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“Real golfers, no matter what the provocation, never strike a caddie with the driver. The sand wedge is far more effective.” … Huxtable Pippey

    A couple ‘a friends was over this morn, listenin to the morning show, playin a little “Hot Shots” golf on the PS2, ‘n just generally laughin our collective azzes off at societies woes as reported on the news ‘n such. It’s therapeutic … beats Hades out ‘a whining bout it. You know … like the price ‘a gas is goin up $5.oo a barrel on account the storm hasn’t even hit ground yet, ‘n somewhere’s in Arabia, some poor camel is sufferin a swollen left testicle what no-one gives a rat’s azz about. That sort ‘a thang.

    The good folk who run the PGA (Professional Golfers’ Association), as an dictatorship apparently, in they’s ultimate wisdom have decided that within two years, any player wishing to make the PGA tour must speak, or learn to speak English!!! Period!! No exceptions. All ta do with interviews, promotions, that kind ‘a thing. I do believe it’s called “Corporate Image” ‘er some dangged thang like that. Let’s face it. Golfing at the PGA level is an English language game, damnit!!! 

Although it does bunch me onions a wee bit that language should be such an issue in something as simple as a gentleman’s game ‘a golf … Point ‘a fact, ‘n nothin ta do with all ‘a this PGA crap, I’d be all in favour ‘a there bein one single international language on a global basis. On all fronts!!! Pick a language, any language, start teachin it in every school on the globe. At least in the future, there’d not be some dickhead pushin the all-tagether wrong button on account ‘a artistic licence of interpretation.  Fortunately for me, although it really wouldn’t make a molehill ‘a difference in any case, it’d most likely be English bein as the aeronautical industry has already established for pilots and air traffic controllers. A plane load ‘a 300 folk comin in ta land, the controller calls out …

“Flight ‘IA one zero one’, maintain two thousand feet at heading one fifteen, your clear for approach on runway two six niner, left”.

And if’n that ain’t enough ta crash ’em right then ‘n there, what the air traffic controller DON’T want ta be hearing at this point, is …

“आप कहते हैं कि आप चाहते हैं कि मुझे अपने कान में चिपका न हो ? ?”

*yikes man!!! … gg*

   The radidio hosts is havin a blast citing safety reasons for the PGA’s decision. For example: ya gets some German dude screamin “Vorsegelll!!!!”. Yer standin there scratchin yer head  wonderin what in Hades this “Vorsegel” thingy-ma-gigger is all about when … *BLAM!!* … One dimpled golfing ball, Right between the peepers. Me ‘n Johnny, we’s off on our own little shizz ‘n giggles fest, when Johnny pipes up with the question, “What about yer deaf ‘n dumb golfers??”. Some poor deaf dumb bloke out there with ‘is interpreter flippin the bird every other word, ‘n now within the next two years, the poor son of a putter has ta learn ta speak a language he can’t even hear!!! … What??? No dumb deaf folk allowed in the PGA???

    We then gets ta wonderin about sign language. … Fer some dumb-azz reason I’ve no notion of, other than unrequited hope, I had it in me head that the signing community was a shining example of a minority global community all speakin the same international language, so’s to speak, or sign as it were. *grins … * Couldn’t an apple, be an apple, be an apple, be an apple wherever they go??? NO!!! … I looked it up in *Wikipedia*. “Hundreds of sign languages are in use around the world, and are at the cores of local deaf cultures. Some sign languages have obtained some form of legal recognition, while others have no status at all.”I’m saddened!!! *gigglin … * But Hey!!! What right have the deaf to get along with the rest of the world any better than the rest of us?? Am I right??? …

    Screw ‘em!!! That’s what the PGA folk ’ll be sayin. Will they regress any further do ya spose?? … “What??? He can’t speak English??? Someone tell that deaf dumb black Chinese Jew gay guy, he can’t play lest he switches team, converts, tees up straight to the ball, dyes his skin white,  and learns ta speak ENGLISH, Damnit!!!


    Another beauty day in the neighbourhood kiddies. Like my good friend Brenna would cite … Come on people now, smile on your brother, everybody get tagether, try to love one another right now …

    Ciao fer Now, ‘n will catch ya’s later.

(all translations done through *Google Translate* Hmmmm …)



Posted August 27, 2008 by Archie ~Grumps~ in ~ Dark Side Blobs ~

14 responses to “~ PGA Regressing??? ~

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  1.  lmfao You gotta point too, I just love the way you said it. Like an East Indian guy sitting with his english speaking friend before getting pulled over for speaking and pretending he doesn\’t speak english, love that one. pmsfl
     Big hugs, Marie!

  2. Good blog.  🙂 I\’d heard about the \’english only\’ thing. I like the bit about the pilot coming in for a landing. lol, that\’s too funny. I love reading your blogs, they always brighten up my day. Hugs

  3. ~Enters the bunker carrying a big hunk of Cheese and the sweetest of Chocolate bars~………
    Hey handsome!  Imagine my pleasure when I saw you\’d visited :-)……….I\’m lucky to still have a few of my old faithful friends still pop in on me now and again, especially since I haven\’t been around blogland much.  Meant alot to me to see ya leave yer mark.  I\’m with ya in the hoping this latest bloodtest turns out okay!  And you\’re right, it seems the "more seasoned" we get the more we have to work on being well!  What\’s up with that? Aw well, we just have to keep pluggin\’ away and workin\’ at it right?
    Eeeeeeeek………..I so hate flying.  Methinks I best be smellin\’ the pilot\’s breath before allowing him to take off, think he\’ll let me get that close?   To be honest with ya, the people we\’re going with aren\’t much for gamblin either, I like it, I find it\’s repitition mindless and relaxing, that is until my purse is empty!  However I\’ve never gambled in Vegas (last time I was there I was the ripe old age of 10), and really, I plan more on catching the sights, and floating down the manmade river around the pool at the hotel!  So I\’m hoping I do enjoy it, I\’m sure it\’s quite the sight to see, all those flashy places and big city lights!  As long as I survive the flight UGH, hehe, I\’m an ole chicken!
    I\’ll let ya know how I make out………thanks for peekin\’ in on me Arch ~hugs~

  4. Geez Louise….don\’t know what happened.  One minute I am sitting here chillen watching the fight on your previous blob and then I am gone!  I don\’t much care for fights….for charity or not….the swinging is just to well abusive in a way…lol.  But considering my line of work ya can\’t blame me…
    So ummmmm this blob was a bit over my head….I don\’t care much for golf and never paid much attention to it but that sounded rediculous what you were blobbing about there Mr Archie.  You have such a unique and creative way to interpret things you come across!  I love it/
    Anyhooooo, I did come back even though I was gonna just leave it once I diappeared during the viewing of your video….but here I am.  I want to wish you a wonderful weekend….and thanks for the nice comments you leave on my space, as always.  Like I said every year I enjoy taking pictures more and more…..and like I mentioned in another blob I love all those pics of them flowers in your album.  And even though bees and bugs and I don\’t exactly see eye to eye…because I don\’t stick around long enough when they are around….your pictures with the macro of the bumble bee and all the pollen on it are stunning!  Like you! 

  5. ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!  Man?  I am soo glad you visited my space \’cause in returning the favor I got to read the FUNNIEST TRUTH I have ever read!!  I had snot and beer shooting outta my nose….. THREE TIMES!!  And I don\’t even golf!!  Holy Crap!!!
    I will SOOOO be back!!!  *snort*

  6. BTW, Loved that fight video!  Wanted to see taz get knocked down and get up spitting out turf!!  That woman is Tough!!  I wouldn\’t want to fight her!!  I kept waiting for to go over and take a swing at the bald guy in the \’Team Taz\’ shirt!!  That woulda been a hoot!!!

  7. *laughs* at Bob….he sounds like a hoot…just like you Arch!  Sending some happy thoughts your way and I hope you have a awesome weekend. I left you a comment to your comment on my comment, under comments.  *thumbs up*  *yawns*  I am hitting the sack…I am so tired.  Take Care Archie.

  8. Dude!  I put a song my space tonight for YOU!!  Sounds like something you would like!!!  I DO!!

  9. Hi Archie, just wanted to thank you for the visits, I always like hearing from you. Have yourself a great weekend. I don\’t know what\’s wrong with my head, but I thought it was midweek until my son came for dinner and told me it was Friday, DOH! He must think his Mom is going senile! LOL
    luv\’n hugs, x

  10. Hey dude!!  I\’m ggona email that song I played on my space yesterday and another I think you will like.  I think we would be good friends!  Hell!!  We are getting there!!  HAH!!
    Have a GREAT weekend Buddy!!

  11. I know, I know, these things are really sucky….but, hey…. not everyone on my friend list got one of these babies ya know! LOL I think you were my first friend on spaces. hugs. R

    Send this heart to all , which mean a lot to you
    and which you would not like to lose.
    hugs R. X

  12. Hmmmm………..Hmmmmmm………….Hmmmmmmmmmmm
    Is that an echo?  Helloooooooooo………..anybody homeeeeeeeeee?????
    Hope all is well with you Mr. Grumps!

  13. Yes…helllllllllllllllllllllloooooooo….knock knock….is any bodiesssssssssssss here?  I was enjoying your macro shots again…see a few newbies and a wasp getting dragged off by an ant.  That was neat, but very unusual to see…thanks for sharing that one! 
    How was your Thanksgiving Archie???  Mine was ok, wish I would have just stayed home, but what is done is done…can\’t go back and change the company that was there when I arrived.  I wanted to leave as soon as I pulled up to my brothers.  o_O
    Well Christmas is just around the corner….er umm  mmmm I mean Halloween…but that other holiday is right behind it!
    Hope you are well….rarely see you anymore here or Facebook!

  14. Hey dude!!  Thanks for your comment and good luck on your panny cake breakfast on Saturday!!  I think you might have sealed the deal!  The wifey is in Phoenix for the weekend so I get to hand out goddies to the little critters tonight.  I\’ll be wearin\’ a scary mask (saves on candy) and taking pics.  Testing my multitaskin\’ skills.  Gotta get those eyeholes lined up just so.  Plus, wifey took the teeny camera with her and left me with the big clunky one.  If that mask does it\’s job it might pics of lil\’ kids running to the street!!  Laughing my butt off just thinking about it!
    Have a Great weekend buddy *wink* *wink*!

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