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… and here we are, Still tryin ta pound a square peg into a round hole!!!

Can you imagine what it must ‘a bin like fer ole Chris, bein the only man aboard three large-azz sailing ships with absolute certainty that they wasn’t about ta fall off ‘a the edge ‘a the world?? The world, she is round??? How’s that for some kind ‘a radical change!!! … From that point in time, and for how many years was it pretty much an arms war ta see who could claim the greater parts of this new found real-estate?? Kind ‘a like the United States, and Russia of they’s space-racin fer ownership ‘a the Moon. Just imagine if’n the moon were inhabitable!! Or, heaven forbid, if there were GOLD in them there craters!!

Change!!! … Interesting word, so change is. Nickels, dimes, ‘n quarters. Could be a switch to Corn Flakes fer breakfast as opposed to the usual fare of Raison Bran. Or somethin as simple as a change of under-shorties. A no brainer, lest of course yer not too very current with the laundry, in which case, might I suggest yer cleanest dirty pair. Or yeah, there’s always the option of goin commando.

How’s about we kick it up a notch, let’s say a change of lifestyle. Quit smoking, implement an exercise routine, improve your diet?? Now change gets a little tougher necessitating the need of self motivation ‘n willpower. One might make a fairly radical change of a personal nature in attempt to curry affection of another they love, as well as curry favour of acceptance from this other’s family. Plenty often enough you might hear of someone casting off the old ways, and converting to a new religion in hope of making, and maintaining the peace. Religion of convenience … How sweet!! All ‘a this nature ‘a change is of personal choice however, so no-one ta bitch at but yerself.

A slightly different case when it comes to compulsory change bein jammed down our throats. Good, bad, or indifferent, we’re just as likely ta look upon it with a certain distain simply on account we either don’t agree, are quite content with the status quo, or didn’t give our consent. How dare they change the Facebook page without first coming to my door, and asking ME if it’s ok?? Changes in the workplace, increases to your property taxes, extra charges levied on the utility bills, higher percentage to the income tax you’ll be paying this year. Change such as laws enforcing with penalty the use of seat-belts. Anyone else recall the hubbub, ‘n strife what that one caused??Hell Man!! I was nailed for that one twice afore I conformed to (as opposed to accepted) that particular change. These, just ta name a wee few compulsory changes what’ll have us out dancing, partying in the streets.

Were there some gigantic haemorrhoid come whirling at us from outer space, crash into our little rock island in the sky emptying the oceans, and killing off two thirds or better of our global population, would that be enough??? Were there a ‘World War Three’ come equipped with nuclear missiles rocketing about liken it were the forth of July, again killing off two thirds or better of our global population, would that be enough??? How’s about starvation, ‘n disease as result of overpopulation, an epidemic ‘a some ghoulish nature what boils our blood, fries our brains killing off two thirds or better of our global population, would that be enough??? What would it take, and at what point would the most intelligent species on this planet finally decide, HEY!!! If’n we wants ta survive, mayhap we’d best band together as one, and start looking at humanity as a whole, our human society as one single society of equals!!!

In some cases, change can mean simply revamping the system already in place. A couple of tweaks here ‘n there, improvements as it were. However, if’n the current system has proven over the course of plenty millennium to be faulty to a fault, useless as teats on a bull, such as it is, then mayhap the best thing to do is to deep six the entire system, and start from square one. In our particular case, we are dealing with ‘one hundred, ninety five’ quite different systems (on account 195 countries around the globe), and not one of ‘em compatible with the rest.

Then of course, countries within countries governed by they’s own set of laws such as Indian nations within they’s own reserves. And too, State of the Vatican City, a great walled enclave within the city of Roam, autonomous, a country of it own issuing they’s very own passports for the elite which live within these protective walls. Any guesses why the great wall surrounding it?? …

So, deep sixing seems the order of the day, and starting from scratch being the challenge facing we custodians in implementing one single governmental system for this brave new world. Point of interest: There are 192 ~Member States of the United Nations~. I’ve checked the list twice ta see who’s bin naughty or nice, and unless I’m just blind, not seeing it, the State of the Vatican City is no where’s to be found. Not interested?? Not playin in the same sandbox as the rest of us wee peons?? Are they “Holy” rollers just too estra special to be amongst this lot??

Of one thing, I am certain!!! In many respects, the rights of the individual will take somewhat the backseat to the rights of humanity. Ok!! So never mind the somewhat crap!! Get the Hades into the back seat, ‘n shut the hell up!!! Enjoy the ride!!! This is all about the preservation, and evolution of humanity, and the society of man. It’s not about YOU!!! … There’ll be some things what’ll have ya’s applauding, and rubbing your hands together in anticipation. There’ll be some other things what’ll have ya’s appalled, gasping in disbelief. With near each, ‘n every change, there’ll be two groups. They who will feel as though they have been stripped, and they who will feel as though the golden goose has just landed. As a species, our collective selfishness, ignorance, and arrogance will be tested to the nth degree!! When this train leaves the station, we all had best buckle up, ‘n keep a few choice words close thought at all times. Temperance, Charity, Diligence, Patience, Kindness, and Humility. Do ya recognize this short list from anywhere’s?? Less Chastititty of course, cause HEY!!!! A wee romp in the sack ain’t goin ta mind yer neighbour much, lest ‘a course yer bangin the neighbours spouse. *Yikes … *

Just for ta hey of it, here comes one of many edicts to come. … Is bin one fun freakin circle jerk tween religion ‘n goobernment since the beginning of time. Hell!! I’m not even sure which came first. Religion, politics … Politics, religion … one ‘a they chicken ‘n the egg deallies I spose. Hands in each others pockets right the way along. They diddlin days is DONE!!!

There will be no influence of religious nature within governmental chambers what so ever!! Absolutely, positively, unequivocally, NONE!!!! Some religious representative comes in with concern for humanity as a whole with no religious overtones, chambers will listen. He, or she starts citing rhetoric scripture from this, that, or ta other “Holy” book with want favouring they’s own particular religious group, they’ll be hucked out to the street on they’s cauliflowered ear. End of story!! Thanks fer comin out!!! The same goes for religion within the school system. There’ll be no more ‘a that, Period!!! But hey!! That’s another story for another day.

Here’s the crux of it. We’s talking about one government encompassing the globe with one volume of law enacted, and enforced for all. How many religions are there, each clinging to, and preaching of they’s own set of antiquated beliefs??? ~Wikipedia page – List of Religions~ You go right ahead if’n ya wish. I counted upwards of one hundred, not including Esotericism, Mysticism, Magic (religion?), Joke religions, nor fictional religions which are included in this list. As well, and sure as I’m breathin, there’d be a slew more of sects, and non-recognized religions not making this list. Like I’ve said in the past, if’n they religious leaders had any little wee notion of world peace, one harmonized society of man, they would ‘a put dissension to the wayside, and banded together quite some long while ago. To my way ‘a thinkin, if religion (as opposed to spirituallity) is our moral compass, then God help us all, cause we be in some deep kaka poo!!

Kiwanis, Rotary, Lions, Kinsmen, Y’s Men International, Elks clubs … These to name a few are what we know as service clubs, or service organizations geared twards aiding they’s communities. “A Voluntary non-profit organization where members meet regularly to perform charitable works by either direct hands on efforts, or by raising money for other organizations.” By the government of this brave new world, religion would be seen, and regarded in the same manner as any other of these service clubs.


Phewwwww!! … I’m out ‘a here. Take good care, ‘n catch me later.

Ciao Fer Now …





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