~ Turtles & Baby Geeses ~   4 comments


     The babies, they are a’ Hatching …Slouchcopyfaceleft4

First stop, Kirk Cousins Wildlife Management Area, a Saturday outing …

Kirk Cousins Mangement

Along with being the perfect area fer Geese ta hatch, ‘n raise they’s babies, a Turtle haven as well … A perfect Sunshiny Day for Sunbathing …

I counted 24 Western Painted Turtles between these following two photos. I can state with certainty that we saw more turtles in this pond than I have ever seen in any one place afore …

Kirk Cousins Mangement   IMG_7706

This little outing was Saturday May first 2010. At ta’ other end ‘a the pond was the first brood of baby geeses we’ve seen this season …

IMG_7707   IMG_7708

And, just because he was such the handsome lookin lad, a Redwing Blackbird showin off his epaulettes …


We saw the second brood ‘a baby Geeses Monday morning on our way to London via Port Stanley. A little joking about of these Mommy & Daddy Geese on account they was lettin they’s babies play on the street.

Bad Mommy n Daddy!!!!

All was well as I closed in for a closer look, ‘n a couple ‘a photos, til they started ‘Hissing’ at me, at which point I opted for the hasty retreat afore the wings started ta flappin. A big ole Mommy, or Daddy goose protecting it’s brood could no doubt be cause of an world ‘a hurt.

IMG_6345   IMG_6353

Hope y’all are havin a great day, gettin out, ‘n enjoying the sights …

Ciao Fer Now …



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4 responses to “~ Turtles & Baby Geeses ~

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  1. Ah come on Archie! You should have given us a close up view of an over protecting, feathers flying, momma goose thrashing moment in the sun.

  2. ~ J ~ This was kind ‘a like a drive by shooting with Jackie salivating in the car. No doubt if she’d a bin loose, would ‘a bin a ton ‘oh fun goin on there. Truth be known, with the street right there, I really had no interest in being chased out into traffic. Yer right though. Would ‘a made for a great photo-op.

  3. Great photos! Always loved Spring… renewal of life and all. Foot doing better and power back on. Life is good until my next adventure,mishap. Hope you have a great tomorrow and every day after.Bob

  4. Oh yeah, Mama would have clobbered you if you had messed with her babies. I\’ve heard they\’re good watchdogs too. Love the photos.

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