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I’m cruising westbound through dusk along #3hwy comin into Wallacetown, speed limit ‘a 60k, so I kicks it down a cog. I’m headin North from here to Dutton on Curie Rd., kick it through ta second and lean into the corner, swing on the throttle a wee bit coming off the turn with a comfortably contented smile on me face. Some might say more of an impish evil grin.

Easing that short bit through town till near onto the 80kph zone when again, swingin from the throttle, this time a tad more monkeyish. Feeling the acceleration, spank it into the big onion enjoying the feel ‘a my azz pushed easily into the crease ‘a the saddle. There is a moment with that sheepish grin still garnishing my kisser, when does come the realisation that the very tone of the engine seems to sound a bit … well … a tad high for an 80k zone.

With certainty, and with naught need to look down to the speed meter, I KNOW that I am in violation of the Law-Dawg’s Law. I look anyways, with a Chortle. A wee calm afore the storm, then full on, in yer face sinister laughter of the outlaw on the lamb. Swingin from the throttle still, a little faster yet jest fer shizz ‘n giggles, then slowly coming down to that comfortable speed. Hold it there, listen … Listen closely to the tone of the engine at 95, let it sink indelibly in my minds ear … VIOLA!!!!!    Cruise control, still grinning like an happy idiot.

‘150’ kilometres of this insanity, round trip with an pleasant visit to friends in London on this day, March 7th, 2012

Somebody has got to do it …




Riding Season is On!!!







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  1. Hey Archie!!! I am coming by to wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

    • As I’m sure you can well imagine, a nice bit of like activity as above. Sam and I took on a lovely five hour evening ride, through the dusk and beyond. T’was a warm evening with clear sky, and just enough ‘a cloud on the horizon to make for an excellent sunset.
      Thanks again Amy xoxo 😉

      • Sounds like a very pleasant birthday. Nothing better than ending a great day with an amazing sunsest with the one you love. Glad that you enjoyed it!!

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