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‘The Fight Taz Couldn’t Win’

Charity Challenge Fundraiser for the House FM96 built through:


        One ‘a the most hilarious radidio bits I’ve heard in quite some while. This gal Shiann calls up the FM96 radio station morning show speaking bout foxy boxing. One thing leads to another, jestingly a challenge is put down, picked up, and a month later, they’s headin into the ring.
        In this corner, Shiann George is a five year Mixed Martial Arts fighter (Thai Boxer) out of ‘Purebred Fight Club’ in Watford Ontario.  … In ta’ other corner, Taz is a radiddio show host on FM-96’s morning show; "Tucker, Taz, & Sarah in the Morning".  Taz has never bin a fighter, and hadn’t started training for this fight till one week prior. There’d bin a good deal ‘a back ‘n forth for about a month, loads ‘a laughs including Taz lettin Sarah (of the morning show) don gloves, ‘n while on air, "smack ‘im about" a bit so’s to get used to a gal knockin away at ‘im.
        If Taz looses this fight, he’ll be forever remembered as the looser what got his azz kicked, and ‘handed to ‘im by a girl!!!’ *snickerin … *  If’n he actually wins the fight, he’ll forever be remembered as the looser what Beat Up a Girl!!! … You’ve heard the ole sayin, "can’t win fer loosin"?? For Taz, this is a fight what crystallizes the meaning of this little phrase indelibly in his mind.
        To they who balk at the thought of a guy ‘n gal gloving up, ‘n headin into the ring fer a little "rock ’em, sock ’em", your not the only ones. An evening had bin organized for the fight to be held at a local London gym, Boomerz Boxing Club, until the Ontario Boxing Association put the kibosh tuit less than 24 hours before the event. Something about it being illegal for a woman to enter into combat with a man in amateur, or professional boxing. Equality, discrimination through sexism, one’s right to choose … who knows???  
{"No girl and guy are allowed in the boxing ring in any combat at all in amateur or professional boxing," says OBA vice president Sherry Boone yesterday. "Even though it’s a gimmick and it’s for a worthy cause, we have to adhere to our very strict rules." <lfpress.ca>}
        I’ve no doubt Sherry Boone is settin with a smile on ‘er face satisfied she’s done good, ‘n has earned her salary for the next year. *phpppt … * Ya’d think ta have such a stick up one’s azz such as ta be thus inflexible must surely hurt some wee little bit … Wouldn’t it???
Lighten Up Damnit!!! 
        The entire deal was spawned as an purely entertaining fundraiser putting all funds through donations towards the "House That FM-96 Built" (currently being built) through "Habitat for Humanity".
        A wee bit of a scramble, a little research into legalities, ‘n later that very afternoon, the match was on in morning show co-host, Tucker’s back yard. As this was an exhibition match {turned backyard brawl courtesy OBA}, there was no referee, nor was there a declared winner. Personally, I kind ‘a look at it as ‘shyte in the eye ‘a the Ontario Boxing Ass.’, a ‘draw for our two gladiators’, a ‘win for Habitat‘, ‘n leave it at that. I know I enjoyed the video (and still do *grins … *), I hope you do too.

        Did I hear somebody say somethin bout … BLOOD!!!!   Damn handy thang Shiann corralled her Thai boxing talents, ‘er Taz’s azz would still be on that platter.

        I’m not knowing what the finale amount raised was what came in, but last I heard it was over four thousand, and expected yet to climb. Kudos to all involved. … And of course, "Poodos" to the Ontario Boxing Association.

Ciao Fer Now Kiddies …



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  1. I used to like to beat up the boys when I was  a youngun\’!  WELL…………..somebody had to teach them boys a lesson, they sure learned quick that my eyeballs weren\’t sittin\’ on my chest by the time I was done with em hehe!
    So as per usual, it sure put a smile on my ole face when I saw that you had visited.  I know the blog wasn\’t much, but it gave me such a giggle when he said it I had to share.  And just between you and me, if he\’s a good boy, he SOMETIMES gets spoiled on Wednesdays too!
    So…………I just noticed, I\’m not on your "blog list", have I been a naughty girl or does that make me special :P, just joshin ya handsome, I know you lubs me.  Have missed ya Grumps, hope you\’re well, oh and hey, any news on the gal?

  2.  lol I just love your humor and your space Grumps. Very well put together! Loe this blog too lol.
     Take good care, big hugs, Marie!

  3.  Ah Grumps, don\’t ever delete this video, I loooved it. I actually got right into it. Awesome fight Shy, awesome fight. Thanks for sharing the vid Grumps, I loved it lots.
     Big hugs, Marie!

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