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Jackie & slouch 

      Have I fallen off ‘a the edge ‘a the world?? Come on Now!! Everyone knows what the world is round. Have I bin involved in an fiery wreck of a helicopter crash, recovering in the intensive care hittin up on all ‘a the nurses?? Hmmmm … As interesting a thought, not at all the case.  Certainly, not much is bin up with I, ‘n the world ‘a Spaces. I’m thinkin that’s pretty much a given. I have been enjoying myself, ‘n keepin busy with a couple ‘a new ladies in me life. IMG_3502

      Firstly, there’s Sam. I plumb run out ‘a words ta describe ‘er. A beautiful gal of an peacefully charming, understanding, and accepting disposition. Smart as a whip, witty with a great sense of humour, almost always with a smile on her face. When not, you can rest assured that she is either sleeping, or that there is one near, and soon to follow. She’s a very outdoorsy kind ‘a gal, most comfortable canoeing, ‘n portaging through the wilderness. Great sport ta collaborate with in the kitchen, ‘n can ruffle the sheets as well as the next to ‘er. Man Oh Man!! That was some kind ‘a nastiness eking out ‘a her butt ta other night, I’ll tell you what!!! *sheepish grins … *

  Eli Farm 035

      And then of course, there is this little fur baring, dum as a box ‘a rocks, flee infested vermin. Jackie’s her name, jackal’s her game. Picked her up in November at eleven months of age, ‘n dang near had her gived away twards mid of January. Just like a Dutch dog I tells ya. Wooden shoes, wooden head, ‘n wooden listen!!! Some serious second, third, forth, ‘n fifth thoughts, the decision was made ta give her a second chance. Dang glad I did, cause she’s finally figured out that ”yes, this is home, these is me peeps, ‘n I spose I’m not the top dog after all.” Conveniently with the better weather upon us, she can now be trusted to stay in the yard with the gate open, and doors to da’ Bunker agape. … While under close supervision, of course. Shepherd/Husky cross, so she is …

       Some drives through the countryside, hikes in local park areas ‘n nearby conversation areas, plenty enough baths for the canine fer all ‘a the mud she finds way through. Some quiet moments ta home with movies, spring cleanups on the properties, ‘n ‘a course all the day ta day busies what need also ta be done. Of time I do spend on the computer, is mostly editing photos, a few Photoshop projects I’ve worked on, and these last couple ‘a days, this video I’ve put tagether with ‘Windows Movie Maker’. Turned out not too shabb considerin it started out as nothin more than a wasted bit ‘a time ta check out the program, so figured ta upload ‘n share it with whomever cares ta hit the play button. In review, I spose I could say it’s four ‘a my gals just ‘being’. Enjoy if’n ya wish. … 

      That’d be what I would call the ‘RDCV’ of what good ole Grumps is bin up to.  Still haven’t found it in me ta set ‘n type out any ‘a the standard fare, but hey … Never say never. Here’s hopin yer havin a grand time …

      Ciao Fer Now …



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4 responses to “What’s up Grumps?? …

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  1. Twas nice……..to get the update……..smilin\’ at yer happiness!

  2. So happy for you and Sam! Take care, the both of you. Big smiles.

  3. Loved the video, glad about your happiness and your new ladies are lovely.

  4. Heya Grumps…hows the new digs with ou guys…you all unpacked and settled? Posting more pics or have you..*giggles* as have not checked, so I guess I better go do that. Wishing you both well….keep in touch! Love and {{{HUGS}}} fr AlbertaTracie

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