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The day I’d bin dreading has come ‘n gone. The eviction notices were sent out first of July for all ‘a the tenants along the stretch ‘a Trafalgar St I’d lived on for the past twenty years. With the federal gooberment pumping a wad a cash London’s way ta spice up they’s employment incentive resume, the overpass project on the corner is scheduled to start come April of 2010. Da’ Bunker is to be da’ molished along with all ‘a the rest of the homes along that stretch. 120 days notice having us all out by the end of October. As for they few folk who still own properties along that stretch…  




is the

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Thinkin ta buy, t’was gettin a bit depressing lookin fer new digs in the London area as all I had looked at what I could afford were major renovation nightmares. Prompted by necessity, I started lookin a little further afield. Welcome to West Lorne. 50km (30m) west of London. A danged sight cheaper leaving me with a little capital ta get done what needs ta be done. Sam was ready ta make a move as well, and has taken up residence with me, has bin, and continues to be a good lot ‘a help. Bless her bunches.


Is definitely in need ‘a some tender lovin care with every wall in the place needin stripped, skim coated, ‘n painted. As well, the roof in desperate need ‘a repairs, and a few, *kack …* well, ok, a bunch ‘a other things what’ll come as time ‘n cash permit. In the end, it is the new Bunker. A fenced yard fer Jackie, ‘n a nice quiet friendly atmosphere for piece ‘a mind. Holy Hades man! Main St. in West Lorne makes Trafalgar St. look like a freakin freeway type thoroughfare.

Once a little more ‘a the cosmetic work is bin done, I’ll be posting a few more pics to show the results. Steel roof is on, although still needing some trim work done, and the kitchen is bin puttied, primed, ‘n painted. The living room, and upstairs were a nightmare to strip as there was two, and in some places three layers ‘a wallpaper plus paint on, and in between the paper. Not ta mention the adhesive what was used back in the day, ‘n what a pain it was ta clean that off. All is good, puttied, primed, ‘n ready for paint.

The crawlspace is another story. No shortage of things ta be done down there. All ‘a the old steel plumbing to be removed, and insulation ta be put about the foundation. The floors are currently somewhat a rollercoaster ride, so needing to dig out for, pour pads, ‘n place support beams ta try ‘n level the old place up a bit. As well, the property is low laying, thus water is a bit of a problem. Whoever installed the sump pump must ‘a had ‘is shovel break on ‘im half way through the dig, so needing to get it down deeper so’s it can actually do what it was intended to do.

 As For The Kitchen Drain!! After using the sinks for a month ‘n half, I gets down in the crawlspace one day (a new discovery every time), ‘n notice this pipe comin through the floor lookin ta be right about where the kitchen sinks should be draining out of. I calls up ta Sam fer ta run a bit ‘a water, ‘n sure enough, there it is, draining right into the crawlspace where I spose it’s spose ta make way to the sump which simply pukes out into the back yard. The beauty of this is the smorgasbord ‘a food bits left behind fer whatever little fur bearin vermin might happen along. Hence for now, a couple ‘a Rubbermaid buckets giving new meaning to the term “the runs”, til I gets that looked after.

So, that’s the good, ‘n the hell of it kiddies. Plenty enough ta keep a fella busy for a good time ta come. Here’s hoping all is well enough with everyone, ‘n will catch ya’s later.



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  1. Well Archie, you have a lot of work ahead of you! But it will be worth it, and know that Sam is there to lend a hand. The area looks \’country\’, nice and quiet? I loved seeing the green lawn! Green lawns here are a thing of the past – no rain, so all is dead and brown. Know that I wish for you and Sam a long and happy life together, and may nothing but smiles, love \’n laughter darken your doorstep! Hugs to both of you!

  2. Woooooo-eeee sounds like a lot of work and exciting at the same time to do exactly what you want. I wish you both well on your new journey in the new bunker! Many {{{{HUGS}}} and lots of smiles and laughter being sent your way….I love your place by the way….lots of character and love the amount of space you have. THanks for popping by my Facebook…what a nice surprise…it was a pleasure seeing you. I will keep you posted on Willis and his fur coat…lol

  3. You and Sam have a nice looking place there and you two working together will have the home you desire. I enjoyed your family video. Thanks again for coming by my space,

  4. Hey there, thanks for stopping by and for the education – I did not know redneck was \’taboo\’you must be suffering culture shock moving to West Lorne. I was born and raised in Woodstock so know what Trafalgar Street is like!

  5. Hello and Happy New Year Archie and Sam….I hope you two have a wonderful and exciting 2010 on all your little trips and walks taking pictures, canoing etc. Sending warm thoughts and love your way! {{HUGS}} and Turkey stuffen!


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