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No Public Restrooms

Once in a while, we ALL are able to find out the obvious truth when it washes up on shore.




~Spanish sperm whale death linked to UK supermarket supplier’s plastic~

Excerpt ~ “In all, the whale’s stomach contained two dozen pieces of transparent plastic, some plastic bags, nine metres of rope, two stretches of hosepipe, two small flower pots and a plastic spray canister.

Later that day, I runs into this, yet another alleged atrocity of Man …

Danged shame there’s no one to defend us. I hear the judge ain’t too forgiving.

Jaw-dropping animated video on overfishing… It’s time for change!

So yeah, overfishing?? I spose. If ya taking into account the fishes actual populations, and our insatiable lust to kill for purpose other than for food consumption?? Sure, overfishing seems somewhat an understatement, I spose.

Now, if ya lookin at the two a they items, do a little overlay, and if’n yer at all inquisitive, ya might just come up with a kestion or two. 

First kestion I would pose, how many smaller fishes, Bluefin Tuna for an apropos eggzample, die of same fate as that of the whale what washed up in Spain?? Hades Man!! Any fisherman could attest fact that fishes just love ta eat junk, garbage, man-made waste. After all, what is a lure?? Is it biodegradable, is it digestible?? If the line breaks, is the fish going to survive?? If I’m cruising along in me bass boat with exhaust puking out into the water behind of me, and I toss the lid overboard from one ’a they bottled waters … Would an hungry passer-by fish eat it?? 


Okay, so that makes for a grouping of five kestions. Six if’n ya counts the double kestion so skilfully tucked in there. Oh, and yeah … Please do excuse any indiscretion.

Second kestion; After a bit ‘a more thought, of course …

So, here’s where the overlay comes in. Lawrd Tunderin Geezus, Man!! Look at the waste we put into the environment in whole, Land, Sky, and of course, Sea. Coastal cities used ta float they’s household and industrial trash out to sea in great huge barges, dump it, and that was the way of keeping the immediate environment clean while demonstrating complete and total apathy for anything beyond eyesight. Take a breath … Same as it is now. We puts the garbage to the street, the trash mashin machine crewed with enthusiastic trash grabbers comes along, it’s bin dealt with. We feel pretty danged good about ourselves for not forgetting garbage day. Aye, it’s nice ta get the garbage gone afore it starts ta stink.

And, when is the only time ya hears about the environmental impact of a landfill sight?? Oh, look, it’s another kestion. I’ll tell ya when!! When there’s proposal to build a bigger newer, emptier landfill site in a neighbourhood near YOU!!!! Yeah, that’s when the stink hits the fan, ain’t it.

Back ta sea, Billy … 

Nuclear waste such as we’re now seeing from Fukushima, Ungawdly oil spills from here ta Fracking there, Chemical waste of all sort in abundance and by the barrel, trawling nets lost at sea, any and all forms of solid waste such as which we commoners couldn’t even fathom, right down to the cigarette butt flicked overboard moments after the water bottle cap. You name it, it’s in there!!!.

So then I asks, If – please do take note, it is a Big  “IF” – If ignorance and arrogance passed from one generation to next had instead been education, if mankind had from the get-go realized benefit of clean environment – coming back to specifically the seas – if the fishes had a clean environment free from refuse of mankind’s excess and careless catastrophic events, would it even be possible to overfish the oceans??

Breath … 

Here, and I’ll leave ya’s with a couple ‘a short videos to consider. A little “lite” entertainment, as it were …

“This, is the legacy we are leaving to future generations.”

Feeding the fishes and birdies

All right, so … I’m havin way to much fun, laughin too hard, and I’m hungry. I’m away to get dinner on.

Enjoy Peace.


flasher and laughin lady



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  1. Hi Archie, I love your writing style and your lingo. Your points are well scribed and you bring awareness in this lowly manforsaken planet. I feel sorry for my granddaugther’s generation because of our ignorance, greed, and ego. My hat is off to you, my dear. Awareness is key. Thanks for spreading the education we needed some hundreds of years ago, but mostly this past 150 years.

    • I thank you kindly, Ingrid. Yeah, for whatever little wee bit ‘a good it does, I do make effort to write so’s there be some entertainment value to it. Not that I has much an audience on account there’s not near enough rainbows, kitty cats nor butterflies. Seems the greatest of folk care not for an injection of truth.
      I do fear for future generations as well as it so often does seem we’ve reach the precipice. Shyte runs downhill much faster than one can wheely-barrow it up.
      Enjoy Peace

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