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With or without religion, you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.



Steven Weinberg (1933 – ), quoted in The New York Times, April 20, 1999

From Whence we Came .. Parts  ‘ I ‘  through  ‘ IV ‘



Is There “A” God In The House ??


Is there truly any reason why we should be ‘a the opinion that there is only one God??? As near as I can see, and this goes for the peoples ‘a whatever religion ya care ta be a member of, the only reason for which we can possibly be of this preposition is quite simply, Blind Faith. Well that I spose and a certain amount of what I consider to be a very plentiful ‘n potent amount ‘a brain washing by groups of supposed enlightened ‘n spiritual leaders from different areas of the planet who aren’t even in the same book, never mind on the same page. Personally, I am in awe that there could be so many people of so many different religion’s who see God in so many different ways who can be so credulous as to believe without any definitive proof or evidence, other than ages old hear-say, that God could possibly be just one omnipotent being.

          If indeed we are, all of us, the product of this one omnipotent being, could we go so far as to wonder if mayhap God is somewhat of a schizoid??? Could it be that this one single God is possibly sufferin from some form of dissociate disorder?? I’ve no idea just how many different religions there are, each seeing this God as though a totally different being from each religious perspective, but if this God truly is one being then I’m thinkin that he may just be suffering something to the order ‘a Kerry times ten when it comes to multiple personalities. Is he demented, a scientist perhaps, or just of such a curiosity as to have produced all ‘a these different races ‘n religions each with a different set of values and beliefs and then sat back ta watch the blood bath?? Much like these supposed reality shows wherein groups of people or individuals are pitted against one and other in competition, with each group or individual focused on the single goal of the grand prize.

So Yeah … Gettin back to “from whence we came”, as that does so seem to be from whence religion came as well, could it possibly be that mayhap there was more than one God?? No-one can really say fer sure with even the slightest amount of factually proven certainty, so what’s ta say, huh. Could just as easily be that the terms God, Allah, Buda and whatever others they is out there is nothing more than proper names or insignia’s denoting positions of social standing among the community of our friendly neighborhood aliens. Of this I am sure … Just as a dog looks up to, and obeys it’s master, if indeed we were the product of genetic engineering by aliens … You can rest assured that these aliens would no doubt have etched indelibly into our minds that they were in charge. That they were the boss hog, the top dog, the leader ‘a the pack, the big kahuna, … “GOD”! ! … There certainly are enough stories within all ‘a the different religious sects of this God reaching down from the heavens ta smite individuals or groups of early man fer pizzin on his new carpet as it were.

Throughout our history, men in power have always come up with labels to signify they’s status on the social ladder and to make known their role of authority among the commoners. Could this concept have been brought to and handed down to us from afar?? Kings, Queens, Presidents, Prime ministers, Emirates, Emperors, The Pope, etc, etc, right the way down to “Mom” ‘n “Dad”. The leaders of the family unit as it were. And just to point out how gullible we can be as kids, who hasn’t ever heard the old, “Oh Yeah ! ! … Well my Momma says …” in such a manner as to suggest that whatever “Momma” says must surely be irrefutably correct. Oh, and don’t go thinking this gullibility doesn’t follow us throughout our adult lives kiddies. Gullibility is the seed of vulnerability which is what makes so many of us as adults susceptible to the oh’ so many scams ‘n cons we keep hearin about. Even the very concept of democracy is somewhat of a con based on the concept that more than fifty percent of the people are right one-hundred percent of the time. Point bein I spose, that with the proper promotional strategies, we can be led to believe just about any damned thang.

Yikes eh ! ! !

Turn Left …

No ! !  … Yer other left ! ! !

Takin all ‘a this into consideration, it’s not so hard to understand where one might question the origins of the human race and indeed even the origins of religion. If indeed as I suggest, that we may well be the conclusion of a sped evolution from controlled, and quarantined groups of apes around the planet through genetic engineering by aliens from wherever in the cosmos, it’s certainly not difficult to imagine how easily we may have come to consider these aliens as Gods. And as at that point in our development, there would not have been any form of communication between each of our different genus groups of early man, each group may well have been of the impression that they were the only ones. Not to mention that communication between the members of each group would most certainly have been of quite a primitive nature. Drawings on cave walls ‘n such. As well, it would be understandable that each group would no doubt form somewhat different beliefs and rules of conduct {the basis of religion and law} based on they’s basic animal instincts which could never be eradicated, living conditions as per the ecological properties of the regions each group was indigenous to, and lastly whatever lessons were picked up from the aliens responsible to and working with each group.

 With the end of the genetic enhancements, the gates to these quarantined areas would have been opened such that this new species could venture out into the world to procreate and populate the planet. In years later as we populated and spread out, it would stand to reason that upon meeting up with others that there would be misunderstanding leading to conflicts as to who we are, what colour we are, our very origins, how things were done, and who’s ways ‘n beliefs were right. Not to mention that each group would see the others to be infringing on they’s territory. In the ensuing struggle for dominance, this infant species would plant the seeds for the very beginnings of organized religion, intolerance, and prejudice toward our fellow man whom we most certainly would have perceived as a threat to the very existence ‘n convictions of whichever given group.

The sad part is of course how precious little things have changed over the years and from each generation to the next. This concept of intolerance ‘n conflict throughout the community of man is as old as time itself from our perspective. You can see this conflict in motion between world governments, racial difference, religions, corporations, unions, and right the way down to they two neighbors who can’t come to a decision as to where the fence should run and who should pay fer it without callin in the surveyor ‘n makin a trip ta court ta mark out the property line in blood. Hopefully, the other guys blood. That’s right ! ! … Let’s just push that fence a couple ‘a inches that a’ way.

And that would be my bit fer the day …  Hope all

is well in everyones little corner ‘a the world and will catch ya’s all later.

Ciao Fer Now Kiddies …


    From Whence We Came .. Parts  ‘ I’   through  ‘ IV ‘




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From Whence we Came: ‘III’

{ Parts ‘I’ , Through ‘IV’ }


Isn’t it amazing how far we’ve come in the area of genetic engineering?? I spose the most obvious examples are found in plant life at the moment. In ornamental plants, one need look no further than all ‘a the new and man-made breeds of roses or orchids for example. Science ‘n horticulture teaming up, mixing a bit ‘a this and a bit ‘a that to come up with blossoms of different and unique colours and petal configurations. In agriculture with all ‘a the high yield crops such as to feed more and more people while at the same time farming on less and less acreages of land. … Even in all ‘a the hybrid marijuana being cultivated these days with oh so much more buzz to the bud. … Do you swear to smoke the bud, .. the whole bud, .. nothing but the bud, .. So help you Mary Jane??

Then of course there’s all ‘a this cloning goin on. Barnyard animals only at the moment, but hey, … that’s just one step away from being able ta clone ourselves. And who’s ta say that there ain’t someone somewhere already cloning humans. … Stem cell research leading to such anticipated wonders as the ability to grow single organs matched perfectly to the recipients through, you guessed it, genetic engineering. Hades man!! Moral issues aside .. The buzz is that we’s just a stone through away from being able ta custom order our kiddletts. And who knows how many options one might have.  Male, female, colour of eyes, hair, … mayhap even the colour ‘a they’s skin so’s to match up to the furniture. Don’t ya just hate it when they little buggers clash with the friggin furniture??


Here’s a bit of ‘a far off theory for ya’s as to how all the many different races of man might possibly have first come to be. Oh and ah … I spose there’s about as much irrefutable proof that this theory is correct as there is that any theory in any bible is correct. So there ya go eh!! Read on … Enjoy … And poke as many holes into it as ya see fit.

 I do consider Darwin’s theory of evolution to be a viable beginning, but I do believe there may well be a lot more to it than that. This is where that nagging question of why did not all ‘a the apes evolve, if indeedy that’s where we came from in the first place. And to assume that the different races of humans evolved from different genus of apes, quite viable really, but unlikely that so many different genus of apes would evolve in the same manner, and at approximately the same time. What if there was a helping hand in all ‘a this ? ? . God perhaps … ??



        This is where I believe it is quite possible that Aliens with an interest in our little rock island in the sky, for what ever reason, might have had a hand in it all. Quite possibly the very beginnings of religion, as well as the beginnings of man such as we are now. One could only speculate of what interest these aliens would have for this madness. Perhaps a little science project, mayhap they needed a workforce ta build the pyramids, Stonehenge, landing strips of such a size that you can only really make them out from the air. Could even be that earth is nothing more than a game board and we are the playing pieces. I’ve even entertained the notion that these aliens might have even been trying to procreate them-selves in the only manner that they could for what ever reasons at the time. After all, we are supposedly created in our makers likeness … right??

        In the end however, if you came across a planet with no real intelligent life and wanted to populate it through genetic engineering, you might take a boo around looking for the most adaptive, versatile, social and tolerant natured bipedal creature you could find. If apes were your choice, the question would then be which genus of apes might best be suited to your needs or wants. I’ve never heard that man evolved from monkeys so I’m of the thinking that in all likelihood, monkeys would ‘a bin ruled out due to their size perhaps. But of the many different apes around the planet, which to choose?? Which to choose indeed??  

How about quarantined, controlled test groups?? No sense limiting this little experiment to just one genus of ape if there’s a possibility that one might be a better choice than another. Or mayhap they’d ‘a wanted ta see if one group might prosper more so than another. A group of apes here, … a group of apes there, … check it out dude … all around the planet, there’s groups of apes everywhere. And all having evolved just a little bit differently in they’s own indigenous locations which would account for the many different genus of man we see today. As well, with these little groups of apes being in controlled quarantined areas, this might possibly explain why all apes didn’t evolve. The first zoos known to man as it were and we may well have been the main attraction.

Genetic engineering. … A branch of science which we are just now beginning to understand and utilize. A science which could quite possibly change the parameters of life such as we know it.

To my way of thinking, it is not unreasonable to think that genetic engineering may well have played a large part in the development of man. I’m no exobiological scientist of course, but if there were a species of aliens proficient in such science, it would be, I would think, possible over a period of time to take a species such as the ape and speed it along in it’s evolutionary development. Adding little bits and pieces of genetic materials over a number of generations which could ultimately result in a brand new species of animal. What the hey!! If you was so inclined, you could even give this new species of animal a name. How about “Homo-habilis”!! 

Yeah … Homo-habilis. That would be an extinct ancestor of “Homo-sapiens” from approximately 1.5 million years ago. Could it be that they are extinct because they were part of these controlled test groups?? A couple ‘a more genetic changes, a little tweak here, a little tweak there, and viola, the Homo-habilis is extinct and the Homo-sapiens are born?? And of the apes such as we know them today, the result of the apes not included in these test groups and left to evolve in they’s own natural time and ways ? ?


And God said, let the earth bring forth marijuana, the herb yielding seed after his kind, whose seed is in itself, upon the earth: and it was so.

And the earth brought forth marijuana, the herb yielding seed after his kind: and God rolled a big phatty and saw that it was gooooood.


Okay!! . Not exactly verbatim, but like I’ve bin known to say on many occasions … Is all a mater of interpretation. I mean, go figure … There wouldn’t ‘a bin any taverns at the time of all this, so mayhap these aliens brought a little ‘a Mary Jane’s finest along and put it upon the earth fer ta chill out on they’s off time. Or hey!! Mayhap they brought it along ta chill out the apes so’s they could work with Them … Us … Whatever!!


I’s bettin you’s will have a hard time believing this, but when I shake my head, I can actually hear somethin rattling in there. Hence the term .. To much time on my hands. 

Have a great one ‘n will catch ya’s all later.


            From Whence we Came, ‘ I ‘ Through ‘ IV ‘ 



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   From Whence we Came: ‘ I ‘ to ‘ IV ‘ 

Ya Know ! !  . . I can remember way back when I was ‘a kid thinkin that I wasn’t spose to ‘a bin born on this planet and within this society.

I used to think that somewhere way up there on some beautiful planet, .. The kid what was spose to ‘a come here, is up there stinkin the place up ‘n here I am havin ta suffer the indignities of livin amongst these Humans. Well it was nobodies fault really, just somehow our destination paths got crossed, . . . He went there ‘n . . I ? ? … Well ? ? .. .. Here I is, right ! ! ! .. .. .. It’s funny the thoughts that kids can have ‘n their parents never havin ‘a single lick of ‘a clue. .. In’t it ? ? ?


April 16/05 Exobiology



outer-space biology; a branch of biology concerned with the possibility that life forms exist on other planets and with the problems of adapting the Earth’s life forms to alien environments. Also called space biology.

Yes people … The threat does exist. It is as real as the fact that you are stting there reading this … If we get clever enough, we’ll be able to reach out and screw up other civilizations and destroy bigger, better planets.

That was one ‘a me first blobs from back in April 2005. Always figured on goin someplace with it and just never have gotten round to it. Them little “round tuit’s” can certainly be hard to come across at times, eh.


In Furtherance to ~ From whence we Came ~


Sooooo ! ! . Do ya believe or even entertain the thought that there could possibly be other civilizations, beings, other cultures far away within other solar systems or even other universes, galaxies ? ? ? . Do ya believe that some ‘a these aliens might have the ability to travel through space and possibly even time itself ? ? ? . Do ya spose it’s possible that some ‘a these beings might have  at some point in time, or even still for that matted, have visited or are indeed still visiting our little corner of the cosmos ? ? ? . Mayhap the stories of Adam and Eve are true. Mayhap they was a pair ‘a exobiologists proficient at genetic engineering from some far away land which we, at this point in time, could only dream of finding and traveling to.


The mysterious, the unexplained, the wondrous … … The curiosities, the speculations, the inspirations.

Pyramids, Stonehenge, sites which from the air look to be landing strips of some sort, Atlantis, the Bermuda triangle, crop circles, Area 51, UFO sightings, Alien abductions, … The list goes on and on. Yet seemingly, we are to believe that we are alone or at the very least, the most intelligent beings in the Universe.

When I think of all ‘a the technological advancements we peons have made in even the last couple ‘a hundred years, I’ve gotta say that it is only the limitations of my imagination which restrict me from thinkin bout the possibilities of what other civilizations have achieved and are capable of. Although I can’t say with any certainty as I’ve ever met an alien in person, {who knows though .. Eh ? ?} of the existence of Aliens, to attempt to convince me otherwise would be a fruitless task as I believe unequivocally that others do exist.

That we are not, nor have we ever been …

 alone ! ! ! . . Period ! ! !


At this point, and just fer the hey of it … Of my thoughts on the many bibles of the many religions, I will say this … … I believe them to be nothin more than history books written by folks who could not understand what they were involved with and who couldn’t explain what they was seein ‘n experiencing. They have since bin translated who knows how many times, ‘n by how many people, each puttin theys own twist on whatever they couldn’t fully understand or what they chose to believe themselves, and for that matter, perhaps even what they wanted us to believe. … That there is some truth to them, I would tend to agree, but I believe there to be a good bit ‘a readin to be done between the lines which we may one day, just as easily as never, understand.



Startin ta get brain-freeze here, so with that I’ll leave ya with a little ha-ha ‘n get on with me day. …


A drunk man who smelled like cheap wine sat down on a subway seat next to a priest. The man’s tie was stained, his face was plastered with red lipstick, and a half empty bottle of gin was sticking out of his torn coat pocket. He opened his newspaper and began reading.

After a few minutes the man turned to the priest and asked, “Say, Father, what causes arthritis?”

“My Son, it’s caused by loose living, being with cheap, wicked women, too much alcohol and a contempt for your fellow man.”

“Well, I’ll be hornswaggled,” the drunk muttered, returning to his paper.

The priest, thinking about what he had said, nudged the man and apologized. “I’m very sorry. I didn’t mean to come on so strong. How long have you had arthritis?”

“I don’t have it, Father. I was just reading here that the Pope does”.


Seemed appropriate somehow {*grins*}

OK .. So have a great one and will catch ya’s all later.

~ Ciao Fer Now ~

      From Whence we came: ‘ I ‘ to ‘ IV ‘ 




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From Whence we Came: ‘I’ through ‘IV’ 

Albert Einstein (1879 – 1955),


Still wonderin how Man ever came to be ??? . Adam ‘n Eve possibly ?? . I’m afraid that speaking for myself, I really can’t take much stock in that notion. … That we evolved from Apes perhaps ??? . I’m a lot more likely to believe this than the Adam ‘n Eve theory, but either way, there does so seem to be some as of yet, insufficiently answered questions to my way of thinking.


 If there is only one God and we are all the protégée of just one couple, how is it that there are so many different races of man and as well how does it come to be that there are so many different religions ???


{And please … Not the babbling wall tale. I’d be more wantin ta believe that Samantha could change the face of the world with a mere wiggle of her nose.}


If indeed we did evolve from the Apes, then how did religion, and this unfounded belief in whatever Gods, ever come to be in the first place ??? . And why did not all apes evolve ???


Another of my curiosities is why haven’t science and religion teamed up in an effort to try to find a viable theory which might possibly make a little more sense on both sides ??? . Could it simply be that there are just too many different branches of both science and religion for them all to possibly even consider looking on the same page ??? . Is it the selfishness of man such that each individual or faction is so unwilling to share the glory that each will hold steadfast to they’s own beliefs in total ignorance to the quest of a single truth ???


Do you suppose that if’n you could venture back in time, long before the time of Christ even, and take along a few of our modern technologies, {a bic lighter, rifle, generator, a few light bulbs, a toaster oven, perhaps a vibrator,and a dirt bike ta get yer azz down to da local pub in the evenings} that you might possibly be viewed as some sort of all knowing, all powerful God ???


Or how’s about if’n you was a being from a planet orbiting one ‘a the oh so many distant suns we see in our nights sky, with technologies making our greatest achievements look like infant’s toys. Do you spose you could actually, by our definition or perception, … be  a God ???



Holly crap ! ! ! . Damn near looks like the start ‘a somethin … does’n it ! !

Well I’s leavin it at that fer now ‘n will just have ta see what comes up the road.

I’ll leave ya with a little tid-bit of news which was related to me from a friend here in town just yesterday. Another one ‘a them “What will they think of next” kind ‘a deals. … Enjoy ! !



A British company is developing computer chips which will store music in breast implants…This is a major breakthrough for Women as they are constantly complaining about Men staring at their breasts, and not listening to them.



Yeah bubba ! ! !

Surround sound at it’s finest Eh ! ! 

With a nipply in each ear.

{*snickers ‘n grins*}

Take care all. Will catch ya’s later.

~ Ciao Fer Now ~ 


 From Whence We Came  ‘I’  through  ‘IV’ 



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