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No Public Restrooms

Once in a while, we ALL are able to find out the obvious truth when it washes up on shore.




~Spanish sperm whale death linked to UK supermarket supplier’s plastic~

Excerpt ~ “In all, the whale’s stomach contained two dozen pieces of transparent plastic, some plastic bags, nine metres of rope, two stretches of hosepipe, two small flower pots and a plastic spray canister.

Later that day, I runs into this, yet another alleged atrocity of Man …

Danged shame there’s no one to defend us. I hear the judge ain’t too forgiving.

Jaw-dropping animated video on overfishing… It’s time for change!

So yeah, overfishing?? I spose. If ya taking into account the fishes actual populations, and our insatiable lust to kill for purpose other than for food consumption?? Sure, overfishing seems somewhat an understatement, I spose.

Now, if ya lookin at the two a they items, do a little overlay, and if’n yer at all inquisitive, ya might just come up with a kestion or two. 

First kestion I would pose, how many smaller fishes, Bluefin Tuna for an apropos eggzample, die of same fate as that of the whale what washed up in Spain?? Hades Man!! Any fisherman could attest fact that fishes just love ta eat junk, garbage, man-made waste. After all, what is a lure?? Is it biodegradable, is it digestible?? If the line breaks, is the fish going to survive?? If I’m cruising along in me bass boat with exhaust puking out into the water behind of me, and I toss the lid overboard from one ’a they bottled waters … Would an hungry passer-by fish eat it?? 


Okay, so that makes for a grouping of five kestions. Six if’n ya counts the double kestion so skilfully tucked in there. Oh, and yeah … Please do excuse any indiscretion.

Second kestion; After a bit ‘a more thought, of course …

So, here’s where the overlay comes in. Lawrd Tunderin Geezus, Man!! Look at the waste we put into the environment in whole, Land, Sky, and of course, Sea. Coastal cities used ta float they’s household and industrial trash out to sea in great huge barges, dump it, and that was the way of keeping the immediate environment clean while demonstrating complete and total apathy for anything beyond eyesight. Take a breath … Same as it is now. We puts the garbage to the street, the trash mashin machine crewed with enthusiastic trash grabbers comes along, it’s bin dealt with. We feel pretty danged good about ourselves for not forgetting garbage day. Aye, it’s nice ta get the garbage gone afore it starts ta stink.

And, when is the only time ya hears about the environmental impact of a landfill sight?? Oh, look, it’s another kestion. I’ll tell ya when!! When there’s proposal to build a bigger newer, emptier landfill site in a neighbourhood near YOU!!!! Yeah, that’s when the stink hits the fan, ain’t it.

Back ta sea, Billy … 

Nuclear waste such as we’re now seeing from Fukushima, Ungawdly oil spills from here ta Fracking there, Chemical waste of all sort in abundance and by the barrel, trawling nets lost at sea, any and all forms of solid waste such as which we commoners couldn’t even fathom, right down to the cigarette butt flicked overboard moments after the water bottle cap. You name it, it’s in there!!!.

So then I asks, If – please do take note, it is a Big  “IF” – If ignorance and arrogance passed from one generation to next had instead been education, if mankind had from the get-go realized benefit of clean environment – coming back to specifically the seas – if the fishes had a clean environment free from refuse of mankind’s excess and careless catastrophic events, would it even be possible to overfish the oceans??

Breath … 

Here, and I’ll leave ya’s with a couple ‘a short videos to consider. A little “lite” entertainment, as it were …

“This, is the legacy we are leaving to future generations.”

Feeding the fishes and birdies

All right, so … I’m havin way to much fun, laughin too hard, and I’m hungry. I’m away to get dinner on.

Enjoy Peace.


flasher and laughin lady


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Education, Memorize and Reegurgitate


“This is the major flaw in our supposedly “public” services. They are patently not transparent. We who fund such have no say whatsoever. Freedom of Information requests are exempted or glossed over in many instances. There are no public enquiries, no involvement in policy agendas by taxpayers who pay their bloated salaries, pensions, health insurances, legal costs, “expenses”, credit cards and more frequently their huge redundancy payments. When added to a legal system that patently fails to support any private litigation against public sector bodies whilst completely supporting the abrogation of our human rights in such cases, notably the right to a fair trial, we are left to lick our wounds and return to the economic slavery thereby enforced upon us to pay for this parasitical social injustice.”

Someone, Please do tell .. Why am I settin here laughin like an idiot after reading that passage??

This could apply to public services anywhere, in any country, at any Goober-mental level at any time, and could also be extended in context to we wee peons chances in court taking on corporate law.

There is no such thang as … Justice??

Was that a question, or an answer?? Mayhap a bit ‘a both?? I’m just not sure. Anyone who’s had they’s day of dealing with public services, be it some long drawn out game ’a phone tag, or through some legal process culminating in court appearance, y’all know that feeling, that sense of (be)ing small.

Andre Power, a good lad, an intellect and friend of cyber-sort.

I’m giving a plug for his book just released, THE JURY’S OUT, By Andre Power.

I will say this … If you consider yourself a Student by any measure, young or seasoned, you’d be remiss to not at least download, and check out the first chapter. Oh, I know how ta get ya’s attention. Just like the Big Boys does it.


Ok, enough ‘a that shyte. I’m well into it now, and given still laughin like a stupidiot of that passage, I’d have to say, enjoying it.

Oh gawd, such sense of humour one can by times have.

As prologue, I believe no one could say it better than Andre his own self …

Enjoy Peace … 


“This book was written not just in light of my own difficult experiences of the past decade, but also to highlight the perilous state of our public services and institutions. It also seeks to address the takeover of our "justice" system by vested interests, supported by an ever more supine and corrupt collective of judges and law lords, who have abrogated all responsibility to uphold the law in favour of their political and establishment interests and corporate paymasters. Never has a poor man or woman been so vulnerable and defenceless against a remorseless and unyielding government machine that brooks no dissent, no challenge and no explanation of its all too often twisted and subverted public services, least of all by the people who fund them.”



       The Jury’s Out ~ by Andre Power.













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Character is like a tree and reputation like its shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing.

Abraham Lincoln (1809 – 1865), Lincoln‘s Own Stories

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Certificate of birth .. Hall passes ta go fer a pizz .. Social insurance numbers ta keep track ‘a our every move .. Diplomas to prove how intelligent we each are? .. Certificates ‘n Licenses to allow us to partake and provide in activities and services .. Permits .. Applications .. Approvals .. Sick notes ta prove the vomiting wasn’t our imagination .. And of course a death certificate in case the stench of our rotting corpse Ain’t enough to prove we’s indeed dead. 


Is no small wonder that there is this common almost unbeknownst tendency to fall back on the legalities and politics of the marriage and as well the certificates. It still seems to be that little piece which makes it all real to us.


It is an example of an effective brainwashing of an entire society on a global basis. Different styles, traditions, ‘n beliefs within different subcultures, but in the end, a legal joining none the less.   It is the license ‘n certificate! … We can see them !! .. .. It is what we can touch, feel, and read which gives us the feeling of steadfastness. I mean Hey !!! …. We sign the friggin things, ….. Don’t we ? ? . Therefore, it must surely be ???


It is this human need to have something there of a tactile nature before we can believe it to be true. It separates us to some extent from what we feel, what we think, and in some cases … What we know to be true. It is as though we need some sort of system to justify and convince us of our beliefs, our actions to be true.


In my case, the license and cert. meant absolutely nothing to me. It was what my Ex wanted, and I went along with it to appease her. And so, I thought, that it might make her feel more confident of our relationship. But that’s another story all together.

Just as now, a divorce certificate means absolutely nothing to me. If one day she wishes a legal divorce, all’s she need do is have the appropriate papers set in front of me and I’ll sign em for her. The relationship is over, she has taken her toys and moved on, so it is quite simply of no import to me.


Tracie brings up an interesting scenario and is a perfect example of what it is I’s talkin about.


“On that note I have a co worker who is having a commitment ceremony….ya no typical wedding ceremony for them…just committing to be together for life??  Hummm not sure or maybe it is just for 10 years….lol.  I don’t know.”


This is precisely what I meant when I said “Worthy of celebrating perhaps”. Why not Eh ?? . Just leave the time restraints out of it all together, and promise ta give it yer best shot. Not because of some concept, but because of the way you feel fer one and other.


 If a couple, after determining and mutually deciding to enter into a spousal relationship wish to celebrate this occasion with friends and family, Is always a good excuse fer a get-together and a Party !! . “Commitment Ceremony” ….. It just rings !! …. Don’t it ?? .. Or how’s about “Commitment Bash” Yeah !! . I actually like that better. Somethin casual, out by a small lake somewheres. … Frisbees,  football, baseball, swimming, … Whatever !! …. BBQ’d burgers ‘n sausages, a buffet of potats, veggies, ‘n salads. …… OH !!!! . And lest we not ferget The CAKE !! … We all know that it’s all about the Cake,


So now !! …. Getting back to the quote at the top ‘a the page, ‘n ya can go give it another read if’n ya’d like, let it soak in a bit. …. Not ta worry … I’ll wait right here fer ya’s.

I’s still waitin …. 


OH !! . Yer back … Sheesh !!

Just about fell asleep there. {big yawn}


Ok!! So where was I?? Right then, the quote !!

Imagine if you will that the commitment to a spousal relationship is the tree, the commitment being the very character of the relationship. .. And that the legalities and certificates are the shadow, the reputation which we see as bein proof that the tree does indeed exist. To my way of thinkin, if the tree is strong enough, then you can lean against it and it will hold you up. … If you attempt to lean on the showdown, then you are already on yer azz and most likely the tree is simply waiting for a stiff breeze ta blow it over.


At a fairly young age I knew that if ever, I would only marry once. I never got married till I was 35 as I had certain goals I wished to reach first. But there!! I’ve done it!! . The proof is in the puddin. The license and the cert. didn’t hold it together. I will never engage in a legal or religious marriage again!! . This is not to say I’d never make that same commitment and put the same effort towards a spousal relationship. It would simply have to be with someone who better understands the dynamics of said relationship. Someone more dedicated to the friendship as opposed to the legalities and certain social notions of such a union. It may not be as simple as all ‘a that but in the end, this is pretty much the dirt ‘n debris of it.

Take care kiddies, and best wishes fer all thangs good.

Ciao Fer Now …

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Never pretend to a love which you do not actually feel, for love is not ours to command.

Alan Watts


So having said all ‘a that {previous blob ~ social studies 101 ~}, lets just take a wee look at Marriage itself. Firstly, and just so there’s no delusions here, lets just check the dictionary to see what the meaning of the word is in regards to a relationship of a spousal nature.


1.  legal relationship between spouses: a legally recognized relationship, established by a civil or religious ceremony, between two people who intend to live together as sexual and domestic partners 

2.  particular marriage relationship: a married relationship between two particular people, or an individual’s relationship with an individual spouse 

3.  joining in wedlock: the joining together in wedlock of two people 

4.  marriage ceremony: the ceremony in which two people are joined together formally in wedlock 

Now in case you didn’t catch it … Nowhere in there does it refer to marriage as something you pledge to enter into for the remainder of yer life. It would be interesting to see the definition in a dictionary from say, fifty or more years ago just for the sake of comparison. I’ve no such a beast layin about so I’m afraid we’s just out ‘a luck here unless someone happens to have one and would care to pass its definition on to me.


If you wonder that I might have some archaic notion that once you marry, come hell or high water, in sickness and in health, in good times and in bad, for richer or for poorer, and what ever other shyte comes with the whole “ceremony” of marriage right up to “till death do you part” … It’s a lovely thought but ferget it. Not in this day and age. For those who can, and in the end can say that their relationship was a worthy one with no regrets … Then to you I would have to say …


I am however, so far past the point where I can see the actual “ceremony” of getting married as being something worthy of congratulations. Worthy of celebrating perhaps, but when I think about it, the process of getting married is absolutely nothin in comparison to actually makin it work for a lifetime as most of us do pledge. Some of us twice, three times, or more. So what’s the point??? .. Near as I can see, the whole thing with the license ‘n that silly little piece ‘a paper known as a marriage certificate is really quite inconsequential.


The reality is that the entire dynamics of a marriage, or of a “spousal relationship” as I like to refer to it, has gone through some pretty radical changes over the last 50 or so years with the sole exception of the ceremony itself. Well Ok !! … there is one little wee change in the ceremony. Woman no longer promise to OBEY!!! . {LMAO} Damn them anyways huh !! {still laughin}

Pull yerself together dammit !! {pheww !!}

I gotta tell ya here though … Is a real head scratcher fer me that the process of getting married as far as the ceremony goes hasn’t changed along with the times and changes in society in general since time immemorial. I know that prenuptial agreements are getting more common, although more so for the rich and famous, yet still there’s this whole thing what we stand in front of friends, family, and whatever church, where we pledge nothin more than a concept of wishful thinking. Time is the only judge of how long a marriage will last so why bother to promise something such as we have seemingly so little control of. .. Is like I say anyways … ~ “If you cannot maintain the friendship … You will never know the Love.” ~ Well … certainly not fer life anyways. And if yer marriage is failed, to drag it out could quite possibly scrub whatever loving memories ya do still have.


Perhaps at this point in time, prenuptial agreements should be mandatory !! .. Amendable of course as what is practical today most assuredly may well not be practical tomorrow but the way I see it .. Having these guidelines in place could quite possibly take some ‘a the stress out ‘a the relationship throughout its longevity and would most assuredly make life somewhat easier should {more likely when} the time come that a couple choose to dissolve their relationship. … You know …… Who gets ta keep the wide screen TV, the cat, the dog, the blender, the cordless phone, … the bud buster … Can’t help ya when it comes ta who gets ta keep the kidies though. {wee snicker} Yeah … Yer on yer own there !! . Is no small wonder why kids can get so messed up though through all ‘a the bickerin.


One more thing here, and getting back to the quote at the top ‘a the blob … It is my opinion that if you are in a relationship of a spousal nature, the best policy is to be honest to both yourself and to your spouse. If the relationship is over … Admit it !! … Do not engage in another relationship while still engaged with your current spouse. To be faithful is perhaps the only promise you make which you do indeed have total control of. It’s one thing to fantasize, is altogether somethin else to jump into someone else’s bed. It can be hard enough to deal with separation without the added agony of infidelity. Infidelity can only lead to clouded judgment, guilt, and a whole lot ‘a pain. Quite probably more so to yourself, than to your spouse.


Our character…is an omen of our destiny, and the more integrity we have and keep, the simpler and nobler that destiny is likely to be.


George Santayana (1863 – 1952)


Take care, enjoy, ‘n don’t sweat the small stuff !!

Catch ya’s Later.

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By all means marry; if you get a good wife, you’ll be happy. If you get a bad one, you’ll become a philosopher. 


    Socrates(469 BC – 399 BC) 

Of late I’ve given thought to conversations I’ve had concernin the state of marriages more often than usual. It always seems to evolve around the same questions concerning longevity, roles in the upbringing of kids, rights, and feelings of one er the other not pulling their share ‘a the load as it were.

Society has gone through some pretty big changes in the last bunch ‘a years, and typically as these changes have been rather slow in coming, we’ve not really taken the notice for which they are due. It seems the older generations can’t figure out why the younger generations cant hold a marriage together, and the younger generations can’t figure out why it is that the older generations managed to keep their marriages for the long haul.  It would appear that if ever there were a rule book for successful marriages, it’s bin deep sixed leavin couples struggling to define the parameters of their relationships with precious little in the way of guidelines. 

The days of 50th anniversaries seems all but over, and even 25 year anniversaries are getting to be a pretty scarcely celebrated landmark. Givin the way things is goin these days, it makes sense to me that the old “Till death do us part” bit, mayhap should get change to, “Till we tire of each others company’. .. Or how’s about, “For a term ‘a five years with an option to renew.” . {wee snicker} . Better not let that one get out to the government ‘er they’ll be tryin ta figure out a way ta charge a renewal fee. If there were any renewals, that is.

Seems to me that currently we live in a time when Women have more rights than they ever have had, and still feel as though they are subservient. At the same time, Men are feeling as though they are loosing all sense of control wherein women are trying to run their lives lending to feelings of lost rights. It’s gotten to the point now that a molehill such as who gets ta hold on to the remote control has the potential to turn into a insurmountable mountain.

From this, has spawned a brand new industry. You can find it in the phone book under “Marriage Counselors” or “Psychologists”. Pages ‘n pages ‘a these clowns makin a killin off ‘a us with all ‘a our petty little problems. Not that these guys can keep a marriage goin fer life, lest of course ya’s include em in yer vows .. “And I promise ta see our marriage counselor once a week fer as long as we all three shall live.” … I now pronounce you’s Husband, Wife, and Marriage counselor. .. Group hugs everybody.

In lookin at the changes in society over the last 50 years or so, it occurs to me that the largest of the problems within relationships these days has to do with the democratic system. The marriages of old what actually lasted the long term were back when the men were the king of the castle, rulers of the roost as it were. In any decision it was one against nothin and so the decision was made, the ruling applied and adhered to. People knew their roles. The not so democratic system worked, and time marched on.

 The problem in a relationship of supposed equality is that the democratic system fails at any and all points such as the two of you have opposing views. One against One ! ! . Hence the power struggle and the feelings on either side of having ones rights trod on.

So now, in listening to disgruntled wives talking, one might hear the questions … “Why does he always go on about how he’s giving up so much? Why does he think he’s the only one making sacrifices?” Well colour me crazy here but if I don’t miss my guess, for the most part when there’s a woman askin these questions … Chances are that the hubby’s askin the exact same questions simply exchangin the “he’s” with “she’s”.

Now I don’t have all ‘a the answers here obviously, but I gotta wonder if havin a better understanding of why the questions are there in the first place might go a long ways in helping to deal with the problems.

Ya know … It’s comical that for the most part we never really give a whole lot ‘a thought to the true meanin ‘a compromise till we’s on the loosin {shitty} end ‘a the stick. … Yeah eh !! . Then we know all about what compromise means.

Don’t we

      I spose that’s the selfish part ‘a our “Human Nature”  comin out, eh !!!

       Hey !! . Don’t they teach this shyte in high school social studies ???

Take care all ‘n keep well.

Catch me later

~ Ciao Fer Now ~

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