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           Curiosity is to truth what presumption is to ignorance.Archie Vaughan For those who have not read Part one of …~ An Exercise in Futility ~ I would recommend backin up some, ‘n givin it a look over so’s ta fetch up a wee bit … An Exercise in Futility is a three parter.  View space Blue LineVery good. I’m sure that I could more than easily cook up a semi confrontational comment to leave here, if for nothing more than amusement, but I won’t. I am however in awe at the size of this article dedicated (it would seem) to myself. I’m even more in awe at these terribly silly comments (the irony is not lost), some of which indicating that I will be “defeated”. Do you really assume that “Blue’s Space” is held in my highest regard, above my other? I could delete it now on a whim. So, cheers to my last comment.  November 12 12:42 PM


        An ego the size ‘a Texas!! All about you is it Blue B____?? You may well ‘a bin the catalyst, havin so handily landed on me doorstep so’s ta speak, ‘n definitely the example. I’m afraid however, that you’ll have ta look a whole lot deeper than yer own reflection in the water closet mirror fer the moral ‘a this story. Yer a little past near ta bustin the brackets on rule three by the way, but you’ve confirmed somethin I’d made mention of to someone one day previous, so I’ve opted ta let it slide.        I’ve no doubt you could come up with somethin confrontational. I mean after all Blue B_____. Confrontation does so seem to be the cornerstone ‘a character within the community ‘a you, ‘n others ‘a yer ilk. The question still remains, … Why??? You’ve a perfect opportunity here to educate a handful ‘a folk, so how’s about pullin yer head out ‘a yer azz, ‘n demonstrate your ability ta be intelligible. Please do tell Blue B_____. What is yer golden egg??? How does the end result ‘a pizzin folk off justify the means??? Do ya masturbate while you read the disgruntled, pleading, threatening, and angered comments of the folk you stalk??? Are you masturbating now???? Will you be masturbating if’n the “judge” succeeds in shutting “Blue Line” down??? {as much a joke as that is} Do you ‘n yer ilk partake in some annual gala event with dinner, dance, and an awards presentation???        I’ve a couple ‘a other curiosities as well if’n ya has the time. I’d like to know if you’ve had any weblogs closed on you thus far, here or otherwise, and if so, how many???? Do ya stalk “Chat Rooms” as well when in need of a quick, and immediate fix??? Have you ever bin diagnosed with a mental disorder??? Did yer mommy lock ya in a closet one to many times as a child??? What the dilio man!!! Help us to better understand, would ya?? I figure it’s not too very often, if at all, that you’re actually welcomed inta someone’s world, so ya might as well take advantage of it. After all … Everybody needs a friend, right???“Curious minds want to know!!!”

        Just one more little thing Blue B_____. You indicate in comment that you’ve a space what you might actually be proud of. Man, how I’d love ta check this shyte out just fer the hey of it. How’s about sendin the link through to me in a “Windows live Message”, {from your other account of course so’s to authenticate authorship},  such as I can have a wee boo??? You needn’t even write anything. Just clicky on “Send a message” below, ‘n hit “Send”. I can assure you that your privacy of this space would be held in the highest regards.         The rules set forth in ~ An Exercise in Futility ~ still stand Blue B_____, with two minor amendments. … To rule # 1, allowing for your comments to be posted in ~ An Exercise in Futility ~, and as well, subsequent parts of same title. To rule # 2, allowing for you to correspond with me in an otherwise fashion with prior consent. Ciao Fer Now …            ouch23rt                   

Posted November 13, 2007 by Archie ~Grumps~ in ~ An Exercise in Futility ~

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  1. All I can say is……you SO make me giglge ~hugs~

  2. Come now, you\’re causing me to break my word (egging me on, really). I am however doing so, simply to address this entry. Firstly, that there exists a community of individuals that have taken to critisizing blogs such as yours is no surprise to me. I could argue that your last two blog entries are more offensive and crude than any of my comments, and as such deserve much more criticism. I do not however leave a comment without leaving my profile stamp, so for those that do, and for those that pretend to be me, I can only say that it\’s quite cowardly, and that I would enjoy visiting their spaces.
    Secondly, you may pretend that your rules actually matter, so as to create the illusion of a game, or a civilized exchange, but they do not matter to me. This is my last comment anyhow, regardless of how many entries dedicated to myself that you wish to create.
    Lastly, I am not fool enough to let you into my other space. I do not need to prove myself, and I will not risk it.

  3. Hi Archie, it\’s good to see you back, I see you\’re dealing with a nutcase, they just seem to crawl out of the woodwork so to speak. lol Eventually they get bored and move on unless they\’re really \’cracked\’. Love the blog, good to see your sense of humour coming out as usual even though it\’s apparently lost on some. Take care Archie.


  5. Thanks for popping in….actually your comment is how I read the poem.  If one stops painting their life picture at the first sign of adversity then they have given up….or people can choose to march on and continue to paint till there is no more life in them.  Me I will always continue to paint…the adversity only makes the painting more special and unique.  *smiles*
    {{{{HUGS}}}} for you sweetie!

  6. Hey snookie…. checkin in on ya

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