~ An Exercise in Futility ~ III   17 comments


        Again, and for the benefit ‘a those who haven’t bin followin from the start, this ~ Exercise in Futility ~ is a three parter. If’n yer wantin ta get fetched up, I recommend ya backin it up some.  



        It all boils down ta festival seating, ‘n controlling the crowd folks. When it comes ta multiple personalities, I’m a firm believer that we are each, and every one of us an attic full ‘a munchkins. Emotions!!! Hatred, Fear, Sympathy, Jealousy, Admiration, Anger, Depression, Lust, Greed, the list goes on, ‘n on till ya gets ta the top where ya run inta some little munchkin, name ‘a Love. (love coincidentally, is influenced by several ‘a these munchkins, which is why no two folk can define it the same) You could almost go so far as ta say that each of these emotions is in essence, a different personality. Depending on yer environment at any given time, and which of these emotions get stirred free, ‘n set loose in the mosh pit will be the deciding factor of how one conducts one’s self in that given situation.

        Have ya ever one day had an reaction ta somethin what ya just blew a gasket, climbed up one side ‘n down the other ‘a someone, ‘n ten minutes later, the next day, a week later realized just how wrong you were in your reaction?? That this poor person you assaulted had absolutely no part in the reason of your anger?? Pray do tell, who was that demon what took control ‘a yer mind, ‘n had it’s way with your body??? … Was that you number two??? …. Who?? Me!! Yes You!!! … Couldn’t be!! Then WHOOOOoo ???

        This nature ‘a traffic is rattlin round in everyone’s head, like it or not, … admit it or not. Most of us have the where-with-all ta manage all ‘a these little munchkins, ‘n keep ‘em in check. Imagine if all ‘a these munchkins was ta get loose in the mosh pit, ‘n ya couldn’t get the lot of ‘em under control. Google up Psychological Disorders ‘n check see just how many behavioral problems we all are susceptible to. By those without this control, we have within our society everything from murderers, rapists, and pedophiles at the extreme evil end ‘a the spectrum, to lonely, depressed, withdrawn, agoraphobic folk whom society barely knows exists. Somewhere in between is what we so fondly refer to as Shyte disturbers.

        You can-not help they who will not help theyselves. Many of us are aware of this through experience, while most others of us, although aware of the term, have no ruler with which to gauge, understand, or relate. Nutcases, Cracker Heads, Retards, Shyte Disturbers, Mental Midgets, Randy Newman’s “Short people”, etc. … Pick one, any one, string a bunch tagether. In the end, one could just as likely surmise that this is the very reason that these folk get left behind. Abandoned by society! Some wandering aimlessly through life, listening to all they little voices in they’s attics.

        Welcome the World Wide Web!!! Through the Internet, mayhap these folks can get a life, mayhap do a little socializing. But, How!!!

        It is ridiculous to think that closing down these individuals spaces is gonna make one iota of difference. As Blue B_____ his self (or is it her self) pointed out, they take no pride in these spaces. Close ‘em down, ‘n tomorrow they’s up ‘n runnin with one ‘a they other accounts, or a brand spankin new one. It’s quite simply of no import what so ever to ‘em. Ya burn a burger, ya eighty six the bugger, ‘n ya puts a new one on the grill. It’s that easy.

        You can keep ‘em out ‘a yer personal web log if’n ya lets ‘em run ya into locking down yer space ta private, but ya still can’t keep ‘em from following ya about everywhere ya leaves a comment. This here one bin slitherin through the back door ‘a da Bunker fer what?? A year now?? Mayhap more??

Date             13/11/2007 5:21:01 PM

Page title       ~ Archie’s Bunker ~

Referring address http://search.sympatico.msn.ca/results.aspx?q=luvsawranglerbutt&first=11&FORM=PERE 

        Could it be that this individual is also Blue B_____??? I’m bettin Blue would say no, but the comment left five minutes after the “luvsawranglerbutt” search kind ‘a suggests that it indeed could well be.

Blue Line (comment from part I)

I almost forgot. That … {This comment deleted as it is in violation of rule # 3.}

November 13 5:26 PM

        And then of course, there’s a whole raft ‘a characters I bin informed of by Glenda through correspondence. (aka: JudgeHatchettPresiding) Could it be that this Glenda is yet another munchkin runnin loose in Blues attic?? I’m sure again that both the judge, and Blue would say not, but then there’s the whole credibility thing goin on. Blue has no credibility, ‘n after reading the judges letter, who knows!!! Here’s a couple ‘a excerpts from Glenda’s letter what clears it all up for us. …

      Ø “I am sure you probably heard of Cap’n Qwaylood and his renegade gang of tormenters and Harrassers.”

      Ø “Things were getting bad … they even began to fight amongst themselfs and started taking on unsuspecting innocent bloggers for no apparent reason.”

      Ø Along came my friend “Judge Judy” Letjudybethejudge.spaces.live.com. She made them all agree to a peace treaty”

      Ø “Sadly, after all Judy’s work a man named Harry ifthetruthhurts.spaces.live.com?? turned her in to Msn for something?? and she was deleted.”

      Ø “They are just that, kids having fun, but need a fun guidence counseler so to speak to calm them down and keep them inline.”

      Ø “Blue Line is apart af a different Crew that has suddenly shown up on spaces. He runs with a Girl named Abs and a few others.”

      Ø “We do not harrass anyone we dont know, Blue Line does randomly.”

      Ø “I follow Blue Line around looking for Clues to who exactly he is, thats how I happend onto your space, and I will take him down eventually.”

        So, not ta worry folks … Judge Hatchett is Presiding, ‘n on the case ta bring justice and peace to Spaces once again. We can all sit back ‘n relax. No need ta report these people, cause it’s all bein taken care ‘a.

        Gangs, crews, a little in-gang mutiny, gang wars, peace treaties, Kids havin fun, eventual justice, … Yikes Man!!! Is reading like some cheap ‘B’, or even ‘C’ rate movie right out ‘a Hollyweird. I’m so grateful this is all bin esplained to me.

View space Blue Line (comment from part II)

Come now, you’re causing me to break my word (egging me on, really). I am however doing so, simply to address this entry. Firstly, that there exists a community of individuals that have taken to critisizing blogs such as yours is no surprise to me. I could argue that your last two blog entries are more offensive and crude than any of my comments, and as such deserve much more criticism. I do not however leave a comment without leaving my profile stamp, so for those that do, and for those that pretend to be me, I can only say that it’s quite cowardly, and that I would enjoy visiting their spaces.

Secondly, you may pretend that your rules actually matter, so as to create the illusion of a game, or a civilized exchange, but they do not matter to me. This is my last comment anyhow, regardless of how many entries dedicated to myself that you wish to create.

Lastly, I am not fool enough to let you into my other space. I do not need to prove myself, and I will not risk it.

November 14 8:44 AM

        Blue ….

        Firstly, I’d like ta thank ya before I answer to this, your latest comment. Your participation in this blob is bin much appreciated. You afforded me a topic ta center me thoughts on, ‘n stir the ole nugget inta getting it down in ink. I most certainly am not the greatest writer on the planet, but I do so enjoy it, and at my own pace, will continue ta do so. Is good ta see ya extended yer attention span this time around Blue, ‘n put down more than a couple ‘a lines.

        Firstly, you made me no promises. If you have broken your word, it was to yer own self, and is yours ta deal with.

        Thus far, the only community criticizing my blobs is you. That should come as a shock, I’m sure.

        That I have bin more offensive and crude with this blob than any of your comments, … I’d say the verdict is still out on that one. You came inta my house belittling a group of four with no just cause what so ever dude!! Get over it!!!

        That you don’t leave comments without placing yer tag?? Mayhap so, … ‘n mayhap not. I’m sure you’re the only one who really knows fer certain.

        As for cowards, come on out from under yer rock. Why do you do it?? How many web logs, here or otherwise, have you had shut down??? And just fer the hey of it, how many do ya now have?? What’s the link to the space which you may actually be proud of?? Do ya stock chat rooms??? What is your age??? Have ya ever bin diagnosed with a mental disorder??? And most importantly, how often do ya masturbate???  *giggles ‘n grins*


Curious minds want to know!!!!!

        Lastly, I’m well aware that they rules mean precious little to you. However, we both know that it is the only manner in which I would acknowledge, and answer to your comments. So there ya go. Thanks fer cooperating.

        You don’t have to prove yerself??? Well, I spose ya don’t. From what I’ve seen, ya pretty much wears it all on yer sleeve for all ta see. The proof, so’s ta speak, is in the puddin.

        Dude. When I say you may well be in need ‘a some professional help, it is without sentiment that I say this. I have no vested interest in you other than the fact that you are fellow member ‘a the human race. It matters naught to me if you should strive for a more meaningful endeavor, or not. Of the folks you so poorly critique, belittle, ‘n badger?? Spaces, as well as most other web logs, are not designed solely for the use of the learned, ‘n well written. It is a community of friendship which all, including yourself are welcome to participate. If’n ya wants ta have folks come round to comment in kindness, try lettin one ‘a the munchkin’s what gives a shyte about civility take the helm fer a spell. From what little I’ve seen, shyness is certainly not one yer shortcomings. Do me a favor friend. Work on it, will ya??

        It is an exercise in futility to:

           Ø ~ Attempt to drive these harassing fun seekers from the Internet.

           Ø ~ Belittle this ole dawg with harassing comments. I simply look at where it comes from, ‘n take it as a compliment.

            Ø ~ Try ‘n help they who won’t help they selves

            Ø ~ Try ‘n fit an Elephant into a shoe box

            Ø ~ Push a full grown Elm tree to the other side ‘a the street.

This has been ~ An Exercise in Futility ~ …

Ciao Fer Now Kiddies … 




Posted November 15, 2007 by Archie ~Grumps~ in ~ An Exercise in Futility ~

17 responses to “~ An Exercise in Futility ~ III

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  1. My my my, Archie, I must say, as harrssing as you may find this Blue line person, it does make for some interesting blogging 😉 As for the first part of your *blob* as you say hun, yes, it\’s one of the many downfalls humans have is to lash out at the wrong person, hurt one another, etc.. the list goes on, but for every bad deed, I believe there is an equally good deed done as well..the only problem with being human, is that we are given a mindset that allows us to think for ourselves,primarily through emotions, not logic, and not instinctual like our fellow mammels..perhaps we can learn from them..now, back to you and Blue line lol  Some part of me is thinking that the two of you are enjoying this *battle of wits* as it were..;) I know if it were me, I would be getting a great kick out of it, and not let it get to me 🙂 LIve and let live, to each their own,, I say whatever floats your boat, even if some people need a good *paddling* once in a while *grins* A part of me hopes this continues, most amusing!! Erm, sorry about that..I suspect this is getting on your nerves a tad, this person..Take care YOU, wishing you all the best, as usual..keep in touch mister!!
    xoxoxoxoxoxox, Sus

  2. (I wrote this for Dr. Doom, but I think it applies here)
    I have to admit, at first I really didn’t believe much of what you wrote. I simply couldn’t visualize someone writing and likely speaking in your manner, and assumed it was all apart of your self projected image. It recently dawned on me however, that perhaps this is your normal mode of communication.
    Then I was struck with a problem: how could anyone butcher the English language into something barely recognizable (not deliberately, of course)?
    Well, after mulling it over, I reached some potential answers. The first is quite simple, that you were brought up in a low-income dominated suburb, in which the English language degenerated from lack of proper use (why would a community such as that need to communicate effectively?). The second is that your innate mental capabilities are below par, so your language skills are naturally weak. You therefore make absurd attempts at cleverness, thus producing a ridiculous mix of your natural lingo with bits of intelligence riddled throughout. I think my last solution is the most fitting because it explains how at one point you write with clarity, and within a few keystrokes, suddenly nothing makes sense.

  3. Oh, and I\’ve never been "shut down".

  4. ~ Dude!!! ~
            Ya gots ta lighten up on yerself Man!!! Allow yerself ta crack a smile every now ‘n then. Shyte Man!! Ya got all ‘a these munchkins runnin loose in the mosh pit, ‘n each of ‘em beatin the shyte out ‘a one ‘n other vying fer the position ‘a “king ‘a the castle“.
            Ya have one munchkin getting first part of a sentence, ‘n an all together other munchkin getting the last. No bloody wonder what suddenly, nothin makes sense.
            Come on man!! Put some effort into it would ya!!! That pleasant little munchkin really is a treasure ta be around. Let ‘im loose in that mosh pit, ‘n tell ‘im … Have at it Dude!!! Take no prisoners!!!

    Oh, and yeah!!! The rules of correspondence still apply. You came into my house. If you wish to correspond with me, this is where you’ll do it. Cause Hey!! Curious minds might want ta know.
    I hope yer havin a grand day dude. Take care Blue, ’n I’m figurin I’ll be seein from you again.
    Ciao Fer Now …
    Oh!!! And I’m not surprised.
    ~  Ciao Fer Now ~

  5. Hey hun… I see you two are still at it… lol..  I had visiting the judge judy site along time back.. so there ya go…. lol…
    Glad to see you were by.. I am out of time unfortunately as work is of course calling me but I had to drop by and leave my love and hugs..

  6. ~Abs~ ??? are u there?

  7. Abs!  Everyone knows this you!

  8. MSN is cracking down!
    We have the latest news!
    YES, FOLKS…it is a sad state of affairs these days when they (MSN) pick on you for just anything, anything to get rid of your presence.
    Thanks,Diane-your BloggerHelper!

  9. Who really is this BlueLine??

  10. what the fook ever happened to Blueline?

  11. Rick! its really you….i knows it all along!

  12. Rick!!   I knows its you!

  13.    Hey Arch,they say it\’s called civilization,but it\’s a jungle out there.See that the saga continues,and has provided more debate,debacle,and debauchery.3D coming at you ,sort to speak.Would appear that your new found friends,apply peanuts to their respective genitalia,as they are all friggin\’ nuts.You have one who claims to be helping others,three who are in violation of copyright infringements,and one who is blue.Modern spin on the,"A Partridge In A Pear Tree",but would appear that they fell,and hit every branch on the way down.Pity that they have all decided to stop taking their Ritalin at the same time.But,then again,what do I know ? During my many times of being unfaithful to my wife,having affairs,and luring women to my loveshack,when do I have time to blog ? Yes Arch,the grass is always greener on the other side of the septic tank,and must be mighty potent too.Seems they be smokin\’ a wee bit too much of the hippie lettuce,and it has destroyed the last few remaing brain cells they had.I remember when I had multiple personalities on Spaces,it was kinda fun,but….I always made it known what the personality was about,and who the author was.In any case,mighty fine "blob",and a good read as always.Opinioniated ? Me ? Heck ya !
       Hope all is well with you and yours,and the world is treating you right.Thanks for popping by,sorry in my tardiness in replying back,I have had a bout with walking pneumonia,and still on the mend.My enemas(or is that enemies)should take delight in that.Gotta keep all my peeps happy! Lol ! Have a good one.Peace.

  14. Hiya sweety….just popping in with some good morning HELLO\’s and to see if FYI has been in here trying to disgrace me with you as well.  It does not look like it but you could have deleted the comment.  I posted the one they left with a nother friend I have here in Calgary.  It is so frustrating to figure out why this person is so hell bent on talking about me when they do not even know me as a person…t\’is weird how people you don\’t know go out of thier way to cause trouble man to have so much time on my hands…the extra money I could make!
    I hope all is wel in your world way over there….did you get more snow??  It has been fairly fair here…I hope it sticks around for a while…*giggles*
    Have a great Sunday….I am off to work soon working a 1-9pm shift.

  15. you are really MMBD!!***
    and also Blueline!***
    its gonna be the Boot fer BigDaddy!!***

  16. Missed u it\’s been sooo long! Looks like you\’ve been busy! This creeper is quite the character, seems the people who  deem themselves  superior in intellect are usually the classic under achievers who now pump gas/serve coffee, socially stunted, and bitter about the life they think they deserve.  Luvs YA!

  17. What a load of crap , that load of garbage comes from a mind riddled with worms.
    Crying of hard up, poor me the world doesnt understand me
    No body loves me, I might go and live with the worms.
    You are one of the many reasons this earth has an ozone problewm
    You breathe

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