~ MacBook, The Wheel Reinvented ~   1 comment


Apple makes all nature ‘a neat, ‘n shiny stuff!! Coming soon to a store near you, the MacBook Wheel. When I get mine, I’m goin ta get that baby chrome dipped

Just ta kick it up a notch!!

I’ll be the envy of all!!!


Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard


Clickie on banner to left for this, and many other equally inane breaking news stories on the “Onion News Network” webpage.


Keep well, ‘n have a great day …

Ciao Fer Now …




Posted March 13, 2010 by Archie ~Grumps~ in . . . B.S. Antics

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  1. Archie, Thank you for visiting the Painting Studio and for your comments. The Onion News Network is very entertaining and always leave there with a smile. Also am glad that you enjoyed some of my photographs enough to comment and laugh. My visit to your Space has been very fine, pleased to meet you and as ever be well

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