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G’day to my fellow homo sapiens. My name is Archie (aka Grumps), and I’m announcing my candidacy for region of Canada’s …

“Representative to the New Global Governing Body of Planet Earth”

Sounds impressive, don’t it??? Well Hey!! If’n ya wants ta end war ‘n stuff, that’s what it’s goin ta take. One single world governing body with steadfast conviction to the simplest of mandate, “The Good of ALL Mankind, and Our Immediate Environment [Earth]”. (this is where y’all are spose ta laugh hysterically, choke on yer Coke, ‘n send a spray of carbonated bubbly foam across the room) Corruption!! It’s what we know, what we’ve become accustomed to, what we’ve come to expect, and accept. Sure, in some countries, where it’s not a crime punishable by death, there’s some wee bit ‘a bitchin happening these days when it comes to politicians excesses, nepotism where it comes to government contracts ‘n such, but let’s face it. For all ‘a the watch-doggin we hear of, we’s barely scratchin the wee little hem draggin on the carpet from the quilt of corruption coverin a king sized bed. Like the old saying goes, “power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”.

April 2, 1917 … Of his “declaration of war speech” in reference to the United States entering into WWI, Woodrow Wilson (28th president of the United States) made statement announcing a “war to end all wars”. What he meant by this, or dreamt at best, or quite possibly a deception, is that he wanted to build a basis for peace that would prevent future catastrophic wars, and needless death and destruction. So much for that thought, eh??? Curious of just how many wars there’s bin since good ole WWI, I Googles “wars since world war one” (seemed appropriate *grins … *), ‘n finds my way to ”Wikipedia page, “Lists of Wars”. Civil wars, conflicts, crisis’, invasions, occupations, revolutions, rebellions, world war two, Korean war, border wars, Vietnam war, Gulf war, Yom Kippur war, one called the “dirty war” in Argentina, the “Banana wars”, Iran, Iraq wars, … the list goes on, ‘n on. Some ‘Two Hundred Eighty Nine’ wars in total, give ‘er take a handful. I lost count a couple ‘a times. As listed, the longest ongoing war is the “Israeli – Palestinian Conflict” which has bin ongoing since the year …“1918”. That’d be eight, count ‘em, ‘Eight’ years shy of a phuckin ‘Century’, ‘n they kiddies over yonder have still not got it figured out!! What the dillio man!!

Goin for the depths ‘a despair here … 

Stamp that inta yer forehead,

‘n give it some wee little bit ‘a thought!!

What’s it goin ta take indeed. …

This is somethin I’ve given a good deal of thought to over some number ‘a years, and believe me when I say there’s one, ‘er two … thousand barriers ta break. Hoops ta jump through, obstacles ta make way round, precipices to mount, chasms ta span. A whole bunch of other good, ‘n seemingly insurmountable stuff as well. If you are of mind that evolution is all about yer physical state, ya best give that a wee rethink as well. Your physical self is quite plain ‘n simply, nothin more than a vehicle what carries yer sorry azz from point ‘A’, ta point ‘B’. Nothing more than that!! Some like ta think of they’s body as a temple, when in fact, it is nothing more than the vehicle what hosses yer temple about. It is the essence of our collective minds which is the temple, and at our current state of evolution, seems to me that this temple is gotten as far as the foundation bein laid, a mortal one at best, ‘n we’s all settin about proudly, complacently, not givin a rats azz fer puttin up the walls, ‘n coverin it with a roof.

To put it into perspective, think of the society of man as a building, a temple built of bricks. Now, imagine that each and every single solitary member of the human species as bein one single, lowly brick. Do ya see where I’m goin with this?? Can you see in yer minds eye the current state of this ‘temple’ of human society?? The society of man is an chaotic mess. The bricks of this temple are strewn about haphazardly, in a shity, dangerously self destructive, and careless mess as though a jigsaw puzzle no-one cares ta take time ta put tagether as there are quite simply, far too many pieces. Tossed into a pile, out ‘a sight, out ‘a mind. Then of course, bein as each of these bricks is a sentient being (one of ‘em being ‘you’), there is the problem of the bricks on the top ‘a the heap. Just for the hey of it, we’ll consider that the bricks on the top ‘a the heap are the politicians and big business tycoons of society. Naturally, these are the bricks what one might consider first to be laid. These are the strongest of bricks at the bottom of the structure what shape the halls, ‘n walls. These are the bricks what one might trust to hold up, support, and give structure to the rest of the bricks. Presently, the bricks on the top ‘a this bloody messed up heap have no desire to see this temple of man take shape. They’s far to preoccupied crushing the bricks at the bottom ‘a the pile, taking advantage of they’s weaknesses. Far too content in they’s callousness, selfishness, sated of they’s own unfounded pride, revelling in they’s spoils at the expense of the weaker bricks below them to have want of seeing a society based on the concept, “Good of All Mankind”. And Hey!! Why would they want ta make change so long as we wee peons known as the blue collar community, and as well the greatest majority of our human society are complacently willing ta put up with they’s shyte??

Somewhere’s between democracy, ‘n dictatorship is a golden balance. So long as the general public isn’t lookin for more than what’s feasible, and the representatives aren’t taking more than what’s deserving. The good of all mankind would necessitate a certain amount of equality amongst man. It could not be tolerated that there would be those having to choose between utility bill, or groceries, while at the other end of the scale, the rich bitches living the life of riley with riches beyond dreams of avarice, and with absolutely no need for any of it other than to satisfy they’s own sinful greed. 

I’ve not got a nickel to my name so’ ta speak, and I’m not looking for one. What I’m looking for is support. Support not only from my Countrymen, whatever in the phuck that means, but rather support from the society of man. Support on every continent, within each and every region of the world regardless whether currently democratic, communist, or Royal reign. Not simply for myself, but rather in the belief that we, the society of man are capable of oh so much more. Support in the belief that we do indeed have a collective consciousness derived from an as of yet untapped intelligence. Support in the belief ‘we can evolve’, awaken from this recklessly complacent comfortably numb slumber. What I’m looking for is one single Global Governing Body, void of Party Partisan, with independent representatives from each and every region on this beautiful planet to be registered on every regional ballot affording the peoples of our society the opportunity to vote ‘YES’ to a fair and equitable standard of life for each and every soul of this wonderful Temple of Humanity. The opportunity to vote ‘Yes’ to the abolishment of corruption, abolishment of tyranny, abolishment of a society driven by accumulation of wealth, abolishment of a ‘class’ structured way of life wherein ‘One’ gets the gold while ta’other ninety nine grease up for, and share the shafting. The opportunity to vote ‘Yes’ to a more resource based economy.

Don’t be forgettin now … Come the first “Global Governing Body” elections, look for me on the “Region of Canada Members” ballot. It’s not all about you, or I … It’s all about us All. We are the caretakers of our own species, and as well, our little rock island in the sky.

Thank you in advance for your consideration. *phppppt … *

Corksilly; Archie (aka ~Grumps~)

Can’t be buggerin off without givin ya’s a little giggle. Just wouldn’t be right now, would it??

Husband and wife are waiting at the bus stop with they’s nine children, and are joined by a blind man. When the bus pulls up they find it overloaded, and there is only room enough for the wife ‘n nine kids. The husband, and the blind man concede to walking, so begin they’s journey as the bus pulls away without them.

After a bit, the husband gets a little irritated by the ticking sound of the blind man’s white walking stick. “Why don’t you put a piece of rubber on the end of your stick??” asks the husband. “That ticking sound is driving me crazy!!”

The blind man replies, “If you had put a rubber on the end of YOUR stick, we’d both be riding the bus right now, so shut the hell up!!”

Alrighty then … That’s it, that’s all. Take good care, ‘n catch me later …

Ciao Fer Now …     

(A series in the making)



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  1. I\’d sure vote for ya!! Funny joke! No \’puter yet, but soon. Dell is fast but FedEx?? Not so much. Getting harder to post. Woke up this morning with lower dentures missing. Not good if I wanna eat. Blamed the dog and spent 2 hours on a search and destroy mission. Even checked the backyard. Finally turned up… under my pillow! What a dumbass I am! So got my chompers back. The ball and chain wants me to shampoo the carpets tomorrow cos of relatives (hers) gittin\’ here Friday. New Great nephew, Owen, so that will be cool. Hopin\’ the dogs behave! \’Preciate your comments buddy!!Later!, Bob~

  2. ~ Bob ~ eeeekes man!! Where do I get these ‘visuals’ from. Search ‘n destroy??? With high powered flashin-light, destroying the dog in search of chompers!! *shameful snickers … * Can you say Colonoscopy??? Is danged handy ya thought ta look under yer pillow is all’s I gots ta say bout that Bob. Preciate yer support in the comin elections, as well your coming by.

  3. Thanks about the chompers man!! Windows 7, Yup!! Should have \’er up and running this weekend… like tomorrow!Podunk is a fictional redneck town. I think I passed thru there once. Take care Bud and have a Great weekend.

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