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First thangs first … ya needs a dumb azz idea. Like, I don’t know, what?? How’s about a boy in a Box?? Armed with a bottle ‘a Windex, rags, and me trusty camera perched atop it’s triplepod, off to the patio door I goes. A good enough idea ta get the windows cleaned anyways. Then of course, a couple ‘a pictures ‘a the television set on account that it’s a boy in a “Box” after all.

IMG_8044     IMG_8049

Yer seein where I’m goin with this are ya?? Ya kind ‘a have ta have a mental picture of how you want the composition in order to do the self portrait. I knew I wanted to appear as though pushing up agin the inside of television screen, and while taking multiple pics, I don’t know how many pics, decided on a pose i thought might allow me to have me wee nugget breaching the confines.

Some goofin about to get the groundwork done, and next thang ya know’s, yer lookin at the rough drafted. A little bit ‘a more thought, some image Goggling, and a boy has Donald Duck in there laughin at ‘im. Oh!! … Did I say Donald?????    I meant Daffy. No, Wait !!!! That ain’t even a frickin duck fer quap sakes!!! Baseboard would be handy too come ta think of it. Snapped a picture of the baseboard in the bedroom, cut it out, pasted, ‘n worked it in. Nice touch, don’t ya think??

IMG_8049_Man in an box 3     IMG_8049_Man in an box 5

I’m wantin a different background. Somethin brighter, with life, a little pizazz, a little more fun!!!
A little bit ‘a more image Googering, some cutting, bending, fitting of bits, and we have options.

Cafe, Subway     parlor background

IMG_8049_Man in an box 6     IMG_8049_Man in an box 8

Tie goes to the artist … I Likes This One!!!

IMG_8049_Man in an box 8

Hey!!   Who’s that tryin ta break out ‘a the TV set??

Why, That’s … Meeee!!!    Meeee!!!   Meeee!!!   Meeee!!! 

Label it, and table it …

The better part of a day at play.

That Silly Wabbit!!!




If interested in seeing other Photoshop projects …






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  1. Love it! You are really getting good at this Archie.

  2. Totally amazed again. And your background looks like snow, I like.

    • Heya Granny …
      The background is called “Nebula”, and is the old background from da’ Bunker in WL spaces. Or should I say WD (Windows Dead). I always liked that ole carpet, so brought it along with me when I made the move.
      Glad you liked Granny. Take good care, ‘n will catch ya later.
      Ciao Belle …

  3. How fun, I love it!! You made me smile!! You are silly!!

  4. You make 23 layers sound simple and relatively easy but I get a feeling it is a lot more than that. I enjoy the work it takes to express your sense of fun and humour..

    • Hola Sam I Am …
      Certainly a lot more than that if you take in consideration all ‘a the layers what didn’t make the cut. Gets confusing after a while keepin track ‘a what’s what. Glad ya likes it Hon …
      Ciao Belle …

  5. Arch, Thank you for the visit and the comments. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and mine turned into a mini feast at home that was very good indeed. As ever be well

    Stephen Craig Rowe
  6. Archie, Thank you for the new banner it looks great and I just put it up. As ever be well, my friend

    Stephen Craig Rowe

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