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One is left with the horrible feeling now that war settles nothing; that to win a war is as disastrous as to lose one.

                   Agatha Christie (1890 – 1976), Autobiography (1977)


I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.

                                      Albert Einstein (1879 – 1955)



Had me one ‘a them nights last night. Was getting pretty tired. So 21:30h, there I was stretched out on the sofa fer a short bit. From what I don’t remember, I must ‘a bin asleep in pretty quick order.

Fast Forward to 02:00h … Wakes up with stiff neck, obviously. Stumbles about a wee bit wonderin whether ta head out ta the Bunker fer a puff er kind ‘a wake up a bit first. Yeah that’s right … As any smoker can tell ya … a Smoke is pretty high on the agenda when ya first stirs from the slumber. I’ve no doubt that they’s still some what keep a pack right there on the bedside table. Right there next ta the ashtray.

Oh Man!! I’m still not awake fer crap sakes. … So anyways .. There I is wanderin to the can ta shoot a pizz when I notices that the puter room light is still on, and as well, the puter. Stumble in bashin me thigh on the desk as I rounds the corner, and see’s one ‘a them cute little orange buttons in the power bar at the bottom denoting that some-one had summoned me on messenger.

Twas my buddy Tom, from way back in the good ole school daze. He had joined the Canadian Armed Forces back in 1975, the year following my entry, is now retired, married fer a second time around, and living in Florida.

His son, John, kind ‘a following in the old mans footy steps, joined up with the American army, and is currently on tour in Iraq.

I’ve no idea how this conversation would ‘a gone at 22:15h, but here’s all what was left of it at 02:30h in the mornin.


Tom Rode GO BIG! Ops Manager says:

u there

Tom Rode – GO BIG! Ops Manager says:

Hey buddy just wanted to let u know. I’ve lost my son John over in Iraq. I’ll be pretty much out of it for a bit.

Grumps   says:

Oh phuck no Tom!!! … Just checkin ta see if yer still there Tom


John is on his way home now!!!

If’n ya’ll will excuse me … I’ve ta head out ta the Bunker ‘n fire up a smoke, … ‘n mayhap let shed a couple ‘a tears what I bin fightin off here.



         Update, 09:00h

Whooooosh … Me poor wee nugget’s only designed ta do 20 mile per hour, ‘n here it is, still doin 90. Gee, I wonder what that’s all about. *grins*

I was out doin my mornin java, a bit ‘a Folgers in me cup, watchin an episode ‘a Star Trek ta try ta distract myself some, and yes .. sheddin a couple ‘a tears {Shhhhh…}, yet still, I get ta thinkin. At some point, it occurred ta me that I’s done a fair bit ‘a writin on the subject ‘a war. Then I got ta wonderin if’n any ‘a my opinions might possibly change in light ‘a this tragedy. Now, when I say tragedy, bare in mind, … My thoughts start here at home, and then, broaden absorbing all as if a snowball until I’m oh so far from  my own little corner ‘a the world. I mean Hey!!! It’s a phuckin war!!!! War is a phuckin tragedy!!!! … Right!?!?!?

As it stands, I do believe all of my opinions on the subject will stand intact. They are after all, my opinions. They are without sentiment and as well, without prejudice. They’re my opinions on war it’s self, thoughts of the root causes of war, and hopefully, if I can keep pluggin away at it, I hope ta get ta what I believe to be, that which would be necessary for mankind to enjoy a world without war.


Jan 05/06 ~ War ! ! Boom-Boom-Boom ! ! What is It Good For ? ? ~

Mar 09/06 ~ Governing Bodies. ~

Aug 28/06 ~ Teach Yer Children Well ~

Oct 26/06 ~ The future is Not ‘Hours’ ~ ‘I’ to ‘III’

            More to come …


Well, Fer anyone with any little bit ‘a interest … There’s the titles to the meat ‘a ‘em, and the links are right in the titles. Unfortunately, These particular blobs are all entried in the dark side list.

And please … I’ll not get too personal here at the moment, but I would like ta say thanks to each, and all of you for your sentiments. Your absolutely right Roxy.


Ciao Fer Now Kiddies …

Friday Evening:

Ya look out the window, see all ‘a that bright sunshine, ya think it might be warm enough fer a quick ‘n comfortable walk?? Damn, it’s cold out there!!

Yes, it’s still Winter!!!  


I gotta say kiddies … I know of a couple ‘a folks what have relations serving over in Iraq right now. I spose I’ve known , subconsciously, that one day I might hear this news, ‘n just never really considered it much. Ya hear in the newscasts of fallen  soldiers, and ya certainly do feel some nature ‘a sorrow, but damn!! Bring it on just a little wee bit closer ta home … Feelin the way I’ve felt these last two days simply knowing a long time friend to be goin through all ‘a  this … I’d sure not be wantin ta be in my buddy’s shoes.


Tom, my old friend … I’d share ‘em with ya in a heartbeat if only ta give ya a wee bit ‘a respite from the tempest.


I would be a mere child in the presence of true greatness. 

Archie Vaughan.


Tuesday Mornin:

Was chattin with Tom Yesterday fer a bit. Says he’s doin not too bad. Deffinately … Still havin his moments says he. I’ve no doubt. He had mentioned to me about an article in the Charlot Observer whieh I googled up. For anyone interested, it gives a little background, and insight into just who John really is.

{August 18/08, Story no longer available}

It’s pretty comfortable fer most, that the stories from the front line end on the evening news. But there ya go eh. One quickly figures out that they do indeedy run deeper when they winds up on yer doorstep. Was pretty crushing to put it mildly, when I came in here, and was greeted by that message from Tom. A moment stunned, before melting.





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  1. awww I\’m sooooo sorry to hear that. I\’m sitting here welling up at work.
    I really wish they\’d just bring all of them home. ARGH it frustrates me to no end.
    *huge hugs*
    My deepest sympathies.

  2. Archie,
    That is so terrible.. I am in the throws of a tear here myself……. sorry to hear about John – poor Tom.  If you get to talk to him love – please let him know that lil ole me is feeling his loss from here.  I know it doesn\’t make it better but damn….. sorry love..

  3. Oh wow..Please send Tom all my love..tell him that he is thought about more than he will ever know. OMG I don\’t think that I have ever started to cry so fast. So hard. For so long. What a sad thing to happen. Big hugs to you to because I am sure that this is affecting you more than we all realize. Take care. xoxo

  4. oh arch,…war makes sence to noone but yet it keeps right on happening,…..why i ask,..why,….
    my deepest sympathy goes out to your friend,..and his family,…

  5. Hey Arch. I\’m so so sorry to hear of Tom\’s son\’s death in Iraq.  Having a son that age I just can\’t imagine what it must be like to watch them head over there and then to get that dreaded visit. Please pass on our sympathy to Tom and his family and let him know we are thinking of them. He says to you that he\’ll be out of it for a bit but I\’m sure he\’ll need all the support you can give him in your messages and one day he\’ll get them when he needs them most.Take care.Jane

  6. Thanks for the update hun.. You ever been to doc\’s place on my list… he wrote a blog today about war…. just a thought you may want to visit his.

  7. aww sorry to hear that arch, that \’can\’t be easy a dad losin his son!


  9. Archie sorry about your friends son ,sure deepest heart felt sorrow goes to your friend at this moment

  10. Hi Archie, a belated Hapy Valentine\’s Day to you, thanks for coming by. I\’m so sorry to hear about your friends son. That\’s an awful blow. It\’s time for the soldiers to come home and be with their loved ones. No good ever came from war. Take care. HUGS

  11. dear arch,
    were both so sorry for the loss of your freinds son. A true sacrifice  anyone can make, is ther own life for the freedom of others in this truly sick, sick world.
    our thoughts and prayers are with you and for your freind.
    alan and doe

  12. Hi ya sweets
    Just came by to see my buddy.. hope you are well.  I know you took a blow and I know it was on many different levels….. just know if you need to spout I am here for ya ok bud.
    love ya

  13. Hi Archie,  I\’m very sorry to hear about Tom\’s son.  It is too close to home.  I also never thought I\’d hear of anyone I knew.  My sincerest thoughts to Tom and his family.

  14. Hey Arch,
    so sorry to hear about your friend\’s son being killed in Iraq. Plase give my deepest sympathies to him and his family for their loss. So many young men and women have lost their lives over there and it just breaks my heart. I want to take the time to wish you a very Happy Belated Valentine\’s Day. I got your little comment wishing me one but I just now got time to sit for a few minutes to give it back to ya. I\’m sorry about that. This house has been crazy lately. But we have been busy doing different things to it and then having to take time to dig out after what is being called as the Sweetheart Storm hasn\’t helped much either. Anyways….I guess it\’s time to get crackin\’ again and get back to work…..hope all is well with you my freind and I\’ll speak at you again soon. HUGS!
    Love & Blessings,

  15. Hi Arch, i saw that your friends son died, i am so sorry. that has to be the hardest thing for a parent to endure. My heart goes out to him, and his entire family. I will keep them in my prayers, and you also. War sucks, thats why i am on pins and needles, until Kenny returns home safely nothing is right with the world. Anyway, I just wanted you to know that i was thinking of you, and Bren also, please say hello for me, having no internet connection at home makes it difficult to keep in touch, take care, and huge hugs

  16. HI ARCHIE,

  17. That is so sad…kind of makes the heart get heavy with sorrow right now.  Thanks you for sharing …God Speed to your friend Tom and his family I could not imagine loosing a son at all……ever.  {{{{{HUGGGLEZ}}}}} to you too Grumps….

  18. Hey again, I have done some major thinking since our conversation last night. I got in bed and all I could think about was the pain that John\’s family and friends are going through right now. How many more will have to go through the same thing..how many more..I think that the time has come to bring our troops back where they belong..with their families..how much longer will they have to be there..to suffer..I know that this is what they signed up to do….but….but…did they really know…did they even think that they would be in the situation they are in now..I dunno…my mind gets boggled sometimes with it. I am glad that John is coming home..I just wish that it was under happier circumstances. Heres to all the "Johns" of the world..thank you so much for what you do..not a day goes by that you are not thought of.

  19. Hi Arch,
    Having a hard time getting a message to you, so I hope this works.  I am so sorry to hear about Tom\’s son.  Tom and his family must be reeling.  Take care of yourself too,
    thinking about all of you,
    Mary Catherine

  20. тωєαк™


       Hi Arch.Sorry to hear bout your round of bad news last week.Had a family member whose an American,who served in the Vietnam war.Nice guy,until he came back.He became a thrill seeker,and that involved high power firearms and bank withdrawls,if ya know what I mean.Finally straightened out his life,to be put in prison for life.Mayor to be elected,solved a crime which my cousin didn\’t commit,and with prior records got life as a result.The mayor was known as Killing Our Crustaceans Habitat,you know the one who liked legal and illegal dumpings in New York with the barges.One week after my cousin was released he went missing,and was found dead.Poor bugger never came back the way he left.We live in a world that fights for peace.Somehow that statement,just kinda opposes itself,don\’t it?

  21. *sigh* Such a tragedy.  I\’m not sure what John\’s mission was, and I think we all realize that in the grand scheme of things, patriotism gets abused by politics and that war is more of a dangerous game played by the politicians than a quest to peace, I hope that John sacrificed for something that he believed in… If that were the case, at least his journey in this world has been fulfilled, and on a personal level that would not have been a total loss… Still, my condolence to the family though.  It is very hard to lose someone you love… 😦
    History keeps on repeating itself, but still I hope someday, collectively, we\’ll be able to find ways to make sure that if sacrifices are to made, they are really made for the betterment of human-being as a whole, not just for the power struggles of a selected few.

  22. Yes I love those little bettle cars and a yellow I have always wanted!

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