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Christmas goodness partly in the form of a full belly of course. Always a time of year to be stuffin it to it for sure. A rather pleasant, and uneventful trip to the homestead in Burlington Christmas eve day for a big azz dinner of turkey ‘n Ham with all ‘a the fixins, then the annual open house complete with noshing on all nature of tasty treatiness the entire evening. Can you say STUFFED!!! Sure you can.

Comical thing Ma’s open house every Christmas eve. She bin doin it for as long as I can remember, and can count on a good group of the same folk showing up year after year without fail. Another bunch what show up most years missing the odd year hear ‘n there, then a few what show up occasionally. This year was only the first afore mentioned group of reliable comers showed up. Is just now dawning on my mind all they what didn’t show. Odd. But hey … Things to do, places ta go I spose. Was all good anyways, a lovely time.

Between Sam ‘n myself being armed with our cameras, being click happy ‘n all, there was well over two hundred pictures ta sift through. That’d be my job of course *grins … *, and I managed ta whittle it down to a respectable eighty six picture photo album. Funny how that still seems a lot, but seemingly takes so little time ta go through ‘em. As per usual, for they who might be interested …

Christmas 2010 photo album ...

The wee midget what seems the star of the show is brother Russ’s, and Jane’s first grandchild, Madison. About a year, and three or four months of age now. They wee folk do so always seem magnetic to a camera lens. So yeah … Just call me Great Uncle Grumps!!! *bows head gigglin … * Scott and Melissa are so happy bout bein mom ‘n dad, they’ve already got the tin roof rusted again  with another bun in the oven. I’m not just sure, but do believe this one will be a summer baby. July, or August, me thinks. Of course, I could be wrong. Could be June. One can never be too sure ‘a these things without interrogation for details.

Then too, just in case that weren’t enough troughing, Sam and I went for dinner on boxing day to her homestead with brothers Bob ‘n Joe. Roast goose was on the menu for that one. Although I did take camera along, there were no pictures of that feast. Sam says Bob ‘n Joe aren’t too big on photos, so was just an enjoyable time of feasting, and palavering.

New Years right round the corner. The last few years I’ve not even made point of staying up til midnight. Will be the same this year again. A quiet relaxing evening watching a couple ‘a movies, a bottle of wine ta sippie on if’n we think to pick one up while we’re out, and hit the hay when it feels about that time. To those heading out, have fun, and stay safe. Planning ahead for a sober ride home goes a long ways twards both they goals. To all, Enjoy, and best wishes for all things good.

Ciao Fer Now …




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  1. Great pictures, thanks or sharing Archie!! Looks like everyone had a great time. Madison is adorable!

    Happy New Year to you and yours!

  2. Hello Archie,
    nice pictures indeed and I suppose, almost every family in the world has this “we are family feeling” on Christmas Eve.
    Our Christmas has been quiet and relaxing as well and we have had a good time together – even with a bottle of Champagne :O ( does not taste too bad that stuff :-))))

    Wishing you and Sam and doggy a wonderfull and
    Happy New Year
    may all your wishes and hopes come true.

    love and regards from yours German friend

    P.S. Lea is still seeking an au-pair in Canada.
    Have you got any ideas???
    just asking

  3. Glad you had a lovely Christmas Archie. May the New Year bring you health and happiness!

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