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Of a product purchase with a lifetime warranty, I expect it to last my lifetime. If said product wears out, I then expect it to be repaired or replaced forthwith and with as little effort and aggravation on my part as possible.

Sappy plug for a company which has done me right.

I am a pepper FREAK!! I’ve gone through quite a few pepper mills in my daze, and the finest mill I’ve had the pleasure of using comes from (you guessed it) …

‘Oled Thompson’

Imagine my disappoint when it went terminal on account, a worn out spacer. Off to their web-page I goes in search of the “Contact Us” option.

Sent: Saturday, March 24, 2018 2:32 PM

“As I recall, your pepper mills carry a life-time warranty?? I’ve an old ‘Olde Thompson’ pepper mill which, much to my dismay, has a terminal issue with the plastic insert/spacer in the lid. It has worn down, the edge/lip has broken off, and now it just goes up into the lid such that I can no longer adjust the grind and as well, the lid floats about as there is nothing to take up the space. Being as it is the best grinder I’ve had the pleasure of using, I’m curious if I can get another insert for it?? The outside diameter at top of mill where the plastic spacer piece fits over is 1+11/16" and the inside diameter of the lid it goes into measures at 1+7/8" This mill has made a couple of moves with me, and I am unable to find the box with model name it came in. I look forward to your reply.

Cordially, Archie

Six daze later, and me near ready to send a note of discontent, comes a welcome and encouraging reply.

Fri, Mar 30, 2018 at 12:10 AM


Thank you for the inquiry.  We appreciate you as our customer and wish to provide you with the best in products and customer satisfaction.

Please send me an image of your mill to help me identify what model to replace.

I attached our current 2018 product catalog for your view. If you see a mill set you would like as your replacement just let me know what the model number and name of the mill is and we will send it no charge to you.

Best Regards,  Lois

I get it. They want an image to be sure they’re not being scammed. Wouldn’t you?? They could have insisted on a receipt, right??

A short note, a couple photos and some Photoshop(ing) later, I’m ready to reply.

Fri, Mar 30, 2018 at 10:25 AM

Thank you, Lois for getting back to me.

Attached is a collage showing the old ‘Olde Thompson’ mill with it’s broken bit. I am quite partial to it as it is a comfortable size which goes a time without need of refill, and as well, it’s octagon shape is comfortable in the hand and less liable to slip if a bit wet. If the spacer (or mill) can be replaced, that would be my preference and would be much appreciated.

In lieu of that, I’m torn between the JACKSON (acrylic) 10" – 25cm NO. 5075-01, or the IMPERIAL (wood) 10" – 25cm NO. 10-5500-0-0.

** flipping coin … **

Ha ha … Acrylic it is [JACKSON (acrylic) 10" – 25cm NO. 5075-01]. I was flavouring that one anyway as I like to see the level of the corns. I am a right pepper freak, as you may have deduced.

My mailing address is;

(blah blah blah)

Thanks again.

Cordially, Archie

Quick like an Easter bunny (yes, this is the Friday of the Easter weekend. What are they doing at work?), the order is processed and the mills are in the mail.

Fri, Mar 30, 2018 at 4:21 PM

Hi Archie

Thank you for the image of our      3943-27 MAC PEPPER MILL & SALT MILL SET. We discontinued the MAC series about 4 years ago.

We will send you 2ea of our Jackson 10” mills filled with our wonderful Black Peppercorns. You will receive your new mills within 10 business days.

Best Regards Always




‘Best regards, always’ … Sweet

Quite phallic looking. Nice and long, too. 10 inches … like .. a two fister.

Size DOES matter (to a pepper freak).

But, if they work as well as the ole ‘Mac’, I’ll be a happily, heavily peppered camper.

Their ‘Wonderful Black Pepper-Corns’

Yippee Ki Yay, Mudder Falkers!!


Fair to say, if you were to ask of me what kind of pepper-mill to purchase, I would chase you to the nearest dealer who stocks ‘ Olde Thompson ’ mills.

In appreciation of a gift for a lifetime, thank you, Gail.

Update: April 10

Well packaged in case someone run ‘em over with a tank, they’re here and filled to the hilt with …

Their ‘Wonderful Black Pepper-Corns’

Looking forward to dinner this eve.

peppermill snipit

Enjoy Peace

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