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Education, Memorize and Reegurgitate

Any base-ball player would tell ya that if you wants to hit a home run, you put all ‘a your energy to the small end of the bat.

I was thinking just this morn (not surprisingly, as I often have this thought) that, afore any other ritual at start of school daze, and on global basis, kiddies from kiddergarbage on should be encouraged to recite something akin to the following …

I am a Child born of and to this Earth, Begot from the Nation of Mankind.

I owe no allegiance to any particular group, nor particular clump of dirt aside this little rock island in the sky, everything within it, on it, and beyond it.

Enjoy Peace

There is room for improvement within this wreckage of what so many fondly consider and refer to be an “Education” system.

earth 4 copy



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