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“I believe therefore, that education is a process of living and not a preparation for future living”

John Dewey

Straight Blue

The Setting … A holiday dinner at the son in law’s (so’s ta speak) and his gal’s place. A bunch attending from his side, and a bunch from her side as well. One of her brothers is in the Navy, posted and training at HMS Halifax. A Naval training base as much as anything. There is a point while all are set to the table enjoying a little after dinner palavering when the conversation spotlights said Naval Brother, all attention, questions, answers, compliments, and a general feeling of pride all round for his accomplishment.

This goes on for a spell afore I finally interject, as near to verbatim as I recalls. Well, mayhap embellished just a wee little tad for clarity sake:

Meaning no disrespect, and knowing so long as every other country has a military force, is a given there will be a military force in Canada as well. And too, recognizing that the military is one ‘a the greatest employment opportunities all round the globe, but I just can’t help but wonder. That there are young men and women so willing to enlist, to train in armed combat knowing that at any moment one can be sent to war. Sent into the “Arena” to kill other human beings, often without ever seeing these victims. To board a vessel of war with certain knowledge that time can come when you will either kill, or be killed … What’s that say for our Education System on a global basis?? From the cradle to the kill zone, at home and at school!! What curriculum are we teaching our children that they are so willing to sign up for this nature of business??

The table went silent!! A few sheepish grins, Naval Brother included. A bunch of dropped heads, Naval Brother included. A noticeable enough bit of utensil fiddle fidgeting, a few odd looks about the room, then … How Bout Them Yankies?? Not one word!! Not one phricking word from round this table did anyone dare speak on the subject!! 


Nor was there another word spoke of the military!!


The right to bare arms??

The order to bare arms??

Rather antiquated notions, are they not??

Have you anything to say of the matter, or will you too set silent??



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2 responses to “~ Curriculum – The Right Stuff?? ~

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  1. Says Rick Through e-mail:
    The Mainstream Media sells it’s own form of fear and war mongering, and lie about the need to sign up as an individuals “patriotic” duty.

    Ppl have been taught via erroneous myths and lies referred to as History, what to believe and who their “enemies” are.

    Hollywood glorifies war on such a mental level that only the enemy (the bad guy) gets injured, maimed or killed.

    And then there are the video games that allows the brain to become accustomed to killing therefore removing the compassionate side of the human being. Does any one really think that any of these “young drone controllers” feel any thing more than they are playing a video game for a few hours a day.

    Its too bad that everyone at the dinner table just went silent, a well controlled conversation would have been very interesting. But you can’t blame them. They/we have had a serious brain washing that cannot be undone until ppl are willing to look behind the curtain.

    • I agree Rick, and would have enjoyed a little open discussion on the matter. To say a little disappointed, true, but not surprised.
      Should I have pushed? I don’t know. I do know how I feel when the Bible pushers come to My door 🙂
      Thanks Dude … Peace

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