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Remembrance Day?? Remember, what??

Shall I remember that from the dawn of civilization, every warrior (man, woman or child) to ever step into the arena of battle, man pitted agin man, drawing blood from or having blood drawn by brothers/sisters, did so to the behest of a quite minority few ruling class type of folk with power of wealth, shield of deception and wielding sword of corruption??

Shall I remember that we the Human specie, self assumed to be the most intelligent indigenous life form on this little rock island in the sky, have chosen war over birth control as measure of population control??

Shall I remember that war is not fought for peace, but rather a bid for enslavement of the peoples and access to worldly resource to quench the thirst of ruling class greed??

And now, shall I remember that through indoctrination and mainstream media, the belief that this day, November 11, has bin chosen and entrenched into our psyche as the day to wear a red poppy in remembrance of (our) fallen brothers and sisters, and that they who choose to wear a white poppy in support of peace do well deserve being shamed, shunned and biatch slapped??

WWII … The war to end all war. It didn’t work, although yes, probly a danged handy thang that Hitler’s pipe dream of global conquest and ideology did come to fall.

Indeed, it’d be nigh impossible to not give thought toward bent and fallen soldiers, loss to families and friends, to the innocent civilian contingent worldwide who‘ve lost limbs and lives billed as nothing more than “collateral damage“ for whom there is no cenotaph.

For me, it’s a quick race through time giving thought to all warriors and innocent civilian casualties from the Crusades through present day. The all of them, and from all sides. I see the all of them as victims as opposed to heroes as depicted and presented through indoctrination, mainstream media and near every meme what comes acrost the board.

Patriotism abound tward this contrived country, tward that contrived country, tward ta’other contrived country. At what point do the greatest of peoples living on this earth begin to show patriotism tward that which is genuine, to the Earth and the Nation of Mankind??

Shall we wait until it’s too late??

lset we forget 


What colour poppy best represents patriotism to this planet Earth and the Nation of Mankind??

Deus Vult

Enjoy Peace



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  1. wow! are you sure we aren’t siblings?? – you have said – very articulately what I only think (to myself)….My husband just phoned from work and I read it to him as well – food for his thought as his company (which makes ‘peace-keeping’ machines) is about to observe 5 minutes silence. As always, your observations and opinions are insightful and effective.

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