countries, specifically Canada, ‘n the USA. Part Three: Our individual legacy towards humanity?? Global, societal accepted atrocities towards blue collar workers of third world countries exampling a young woman in Bangladesh. An ever so brief introduction to Nobel Prize Winner Muhammad Yunus’s book, “Banker to the Poor”, and his conception ‘a the Grameen Micro-credit banking in an effort to help such folks to break the cycle of, and reach beyond the daily sufferance of indigence.        

Sounds like quite the party, don’t it?? I spose in keeping with the theme ‘a what’s causing all ‘a the dissension, violence, ‘n war, … a quick look at religion, ‘n population ’d be in order. Or, would that beOverpopulation‘??? …

         Islam are the infidels??? Christians are the infidels??? Who the Hell is the infidels??? Mayhap it’s the Jews what’s the infidels. Hey!!! And how bout them Buddhists?? Now there’s a bunch ‘a infidels if’n I ever did see a bunch of ‘em. Battles of a religious nature ‘a bin goin on since the beginning ‘a time. Some small, some not so small. The First Crusade was launched in 1095 by Pope Urban II inciting the phrase, “Deus vult!!” (God wills it!!) The telephone hadn’t even bin invented yet, ‘n this war mongering Pope dude has an entire nation convinced that he alone is privy to what exactly it is that the “Lord Wills”??? 

        Colour me agnostic, but ta my way ‘a thinking, if’n the Lord cares ta be willing anything in specific here upon our little rock island in the sky, my guess is he’s gonna forego the pleasantries with all of our varied, ‘n however many narrow minded religious leaders, ‘n bring it on down of his, her, they’s own volition, and by own hand. It’ll not be announced, negotiated, nor discussed with anyone so presumptuous as to believe, pretend to believe, or who merely convince others (for they’s own profit) that they alone should be the ones with whom God confers. … Please do, give me a phuggin break!!

        Mankind has always bin, is now, and will most likely always be a manipulative monster. The most manipulative of man being the ones wielding the most power in whatever manner, or field of they’s choosing or opportune. Political leaders, corporate leaders, religious leaders, all drinkin from the same chilling fridge, ‘n rallying to the same banner in the name ‘a they’s, or they’s King’s own gold. If’n they’s survival means goin to war, so be it!! God wills it!! Religion has no fewer vested interests in war than any other governing body. As well, they are just as, or more so responsible for the dissension of man as any other governing body.

        The proof is in the puddin. If religion were all about peace, tranquillity, the union of all mankind … they religious leaders of man would be finding a way to making it happen over hot cocoa with floated marshmallows. Mayhap they’d all be takin they’s turn hangin off ‘a the end of a big ole ‘peace-pipe’. *puff puff … pass * Mayhap we’d be seeing a positive step in our social evolution on global basis. Mayhap mankind could show this ‘supposed’ one ‘n only God just, ‘n due cause to take pride in his, hers, they’s creation. 

        That the many, ’n varied religious leaders around our globe are unable to come to some commonality uniting the people of this planet as one, tells me one thing, ‘n one thing only. It tells me that the greatest ‘a these religious leaders are as greedy, selfish, ignorant, and arrogant as any murderous thief. A smidgeon harsh you say?? Here till I pray for your son’s safe return from war the day afore he dies of a roadside bomb. 

         Now of course, even if we were able to pull together as a peaceful global society, there is still one other obstacle to overcome. Population!!! Although quite frail, ‘n somewhat clumsy by nature, mankind through the invent of technology is pretty near to being a specie without predator. We control the population of every other specie of creature, ‘n plant-life alike. Some to the point of extinction, or damned near to it while our own population covers this great rock with the stench of our own greed, selfishness, ignorance, ‘n arrogance.

        Just as the fire marshal puts a limit of how many folk may attend a specific venue, this ole nugget on which we reside can only provide for a certain maximum number of people as well. In addition, with technology being a consistent one step behind (necessity bein the mother of invention), there has always bin, and will most certainly always be those who have, ‘n those who have not. Third world countries with no marketable resource being the hardest hit of course, as well as bein the least noticed, considered, and cared about. It’s pretty tough ta think about a nation wanting, starving, while we of ‘want for nothing’ sit about a table with friends ‘n family to a feast fit for Riley. 

        If we are without war, we are also without one of the most versatile, and effectual methods of population control available on the open market. Not that there’s no options mind you. It just does so seem, from what I can see anyway’s, that war is the societal preferred method. Well Hey!!! Just look at the number of jobs, ‘n careers war generates, ‘n tell me if’n that ain’t a good thang. Who in they’s right mind would want to see an end to war causing the cessation of how many millions of jobs from the development, to deployment of A-bombs, spud missiles, nerve gasses, torpedoes, bullets, tanks, aircraft, ships of war, artillery, you name it, they mother phuckers is got it. Right down to the bullet proof vest, cause hey!! Who gives a rat’s azz if these boys gets they’s legs, ‘n testicles blowed off. I’m sure they’ll be grateful that at very least, they’re alive, and on an disability pension what comes just shy ‘a paying the heating bill in ta winter time.

        Bottom line … If’n we’s to make effort to bring about world peace, there’s only seating for so many. That means we’d need to take affirmative action towards birth control. It means we’d have to give up some rites. It means we’d no longer be able ta crank out as many kids as we bloody well please. It also means, for a good percentage of religious folk, turning a deaf ear to doctrine thus faulting them in the eyes of they’s community, and whichever church. This because religion seems ever so unwilling, ‘n incapable to maintain doctrine to ‘n with the times. We ask of God, ‘lead us not into temptation’, while religious leaders through loosely translated archaic notion lead us straight to the gates ‘a Hell. How would ya feel if ya’d just bought a brand spankin new 2009 Shelby GT500, and yer local Ford representative was ta hand ya the owners manual for a 1908 Model-‘T’ ta go with it. It’s called changing, accommodating to, and with the times.

        Global birth control would be a cold hard line to draw, an equally tough one to enforce. The concept of controlling population through calculated birth rate does seem like a simple enough venture, yet in spite of everything, here we are. Still with people starving to death, and as well, going to war over territory, beliefs (religious or otherwise), ‘n natural resource. A vicious cycle, seemingly without end. 

        Wow!!! … I spose I’m layin some kind ‘a shaggin ta these religions. Ain’t I?? *grins … * Hey!! Not like I’m all together without faith, a few beliefs, thoughts ‘a me own ‘n such. I just plain ‘n simple have no belief, nor faith in religion is all. Who here had a choice ‘a which religion you wanted to be associated with?? … Show of hands?? Anybody?? Was ya just dunked, ‘er snipped, ‘er whatever without yer consent?? Did anyone offer for ya ta make an informed decision??? … Was yer Inalienable rights taken into consideration?? Have ya passed this legacy unto yer very own children?? Yeah!!! When I look about at the state of “society ‘a man” on a global basis, I just can’t help but think these religious leaders is done let us down. A damned good lot of ’em anyway’s. Let us all down!!! Just as our political leaders is done!! 

        After all ‘a the blowhard bullshyte, it all comes down ta one simple little flaw inherent to the human g-nome. … GREED!!! Building fences round what is ours, and always wanting for more than what we have. It could be greed for power be it the schoolyard bully hawking spit balls round the classroom for entertainment, to some tyrant ruling an empire with iron fist, and constant threat ‘n promise of torture for they who step out ‘a line. It is simple greed what has us stealing from our neighbours, stepping over one ‘n other void of any due care ‘n concern in an endless quest to reach that next exhilarating step on the social ladder. It’s greed what makes an elite group rich, while others barely eke out an existence living in a state of constant sorrow, ‘n destitution. It is greed, the root cause of every revolution. Just as it was in the USA bringing on a little skirmish known to us now as the civil war. What is it sees one man to buy or sell another man’s heart ‘n hide as a piece of common property??

         The future is not hours, nor do we own it. Albert Einstein once said, “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.” What nature of catastrophic event will it take afore we wee peons pull our heads out ‘a our collective azzes, ‘n figure it out?? If ever …

        Here til I leaves ya with a grin ..


 Ciao Fer Now Kiddies …Will catch ya’s later.


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              Thank You Elke. Much appreciated. … xoxo

~ The Future Is Not ‘Hours’ ~’III’ 

Parts One through Four


    A day’s work is a day’s work, neither more nor less, and the man who does it needs a day’s sustenance, a night’s repose and due leisure, whether he be painter or ploughman.

              George Bernard Shaw

           George passed away some fifty six years ago now. I’s figuring he likely wrote this, Oh, … I’m gonna guess at some point in the late nineteen forties. This is just one example of what I’m talking about here today. There were many others years before him, I’m sure dating back near to the days of the caveman, but this is a great example ‘a how years ago, folks like George could see and know all ‘a this … Tell it to the world … And Puleeeezzzz, someone prey tell me … WHO THE PHUCK IS LISTENING ?!?!?!

        Artists are portraying it in they’s images, songwriters are bashing it out on stages in front of thousands. Hollywood and screen writers, actors as well are screaming it out from the highest of the Hollywood Hills for everyone to hear. Yet seemingly, falling on deaf ears.

        Oh hey … Pardon my tongue, but it just makes me angry. If this is something that has been known and told to the world since the beginning of time, how is that we have never the less fashioned our community such as to cause such unrest, hatred, prejudice, violence, greed, and before all ‘a that there is the very dissention which is tearing us apart at the seams. I personally, quite simply don’t get it. This is the very reason which has me questioning myself, if perhaps human kind might just NOT be the most intelligent creature on earth. Fer the most part, I sure don’t see all ‘a that much evidence ta support such a claim.

        Remember I had said somethin bout man not bein capable ‘a the sum of compassion ‘n self respect??? We live in a society where we, as individuals, have been duped into believing that the value of a man is directly proportionate to a man’s material worth. In the end, when it comes to a person’s legacy, it all boils down to how much property the man was in possession of at the time of his death. Or her’s … Whichever. Oh sure … Some like to think that they’s kids are they’s legacy. But tell me that you don’t try to fashion your life such as to be able ta pass something on to your kids. At the very least, perhaps a property ‘n house to be sold ‘n spread amongst them. Stocks ‘n bonds. Mutual funds. The life savings as it were. The Nest Egg!! Your last vested effort to do something to help out your kids. Your legacy perhaps???

        If left to think about it, can you truly tell me of your self worth when it comes to the big picture?? What exactly is your individual legacy towards humanity??? And just to make it a little easier on ya’s, bare in mind that time is eternal.

        There is an old saying that all is fair in love and war. Yet who hasn’t heard on the news at some point of folks from World War Two bein hunted down ‘n tried fer what is bein referred to as acts of atrocities towards humanity during war time. Do a little diggin folks, ‘n check out some ‘a the atrocities towards humanity happenin in so many ‘a what’s referred to as “third world countries”. {whatever in the hell that means} I made mention ‘a what I see to be a pretty atrocious situation goin on in Indonesia earlier, based on a US government report, which I’m sure to some degree is soft peddling the truth so’s not to raise too very many eyebrows. This report didn’t in any way touch on the most destitute folks of Indonesia at all. The unemployed, the unaccounted for!

        In comment to part one of ~The Future Is Not ‘Hours’~, Tracie brought and left behind an example of that very thing concerning the good folks of Bangladesh. A link to a report and an excerpt taken from the book, “Banker To The Poor” written by the 2006 Nobel Prize Winner, {fer whatever that’s worth} Muhammad Yunus. So here I’ll just do the lick ‘n stick thingy ‘n give ya a little excerpt, first from the report concerning the book and Author. …


Banker to the Poor is Muhammad Yunus’s memoir of how he decided to change his life in order to help the world’s poor. In it he traces the intellectual and spiritual journey that led him to fundamentally rethink the economic relationship between rich and poor, and the challenges he and his colleagues faced in founding Grameen. He also provides wise, hopeful guidance for anyone who would like to join him in “putting homelessness and destitution in a museum so that one day our children will visit it and ask how we could have allowed such a terrible thing to go on for so long.” The definitive history of micro-credit direct from the man that conceived of it, Banker to the Poor is necessary and inspirational reading for anyone interested in economics, public policy, philanthropy, social history, and business.

        Now here’s the good part. This should about have ya in stitches I’m sure. An excerpt from the book itself of what Muhammad discovered durin his travels in Bangladesh. … Hang on to yer whoopee cushions kiddies …


“What is your name?” I asked.

“Sufiya Begum.”

“How old are you?”


I did not use a pen and notepad, for that would have scared her off. Later, I only allowed my students to take notes on return visits.

“Do you own this bamboo?” I asked.


“How do you get it?”

“I buy it.”

“How much does the bamboo cost you?”

“Five taka.” At the time, this was about twenty-two cents.

“Do you have five taka?”

“No, I borrow it from the paikars.”

“The middlemen? What is your arrangement with them?”

“I must sell my bamboo stools back to them at the end of the day as repayment for my loan.”

“How much do you sell a stool for?”

“Five taka and fifty poysha.”

“So you make fifty poysha profit?”

She nodded. That came to a profit of just two cents.

Sufiya did not want to waste any more time talking. I watched as she set to work again, her small brown hands plaiting the strands of bamboo as they had every day for months and years on end. This was her livelihood. She squatted barefoot on the hard mud. Her fingers were callused, her nails black with grime.

How would her children break the cycle of poverty she had started? How could they go to school when the income Sufiya earned was barely enough to feed her, let alone shelter her family and clothe them properly? It seemed hopeless to imagine that her babies would one day escape this misery.       

        Now don’t go bustin a nugget there!! Let me just get out me trusty calcumalator ‘n do some math here. Let’s see … 3 times 3 is …… 3     plus three … 3 ..3 times 3 … one .. two .. ummm … divided by … Oh shyte!! Hang on a second … That ain’t right. *chucklin …*    If this woman were ta make two hunnert stools in the course of a day *Oh phuckin puleeeezzzz … *  The poor dear would make a grand total ‘a FOUR PHUCKIN DOLLARS !!!




        Holy Shyte Eh!!    I’m thinkin if’n she could make 200 bamboo stools in the course of a month she’d be near ta bein worked ta the bone. Well that’d be near ta seven bamboo stools a day I spose. By hand … workin all day … every day … I can’t imagine it’d be much more than that eh. … If that !!! Mayhap if’n she was ta bust er hump ‘n put out 400 stools in the coarse of ‘a month, put in a little overtime as it were, she could bring in a whopping big EIGHT DOLLARS A MONTH !!!


        Now then … back to the question ‘a self worth … In the grand scheme ‘a things, do you spose that any one of us as an individual, wallowing in the riches of Avarice {one of the seven deadly sins} here on the North American Continent, has a self worth any greater than the self worth of this Beautiful woman in Bangladesh???? Do ya truly spose that any one of us here on the North American continent have an individual legacy towards humanity greater than any individual in the same circumstance as Sufiya sufferin through such indignity over across the pond in Bangladesh??? Is Sufiya not as deserving of an equal amount ‘a daily sustenance, nights repose, ‘n due leisure as lets say, someone doin forty hours a week spinnin wheel nuts onto some Chrysler, GM, er Ford product??

        OK!!! … Gotta come up out ‘a the terlit fer some air here now.


~ The Future Is Not ‘Hours’ ~ ‘III’ 

Parts One through Four




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          ~ The Future is not ‘hours’ ~

Parts ‘I’ through ‘IV’



In all recorded history there has not been one economist who has had to worry about where the next meal would come from.

Peter Drucker (1909 – 2005) 



        One of the many things within the community of man which causes a great deal of dissention is economic tables. There is seemingly no end to ‘em. A myriad of em as a matter ‘a fact and that’s bein quite conservative in description. They range in levels right the way from the economic tables of our households to the highest levels on a global compass.

        Not too many folks would like to think that they’s household is balanced by an economic table, but truth is that this is in fact near to bein the lowliest table of em all. Short of ones personal table with what little allowance is left to they’s pocket after all ‘a the bills is paid. With the $28.oo bucks ya gots left after all ‘a the bills is paid, do ya run out ‘n get a box a beer, or do ya head over to the movie house ‘n rent a few new releases? With a little budgeting skill, mayhap you’ll end up with a six pack, two movies instead ‘a four, ‘n a couple ‘a bucks left fer Timmies.

        Within a household, although we don’t really recognize it as such, the balancing of our economic table is an ongoing battle on a near daily basis. There is ‘X’ amount coming in which then has to be broken down and distributed to the various budgeted expenses, and in the end, hopefully, there’ll be some little wee bit left what we can say … “Holy Crap!!! We got some extra here!!!” This of course gets earmarked fer the bank ta pay off the credit card charges ya accrued last month fer that unexpected vet bill, the trip to Maui Maui, er whatever.

        There’s the rent er mortgage, the hydro ‘n water, natural gas, groceries, fuel fer the gas guzzler, personal hygiene, the entertainment fund, kids allowances, RRSP’s, personal loans, education funds, the list rolls out in front ‘a ya like a red carpet. The same colour ‘a red as the ink ya uses in yer cheque book. *scratches chin* And what happens when the heating bill comes in at $75.oo bucks more than ya budgeted for? That’s where the scratchin ‘n clawin begins, lookin over the economic table ta take from Peter ta pay Paul in an effort ta balance it all out yet again. … She wants new appliances, he wants a new high definition, wide screen, plasma television, and the dissension begins.

        So ya wanna take a step up the economic ladder ‘n take a look see at what’s goin on up there??? Jump in yer car ‘n head off ta work. If’n ya can keep yer little nugget from exploding whilst yer checkin out what’s happenin there, yer doin good. Of course the larger the company gets, … the worster it gets. If’n ya works at a small family owned business, although it’s still there, you wouldn’t really notice it much more than around yer home. Get into some ‘a these larger companies with franchises, or large corporations such as Ford, Gm and the likes, and … phewwwwwww !!! Look the hell out cause they’s enough tables up there ta crush a poor persons mind just lookin at em. Not to mention, … turn yer heart to stone so’s ya don’t give a rat’s azz abut the people what all ‘a these facts, graphs, charts ‘n numbers represent down at the bottom ‘a the heap. Wouldn’t it be sweet to have such a callous way about ya. … To just not give a shyte!!!

        Oh!!! … Hey!!! … I’m getting a little off Topic there! But you see now, how dissention reaches throughout our community like the friggin black plague???

        It seems within the larger corporations, all them folks up the supposed top ‘a the heap sees, is what’s known as an overview. They’s greatest concern is profit. After that comes the stockholders and themselves,. Er is it the other way round. Mayhap They thinks ‘a theyselves first ‘n then the profits ‘n stockholders. These folks aren’t too concerned with what is actually goin on in each little plant or office, so the overview boils down to pretty much how each location is doing as far as their bottom line. Does the head office have ta keep puttin chunks ‘a cash into a specific branch? Are they getting enough back to warrant it’s existence? Are they meeting or exceeding the profit margin? Can they get the same work done cheaper somewheres else without all ‘a the headaches? Perhaps some smaller plant right across the street where they can get the labour at half the cost for a workforce what are doin the exact same tasks. If’n a branch isn’t living up to expectations, the red flag raises and the question of why-fore filters on down the ladder. The economic tables don’t lie. Just follow the trail ‘a red flags from one level of tables to another till ya sift yer way through to the departments what are costing the CEO’s they’s new yachts.

        Real-estate tables are pretty scary things as well. Take a three bedroom house on a quarter acre lot ‘n slide it about on the monopoly board and watch from high above as the value ‘a this property rises and falls as it passes from one zone of this economic table to the next. Get in a little closer and watch within each of these zones as the price fluctuates from neighbourhood to neighbourhood. Zoom right in for an even closer look and the price changes from one side of a street to another.

        It’s the same bunch ‘a sticks nailed together, the same panelling, the same asphalt roofing ‘n dug into the same quarter acre chunk ‘a dirt. Yet it’s price fluctuates anywhere from probly $25,000.oo at the low end up to likely $300.000.oo at the high end, and all decided upon by the standards of a table which seems to be plotted out in a manner such as to keep people of certain economic standings in one area while people of other certain economic stead are destined to another. You can call it “the east end”, or “the west end”, “city center”, “The North”, “old south”, “rich bitch part ‘a town”, “the slums” er whatever ya wants ta call it. In the end, areas designed by these tables have only one effect. Keeping folks of different economic worth amongst they’s own kind. Dissention and division!!!

        Municipal economic tables??? What better a’ place to start than to overlap perhaps the largest portion of they’s income table with the real-estate tables to calculate property taxes. Same pile ‘a sticks ‘n wallpaper dug into the same size chunk ‘a dirt, yet considerably different rates fer some than for others pending what part ‘a town they lives in.

        Well Shyte … If’n a person had the where-with-all ‘n the mental capacity ta do the research on all ‘a these tables ‘n the effect on the different “classes” ‘a folks in the community. … I’m sure there’d be a 6000 page “article” could be written of it all. Still, the end result near as I can see is dissention ‘n division within our communities, and indeed on a global basis.

        All ‘a the economic crap on a municipal level pits neighbourhood agin neighbourhood whenever certain projects are up fer consideration. For example. … Here in London concernin a planned CN line overpass in the east end at the intersection ‘a Hale ‘n Trafalgar. Slated to begin within the next couple ‘a years, it would ease traffic tie ups for a five mile stretch along  the CN tracks from near to the downtown core, right the way out ‘a town. As soon as the budget was approved fer it, the North Enders (the snooty tooty part ‘a town) started up with all ‘a they’s whinin bout how the money could be better spent up they’s way. Who uses them crossings down there anyways. Why not put an overpass nearer to the north end on the CP rail line ta ease up the congestion in their little corner ‘a the forest.

        Provincial and state tables have cities pitted agin one ‘n other, scratchin ‘n clawin fer they’s chuck  ‘a the coughers kitty, each arguing how they’s more deserving or needin than the next. Federal tables have folks in the different states, provinces, ‘n regions frowning on one ‘n other, and somewhere way the hell up there at the top ‘a the economic ladder is some bunch ‘a freaks keepin track ‘a things in a global perspective.

        On the global economic tables, gold does seem to be the standard indicator of currency’s worth, and perhaps even a country’s worth around the world. But what of the worth of the people living in these countries. What’s an once of gold worth to the average Joe in Indonesia fer instance, versus the worth of an once of gold to the average Joe in Canada or the United States. So I googled up a report done in the US by the “Federal Research Division” ( from the early 90’s ta try ta find income stats for the average Joe in Indonesia. Also, I googled up a currency conversion site ( ta get an idea ‘a how they fairs out in comparison to the average Joe in Canada er the US.

        I should just point out here as well that these average incomes are not reflecting the number of hours worked or the skills and education levels of the workers. A little readin left ta be done between the lines as far as that goes, ‘n I’m thinkin ya’s wouldn’t like what ya’s was readin. So in Indonesia (mid 80’s), the average Joe earns approximately 260,000 Rupiahs while at the lowest end, approximately 32,000 Rupiahs per month. Sounds like not too bad a haul standin on it’s own, but lets just run these figures through the “Universal Currency Converter” ‘n see what we come up with.

(260,000 Rupiahs per month): (aprox. US $28.24)(aprox. Can. $32.15)

(32,000 Rupiahs per month): (aprox. US $3.47)(aprox. Can. $3.95)

        So where do ya figure these good, hard workin, blue collar folks of Indonesia are takin they’s vacations at? Do ya spose ya might run into em in Hawaii, the Mediterranean, in any ‘a the many luxurious Club Meds perhaps?? I’ll bet they’s just linin up as well ta get on board the next cruise ship leavin out ‘a port, huh?? … I’s bettin they’s not sportin a’ whole whack ‘a gold jewellery round they’s necks either, eh??? I wonder if’n any ‘a the workin stiffs over in Indonesia have air-conditioning fer they’s … houses???

        One country’s peoples prosper in economic growth while another country’s people cower economically like a dog shittin a’ razorblade ‘n runnin from a’ size twelve, spit pollished, steel toed army boot chasin after it’s azz. On this global economic table, it all boils down to natural resources (which don’t necessarily reflect the resource ‘a the peoples livin there). If’n some little country ain’t got no resources, it ain’t worth spit ta these mongers at the top. Could well be a population ‘a millions ‘a peoples livin there, but with no natural resources, it just ain’t ‘a no concern. These oppressed little countries are where ya might find what ya call yer friendly neighbourhood sweat shops bein set up what are just another example ‘a the strong victimizing the weak. These are the countries what you’ll see the leaders ‘a so called democratic societies tossin a few sheckles at from time ta time in an effort ta boost they’s approval ratings fer the next election. These countries is like the kids what never get ta have lunch at school cause the schoolyard bullies is playin Frisbee with they’s bologna sandywiches.

       So how’s that fer dissention ‘n division?? And where the hell would ya start in tryin ta bring things to order so as ta better portray a global society of a more Compassionate ‘n Humane nature???


Holy Shyte!!! … And ya know … I’s just some dummy what don’t even have a formal education. What the fuck is the intellegent folks on this planet thinkin about??? … Probly how ta keep us dummies in a state ‘a destitution, huh!!!    *grins*

I’s startin ta smell smoke here. Mayhap I gots a belt slippin up in the attic somewheres. Time ta shut er down fer a bit ‘n let er all cool down me thinks!! … Another day … Another way. Stay tuned kiddies … More ta come.

Oh and yeah … I did indeedy switch back to the old background. Just feels more like home somehow. The only thing what pizzes me off bout this one … is that the “Titles” fer the lists could be a different colour so’s ta cantrast and stand out a little mo’ better. .. What a’ ya do eh???

Nov. 10, … And lookie here now … I just found all ‘a the options fer “Colour” scheming up there in the “Customize” tab. Some more playin about ta be done. A person could have a different space every day with all ‘a this.

OK!! … Can’t leave ya’s withought a little chuckle here eh.

This a’ here one never ceaces ta coax a good laugh out ‘a me.


Enjoy, and uh … Later Gators …



*grins*  .. Ciao Fer Now!!

    ~ The Future is not ‘Hours’ ~

     Parts ‘I’ through ‘IV’



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Hegel was right when he said that we learn from history that man can never learn anything from history.

                Shaw, George Bernard (1856 – 1950)

        Man Oh Man! ! ! This society of ours is certainly got me baffled. In addition, somewhat pizzed off, disgusted, ‘n disappointed. No shyte, eh?? Like I haven’t made that pretty much crystal clear numerous times in the past. I often wonder if on a global basis, we will ever be able ta fix the problems facing human-kind, or are we destined, as much as it seems determined, to struggle through with things bein as they is fer all eternity?? Or, until we one way er another, wipe ourselves out?? God knows we’s pretty much headin in that direction.

         Do ya spose any ‘a the Governments of the world are in any way, shape, or form givin any thought to ways of bringin peace to the society of Man on a global basis??? Would they even want to see global peace of such magnitude??? Well, I’ll tell you what … I’m not one much fer putting a whole lot ‘a stock inta the many conspiracy theories floatin about, but I don’t rule out the definite possibility that there could most certainly be a whole bunch more goin on behind the scenes in the political circles than what we’ll ever know about. Trust me … I’ve held office in a union local as steward, and as well, I have been voted into position and participated in the negotiations for our local’s contract with the company some while ago. I’ve seen the bottom rung ‘a the political ladder, ‘n got a taste ‘a the corruption from that lowly level. I can’t even imagine the aggregate ‘a corruption goin on once ya’d get a look at what’s happening at the top ‘a that ladder. And don’t we all know just how high that friggin ladder goes???

        As far as the dirt ‘n debris ‘a what I believe to be the issues ‘a what gotta be tended to in an effort ta straighten things up fer the future. … It’s the wars of one country against another, and the violence on the streets of our towns ‘n cities which I’m mostly speakin of. If you sit and think about it, can you not figure ‘a any ways through which we might just possibly eliminate wars ‘n drastically reduce the problems ‘a the violence??? I asked once before what you might give up, or be willing ta sacrifice for a world without war ‘n can’t honestly say as I saw anyone offerin up any suggestions. I don’t spose anyone’s given it any thought??? I’ll give ya a hint ‘a what I can see as bein a large part ‘a the problem. Dissention amongst the troops as it were !!! That’s right … Who hasn’t ever heard the old saying, “Divided We Fall !!!” And kiddies … If’n ya’s take a good close look … mankind is about as divided as we can possibly be without coming unravelled at the seams ‘n spillin out inta purgatory er some damned thang like that.

        So I spose goin by that, the two biggest questions on the page would have ta be …

        What are the greatest root causes of wars??

        What are the greatest root causes of dissention and division??

        Not all simple questions come equipped with simple answers. These two questions here are a perfect example ‘a that. Matter ‘a fact, the answers to these two, really are quite complex. They also have a considerable amount ‘a overlapping annotations, which to some extent I spose, is a good thing. For every overlapping issue, ya kind ‘a get the two birds with one stone thingy happenin when it comes ta implementing the quick fixes. Oh hey … Did I say quick!!! … There’s that wishful thinkin again, eh.

        A few ‘a the larger stones what cover both ‘a these questions to my way ‘a thinkin, would have ta be religion, political structure, our economic tables in they’re myriad of tiers, ‘n perhaps above all … A continual pattern of over population. Well, that’s the four biggies anyway ‘n ta concentrate and deal with these four would no doubt go a long ways ta bringin the people ‘a this planet to a’ wee bit more of an harmonious existence.

        History certainly doesn’t teach us how to fix these problems, as is quite obvious, but as near as I can see, it does teach us that whatever it is that we are doing, doesn’t work. … In my opinion, about the only thing which history does indeed teach us, is that if ever we are to evolve positively in social manner, we are in need of change to quite some radical degree.

        I don’t know that man is, at this point in time, even capable of the necessary sum of compassion ‘n self respect which would be required to accept such radical change, nor do I know that ever we will be. In fact, and oh how wrong I’d like to be about this, the only thing I can say with any amount ‘a certainty is that I, and most likely you as well, will never live to see even the beginnings of it in our lifetime. I do believe that we’d stand a better chance ‘a seein some catastrophic event such as an all out nuclear world war, or perhaps a total and complete breakdown of the worlds economic structure lending to anarchy in the streets. Or what the hey … Mayhap even some huge-mongous haemorrhoid {That’d be redneck fer ‘ass-teroid’ … a pain in the azz however ya care’s ta look at it *grins*} hurlin down from the heavens, ‘n crashin into our little rock island in the sky. Now don’t that sound like a whole heapin helpin ‘a fun. Where’s Bruce Willis when ya needs ‘im.


OK sure!!! … So now I spose yer all expectin the old man ta put a smile yer face. …

Right !!!    

Well first off ! … I ain’t old, .. I’s seasoned !!!!

OK … Shyte!! … Let me see here at what I gots …

Yeah ! …. Here!!   This should ought ta get ya’s laughin …

Scroll slowly now …



*Right Back … Laughin fit goin here*

*Phewww … *   Good then !! That’ll be quite enough ‘a that now .. Won’t It !!!

But I knew that you wanted it !!

Hope ya’s all enjoyed that. *tee heein…*   Have a wonderful Halloween if’n I don’t get ta posting nothin before then. I guess I’s gonna have ta kick me azz inta gear on that one theh. Gotta get some goodies in fer the kiddies, and get the jack lantern out ‘a the attic. *plastic job … lots ‘a folks thinks it’s real.* *grins* . Mayhap I’ll squirt a little grease inta the axle ‘a that turbine vent up there while I’s at it. That friggin rumblin sound is bin drivin me batty!!!

All righty then … catch ya’ll later. Take care.

Ciao Fer Now …        

            ~ The Future Is Not ‘hours’ ~

             Parts ‘I’ through ‘IV’  



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