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FourTwenty 420

I am a Child of this Earth, begot from the Nation of Humankind.

Welcome to our home.

Believe in extra-terrestrials, don’t believe in extra-terrestrials?? However and regardless, would it not be prudent to entertain some level of curiosity?? Does believing in Gawd, in whatever form one chooses to identify with this supposed entity, negate import of such curiosity??

UFO disclosure, Mexican Air Force

full article:

Excerpt from video (UFO disclosure, Mexican Air Force);

“Disclosure is at hand. It is very close, and the American people need to prepare themselves, very soon, for announcement from our Government that there is in fact extraterrestrial presence engaging this planet and the human race.”

A couple observations;

a) “the American people need to prepare themselves” ~ Thankfully, no one else round this little rock island in the sky need concern theyselves. Yippee ki-yay Mother Phuckers!!

* phewwww … *

I so do tire of this pompous patriotic attitude. What?? You thought I’d have something more enlightening to say??

b) “engaging this planet and the human race.” ~ Makes one wonder, just how limited is a military officer’s vocabulary?? Alternately, just how limited is the public’s understanding of vocabulary used by military officers??


A versatile enough word meaning hire, require, involve, attract, reserve, interlock and of course, definition number 5)

“5)  vti MILITARY fight somebody: to fight or begin a battle with an enemy.”

c)Then too, and standing by it’s own self and merit, there is the definition of “engaging”.


“charming: charming or pleasing in a way that attracts and holds the attention”

Would disclosure of UFOs be presented as something we should fear, or something we should welcome??

In consideration of UFOs in the broadest of scopes, the totality of time and space, to and through that which we perceive to be infinity, the kestions one may ponder are limitless. Least of which, how would our Gooberments welcome these wayward travelers?? Should we be inviting, or should we shoot first, ask questions later?? Given obvious technological advance of these travelers, would there be any sense at all in taking up an offensive/defensive posture?? Mayhap we’d be just as well off to invite ‘em to the shindig, and fire up the jukebox?? What (if any) is they’re past, current and future role in and of our physical/social evolution?? The list of kestions cascades on …


The universe is a big place, and I for one will not discount the presence of others.

Unknown terrestrials. Who was it said, “A stranger is someone you haven’t yet met”??

Enjoy Peace …


~ Riding Season Is On, 2012 ~   3 comments


I’m cruising westbound through dusk along #3hwy comin into Wallacetown, speed limit ‘a 60k, so I kicks it down a cog. I’m headin North from here to Dutton on Curie Rd., kick it through ta second and lean into the corner, swing on the throttle a wee bit coming off the turn with a comfortably contented smile on me face. Some might say more of an impish evil grin.

Easing that short bit through town till near onto the 80kph zone when again, swingin from the throttle, this time a tad more monkeyish. Feeling the acceleration, spank it into the big onion enjoying the feel ‘a my azz pushed easily into the crease ‘a the saddle. There is a moment with that sheepish grin still garnishing my kisser, when does come the realisation that the very tone of the engine seems to sound a bit … well … a tad high for an 80k zone.

With certainty, and with naught need to look down to the speed meter, I KNOW that I am in violation of the Law-Dawg’s Law. I look anyways, with a Chortle. A wee calm afore the storm, then full on, in yer face sinister laughter of the outlaw on the lamb. Swingin from the throttle still, a little faster yet jest fer shizz ‘n giggles, then slowly coming down to that comfortable speed. Hold it there, listen … Listen closely to the tone of the engine at 95, let it sink indelibly in my minds ear … VIOLA!!!!!    Cruise control, still grinning like an happy idiot.

‘150’ kilometres of this insanity, round trip with an pleasant visit to friends in London on this day, March 7th, 2012

Somebody has got to do it …




Riding Season is On!!!






~ PD13 … May 2011 ~   5 comments

IMG_8281_Archie's Bunker sized

That’d be my ride. An 1983 Honda GL-650 Interstate SilverWing. Washed, waxed, ‘n ready ta go on First adventure *with me anyways … * to Port Dover for the 51st running of PD13.

For all threat of rain, and thunder storms forecast for Friday May 13 2011 in Port Dover, it turned out to be a B-E-A-Utiful day for the ride. Plenty enough sunshine, T-shirt warm temps, and again, a cornucopia of Crowds, Chrome, and Camaraderie. I do believe I felt two early evening raindrops fall on me on route into London for a quick stop at Johnny’s Deli afore polishing the last leg heading home.

Sam had made the ride this year as well, so the two of us launched at about 08:30 to meet up with London friends at the Timmy’s in Aylmer. We chose a much more scenic, as well a much less travelled route into Port Dover this year, which made for an excellent cruise.

Sam and I both had our cameras with us, and between the two of us I do believe there was somewhere in the neighbourhood of two hundred, twenty pictures … there abouts. I managed ta’ chop it down to a respectable 106 for the album, so won’t take too long to get through for they who wish to have a look see.

Link to album is in picture below.

IMG_3484_PD13 Clickie Here

Tis a shame photos can never do justice in regards to the depth, and detail of these paint jobs, but all in all, some beautiful looking rides. Hope you enjoy, and will catch ya’s later.


    Ciao Fer Now …




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~ PD13, Crowds, Chrome, & Camaraderie ~   6 comments

  2 Moto PD 13  

Is comical how one can be so pleasantly surprised when going to an event with no great espectations …

PD13 ~ Crowds, Chrome, & Camaraderie …

It began in 1981 with a fella by name, Chris Simons along with approximately 25 through word of mouth friends making a trip to the Commercial Hotel (the now ‘Angelos of Dover’). It was in November, Friday the 13th. … End of an enjoyable day, it was decided they would make this pilgrimage on every Friday the 13th. A tradition born.

August 13, 2010 (a Friday, of course), an estimated 150,000 or more espected to descend upon the quaint, quiet community of Port Dover Ontario for the Fiftieth event of “Friday the Thirteenth” since it’s meagre beginnings back in November of 1981. The incessant music to the ears, the rumbling of motorcycles from the wee dawn hours Friday morning, throughout the day, evening, night, and well into Saturday as bikers from all around North America make way to be counted among the many enjoying a day of Crowds, Chrome, & Camaraderie.

The plan: to leave out of West Lorne about 08:00 hours, hook up with a couple ‘a friends in Aylmer Ontario, then to continue on to Port Dover.

The unexpected: I knew I’d run into a few bikers here ‘n there, mayhap a few groups as well, but Hokey Hanna Man!!! Seven kilometres out of West Lorne, I turns east onto Hwy #3 with a group of bikers not far to the west, and coming up on me as I accelerate to highway speed. I keep point to Wallacetown where a bunch ‘a more riders turned out ahead ‘a me, and a few from the group behind ‘a me filed off to grab a breakfast bite at the restaurant there. That’s the way it was the rest ‘a the ride. Some would file off, while others coming on from breaks, or joining in from side roads would file in. For a while, the convoy was of length I couldn’t even see the point rider, nor the rear lest I was riding the crest atop a valley. With every passing community and crossroad, the biker traffic increases, the obligatory biker hand-wave assumed. The occasional nod with knowing grin that all are riding wheel to wheel, all to the same destination.

By Aylmer, highway #3 is crazy travelled with bikes where I files off on county road #73 to meet friends from London at the local Timmie’s. A quick java, large regular thanks, squeeze $6.50 into the tank, and back onto the road to Dover, chrome glittering in the sunlight as the procession of bikers stake claim to the road ahead. Tilsonburg, Delhi, Simcoe, the biker traffic increasing with each. We make a little time by travelling beyond Simcoe a wee bit, down a much less travelled Blue Line Road, at the bottom of which, highway #6 leading into Port Dover, and a Big Azz sign reading …


Turning onto highway #6, it’s two wide, wheel to wheel, a slow ride into town in a line of inbound bikes as far as the eye could see. We choosing a small, grassy treed park affording a bit of shade ta park the bikes, and enjoy a wee break afore walking the rest of the way with the street already both sides lined with bikes of all builds, makes, and models. Each one as clean ‘n shiny as the next. The atmosphere of the crowd was such as you could start a conversation with a total stranger as if you’d known ‘em for years. It was as if that self protective barrier what normally keeps us to ourselves in a crowd was broken down by sheer distraction. Unlike typical fairs, and amusement parks, was an absence of the rushing bustle to get to this, that, or ta’ other attraction. One town, one event, and one hundred fifty thousand folk, all on the same ride.

What can one espect to see you ask??? Custom builds, custom Chrome, custom paint, a dazzling cornucopia of eye gawking awe right the way through town. I can’t even begin to tell. Seemingly with each step is a Wow!!, Oh Look!!!, Check this out!!!, and on, and on, and on. I did take camera along, and built an Album for anyone wishing ta have a look see …

~ Crowds, Chrome, & Camaraderie ~ 

Linked to PD-13 Photo Album

I’d say we was there for somewhere’s about four to maybe five hours with a break for fries, and about twenty minutes to get in, through, and out of “On The Fringe” with our ‘bin there, done that’ T-shirts in hand, and hat on head. The walk back up the hill to where we parked, just as sweet seeing plenty of iron what we’d either missed, or what wasn’t there on the way down. A half hour rest when we gets to the bikes, still in the shade thank gawd, and riding out, again in groups, against the influx of bikers what were still filing in for the evening after having put in they’s day’s work. It is after all, a workweek day. Is definitely one ‘a they “had ta bin there” deals ta truly know what ‘Friday Thirteen’ in Port Dover is all about.



Moochyazz Grassyazz Sam …

Hugs ‘n Kisses      




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~ Turtles & Baby Geeses ~   4 comments


     The babies, they are a’ Hatching …Slouchcopyfaceleft4

First stop, Kirk Cousins Wildlife Management Area, a Saturday outing …

Kirk Cousins Mangement

Along with being the perfect area fer Geese ta hatch, ‘n raise they’s babies, a Turtle haven as well … A perfect Sunshiny Day for Sunbathing …

I counted 24 Western Painted Turtles between these following two photos. I can state with certainty that we saw more turtles in this pond than I have ever seen in any one place afore …

Kirk Cousins Mangement   IMG_7706

This little outing was Saturday May first 2010. At ta’ other end ‘a the pond was the first brood of baby geeses we’ve seen this season …

IMG_7707   IMG_7708

And, just because he was such the handsome lookin lad, a Redwing Blackbird showin off his epaulettes …


We saw the second brood ‘a baby Geeses Monday morning on our way to London via Port Stanley. A little joking about of these Mommy & Daddy Geese on account they was lettin they’s babies play on the street.

Bad Mommy n Daddy!!!!

All was well as I closed in for a closer look, ‘n a couple ‘a photos, til they started ‘Hissing’ at me, at which point I opted for the hasty retreat afore the wings started ta flappin. A big ole Mommy, or Daddy goose protecting it’s brood could no doubt be cause of an world ‘a hurt.

IMG_6345   IMG_6353

Hope y’all are havin a great day, gettin out, ‘n enjoying the sights …

Ciao Fer Now …


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~ Longwoods Conservation Area ~   Leave a comment


Nothin like rubbin up agin Mother Nature on a sunny Easter Sunday. Sam ‘n I was to her son’s for BBQ dinner of burgers ‘n dogs on Saturday, what pretty much freed us up for a relaxing day out to Longwoods Conservation area on Easter Sunday. About 5km west of the 402, off Longwoods Rd. near to Mt. Brydges. Loaded up Jackdog, lunch, a bedroll ta spread out, cameras of course, ‘n off we went. A full day of sunshine, ‘n temps in the high teens. That’d be mid ta high sixties fer the Fahrenheit lot amungus. Perfect conditions for tramping about in the bush, ‘n we did so make a day of it.

A good long walk, snausages done up in wraps with onions, green peppers, ‘n mustard, a wee nap, quick tour through Ska-Nah-Doht (recreated Iroquoian village of 1000 years ago), and a whole bunch ‘a snap-shootin happiness. It don’t get much better than that kiddies. Enjoy the pics if’n ya wish.

IMG_1_6030_Longwoods Clickie Here

Take good care, ‘n have a great day.

Ciao Fer Now …


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~ After the Move ~   6 comments


The day I’d bin dreading has come ‘n gone. The eviction notices were sent out first of July for all ‘a the tenants along the stretch ‘a Trafalgar St I’d lived on for the past twenty years. With the federal gooberment pumping a wad a cash London’s way ta spice up they’s employment incentive resume, the overpass project on the corner is scheduled to start come April of 2010. Da’ Bunker is to be da’ molished along with all ‘a the rest of the homes along that stretch. 120 days notice having us all out by the end of October. As for they few folk who still own properties along that stretch…  




is the

Word of the Day!!!



Thinkin ta buy, t’was gettin a bit depressing lookin fer new digs in the London area as all I had looked at what I could afford were major renovation nightmares. Prompted by necessity, I started lookin a little further afield. Welcome to West Lorne. 50km (30m) west of London. A danged sight cheaper leaving me with a little capital ta get done what needs ta be done. Sam was ready ta make a move as well, and has taken up residence with me, has bin, and continues to be a good lot ‘a help. Bless her bunches.


Is definitely in need ‘a some tender lovin care with every wall in the place needin stripped, skim coated, ‘n painted. As well, the roof in desperate need ‘a repairs, and a few, *kack …* well, ok, a bunch ‘a other things what’ll come as time ‘n cash permit. In the end, it is the new Bunker. A fenced yard fer Jackie, ‘n a nice quiet friendly atmosphere for piece ‘a mind. Holy Hades man! Main St. in West Lorne makes Trafalgar St. look like a freakin freeway type thoroughfare.

Once a little more ‘a the cosmetic work is bin done, I’ll be posting a few more pics to show the results. Steel roof is on, although still needing some trim work done, and the kitchen is bin puttied, primed, ‘n painted. The living room, and upstairs were a nightmare to strip as there was two, and in some places three layers ‘a wallpaper plus paint on, and in between the paper. Not ta mention the adhesive what was used back in the day, ‘n what a pain it was ta clean that off. All is good, puttied, primed, ‘n ready for paint.

The crawlspace is another story. No shortage of things ta be done down there. All ‘a the old steel plumbing to be removed, and insulation ta be put about the foundation. The floors are currently somewhat a rollercoaster ride, so needing to dig out for, pour pads, ‘n place support beams ta try ‘n level the old place up a bit. As well, the property is low laying, thus water is a bit of a problem. Whoever installed the sump pump must ‘a had ‘is shovel break on ‘im half way through the dig, so needing to get it down deeper so’s it can actually do what it was intended to do.

 As For The Kitchen Drain!! After using the sinks for a month ‘n half, I gets down in the crawlspace one day (a new discovery every time), ‘n notice this pipe comin through the floor lookin ta be right about where the kitchen sinks should be draining out of. I calls up ta Sam fer ta run a bit ‘a water, ‘n sure enough, there it is, draining right into the crawlspace where I spose it’s spose ta make way to the sump which simply pukes out into the back yard. The beauty of this is the smorgasbord ‘a food bits left behind fer whatever little fur bearin vermin might happen along. Hence for now, a couple ‘a Rubbermaid buckets giving new meaning to the term “the runs”, til I gets that looked after.

So, that’s the good, ‘n the hell of it kiddies. Plenty enough ta keep a fella busy for a good time ta come. Here’s hoping all is well enough with everyone, ‘n will catch ya’s later.


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