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        Again, and for the benefit ‘a those who haven’t bin followin from the start, this ~ Exercise in Futility ~ is a three parter. If’n yer wantin ta get fetched up, I recommend ya backin it up some.  



        It all boils down ta festival seating, ‘n controlling the crowd folks. When it comes ta multiple personalities, I’m a firm believer that we are each, and every one of us an attic full ‘a munchkins. Emotions!!! Hatred, Fear, Sympathy, Jealousy, Admiration, Anger, Depression, Lust, Greed, the list goes on, ‘n on till ya gets ta the top where ya run inta some little munchkin, name ‘a Love. (love coincidentally, is influenced by several ‘a these munchkins, which is why no two folk can define it the same) You could almost go so far as ta say that each of these emotions is in essence, a different personality. Depending on yer environment at any given time, and which of these emotions get stirred free, ‘n set loose in the mosh pit will be the deciding factor of how one conducts one’s self in that given situation.

        Have ya ever one day had an reaction ta somethin what ya just blew a gasket, climbed up one side ‘n down the other ‘a someone, ‘n ten minutes later, the next day, a week later realized just how wrong you were in your reaction?? That this poor person you assaulted had absolutely no part in the reason of your anger?? Pray do tell, who was that demon what took control ‘a yer mind, ‘n had it’s way with your body??? … Was that you number two??? …. Who?? Me!! Yes You!!! … Couldn’t be!! Then WHOOOOoo ???

        This nature ‘a traffic is rattlin round in everyone’s head, like it or not, … admit it or not. Most of us have the where-with-all ta manage all ‘a these little munchkins, ‘n keep ‘em in check. Imagine if all ‘a these munchkins was ta get loose in the mosh pit, ‘n ya couldn’t get the lot of ‘em under control. Google up Psychological Disorders ‘n check see just how many behavioral problems we all are susceptible to. By those without this control, we have within our society everything from murderers, rapists, and pedophiles at the extreme evil end ‘a the spectrum, to lonely, depressed, withdrawn, agoraphobic folk whom society barely knows exists. Somewhere in between is what we so fondly refer to as Shyte disturbers.

        You can-not help they who will not help theyselves. Many of us are aware of this through experience, while most others of us, although aware of the term, have no ruler with which to gauge, understand, or relate. Nutcases, Cracker Heads, Retards, Shyte Disturbers, Mental Midgets, Randy Newman’s “Short people”, etc. … Pick one, any one, string a bunch tagether. In the end, one could just as likely surmise that this is the very reason that these folk get left behind. Abandoned by society! Some wandering aimlessly through life, listening to all they little voices in they’s attics.

        Welcome the World Wide Web!!! Through the Internet, mayhap these folks can get a life, mayhap do a little socializing. But, How!!!

        It is ridiculous to think that closing down these individuals spaces is gonna make one iota of difference. As Blue B_____ his self (or is it her self) pointed out, they take no pride in these spaces. Close ‘em down, ‘n tomorrow they’s up ‘n runnin with one ‘a they other accounts, or a brand spankin new one. It’s quite simply of no import what so ever to ‘em. Ya burn a burger, ya eighty six the bugger, ‘n ya puts a new one on the grill. It’s that easy.

        You can keep ‘em out ‘a yer personal web log if’n ya lets ‘em run ya into locking down yer space ta private, but ya still can’t keep ‘em from following ya about everywhere ya leaves a comment. This here one bin slitherin through the back door ‘a da Bunker fer what?? A year now?? Mayhap more??

Date             13/11/2007 5:21:01 PM

Page title       ~ Archie’s Bunker ~

Referring address 

        Could it be that this individual is also Blue B_____??? I’m bettin Blue would say no, but the comment left five minutes after the “luvsawranglerbutt” search kind ‘a suggests that it indeed could well be.

Blue Line (comment from part I)

I almost forgot. That … {This comment deleted as it is in violation of rule # 3.}

November 13 5:26 PM

        And then of course, there’s a whole raft ‘a characters I bin informed of by Glenda through correspondence. (aka: JudgeHatchettPresiding) Could it be that this Glenda is yet another munchkin runnin loose in Blues attic?? I’m sure again that both the judge, and Blue would say not, but then there’s the whole credibility thing goin on. Blue has no credibility, ‘n after reading the judges letter, who knows!!! Here’s a couple ‘a excerpts from Glenda’s letter what clears it all up for us. …

      Ø “I am sure you probably heard of Cap’n Qwaylood and his renegade gang of tormenters and Harrassers.”

      Ø “Things were getting bad … they even began to fight amongst themselfs and started taking on unsuspecting innocent bloggers for no apparent reason.”

      Ø Along came my friend “Judge Judy” She made them all agree to a peace treaty”

      Ø “Sadly, after all Judy’s work a man named Harry turned her in to Msn for something?? and she was deleted.”

      Ø “They are just that, kids having fun, but need a fun guidence counseler so to speak to calm them down and keep them inline.”

      Ø “Blue Line is apart af a different Crew that has suddenly shown up on spaces. He runs with a Girl named Abs and a few others.”

      Ø “We do not harrass anyone we dont know, Blue Line does randomly.”

      Ø “I follow Blue Line around looking for Clues to who exactly he is, thats how I happend onto your space, and I will take him down eventually.”

        So, not ta worry folks … Judge Hatchett is Presiding, ‘n on the case ta bring justice and peace to Spaces once again. We can all sit back ‘n relax. No need ta report these people, cause it’s all bein taken care ‘a.

        Gangs, crews, a little in-gang mutiny, gang wars, peace treaties, Kids havin fun, eventual justice, … Yikes Man!!! Is reading like some cheap ‘B’, or even ‘C’ rate movie right out ‘a Hollyweird. I’m so grateful this is all bin esplained to me.

View space Blue Line (comment from part II)

Come now, you’re causing me to break my word (egging me on, really). I am however doing so, simply to address this entry. Firstly, that there exists a community of individuals that have taken to critisizing blogs such as yours is no surprise to me. I could argue that your last two blog entries are more offensive and crude than any of my comments, and as such deserve much more criticism. I do not however leave a comment without leaving my profile stamp, so for those that do, and for those that pretend to be me, I can only say that it’s quite cowardly, and that I would enjoy visiting their spaces.

Secondly, you may pretend that your rules actually matter, so as to create the illusion of a game, or a civilized exchange, but they do not matter to me. This is my last comment anyhow, regardless of how many entries dedicated to myself that you wish to create.

Lastly, I am not fool enough to let you into my other space. I do not need to prove myself, and I will not risk it.

November 14 8:44 AM

        Blue ….

        Firstly, I’d like ta thank ya before I answer to this, your latest comment. Your participation in this blob is bin much appreciated. You afforded me a topic ta center me thoughts on, ‘n stir the ole nugget inta getting it down in ink. I most certainly am not the greatest writer on the planet, but I do so enjoy it, and at my own pace, will continue ta do so. Is good ta see ya extended yer attention span this time around Blue, ‘n put down more than a couple ‘a lines.

        Firstly, you made me no promises. If you have broken your word, it was to yer own self, and is yours ta deal with.

        Thus far, the only community criticizing my blobs is you. That should come as a shock, I’m sure.

        That I have bin more offensive and crude with this blob than any of your comments, … I’d say the verdict is still out on that one. You came inta my house belittling a group of four with no just cause what so ever dude!! Get over it!!!

        That you don’t leave comments without placing yer tag?? Mayhap so, … ‘n mayhap not. I’m sure you’re the only one who really knows fer certain.

        As for cowards, come on out from under yer rock. Why do you do it?? How many web logs, here or otherwise, have you had shut down??? And just fer the hey of it, how many do ya now have?? What’s the link to the space which you may actually be proud of?? Do ya stock chat rooms??? What is your age??? Have ya ever bin diagnosed with a mental disorder??? And most importantly, how often do ya masturbate???  *giggles ‘n grins*


Curious minds want to know!!!!!

        Lastly, I’m well aware that they rules mean precious little to you. However, we both know that it is the only manner in which I would acknowledge, and answer to your comments. So there ya go. Thanks fer cooperating.

        You don’t have to prove yerself??? Well, I spose ya don’t. From what I’ve seen, ya pretty much wears it all on yer sleeve for all ta see. The proof, so’s ta speak, is in the puddin.

        Dude. When I say you may well be in need ‘a some professional help, it is without sentiment that I say this. I have no vested interest in you other than the fact that you are fellow member ‘a the human race. It matters naught to me if you should strive for a more meaningful endeavor, or not. Of the folks you so poorly critique, belittle, ‘n badger?? Spaces, as well as most other web logs, are not designed solely for the use of the learned, ‘n well written. It is a community of friendship which all, including yourself are welcome to participate. If’n ya wants ta have folks come round to comment in kindness, try lettin one ‘a the munchkin’s what gives a shyte about civility take the helm fer a spell. From what little I’ve seen, shyness is certainly not one yer shortcomings. Do me a favor friend. Work on it, will ya??

        It is an exercise in futility to:

           Ø ~ Attempt to drive these harassing fun seekers from the Internet.

           Ø ~ Belittle this ole dawg with harassing comments. I simply look at where it comes from, ‘n take it as a compliment.

            Ø ~ Try ‘n help they who won’t help they selves

            Ø ~ Try ‘n fit an Elephant into a shoe box

            Ø ~ Push a full grown Elm tree to the other side ‘a the street.

This has been ~ An Exercise in Futility ~ …

Ciao Fer Now Kiddies … 



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~ An Exercise in Futility ~ II   6 comments

           Curiosity is to truth what presumption is to ignorance.Archie Vaughan For those who have not read Part one of …~ An Exercise in Futility ~ I would recommend backin up some, ‘n givin it a look over so’s ta fetch up a wee bit … An Exercise in Futility is a three parter.  View space Blue LineVery good. I’m sure that I could more than easily cook up a semi confrontational comment to leave here, if for nothing more than amusement, but I won’t. I am however in awe at the size of this article dedicated (it would seem) to myself. I’m even more in awe at these terribly silly comments (the irony is not lost), some of which indicating that I will be “defeated”. Do you really assume that “Blue’s Space” is held in my highest regard, above my other? I could delete it now on a whim. So, cheers to my last comment.  November 12 12:42 PM


        An ego the size ‘a Texas!! All about you is it Blue B____?? You may well ‘a bin the catalyst, havin so handily landed on me doorstep so’s ta speak, ‘n definitely the example. I’m afraid however, that you’ll have ta look a whole lot deeper than yer own reflection in the water closet mirror fer the moral ‘a this story. Yer a little past near ta bustin the brackets on rule three by the way, but you’ve confirmed somethin I’d made mention of to someone one day previous, so I’ve opted ta let it slide.        I’ve no doubt you could come up with somethin confrontational. I mean after all Blue B_____. Confrontation does so seem to be the cornerstone ‘a character within the community ‘a you, ‘n others ‘a yer ilk. The question still remains, … Why??? You’ve a perfect opportunity here to educate a handful ‘a folk, so how’s about pullin yer head out ‘a yer azz, ‘n demonstrate your ability ta be intelligible. Please do tell Blue B_____. What is yer golden egg??? How does the end result ‘a pizzin folk off justify the means??? Do ya masturbate while you read the disgruntled, pleading, threatening, and angered comments of the folk you stalk??? Are you masturbating now???? Will you be masturbating if’n the “judge” succeeds in shutting “Blue Line” down??? {as much a joke as that is} Do you ‘n yer ilk partake in some annual gala event with dinner, dance, and an awards presentation???        I’ve a couple ‘a other curiosities as well if’n ya has the time. I’d like to know if you’ve had any weblogs closed on you thus far, here or otherwise, and if so, how many???? Do ya stalk “Chat Rooms” as well when in need of a quick, and immediate fix??? Have you ever bin diagnosed with a mental disorder??? Did yer mommy lock ya in a closet one to many times as a child??? What the dilio man!!! Help us to better understand, would ya?? I figure it’s not too very often, if at all, that you’re actually welcomed inta someone’s world, so ya might as well take advantage of it. After all … Everybody needs a friend, right???“Curious minds want to know!!!”

        Just one more little thing Blue B_____. You indicate in comment that you’ve a space what you might actually be proud of. Man, how I’d love ta check this shyte out just fer the hey of it. How’s about sendin the link through to me in a “Windows live Message”, {from your other account of course so’s to authenticate authorship},  such as I can have a wee boo??? You needn’t even write anything. Just clicky on “Send a message” below, ‘n hit “Send”. I can assure you that your privacy of this space would be held in the highest regards.         The rules set forth in ~ An Exercise in Futility ~ still stand Blue B_____, with two minor amendments. … To rule # 1, allowing for your comments to be posted in ~ An Exercise in Futility ~, and as well, subsequent parts of same title. To rule # 2, allowing for you to correspond with me in an otherwise fashion with prior consent. Ciao Fer Now …            ouch23rt                   

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~ An Exercise in Futility ~   6 comments




The secret of all success is to know how to deny yourself. Prove that you can control yourself, and you are an educated man; and without this, all other education is good for nothing.

R. D. Hitchcock

An Exercise in Futility Is a three parter: …

        For the benefit of the folks who come by regularly, as well as any wayward travelers, It is my advice that should you wish to leave a comment on this blob, do it in a manner such that ya don’t leave a trail what can be followed by my little friend, Blue B____. I’ve said it before, ‘n I’ll no doubt say it a whole bunch ‘a more times. … “If’n ya stop feedin the pigs, the pigs will stop comin to the trough”!!! … Ya leave a trail this wanker can follow, yer on yer own. Come ta think of it, I’d also suggest that ya’s don’t go payin a visit ta this individual’s space neither. Lest of course you can slide in through the doggie door such as ta NOT leave yer URL in the statistics page. Trust me on this one kids. There’s so precious little there ta be seen anyway’s, ‘n clearly nothin ‘a interest as ‘a yet.

        This blob is an Exercise in Futility, ‘n should Blue “B____” choose to participate, if absolutely nothin eltse, there’s a good chance we might just get a little entertainment out ‘a this. I figure it like this. I haven’t bin doin much writin lately, ‘n this just kind ‘a seemed liken it might just have sufficient blobbable qualities. Not to mention that in this electronic age, is definitely a topic ‘a relevance, ‘n an current, continuous event.

Giddy up Kiddies …



n., pl. -ties.

  1. The quality of having no useful result; uselessness.
  2. Lack of importance or purpose; frivolousness.
  3. A futile act.

        And, Exercise is what ya do every day when ya goes ‘n pinches off a good healthy  shyte!!


        Ain’t nothin wrong with bein a hedonist. Right up ta the point where yer pleasures come at the cost ‘a dealin up misery to others. I’m not just sure what in Hades I’d be liken ta describe such behavior short of a couple ‘a colorful adjectives strung tagether, ‘n followed up with a less than complimentary noun. Nor would I pretend to know, or understand what the motivation is. The driving force which has some folk of a mind to deriving pleasure through the simple act of pizzin inta other folks’ wheaties with the single minded goal ‘a causin upset. I spose to truly understand, one would have to be of an ilk mind. I will say that as far as hobbies go, at very least, there ain’t no overhead ta deal with. Unless of course ya goes out ‘n buys up a great big computer to achieve yer goals.

        Don’t ya gots ta just love the Internet?? The availability, the anonymity of it all?? One thing fer certain, and along with all ‘a the benefits what come with the World Wide Web, the Internet has most assuredly spawned an safe, borderless playground for these individuals, and play they do!! So, Ok!!! First of all, I spose a little history lesson would be in order…

        I’m plowin along mindin me own business, when one sunny day in the neighborhood, I’m accosted by a rather simple minded effort of a comment, apparently written with the single intent to slander, belittle, deride, and I can only assume as well, to anger. This individual obviously don’t know this seasoned ole dawg too very well.


  Blue’s space

The Dolts of Msn Spaces

Karhar, *moe*, ~Grumps~, and the worst of them all: jigglypants69. It’s a shame these individuals have spaces at all.

September 18 12:08 PM

        Always curious, I venture to see if’n this Individual even has a space, and if so, to see further what nature ‘a intellect, if any, this person might exhibit. There is indeed a space open to the public which at the time was with one lowly blob in it. {there are now two … equally inane} The content of this blob you ask??? An exact lick ‘n stick carbon copy ‘a the above comment, right down to the Title.

        To which I reply …


View space 


Yikes Man!!! … You are just such the intellect!!! How’s a fella ta compete with this nature ‘a waggishness, ‘n charisma. Keep on Blobbin Blue B. Is obvious you have so much ta say of social relevance. …

September 18 6:50 PM

        Ten days less of a month later … The sun is shining, I’m in need of a haircut, water is still runnin downhill, the terlit’s still flushin in a counter clockwise direction, ‘n least of all, …

        He’s baaaack!!! 


View space  Blue’s space

More information

Blue Line

You, Grumps, are clearly mental, and should not have access to the internet. You and your “friends” here are so obviously in need of intense therapy, that quite frankly it is astounding that you’re all capable of operating a keyboard.

November 08 2:02 PM


        I’m crushed, beaten aback!!! Devastated!!! I’m callin me *Internet* provider first thing ‘a the  morrow, ‘n canceling my prescription!!!!

I Am Not Worthy!!!!

        So, … To my dear, ‘n seemingly frustrated friend Blue B____, should you wish to engage in a battle ‘a wit, or witlessness as it were, given that this is an Exorcise in Futility, here’s the Rules.

1)   From here on, this blob {~ An Exorcise in Futility ~}, and it’s subsequent parts of same title, are the one, and only medium in which I will correspond with you.

2)   Should you attempt to correspond with me in an otherwise fashion without prior consent, including, but not limited to comment sections to other blobs, your correspondence will be deleted UNREAD, and UNANSWERED!!! {my curiosity has already bin quenched}

3)   Unless otherwise specified, any attempt to correspond with any persons other than myself within ~ Archie’s Bunker ~ will be deleted. {I believe it fair to say that you should expect some amount ‘a criticism}

4)   These rules are subject to change without notice at the discretion ‘a the author of ~Archie’s Bunker~ . {that would be Me!!}

        I figured ta keep it simple so’s not ta get ya too overly confused Blue B____. I’m sure you’ll be a little miffed that I should be so pompous as to think that I should be the one setting the rules, but Hey!! You came into my house, and in my house, I make the rules. So Hey!!! Your turn!!! Bring it on Blue B____!!! Show me what ya gots. Be careful though Blue B____. I wouldn’t want ta see ya hurtin yerself now.

        Hey, and while yer at it?? Perhaps, if’n it’s not too much ta ask, you could mayhap esplain just exactly what it is about yer little hobby that you derive such satisfaction from indiscriminately annoying, badgering, stalking, belittling, ‘n angering folks what you have absolutely no vested interest in. Loneliness?? Sexually frustrated??? Is it the only thing you can accomplish well???? A brief statement of lets say, one thousand words or less would be fine. “Curious minds want to know!!!”

        Ciao Fer Now …              ouch23rt


~ An Exercise in Futility ~ Parts one through  Three



Blue Line

I almost forgot. That … {This comment deleted as it is in violation of rule # 3.}

November 13 5:26 PM

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