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Of a product purchase with a lifetime warranty, I expect it to last my lifetime. If said product wears out, I then expect it to be repaired or replaced forthwith and with as little effort and aggravation on my part as possible.

Sappy plug for a company which has done me right.

I am a pepper FREAK!! I’ve gone through quite a few pepper mills in my daze, and the finest mill I’ve had the pleasure of using comes from (you guessed it) …

‘Oled Thompson’

Imagine my disappoint when it went terminal on account, a worn out spacer. Off to their web-page I goes in search of the “Contact Us” option.

Sent: Saturday, March 24, 2018 2:32 PM

“As I recall, your pepper mills carry a life-time warranty?? I’ve an old ‘Olde Thompson’ pepper mill which, much to my dismay, has a terminal issue with the plastic insert/spacer in the lid. It has worn down, the edge/lip has broken off, and now it just goes up into the lid such that I can no longer adjust the grind and as well, the lid floats about as there is nothing to take up the space. Being as it is the best grinder I’ve had the pleasure of using, I’m curious if I can get another insert for it?? The outside diameter at top of mill where the plastic spacer piece fits over is 1+11/16" and the inside diameter of the lid it goes into measures at 1+7/8" This mill has made a couple of moves with me, and I am unable to find the box with model name it came in. I look forward to your reply.

Cordially, Archie

Six daze later, and me near ready to send a note of discontent, comes a welcome and encouraging reply.

Fri, Mar 30, 2018 at 12:10 AM


Thank you for the inquiry.  We appreciate you as our customer and wish to provide you with the best in products and customer satisfaction.

Please send me an image of your mill to help me identify what model to replace.

I attached our current 2018 product catalog for your view. If you see a mill set you would like as your replacement just let me know what the model number and name of the mill is and we will send it no charge to you.

Best Regards,  Lois

I get it. They want an image to be sure they’re not being scammed. Wouldn’t you?? They could have insisted on a receipt, right??

A short note, a couple photos and some Photoshop(ing) later, I’m ready to reply.

Fri, Mar 30, 2018 at 10:25 AM

Thank you, Lois for getting back to me.

Attached is a collage showing the old ‘Olde Thompson’ mill with it’s broken bit. I am quite partial to it as it is a comfortable size which goes a time without need of refill, and as well, it’s octagon shape is comfortable in the hand and less liable to slip if a bit wet. If the spacer (or mill) can be replaced, that would be my preference and would be much appreciated.

In lieu of that, I’m torn between the JACKSON (acrylic) 10" – 25cm NO. 5075-01, or the IMPERIAL (wood) 10" – 25cm NO. 10-5500-0-0.

** flipping coin … **

Ha ha … Acrylic it is [JACKSON (acrylic) 10" – 25cm NO. 5075-01]. I was flavouring that one anyway as I like to see the level of the corns. I am a right pepper freak, as you may have deduced.

My mailing address is;

(blah blah blah)

Thanks again.

Cordially, Archie

Quick like an Easter bunny (yes, this is the Friday of the Easter weekend. What are they doing at work?), the order is processed and the mills are in the mail.

Fri, Mar 30, 2018 at 4:21 PM

Hi Archie

Thank you for the image of our      3943-27 MAC PEPPER MILL & SALT MILL SET. We discontinued the MAC series about 4 years ago.

We will send you 2ea of our Jackson 10” mills filled with our wonderful Black Peppercorns. You will receive your new mills within 10 business days.

Best Regards Always




‘Best regards, always’ … Sweet

Quite phallic looking. Nice and long, too. 10 inches … like .. a two fister.

Size DOES matter (to a pepper freak).

But, if they work as well as the ole ‘Mac’, I’ll be a happily, heavily peppered camper.

Their ‘Wonderful Black Pepper-Corns’

Yippee Ki Yay, Mudder Falkers!!


Fair to say, if you were to ask of me what kind of pepper-mill to purchase, I would chase you to the nearest dealer who stocks ‘ Olde Thompson ’ mills.

In appreciation of a gift for a lifetime, thank you, Gail.

Update: April 10

Well packaged in case someone run ‘em over with a tank, they’re here and filled to the hilt with …

Their ‘Wonderful Black Pepper-Corns’

Looking forward to dinner this eve.

peppermill snipit

Enjoy Peace

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FourTwenty 420

I am a Child of this Earth, begot from the Nation of Humankind.

Welcome to our home.

Believe in extra-terrestrials, don’t believe in extra-terrestrials?? However and regardless, would it not be prudent to entertain some level of curiosity?? Does believing in Gawd, in whatever form one chooses to identify with this supposed entity, negate import of such curiosity??

UFO disclosure, Mexican Air Force

full article:

Excerpt from video (UFO disclosure, Mexican Air Force);

“Disclosure is at hand. It is very close, and the American people need to prepare themselves, very soon, for announcement from our Government that there is in fact extraterrestrial presence engaging this planet and the human race.”

A couple observations;

a) “the American people need to prepare themselves” ~ Thankfully, no one else round this little rock island in the sky need concern theyselves. Yippee ki-yay Mother Phuckers!!

* phewwww … *

I so do tire of this pompous patriotic attitude. What?? You thought I’d have something more enlightening to say??

b) “engaging this planet and the human race.” ~ Makes one wonder, just how limited is a military officer’s vocabulary?? Alternately, just how limited is the public’s understanding of vocabulary used by military officers??


A versatile enough word meaning hire, require, involve, attract, reserve, interlock and of course, definition number 5)

“5)  vti MILITARY fight somebody: to fight or begin a battle with an enemy.”

c)Then too, and standing by it’s own self and merit, there is the definition of “engaging”.


“charming: charming or pleasing in a way that attracts and holds the attention”

Would disclosure of UFOs be presented as something we should fear, or something we should welcome??

In consideration of UFOs in the broadest of scopes, the totality of time and space, to and through that which we perceive to be infinity, the kestions one may ponder are limitless. Least of which, how would our Gooberments welcome these wayward travelers?? Should we be inviting, or should we shoot first, ask questions later?? Given obvious technological advance of these travelers, would there be any sense at all in taking up an offensive/defensive posture?? Mayhap we’d be just as well off to invite ‘em to the shindig, and fire up the jukebox?? What (if any) is they’re past, current and future role in and of our physical/social evolution?? The list of kestions cascades on …


The universe is a big place, and I for one will not discount the presence of others.

Unknown terrestrials. Who was it said, “A stranger is someone you haven’t yet met”??

Enjoy Peace …


~ Riding Season Is On, 2012 ~   3 comments


I’m cruising westbound through dusk along #3hwy comin into Wallacetown, speed limit ‘a 60k, so I kicks it down a cog. I’m headin North from here to Dutton on Curie Rd., kick it through ta second and lean into the corner, swing on the throttle a wee bit coming off the turn with a comfortably contented smile on me face. Some might say more of an impish evil grin.

Easing that short bit through town till near onto the 80kph zone when again, swingin from the throttle, this time a tad more monkeyish. Feeling the acceleration, spank it into the big onion enjoying the feel ‘a my azz pushed easily into the crease ‘a the saddle. There is a moment with that sheepish grin still garnishing my kisser, when does come the realisation that the very tone of the engine seems to sound a bit … well … a tad high for an 80k zone.

With certainty, and with naught need to look down to the speed meter, I KNOW that I am in violation of the Law-Dawg’s Law. I look anyways, with a Chortle. A wee calm afore the storm, then full on, in yer face sinister laughter of the outlaw on the lamb. Swingin from the throttle still, a little faster yet jest fer shizz ‘n giggles, then slowly coming down to that comfortable speed. Hold it there, listen … Listen closely to the tone of the engine at 95, let it sink indelibly in my minds ear … VIOLA!!!!!    Cruise control, still grinning like an happy idiot.

‘150’ kilometres of this insanity, round trip with an pleasant visit to friends in London on this day, March 7th, 2012

Somebody has got to do it …




Riding Season is On!!!






~ Public Pizzer Parade ~   11 comments


From the extreme shy guy to the Drunken Shwauncy Shwinger, there’s a place for every man in the Public Pizzer Parade. Don’t bother tryin ta look up ‘shwauncy’, cause I just made it up. If shwauncy were in the dicfictionary, it’s definition would read somethin along the lines ‘a boorishly self-indulgent to the tenth power with a good healthy lot of gorilla thrown into the mix. There’ll be a test later, so try not ta ferget that.

The poor sot whose first choice for a fine dining out experience is at some roadside greasy spoon on account they’s facilities are generally a one man water closet with a locking door. At very least, he can probly jam ‘is boot up agin the door while he takes care ‘a business. He’s the extreme shy guy, and puts you in mind of a character on Bonanza whom no-one ever sees goin fer a pizz. He’s a devout Leafs fan who’s never bin to a hockey game, no wonder why. When with no choice other than a multi stall pizzer, he’ll cross ‘is legs near til the juice is runnin down his thigh afore he slithers along the wall to the first empty crapper stall he sees, duck tapes all ‘a the cracks in the cubical so’s No-One sees his junk. He’s the guy never flushes, nor washes ‘is hands on account every other Dick is touched they’s penis, and may well ‘a pizzed on they’s own fingers right before touchin the flush handle, and faucet. The anxiety is probly such that he subconsciously squeezes the stream off to a painful dawdling dribble keeping him there three, four, mayhap five times longer than need be. There’s no doubt this guy’s looking at his own self while pizzin, telepathically giving his unit a little encouragement. “Come on big fella … let’s get ‘er done so’s we can get the hell out ‘a here!!”  A problem only to his own self, a rapid shake, and he’s out ‘a there.

Yer regular shy guy likes ta keep an eye on the public pizzer door when he feels the urge comin on, and plans his trips to a time when there won’t be many other fellas in there. Certainly a low enough number such that everyone can pizz comfterbly at every other stall. You can near hear an audible sigh of relief if’n he sees, and can beat that other shy guy to a corner stall what he can kind ‘a turn into the corner better keeping his junk concealed from view. He’s mayhap bin to a couple ‘a hockey games, but just as likely to ‘a missed that all important tie breaking goal. He’s no so much afraid someone might reach out ‘n grab his junk, he just don’t like the thought ‘a some guy gettin near enough ta catch a peak at it. A little paranoid, and most probly a wee tad homophobic. He’s probly lookin at a dot on the wall, or checkin out the grout job whilst whistling Dixie in effort to distract attention from his Johnson. Bettin on this guy to wash his hands would be much akin to bettin on the flip of a coin. Although, if’n he distracts his own self more than the onlookers and inadvertently flushes, it’s a safe bet that he will.

 The conscientious, or somewhat germ phobic pizzer reads, and follows all the instructions. He even washes his hands afore goin fer that pizz bein sure to hang on to a piece ‘a paper towel fer when he flushes. A wee mumble of “right on!!” will be heard if’n he haps across one ‘a they public pizzers with they automagic flush actuators. Ya gots ta Love that technology!! He prefers havin an empty stall betwixed he and the fella next, but will be ill at ease with whatever empty stall is available. Three good shakes ta get that last drop ‘a dew off ‘a the end ‘a the lily, and it’s off to the wash basin. Lather rinse and dry, again being sure to hang on to a piece ‘a towel to shut off the faucet, and as well to open the door on the way out. This is another dude you’ll not likely see at a hockey game, cause damn!! Who knows what nature ‘a germs there might be in that pizzer just waitin ta jump out, ‘n have way of ya by the short ‘n curlies.

He’s humble with an equal amount of confidence, and has ta shoot a pizz. No hidden agenda, no fear, and he’s not making a production of it. He’s a man on a mission! He’s yer run ‘a the mill Bill, and is as comfterble in a public pizzer as he is at home. He might wait for the line-up ta dwindle down, but quite comfy pizzin at the hockey game during intermission, and not to likely ta miss any ‘a the action for it. A couple ‘a quick shakes, and will most likely wash his hands unless there’s a line-up at the sinks. He’s the envy of the shy guys and the germ phobics, all of whom wish they could be just like him.

“How about that Leafs game last night” is how this fella generally starts with the small talk, and is the fella I’d most like ta turn towards and say, “yeah … how bout that game!!” whilst pizzin down his leg. This mook is the conversationalist, and figures it’d be productive ta introduce his-self, and engage in a little chit chat while he’s nothing better ta do with his dick in his hands. Ya know that chatty Cathy you can never seem ta get away from til ya’ve said “see ya later” a  trice dozen times?? There ya are getting the denim dragon tucked back into it’s lair, and buddy is worked way wantin ta know “how goes it with the wife ‘n kids??” He’d probly have the entire facility at the arena to his-self ceptin that no-one knew he was there til it was too late. He’s an excessive shaker, and probly only washes his hands if’n there’s someone ta chat with at the next sink.

The trumpeter is a fella what has ta prepare for a trip to the public pizzer. A couple ‘a three chilli dogs, and one ‘a they big gulp mugs ‘a carbonated soda has this fella prepped, and ready ta go. He’s a show-off, so you’ll know when it’s comin cause he always hikes up one azz cheek, curls his lip, and grits his teeth right afore that resounding blast ‘a azz gas escapes engulfing an area six pizzers wide. With a cloud ‘a grey green methane gas enough ta heat a small city, and toxic enough ta send his neighbouring pizzers away choked off half way through they’s task, this dude’s sigh of relief lets all others know, he’s a happy camper. The louder the prouder is this boys motto and he’s probly touched cloth more times than my incontinental father.  For most part when at the game, he does at very least have the decency ta squeeze in betwixed a few fellas sporting the visiting team jerseys. No tellin if’n this fella will wash his hands or not, but he may well need ta wipe his azz before he leaves.

Look out kiddies, cause here he comes. He’s the Shwauncy Shwinger!! He’s loud, he’s proud, and everybody knows he’s there. Generally he’s a large lad thinks he’s hung like a moose, and he’s full ‘a juice. He’s not a show-off by intent or design, just a boorish lout by nature. As a tot, he probly twisted all the arms off ‘a his sister’s Barbie dolls just cause he could. He smells like a locker room, is a puck hog, and thinks that somehow the word team is spelled with an capital “I”. In his defence, there is indeed an “M” and an “E” in team, so he’s got it covered whichever way ya looks at it. This is the guy who’s undoing his fly as he passes through the public pizzer door announcing “Stand Aside Lads … Tanker Load, Comin Through!!”, and is shwingin his manly manhood in hand halfway to the urinal. Heaven forbid you should be in front ‘a this Neanderthal should there be a line-up on account he’d be just as likely ta pizz in yer pocket. The shwauncy shwinger don’t shake it when he’s done, he just gives it a crack agin the side ‘a the urinal to the tune of a resounding THUD!!! His idea of washing hands is pizzin on his fingers, and wiping ‘em on some unsuspecting germ phobic’s shirttails. Just cause he can!! The shwauncy shwinger has season tickets, never misses a game, and still misses the old trough he so loved at the Gardens. Ah yes … The good ole days.

This dear folk, brings us to the Sandy Clause float of the Public Pizzer Parade. The one ya all bin waitin on the side ‘a the road for. … You guessed it!! The Drunken Shwauncy Shwinger. This guy is all over the board, he’s rude, crude, drunk as the proverbial skunk, and could be anyone from the extreme shy guy, big or small, right the way through to the Shwauncy Shwinger with a blood alcohol level higher than his shoe size. This drunken lout is an entire truck-load ‘a unpredictability, and should be kept an eye on at all times. He’s got four blurry eyed doors ta choose from, so gals … don’t be surprised if’n ya catches ‘im in the woMen’s facilities. He’s no doubt got his zipper lizard in hand afore even getting to the door, and after busting through the door giving his self a big ole goose egg on his forehead, there’s no tellin what this fool might do with his tool. He may indeed make it to the urinal where he’s just as likely ta be hangin on to his own shirttail while pizzin his pants, could be pizzin in someone’s pocket, or admiring his self in a mirror thinkin … “Hey!!! What a great idea puttin a mirror right there above the pizzer!!”  He’s the coolest bloke on the block, and believes everybody loves ‘im. He’s talkin up a storm, doin his very best ta outdo the trumpeter (generally resulting in a pant-load), and is even bin known ta mistake the urinal fer a shyter. This drunken dolt never washes his hands, and a night out to the Leafs game is never complete lest he wakes up the next mornin in soiled trousers with a black eye and a bloody fat lip. “Wow!! Must ‘a bin a great night last night.” Unlike the extreme shy guy who’s a problem to no-one but his own self, this Drunken Shwauncy Shwinger is everybody’s problem.

There’s only one rule at da’Bunker …

Rule (1) – If’n ya has ta pee, pee on a tree. If’n ya has ta poo, take it with you.

Bin a splash kiddies. Now, if’n ya’ll will escuse me, I’ve ta go fer a pizz.



Catch me later

Ciao Fer Now …

~ PD13 … May 2011 ~   5 comments

IMG_8281_Archie's Bunker sized

That’d be my ride. An 1983 Honda GL-650 Interstate SilverWing. Washed, waxed, ‘n ready ta go on First adventure *with me anyways … * to Port Dover for the 51st running of PD13.

For all threat of rain, and thunder storms forecast for Friday May 13 2011 in Port Dover, it turned out to be a B-E-A-Utiful day for the ride. Plenty enough sunshine, T-shirt warm temps, and again, a cornucopia of Crowds, Chrome, and Camaraderie. I do believe I felt two early evening raindrops fall on me on route into London for a quick stop at Johnny’s Deli afore polishing the last leg heading home.

Sam had made the ride this year as well, so the two of us launched at about 08:30 to meet up with London friends at the Timmy’s in Aylmer. We chose a much more scenic, as well a much less travelled route into Port Dover this year, which made for an excellent cruise.

Sam and I both had our cameras with us, and between the two of us I do believe there was somewhere in the neighbourhood of two hundred, twenty pictures … there abouts. I managed ta’ chop it down to a respectable 106 for the album, so won’t take too long to get through for they who wish to have a look see.

Link to album is in picture below.

IMG_3484_PD13 Clickie Here

Tis a shame photos can never do justice in regards to the depth, and detail of these paint jobs, but all in all, some beautiful looking rides. Hope you enjoy, and will catch ya’s later.


    Ciao Fer Now …




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~ Ship of Theseus’ Paradox ~   5 comments

Same river twice

This is a recent status update from a contact, a friend of cyber sorts, on Facecrack. A quite simple, and near dismissible statement at first glance, but seeing it a few times, giving it a little thought, it comes to me that there is a lot more to think about than what first meets the eye. Within me wee nugget rages (simmers, more like) the paradox of yea, or nay. Were it posed as a question, would there indeed be a true, and concrete answer, or simply a matter of opinion?? There are certainly valid points of argument for both sides.

On the Nay side:

Physically, the most noticeably obvious argument would be that the river is in constant motion, therefor changing with each and every moment. The very water one once stepped into has now travelled downstream being replace with water from upstream which has now taken it’s place. With this motion does so exchange the sediment on the river’s bed which squishes up betwixt your toes. It is a river rising and raging with spring thaw or heavy rains, a river receding and dawdling in times of drought.

Of the chemically technical aspects, if’n I walks out into, and has meself a wee pee in said river, is it still the same river, or is it now “the river Archie peed into”?? Well, ok!! Lets just think of that as a metaphor for pollution, and leave it at that. The clearest present example I can think of being northern Alberta’s Athabasca River being transformed from a river of life sustenance, to a river of disease and death at the hands of mankind through the exploits of Tar Sands Oil production. Through all of this turmoil, how could one possibly consider that it is the same river today as it was yesterday??

How’s bout human development along a rivers shores, clearing and building to satisfy our lust, greed, needs, and whimsical wants?  Perhaps now levied to keep back the higher waters from our properties and playgrounds, signed no swimming, no fishing. Would be pretty danged tough to consider this stretch of river to be the same as you stepped into yesterday. Well of course, that’s back to the physical nature, but hey!! Had to mention it.

On the Yay side:

In simplest terms, one need only go to one’s handy dandy dicfictionary to see that a river is defined as precious little more than a conduit. A large natural channel of water: a natural stream of water that flows through the land, and empties into a body of water such as an ocean or lake”. Sounds pretty simple … sounds as though yes, you most certainly can step into the same river twice.

Then too, one might take … the feel of the experience into consideration. Do you feel that it’s not the same river? Do you feel as it is the same river, alive, of subtle alterations with passage of time. Does it feel like the same river from flowing in summer, to frozen over in winter with the fishes hiding out in the deeper of the eddies ‘n pools? Are you wired to observe the life of the river as opposed to the moment in time??

Conclusion, a Matter of Opinion:

There are a few places on a few rivers which I have, and will do make many ‘a trips to, and have always considered that Yes, I Am stepping into the same river again, again and again. As for stretches physically altered by man’s own hand, I spose I’d have to say the same river, pillaged and raped.

Redwood by Jackie (crop)


Today, a plant will emerge from a seed lying winters wait in the lush green underbelly of a forest. One hundred years from now, after all of it’s changes through course of earned seasons and growth, someone will be staring in awe up the spine of this magnificent Red Wood.

It will be, after all, that very same tree.

Archie Rilett

*neener neener … *

This then gets me ponderin on other thangs. You know … Like in conversation bout the old days, and the question posed, what ever happened to that person what once was?? Friend might riposte, “Well, we just ain’t the same folk what we used to bin ten years ago.” Just how much credence do we give this statement?? I’ve heard and have read that there is a cycle of seven to ten years what we humans slough off, sweat out, expel every single solitary cell, molecule, every neuron and atom such that we are in fact, by total and complete replacement of every little bit ‘n byte, a completely different person. Am I indeed a completely different person, and how is it, if’n I’m replaced every ten years, that I manage to find the time to age??

A bit ‘a more pondering, and curiosity bites the cat. There I am Googering to see where Elaine might have found the quote “You can never step into the same river twice.” Lookin down the list, and not too very far from the top, second entry …

                              Wiki_Ship of Theseus

A danged interesting (as well, quick) read with a few ‘a more examples of the “Ship of Theseus’ Paradox”. I spose I’d have to say that the example of ~Cultural differences~ Would be my favourite entry. An observation by Douglas Adams, and consequent conversation with his Japanese guide in regards to the ~Gold Pavilion Temple~ in Kyoto. Kind ‘a leaves one thinking of conviction. Seems Douglas goes in with open mind, but the Japanese guide seems on the flip side with conviction such as there is no room for negotiation, nor argument. I love his tenaciousness. *grins … *

Take good Care, Enjoy the day.

Ciao Fer Now …


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~ Mine … All Mine!!!! ~   3 comments



Another make hungry video??? Sure … Why not?? Tis a little video Sam ‘n I had done some time ago. Back about the same time as all that Pork Swine Pig Flu shots warning thingy was all of hubitty-bub in the news. All of a sudden ya don’t hear another nothin else about that Pork Swine Pig Flu, now do ya??? The girls got they’s shots, the little man as well, and are all back to normal.  … I’ll tell you what!! It was gettin pretty nasally round here for a spell.

Me??? I never did get one ‘a they Pork Swine Pig Flu shots, I was a bit of a pig before all ‘a that, ‘n I spose I still am. Some things never change.

Totally unrelated of course. We’ll just call that a wee bit ‘a side-tracking, more of an observation if’n  ya will. An obvious wee digression is jest what it is.

So yeah!! Sam had made busy baking pretty much the entire day. And Me?? Well, I made busy drooling the entirety of the day. After seeing all this delicious goodness splayed out on the table like that, this video just seemed the right thing to do , fer the jest of it, and we even teasingly e-mailed it off to a couple ‘a folk. Folk, coincidentally, who might otherwise think they could lay claim to such delightfully delectable goodness. Ya gots ta nip these things in the bud I tell ya, er next thang ya knows, there ya sits with an empty pie plate, still droolin.

A wee bowl ‘a chocolate puddin, two chocolate puddin pies, a blueberry pie, an upsidy down pineapple cake, and one good deep erectangle apple pie.

Like I’ve often enough said …

It’s all about the cake!!     Enjoy!!!




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~ That’s a Wrap!!! ~   3 comments


I’ll not be held responsible if’n ya gets hungry

watchin this little flicka.

The intimacy betwixed a man, and his meal … 



Another long, arduous, mind numbing day with Photoshop,

wrapped up with a little Movie Maker.

But, ya gots ta love it. 

An entire day to build it, 46 seconds ta watch it.


*grins … *

                              Au revoir


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~ It’s a Process ~   11 comments

First thangs first … ya needs a dumb azz idea. Like, I don’t know, what?? How’s about a boy in a Box?? Armed with a bottle ‘a Windex, rags, and me trusty camera perched atop it’s triplepod, off to the patio door I goes. A good enough idea ta get the windows cleaned anyways. Then of course, a couple ‘a pictures ‘a the television set on account that it’s a boy in a “Box” after all.

IMG_8044     IMG_8049

Yer seein where I’m goin with this are ya?? Ya kind ‘a have ta have a mental picture of how you want the composition in order to do the self portrait. I knew I wanted to appear as though pushing up agin the inside of television screen, and while taking multiple pics, I don’t know how many pics, decided on a pose i thought might allow me to have me wee nugget breaching the confines.

Some goofin about to get the groundwork done, and next thang ya know’s, yer lookin at the rough drafted. A little bit ‘a more thought, some image Goggling, and a boy has Donald Duck in there laughin at ‘im. Oh!! … Did I say Donald?????    I meant Daffy. No, Wait !!!! That ain’t even a frickin duck fer quap sakes!!! Baseboard would be handy too come ta think of it. Snapped a picture of the baseboard in the bedroom, cut it out, pasted, ‘n worked it in. Nice touch, don’t ya think??

IMG_8049_Man in an box 3     IMG_8049_Man in an box 5

I’m wantin a different background. Somethin brighter, with life, a little pizazz, a little more fun!!!
A little bit ‘a more image Googering, some cutting, bending, fitting of bits, and we have options.

Cafe, Subway     parlor background

IMG_8049_Man in an box 6     IMG_8049_Man in an box 8

Tie goes to the artist … I Likes This One!!!

IMG_8049_Man in an box 8

Hey!!   Who’s that tryin ta break out ‘a the TV set??

Why, That’s … Meeee!!!    Meeee!!!   Meeee!!!   Meeee!!! 

Label it, and table it …

The better part of a day at play.

That Silly Wabbit!!!




If interested in seeing other Photoshop projects …





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~ PD13, Crowds, Chrome, & Camaraderie ~   6 comments

  2 Moto PD 13  

Is comical how one can be so pleasantly surprised when going to an event with no great espectations …

PD13 ~ Crowds, Chrome, & Camaraderie …

It began in 1981 with a fella by name, Chris Simons along with approximately 25 through word of mouth friends making a trip to the Commercial Hotel (the now ‘Angelos of Dover’). It was in November, Friday the 13th. … End of an enjoyable day, it was decided they would make this pilgrimage on every Friday the 13th. A tradition born.

August 13, 2010 (a Friday, of course), an estimated 150,000 or more espected to descend upon the quaint, quiet community of Port Dover Ontario for the Fiftieth event of “Friday the Thirteenth” since it’s meagre beginnings back in November of 1981. The incessant music to the ears, the rumbling of motorcycles from the wee dawn hours Friday morning, throughout the day, evening, night, and well into Saturday as bikers from all around North America make way to be counted among the many enjoying a day of Crowds, Chrome, & Camaraderie.

The plan: to leave out of West Lorne about 08:00 hours, hook up with a couple ‘a friends in Aylmer Ontario, then to continue on to Port Dover.

The unexpected: I knew I’d run into a few bikers here ‘n there, mayhap a few groups as well, but Hokey Hanna Man!!! Seven kilometres out of West Lorne, I turns east onto Hwy #3 with a group of bikers not far to the west, and coming up on me as I accelerate to highway speed. I keep point to Wallacetown where a bunch ‘a more riders turned out ahead ‘a me, and a few from the group behind ‘a me filed off to grab a breakfast bite at the restaurant there. That’s the way it was the rest ‘a the ride. Some would file off, while others coming on from breaks, or joining in from side roads would file in. For a while, the convoy was of length I couldn’t even see the point rider, nor the rear lest I was riding the crest atop a valley. With every passing community and crossroad, the biker traffic increases, the obligatory biker hand-wave assumed. The occasional nod with knowing grin that all are riding wheel to wheel, all to the same destination.

By Aylmer, highway #3 is crazy travelled with bikes where I files off on county road #73 to meet friends from London at the local Timmie’s. A quick java, large regular thanks, squeeze $6.50 into the tank, and back onto the road to Dover, chrome glittering in the sunlight as the procession of bikers stake claim to the road ahead. Tilsonburg, Delhi, Simcoe, the biker traffic increasing with each. We make a little time by travelling beyond Simcoe a wee bit, down a much less travelled Blue Line Road, at the bottom of which, highway #6 leading into Port Dover, and a Big Azz sign reading …


Turning onto highway #6, it’s two wide, wheel to wheel, a slow ride into town in a line of inbound bikes as far as the eye could see. We choosing a small, grassy treed park affording a bit of shade ta park the bikes, and enjoy a wee break afore walking the rest of the way with the street already both sides lined with bikes of all builds, makes, and models. Each one as clean ‘n shiny as the next. The atmosphere of the crowd was such as you could start a conversation with a total stranger as if you’d known ‘em for years. It was as if that self protective barrier what normally keeps us to ourselves in a crowd was broken down by sheer distraction. Unlike typical fairs, and amusement parks, was an absence of the rushing bustle to get to this, that, or ta’ other attraction. One town, one event, and one hundred fifty thousand folk, all on the same ride.

What can one espect to see you ask??? Custom builds, custom Chrome, custom paint, a dazzling cornucopia of eye gawking awe right the way through town. I can’t even begin to tell. Seemingly with each step is a Wow!!, Oh Look!!!, Check this out!!!, and on, and on, and on. I did take camera along, and built an Album for anyone wishing ta have a look see …

~ Crowds, Chrome, & Camaraderie ~ 

Linked to PD-13 Photo Album

I’d say we was there for somewhere’s about four to maybe five hours with a break for fries, and about twenty minutes to get in, through, and out of “On The Fringe” with our ‘bin there, done that’ T-shirts in hand, and hat on head. The walk back up the hill to where we parked, just as sweet seeing plenty of iron what we’d either missed, or what wasn’t there on the way down. A half hour rest when we gets to the bikes, still in the shade thank gawd, and riding out, again in groups, against the influx of bikers what were still filing in for the evening after having put in they’s day’s work. It is after all, a workweek day. Is definitely one ‘a they “had ta bin there” deals ta truly know what ‘Friday Thirteen’ in Port Dover is all about.



Moochyazz Grassyazz Sam …

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