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Cowboys, Indians, Cops, and Robbers …

I’ve always classified the difference between a dream, and an fantasy as the difference between something what is possible through hard work, determination, dedication, and possibly a little dumb luck (winning the lottery perhaps??), as opposed to that which is realistically, physically beyond reach. Take a poll of folk’s hopes for the future of mankind, and right there at the top ‘a the list is World Peace. The common thread for the most of these folk is that they “dream” that this joyous event can come about through awareness and education alone. I on ta other hand am within the diminutive minority who see this as nothing more than an “fantasy”. Of the thought that by whim, the human race could come together as one single, peaceful global society by virtue of our accumulative knowledge, and wisdom?? … This to me is at very best, nothing more than an intellectually challenged joke!! An unobtainable fantasy!! A punch line to a John Lennon song!! *ouch … * No offence intended.

The allure of power …

Most of us play it at some point in our daze of youth, with parents supplying toy guns, handcuffs, Billy clubs, bows ‘n arrows made ‘a plastic, sticks, and sometimes even moulded white metals for authenticity. Caps what go bang, ‘n the whole nine yards. Cops ‘n Robbers. Cowboys ‘n Indians. War games. All played out in backyards, parks, and the local wooded areas. (not to mention the myriad of computer games our newest generation partake of while setting comfortably on they’s fattening azzes) At tender ages, this is where we begin to learn of the battle waging betwixed good, and evil. I spose too, fair to say we also learn that good does not always prevail, and that a good cheat will quite often prosper.

Of the most, the better bunches of us give it up, ‘n move on to Barbie dolls, Tonka trucks, ‘n creative arts. A still good count however, graduates to BB guns, Pellet rifles, air pistols, and of course, real honest ta goodness bows ‘n arrows. Tin cans, bottles, pieces ‘a wood, buddies leg, arm, moving vehicles, and the occasional tweetie bird just so’s we can say we killed somethin, make up a never ending arsenal of targets.

Of this lot, most set aside they’s toys yielding to the world of industry, and technology. That which makes the world go round, puts the bacon on the table so’s ta speak. The remainder of the group graduates to bigger, better firearms breaking into two categories. Firstly, they who become responsible hunters, cops *oooops … law enforcement agents*, and members of the military. Although, in some cases I spose, one could view the military as being a weapon in it’s own rite, with trigger-happy politicians aiming down the sights. Regardless, I do use the word “responsible” quite loosely here. On the flip side ‘a the coin, the irresponsible lot being they who pick up these bigger badder weapons for use in employment of criminal activities. Theft, rape, murder, genocide, whatever the case may be.

Wherever there are laws, there are enforcement agencies. It’s a given, and I don’t see that changing any time soon. Soon being a blink of the eye, a couple of millennium at very least. Sheriffs departments, municipal police, county mounties, State & provincial police, federal, national, multinational law enforcement agencies. Military police, religious police, aboriginal police, railway police, border police, then of course, *shhhhhh … * secret police. As well a good number of law enforcement, and investigative police services such as in the United States, often called bureaus. FBI, USMS, ICE, ATF, DEA, USSS, SBI, CIA, etc. Then too of course, the military in event of war, or martial law.

A couple of, if not the largest issues when looking at current law enforcement inadequacies, are jurisdiction, and dissemination of information. Dissemination of information is getting to be a little better with the aid of electronic technologies, hindered yet, of course, by other forms of jurisdiction. The first being jurisdiction by department, which for the most part a person can live with. I mean Hey!! Who wants the local parking enforcement officer heading up an murder investigation?? Jurisdiction by geographic region however … Sheesh Man!!!

You as an individual get in the way of, and hinder a criminal investigation, yer azz is goin ta be locked up for what, … obstruction of justice?? They very same criminals step crost some imaginary line, and are home-free. Aided and abetted by our good friend, Jurisdiction!! Neener, neener … you can’t get me!!Pick a crime, any crime. With a little research, a scheme of sound design, confirmed travel plans, a person can get away with anything from a parking ticket, petty theft, grand theft and embezzlement, to higher end crimes such as kidnapping, and of course, even Murder!! Jurisdiction by region has obstructed justice more times than the sum of all individuals, and yet this is acceptable??

NOT On My Planet, it Ain’t!!! One Single Global Governing Body!!! One Law for All!!! One Jurisdiction by region!!! One Law Enforcement Agency!!! One bad azz goin ta get azz-kicked, I don’t care how many times you circumnavigate the globe, nor where you end up. Unless you has passage to some distant planet in the far reaches ‘a the universe, this here globe just ain’t big enough. You can run, but you cannot hide!!! No more imaginary lines ta take refuge behind. Were flatulence illegal, you pass gas, yer azz is grass!!! Pay your parking ticket azz-wipe, or your driving privileges will be suspended, here, there, and everywhere!!! Crime don’t pay, cause there’s nowhere to hide.

I wouldn’t want ya ta hurt yerself now, but things bein as they is, consider this. Imagine the cornucopias nature of crimes, and the shear number of cold cases, and charges pending which could be acted upon, and brought to term were there not this blatant obstruction to justice by regional jurisdiction. Driving infractions alone would be unimaginably staggering. Computer scammers?? These untouchable mooks who, while sitting naked, masturbating in the privacy ‘a they’s own living rooms, are scamming untold $millions from the wallets of middle minded folk in other countries what just can’t resist that offer what seems “to good to be true.” How bout the ability to reign in delinquent dead beat parents evading child support by simply moving crost some danged line?? Parents who kid-nap they’s own children under the guise of “visiting” the homeland. Yeah!!! Back in two weeks, the cheque’s in the mail, I won’t cum in yer mouth!!! The list goes on, and on, and on, and on, and on … etc, etc.

Would Anyone Else Want To See An End To This Nature Of SHYTE!!!

The new Canadian HST tax program starts up tomorrow. July 1st, 2010. After all ‘a the sunshine the Canadian Gooberment is bin pumping up our collective azzes bout how this will pass on savings to the consumer, here’s the scoop on the price ‘a gas. … A litre ‘a gas what sells for $0.96 today, will tomorrow be selling at $1.04.         
            ~ I Can’t Afford My Gasoline ~ 
Bend over, and get Them Savings into ya …
   Happy Canada Day, eh??? 

              Take Good Care …
                  Ciao Fer Now …

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  1. I truly do enjoy your posts. A \’thinking mans\’ post is what I call \’em. Especially this one! Also, I liked your comment and your take on cactus. Those ones in my photo are really nasty!! I learned an important lesson, the hard way.Long story, short…. I accidently dropped a six-pack of Coronas in those cacti and after fishing them out, I wiped them off, thinking that was enoughNope!!! The lesson? NEVER try shaving your tongue with an electric shaver…Lesson learned!

  2. Bob > Is a danged shame world leaders wouldn’t think somewhat along these lines. I take it there was some residue on the bottles, even after wiping them? I think I’ll pass on the electric shaver … altogether!!

  3. The rat race …The rats started out as stowaways, immigrants, on ships bound for the Americas.. So only those who survived the trip got to procreate. Every litter improved on the last, smarter, stronger, faster, getting ready to rule. There were so many in some cities they were voted into office. They created policies and set standards for education. But you won’t find them teaching evolution in their schools because they don’t believe there is such a thing. And why should they, ‘cause if it was real how could they stay that stupid for so many generations. Their view is that God created fossils to throw heretics off the scent.
    In setting out a vision of an ideal society (one global governing body) one soon becomes aware that for good governance it is necessary to simplify all aspects of life (employment / education / religion / sex / law) so that there can be no misinterpretation and no need for lawyers.
    All is sacrificed to the common good unlike Dystopia an often futuristic society that has degraded into a repressive and controlled state.
    One book suggests for the first time in our history there is a break between the sacred and the social order…..

    Dystopia is portrayed in such novels as Parable of the Sower, Nineteen Eighty-Four, Brave New World, V for Vendetta, The Hunger Games and Fahrenheit 451

    Utopia is portrayed in Woman on the Edge of Time (1976) by Marge Piercy,The Fifth Sacred Thing(1993), by Starhawk,New Atlantis (1627) by Francis Bacon….. the list goes on

    “The place to improve the world is first in one’s own heart and head and hands, and then work outward from there.” -Robert M. Pirsig (Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry Into Values)

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