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“This is the major flaw in our supposedly “public” services. They are patently not transparent. We who fund such have no say whatsoever. Freedom of Information requests are exempted or glossed over in many instances. There are no public enquiries, no involvement in policy agendas by taxpayers who pay their bloated salaries, pensions, health insurances, legal costs, “expenses”, credit cards and more frequently their huge redundancy payments. When added to a legal system that patently fails to support any private litigation against public sector bodies whilst completely supporting the abrogation of our human rights in such cases, notably the right to a fair trial, we are left to lick our wounds and return to the economic slavery thereby enforced upon us to pay for this parasitical social injustice.”

Someone, Please do tell .. Why am I settin here laughin like an idiot after reading that passage??

This could apply to public services anywhere, in any country, at any Goober-mental level at any time, and could also be extended in context to we wee peons chances in court taking on corporate law.

There is no such thang as … Justice??

Was that a question, or an answer?? Mayhap a bit ‘a both?? I’m just not sure. Anyone who’s had they’s day of dealing with public services, be it some long drawn out game ’a phone tag, or through some legal process culminating in court appearance, y’all know that feeling, that sense of (be)ing small.

Andre Power, a good lad, an intellect and friend of cyber-sort.

I’m giving a plug for his book just released, THE JURY’S OUT, By Andre Power.

I will say this … If you consider yourself a Student by any measure, young or seasoned, you’d be remiss to not at least download, and check out the first chapter. Oh, I know how ta get ya’s attention. Just like the Big Boys does it.


Ok, enough ‘a that shyte. I’m well into it now, and given still laughin like a stupidiot of that passage, I’d have to say, enjoying it.

Oh gawd, such sense of humour one can by times have.

As prologue, I believe no one could say it better than Andre his own self …

Enjoy Peace … 


“This book was written not just in light of my own difficult experiences of the past decade, but also to highlight the perilous state of our public services and institutions. It also seeks to address the takeover of our "justice" system by vested interests, supported by an ever more supine and corrupt collective of judges and law lords, who have abrogated all responsibility to uphold the law in favour of their political and establishment interests and corporate paymasters. Never has a poor man or woman been so vulnerable and defenceless against a remorseless and unyielding government machine that brooks no dissent, no challenge and no explanation of its all too often twisted and subverted public services, least of all by the people who fund them.”



       The Jury’s Out ~ by Andre Power.














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  1. Nice to see a new post in the Bunker! …anything that gets your attention is worth a look…..I will be checking out Andre’s book for sure

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