~ At The Car-Wash ~   6 comments

IMG_6193_In the Woods Self, da' Bunker, Masked, Re-Sized

It’s a BEAUtiful sunshiny Sunday Afternoon at da’ Bunker!!

The Car is bin washed, and they two hicks is settin back, chillin, admiring, and chucklin at they’s reflection in the bumper. Should I take this opportunity ta mention somethin bout small thangs, small minds?? … Mehhh!!

One ‘a they hicks says to ta’ other ‘a they hicks, somethin to the order ‘a, “Wouldn’t that make for a nice picture?? We should get our cameras out.”

The ensuing video, with an candid stretch what Sam had no clue I’d put my camera into ‘Movie Mode’, is the culmination of our photographic session.

I do hope ya’s enjoy.

Take good care … Peace.




Posted June 12, 2010 by Archie ~Grumps~ in . . . B.S. Antics

6 responses to “~ At The Car-Wash ~

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  1. I really enjoyed that it was nice to see you live…so to speak. What kind of camera does Sam have? Yours takes pretty good video doesn\’t it…what do you have…I have not used mine lately…use to take lots with Willis but have not touched it lately. I think I will get a new on hence wanting to see what Sam has.You two have a great Sunday….thanks for sharing a part of your lives…you look very comfortable together and I am happy for you! *Smiles* & {{{{HUGS}}}}

  2. Glad you enjoyed Tracie. My camera is an Canon PowerShot A570 IS, and yes, I am quite happy with the video quality as well. The only problem in movie mode is it will only zoom digitally.Sam’s camera is an Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT. It’s a pretty slick rig, and takes good pictures as well, although it’s a little older, and hasn’t the video option. Thanks for the visit Tracie. Keep your camera close by Hon. Ya never know what you’ll see, ‘n want a snap of.Ciao Belle ~ Smiles ‘n {Hugs}

  3. Excellent video!! You two are a hoot. Jack-Dog looks like a fine pooch. That Luka still has some learning to do but at least I caught my laptop before it hit the TILE floor. Woulda ticked me off.Hope your having a good one,Bob

  4. Thanks Bob … Am pleased you enjoyed it. I especially like the espression on Sam’s face in the very last slide. I’ve no idea what the topic of conversation was at that point, but guessing I might ‘a said somethin sarcastic. Ya think??? Jack-Dog can be a bit of a shizz-bitter at times, but for the most part, she’s turned out to quite the treasure. Take good care, ‘n will catch ya later. Ciao Fer Now …

  5. O M G,.. lmfao,… you two are too funny,..lmfao,.. ^ 5 ,..

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