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Short of nuclear war itself, population growth is the gravest issue the world faces. If we do not act, the problem will be solved by famine, riots, insurrection and war

.Robert McNamara, Former World Bank President 

        Well, I did say there was more ta come. Alrighty then!!! Lets see how it goes here. I spose a little recap would be in order, eh?? Let’s see what we gots thus far. …Part one: An introduction to what I believe to be the root causes ‘a war, violence, and dissension amongst the troops. The troops bein people in general on a global basis. Religion, political structure, our economic tables in they’s myriad ‘a tiers, and perhaps above all, a continual pattern ‘a over population. Part two: A quick overview ‘a the myriad of economic tables from the lowliest of one’s own pocketbook, to corporate, ‘n governmental economic tables on a global basis. Complete with a comparison ‘a blue collar income between third world countries, specifically Indonesia, and the blue caller workers of economically sound countries, specifically Canada, ‘n the USA. Part Three: Our individual legacy towards humanity?? Global, societal accepted atrocities towards blue collar workers of third world countries exampling a young woman in Bangladesh. An ever so brief introduction to Nobel Prize Winner Muhammad Yunus’s book, “Banker to the Poor”, and his conception ‘a the Grameen Micro-credit banking in an effort to help such folks to break the cycle of, and reach beyond the daily sufferance of indigence.        

Sounds like quite the party, don’t it?? I spose in keeping with the theme ‘a what’s causing all ‘a the dissension, violence, ‘n war, … a quick look at religion, ‘n population ’d be in order. Or, would that beOverpopulation‘??? …

         Islam are the infidels??? Christians are the infidels??? Who the Hell is the infidels??? Mayhap it’s the Jews what’s the infidels. Hey!!! And how bout them Buddhists?? Now there’s a bunch ‘a infidels if’n I ever did see a bunch of ‘em. Battles of a religious nature ‘a bin goin on since the beginning ‘a time. Some small, some not so small. The First Crusade was launched in 1095 by Pope Urban II inciting the phrase, “Deus vult!!” (God wills it!!) The telephone hadn’t even bin invented yet, ‘n this war mongering Pope dude has an entire nation convinced that he alone is privy to what exactly it is that the “Lord Wills”??? 

        Colour me agnostic, but ta my way ‘a thinking, if’n the Lord cares ta be willing anything in specific here upon our little rock island in the sky, my guess is he’s gonna forego the pleasantries with all of our varied, ‘n however many narrow minded religious leaders, ‘n bring it on down of his, her, they’s own volition, and by own hand. It’ll not be announced, negotiated, nor discussed with anyone so presumptuous as to believe, pretend to believe, or who merely convince others (for they’s own profit) that they alone should be the ones with whom God confers. … Please do, give me a phuggin break!!

        Mankind has always bin, is now, and will most likely always be a manipulative monster. The most manipulative of man being the ones wielding the most power in whatever manner, or field of they’s choosing or opportune. Political leaders, corporate leaders, religious leaders, all drinkin from the same chilling fridge, ‘n rallying to the same banner in the name ‘a they’s, or they’s King’s own gold. If’n they’s survival means goin to war, so be it!! God wills it!! Religion has no fewer vested interests in war than any other governing body. As well, they are just as, or more so responsible for the dissension of man as any other governing body.

        The proof is in the puddin. If religion were all about peace, tranquillity, the union of all mankind … they religious leaders of man would be finding a way to making it happen over hot cocoa with floated marshmallows. Mayhap they’d all be takin they’s turn hangin off ‘a the end of a big ole ‘peace-pipe’. *puff puff … pass * Mayhap we’d be seeing a positive step in our social evolution on global basis. Mayhap mankind could show this ‘supposed’ one ‘n only God just, ‘n due cause to take pride in his, hers, they’s creation. 

        That the many, ’n varied religious leaders around our globe are unable to come to some commonality uniting the people of this planet as one, tells me one thing, ‘n one thing only. It tells me that the greatest ‘a these religious leaders are as greedy, selfish, ignorant, and arrogant as any murderous thief. A smidgeon harsh you say?? Here till I pray for your son’s safe return from war the day afore he dies of a roadside bomb. 

         Now of course, even if we were able to pull together as a peaceful global society, there is still one other obstacle to overcome. Population!!! Although quite frail, ‘n somewhat clumsy by nature, mankind through the invent of technology is pretty near to being a specie without predator. We control the population of every other specie of creature, ‘n plant-life alike. Some to the point of extinction, or damned near to it while our own population covers this great rock with the stench of our own greed, selfishness, ignorance, ‘n arrogance.

        Just as the fire marshal puts a limit of how many folk may attend a specific venue, this ole nugget on which we reside can only provide for a certain maximum number of people as well. In addition, with technology being a consistent one step behind (necessity bein the mother of invention), there has always bin, and will most certainly always be those who have, ‘n those who have not. Third world countries with no marketable resource being the hardest hit of course, as well as bein the least noticed, considered, and cared about. It’s pretty tough ta think about a nation wanting, starving, while we of ‘want for nothing’ sit about a table with friends ‘n family to a feast fit for Riley. 

        If we are without war, we are also without one of the most versatile, and effectual methods of population control available on the open market. Not that there’s no options mind you. It just does so seem, from what I can see anyway’s, that war is the societal preferred method. Well Hey!!! Just look at the number of jobs, ‘n careers war generates, ‘n tell me if’n that ain’t a good thang. Who in they’s right mind would want to see an end to war causing the cessation of how many millions of jobs from the development, to deployment of A-bombs, spud missiles, nerve gasses, torpedoes, bullets, tanks, aircraft, ships of war, artillery, you name it, they mother phuckers is got it. Right down to the bullet proof vest, cause hey!! Who gives a rat’s azz if these boys gets they’s legs, ‘n testicles blowed off. I’m sure they’ll be grateful that at very least, they’re alive, and on an disability pension what comes just shy ‘a paying the heating bill in ta winter time.

        Bottom line … If’n we’s to make effort to bring about world peace, there’s only seating for so many. That means we’d need to take affirmative action towards birth control. It means we’d have to give up some rites. It means we’d no longer be able ta crank out as many kids as we bloody well please. It also means, for a good percentage of religious folk, turning a deaf ear to doctrine thus faulting them in the eyes of they’s community, and whichever church. This because religion seems ever so unwilling, ‘n incapable to maintain doctrine to ‘n with the times. We ask of God, ‘lead us not into temptation’, while religious leaders through loosely translated archaic notion lead us straight to the gates ‘a Hell. How would ya feel if ya’d just bought a brand spankin new 2009 Shelby GT500, and yer local Ford representative was ta hand ya the owners manual for a 1908 Model-‘T’ ta go with it. It’s called changing, accommodating to, and with the times.

        Global birth control would be a cold hard line to draw, an equally tough one to enforce. The concept of controlling population through calculated birth rate does seem like a simple enough venture, yet in spite of everything, here we are. Still with people starving to death, and as well, going to war over territory, beliefs (religious or otherwise), ‘n natural resource. A vicious cycle, seemingly without end. 

        Wow!!! … I spose I’m layin some kind ‘a shaggin ta these religions. Ain’t I?? *grins … * Hey!! Not like I’m all together without faith, a few beliefs, thoughts ‘a me own ‘n such. I just plain ‘n simple have no belief, nor faith in religion is all. Who here had a choice ‘a which religion you wanted to be associated with?? … Show of hands?? Anybody?? Was ya just dunked, ‘er snipped, ‘er whatever without yer consent?? Did anyone offer for ya ta make an informed decision??? … Was yer Inalienable rights taken into consideration?? Have ya passed this legacy unto yer very own children?? Yeah!!! When I look about at the state of “society ‘a man” on a global basis, I just can’t help but think these religious leaders is done let us down. A damned good lot of ’em anyway’s. Let us all down!!! Just as our political leaders is done!! 

        After all ‘a the blowhard bullshyte, it all comes down ta one simple little flaw inherent to the human g-nome. … GREED!!! Building fences round what is ours, and always wanting for more than what we have. It could be greed for power be it the schoolyard bully hawking spit balls round the classroom for entertainment, to some tyrant ruling an empire with iron fist, and constant threat ‘n promise of torture for they who step out ‘a line. It is simple greed what has us stealing from our neighbours, stepping over one ‘n other void of any due care ‘n concern in an endless quest to reach that next exhilarating step on the social ladder. It’s greed what makes an elite group rich, while others barely eke out an existence living in a state of constant sorrow, ‘n destitution. It is greed, the root cause of every revolution. Just as it was in the USA bringing on a little skirmish known to us now as the civil war. What is it sees one man to buy or sell another man’s heart ‘n hide as a piece of common property??

         The future is not hours, nor do we own it. Albert Einstein once said, “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.” What nature of catastrophic event will it take afore we wee peons pull our heads out ‘a our collective azzes, ‘n figure it out?? If ever …

        Here til I leaves ya with a grin ..


 Ciao Fer Now Kiddies …Will catch ya’s later.



Posted November 4, 2008 by Archie ~Grumps~ in ~ The Future is Not 'Hours' ~

11 responses to “~ The Future Is Not Hours ~ Part IV

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  1. Yer comments never fail to crack me up!!  But then the durn pups come along to lick and I have to get my arse up!!  I\’ll be back tomorrow mornin\’ to comment to your blog!
    I\’ll do an election post tomorrow!
    Take care buddy!!!!

  2. I just came by to say hello and see what you\’re up to. Great blog Grumps, I love it. I remember my mother quoting Albert Einstein when I was a little girl and it scared the you know what out of me. It\’s a scary thought and I\’m sure he was right. 
    Take care, bye for now. Hugs, Robyn

  3. Are your fingers sore from putting that blob together…..it was a great read though. I love reading your stuff….I love the thought on bringing all these arse holes together to talk over hot choc and marshmellows.  World War III I hope I am not around….damn world! And your comments on the who would want the cessation on wars due to the generation of employment they create….is so true…I never really thought of that until now.  Tank you!  *giggles, giggles, snort*
    Sam is very pretty Grumps…that is so kewl what she was off to do.  Keep me up to date…if anything that exciting happens to me you will be one of the first to know.  Thanks for sharing hun…..have a wonderful weekend! 
    {{{HUGGS}}}} and kisses

  4. Yay.. you finally got it right! heh…
    Yeah.. the old blvd\’ers are all in progress of coming back… we\’ll see if it works, or lasts.. so far, there are quite a few though. I\’m surprised, but happy! =)

  5. It\’s so funny that you mentioned ATWG at that exact time. As you were typing your comment, I was in the process of changing the title back to AroundTheWayGirl, lol. I had been deliberating since I re-opened my space. It didn\’t seem right leaving it out! I did come back under somewhat dreary circmstances for that one post, but I guess it was something I felt I needed to write … and thus the rebirth of my blog, haha.
    There are many of us coming back, and hope more decide to. I had sent you a message on facebook along with others saying that it would be nice to start again!

  6. Well, it ain\’t exactly \’tomorrow\’ (November 6) but my arse is here.  (Hang on…..  Lost my beer!).  OK!!  Sorry… Had to slice a lime for the Corona.  I so agree with your way \’a thinkin\’!!  Especially the religion part.  I\’m thinking that more wars have been caused religion then anything, followed by natural resources and the almighty dollar!  But one thing you didn\’t mention that\’s right up there is RACE!!  Sure, politics is right up there too but what it comes to is intolerance.
    Now as for my German \’friend\’,  I had another German friend translate the tagline on his space and it was "Hitler!  Waiting for the rebirth"!!  WTF!!  Now I\’m not German and I sure as hell don\’t live there but I can pretty much figure that the German and Austrian people do NOT want another insane, power hungry, maniac running there country.  BTW, my \’friend\’ was forced to flee Germany but has recently returned.  He just can\’t let it go!
    I promise not to start WWIII!!
    Take care buddy!!

  7. Well there is a lot going on in da bunker. Religion and politics all in one blob. I couldn\’t agree with you more though. You have a great writing style and I am glad I found your Space. Maybe you were right when you said hot choco and a puff  "we’d be seeing a positive step in our social evolution on global basis. " Nice thought. Well you left me with something to think about anyways.
    As for the knee, I don\’t know if I ever said how… I like to tell people that I was in a bar dancing on the tables when a ceiling fan hit me in the head and I fell. If you knew me you would know that this is highly unlikely for me. Alas the truth is I was working moving boxes and stepped and turned wrong and just POP it went. Not so entertaining. As for the kayak trip in WI, that is my friend Annie. She has great adventures and is a professional photographer and I love to show off her stuff. Just got new ones today in fact. The puppy (tiny dog) belongs to the son but lil dog (dachshund) is mine.
    Thanks again for the visit and comment.
    Take care

  8. My neighbor is a freak but at the same time a good guy!!  It\’s just that bike staring at me from across the street!!  Pictures tomorrow!! 
    Yeah, Christopher Lloyd\’s house was destroyed.  It started out as one fire but because of the winds, the embers just jumped from place to place.  Hard fo the firefighters to keep up.  Millionairs and Trailer-Parkers suffered the same. Maybe more of the same next week.
    Love ya man!!  Take care!!

  9. Hope you had a GREAT Thanksgiving Buddy!! 
    I\’m off to help that old woman wash up those towels!!!
    Take care!!!!

  10. Ok….I thought I was lost for some reason I was at a link you left in my blog…and there was nothing there except pictures…I thought what the heck? Looked at the friends list, did not see me there, and thought I was at a imposters place?  So I clicked a link there and here i am here,  I am so confused for a sunday morning.  Stop that! *giggles* and it does not take much to do that in the early morning either.
    Yes I do know about Sam is it…..you told me a bit ago…she looks and sounds very outdoorsey…and I am so happy for ya.  I trust all is going well still?  I always enjoy it when you can pop in….I see you were going to be mailing out your Christmas cards…do you have my address??  I thought you did not do those o_O
    Well hun…keep in touch and keep me posted!
    LOve and {{{HUGS}}}} from your friend out here

  11. Hey Arch!!@! read your blog and totally agree…Being up here in Canada, I see the future as bleek… my country of origin will one day be perhaps the reason why the end of the world is coming… we have water, oil, lumber…. all that the US demands now…. I see one day the main reason for WW3 being a Canada thing….we got it all… just a matter of time before the US says…." Hey ….time to pay the piper…" Hopefully we can smite the communist thinking and just grow as a world, not a nation…..but, in my humble opinion, we are doomed to destroy our planet…. you could pick up all the chinese and drop them in Alberta Canada but what then ???? 1 billion ppl in a state the size of Texas??? recipe for disaster…. I truly wish some alien force comes to Earth to take it over…maybe that will unite us all in an effort to save humanity…..here\’s hoping!!!!

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