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Another make hungry video??? Sure … Why not?? Tis a little video Sam ‘n I had done some time ago. Back about the same time as all that Pork Swine Pig Flu shots warning thingy was all of hubitty-bub in the news. All of a sudden ya don’t hear another nothin else about that Pork Swine Pig Flu, now do ya??? The girls got they’s shots, the little man as well, and are all back to normal.  … I’ll tell you what!! It was gettin pretty nasally round here for a spell.

Me??? I never did get one ‘a they Pork Swine Pig Flu shots, I was a bit of a pig before all ‘a that, ‘n I spose I still am. Some things never change.

Totally unrelated of course. We’ll just call that a wee bit ‘a side-tracking, more of an observation if’n  ya will. An obvious wee digression is jest what it is.

So yeah!! Sam had made busy baking pretty much the entire day. And Me?? Well, I made busy drooling the entirety of the day. After seeing all this delicious goodness splayed out on the table like that, this video just seemed the right thing to do , fer the jest of it, and we even teasingly e-mailed it off to a couple ‘a folk. Folk, coincidentally, who might otherwise think they could lay claim to such delightfully delectable goodness. Ya gots ta nip these things in the bud I tell ya, er next thang ya knows, there ya sits with an empty pie plate, still droolin.

A wee bowl ‘a chocolate puddin, two chocolate puddin pies, a blueberry pie, an upsidy down pineapple cake, and one good deep erectangle apple pie.

Like I’ve often enough said …

It’s all about the cake!!     Enjoy!!!





Posted December 14, 2010 by Archie ~Grumps~ in . . . B.S. Antics

3 responses to “~ Mine … All Mine!!!! ~

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  1. YUM! I dont have sound on this computer, but I could definitely read your lips….Mine, alll mine! LOL!!

  2. Just popping in to see how your Christmas went. You arent still sitting there eating all that pie, are you?!?!!

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