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Somewhere on this globe, every ten seconds, there is a woman giving birth to a child. She must be found and stopped. 

  Sam Levenson (1911 – 1980)


06/01/2007 9:56:10 AM

~ Archie’s Bunker ~



        Do you see any moral issues in cloning pet??

        Sometimes when I has a wee look through the stats, I’ll see a search with the search terms put in the form of a Question what looks as though they’s  bein directed straight at me here. Especially when ya considers that they’s fer the most part through this search engine “baidu.com”. Somewhat odd I’m thinkin that someone would use a foreign language search engine ta search somethin up in English what has some relevance to somethin I’ve already written about, and with such frequency. They’s bin a bunch I’ve bin tempted ta answer to, but just spend too much time wonderin if the question is pointed at me, ‘n not enough time thinkin bout the question. Shall I have a quick go at this one here??? … Sure eh,    Why not !!!

        My first concern with reproductive cloning of pets I spose would have to be that mankind can never seem to be satisfied with anything till it’s bin exploited to the extreme. Secondly, I would have to question … What ??? Is the population of our domestic friends not high enough through natural means?? What city ‘a bliss are you livin in what ya haven’t heard ‘a the SPCA reaching out fer people to adopt forsaken dogs ‘n cats?? Who’s never turned on the news ‘n seen stories ‘n footage of the extent of cruelty in neglected … which a’ ma call’ems?? Oh yeah!! Puppy mills!!! Greyhounds as well, bein rescued from racetracks, ‘n certain death, simply cause they can’t keep up to the pace ‘a the race. Even in the case ‘a husbandry, between natural ‘n artificial insemination, is there not enough meat in the freezer such as we need ta be mass cloning cattle ‘n pigs?? Do we need ta be cloning sheep?? When’s the last time ya went ta Walmart fer a wool sweater ‘n found the racks ta be empty??

        I spose of course, through mankind’s exploitation, that there are quite a few species of creatures on this planet what are now considered to be on the endangered species list. Perhaps we could start cloning some ‘a these so’s man’s extreme exploitations can be raised ta new levels. There could never be enough whales in the sea fer us ta be huntin down with harpoons tipped with explosive charges, now could there?? And Hey!!! Who don’t want ta have a great big ole Siberian Tiger rug by the hearth??? Could I get mine with a great big grin on it’s face … please??

        Of course, it could never end there as we all know. Like any other new technology, the governments of our little patchwork planet are ferever lurkin in the wings lookin ta see how new technology can be exploited in they’s little games ‘a power ‘n glory. Just think kiddies!! Disposable armies!!! Entire forces ‘a famillyless soldiers ta send to the front line without a care in the world ‘a family ‘n friends mournin over they’s dead, ‘n left behind face down in the mud, mommy ‘n daddyless corpses. How cool would that be?? …  WAR ??? … BRING IT ON !!!! What the hell. Things start ta lookin a little lopsided in the other guy’s favour, send a little nuclear power they’s way. Drop a nuke er two. Wouldn’t even have ta worry bout collateral damage. Yeah eh. BRING IT ON MOTHER PHUCKERS !!! WE’S READY FER YA’S !!!

        Moral issues ‘a cloning pets my azz!! Oh hey !! I did get a little ways from the whole pet thingy, now didn’t I?? lets just say that you figure you gots the smartest dog on the planet, ‘n it’s time is drawin near. Ya figure ya wants another one JUSSSST like it. {The neighbours is bin driven from they’s back yard with it’s incessant barkin, but that gotta be the neighbour’s fault} Or perhaps it’s the meanest, nastiest, most ill-tempered savage beast, ‘n ya wants six more JUSSSST like it ta put inta the ring, er ta guard yer gorw-op.  So ya take it’s left testicle down ta “Clones Are Us”, yer greeted by Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy, ‘n Jimmy ‘n order up a brand spankin new one, er six.

        Are ya truly gonna get the exact same animal?? It may look the same, all ‘a the same colourin, same length ‘a hair, same raunchy dog breath, ‘n only one nut *grins…*, but will it really be the exact same??? Personally, I don’t believe there’s any way in Hades that you’d be able ta raise this cloned animal in the exact same fashion. My thinkin is that it will most assuredly develop a personality all unto it’s own. As it develops, it’s mind will form it’s own pathways forming it’s very own personality which may, or may well not be anything like it’s blueprinted predecessor. Fer instance … did ya have young kids around when the old fido came into yer lives and this time there are none?? Are you as active now, some 10 to 15 years later as ya was when ya raised the first one?? It’ll be a completely different dog kiddies. Of that, I have no doubt. It’ll learn its own means ‘a communicatin with ya, it’ll socialize differently, ‘n perhaps this one’ll have nothin ta do with the water even though it’s predecessor couldn’t get enough ‘a it.

        Social issues ‘a cloning yer pet??? What the Hades for!!! Get yer azz down ta the SPCA ‘n rescue one ‘a the ones what’s already out there ‘n in need of a good home. Let’s leave reproduction up to Mother Nature. She bin doin it since the beginning ‘a time, and if mankind would cut ‘er some slack, is more than able ‘a doin quite a good enough job of it, thank you very much !!!


        On a side note however, Therapeutic Cloning is an altogether nother story. I’m all up fer that I got ta tell ya. The possibility that one day we may be able ta clone single organs such as heart, kidney, liver, a new testicle fer the one nutted dog *Phewwww… grins..*, or how’s about a brand spankin new foreskin for those of us what got butchered at an age what we had absolutely no say in the matter. Stomach, spleen, intestines, bowel, … Who knows?? Mayhap the skies the limit. Mayhap we could clone up a new leg fer any ‘a our cloned super soldiers what go ‘n foolishly step onto a land mine. Fix em up ‘n send em right back inta the foray. Meh … Why bother!! They’s disposable right?? Make a whole new one ‘n send ‘im in.

        Therapeutic cloning, embryo cloning, stem cell research, call it what ya want I spose. To take an egg which has divided fer five days ("a blastocyst") , ‘n manipulate it to form virtually any type ‘a specialized human cell with hopes as well ‘a findin treatments for heart disease, Alzheimer’s, cancer, ‘n other diseases seems like a pretty good deal ta me. I’ve no intension ‘a getting into an ethical debate here, but I will say this. I heard a little blurp in the news about a week ago what was sayin that they’s discovered a method ‘a getting “Stem Cells” from the embryonic fluids so’s not ta hurt either the expected mother ta be, nor the expected embryo to be. So here’s ta that, ‘n mayhap the naysayer’s {a small minority from what I’ve seen} will be put onta the bench so’s the good ship “Discovery” can be unlashed from it’s pier, ‘n sail inta the inevitable future.


                  Speakin ‘a eggs … I’ll have mine over medium, please.



Ciao Fer Now Kiddies …

Take care ‘n will fetch up with ya’s later.




Posted January 15, 2007 by Archie ~Grumps~ in ~ Dark Side Blobs ~

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  1. OOO I remember you!!!
    I was here many moons ago!!!
    And I remember it so well bc of the space name 🙂
    I LOVED Archie Bunker, lol man that guy was funny!!!
    Anyhow, wanted to stop in again!!
    O and eeeesh Im glad Im not curantly one of those women giving birth :slol

  2. Waves….. Hi hunny
    How are ya… I know I have been one bad blogger and MSN chat partner lately.  I have been too sick… starting to pick up a little here and there so I will be back full stream after the weekend.
    John is taking me to Vermont for my birthday on Saturday… OHHHH. LMAO… I know great minds are thinking alike…. hahah…
    Well I must get some work done.  Might see you online later hun.  Hope all is ok in your side of the woods.  So great to see you blogging again.  I definately missed ya..

  3. As tough a subject as abortion, Im not to sure where I stand on it as of yet..

  4. I agree with you on the pet cloning thing, You are not sure if you are going to get the same temperment, it may look the same, but will it really BE the same?  I\’d rather go and rescue an animal that is already unwanted in the world from the spca than make more.  I rescued my two cats from the spca, I love them dearly, but when the are gone I don\’t want to clone them, I will go and rescue another one or two.  Oh yeah and thanks for the support on my injury! I appreciate the encouragement, I need all the positive I can get right now.     Hugs-  Five 

  5.   Hi Grumps,I\’m over here now.I\’m commenting out of order.Glad to see you up and posting again.This blog is well written and very well thought out.You raise many valid points,many of which I\’m sure the scientific community overlooked.Even when, we as gobal communtity ,make an attempt at something noble,others will prostitute and malign what could be beneficial for all.Case in point,the person who invented gunpowder,recieved a noble peace prize,talk about an oxymoron ! Seems the more we play at being God,the closer we come to a fallen angels fate.Pardon the biblical equation I slammed in here.Bottom line…we always seem to bite off more than we can chew,then end up choking on it.In a world of best intentions,were fooling ourselves,and fraggin\’ up the works.Cloning no,natural means yes.Cloning organs,etc….no,death yes.Three things I was raised in believing……birth,taxes,and death.Have a good one bud.Peace.

  6. *giggles*  New foreskin….lol…you gots ta be kidd\’en….what in heavens name woud you want that back for…lol…oh my that is too much your right….*giggles*  Your a funny nut bar!
    That saying up top there about somewhere in the world some woman is giving birth…and needs to be stopped….boy I couldn\’t agree more..I think this world is populated enough now…and if ppl would stay where they were born would be even better!  Do you ever feel like a minority in your own country Grumps?  *heavy sigh*  then comes all the dictations once they arrive about being culturally respectful…like we can go anywhere and dictate our values and beliefs and demnad changes to school systems, city hall being allowed to do this and that and so forth. blah blah blah…lol.  o_O  I think I need to go back to bed and wake up on the other side….hey wait your the one who roused the tiger in me….from reading your blob.
    Love ya Grumps….thanks for always stopping by with all your smilez and cheer….

  7. Cloning………..one word for ya………EEEEEEKKKKKK!  Can\’t imagine why anyone would want to clone anything.  I think we get one go around at this thing called life…..and that we should live it to the fullest…….which maybe isn\’t always the easiest thing to do but at least we can do our best.  Now I will admit, I never thought about all the poor dudes out there that are missin\’ their foreskins…….THAT just might be a good reason for cloning :P……..uhm…….wait a minute………then again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Naw…….I think I\’ll pass on the cloning thingy…….I do miss my puppy dog Sarah……but like ya said………I know where to find one to adopt 🙂
    Good to peek in you Grumpy………hope you\’re well ~hugs~

  8. Grumps,
    Totally doesn\’t suit you love….. Thank you for the novel on my site.  LOL.. i miss your mass blogs within a comment.. hahah….
    I know we talk on MSN from time to time.  But isn\’t it nice to drop in your space and see I was by.  and when do you plan on gracing my eyes with another blog there buddy.. hmmmm or is it a mass works in production.  LOL
    well as usual I will chat with you from work….. have a great day my friend….

  9. LOL the GRUMPS doesn\’t suit you.  I have never known you to be grumpy let alone bitchy.. LOL….. I am however, 80% bitch I guess.  LOL…… I just pick and choose my battles more effectively now.  too bad I couldn\’t win the battle ragin my head toay.  I must admit I am losing to the little demon on the left.  LOL

  10. AHHHH Bonjour Monsieur.
    comma ca va.  J\’mappelle Kari.  LOL  Mon francais is aweful hey.  Good thing I live in Quebec.  We don\’t have to use it here.  LMAO.  I know you are chuckling at me.  I live in the nation within a nation and can\’t speak a freaking word.  LOL  Well I can spell a few things and say a few odd things but don\’t try to pick me up in a bar.  As you would fail miserably.  LMAO.  I would assume you were asking for directions to the Latrines.  HAHAH.
    Well as you are used too, I am doing my afternoon blog walk.  LOL  I love my job… HHAHAHAHAH.
    Auvoir Monsier Grumps.
    C\’est la vie.

  11. Hi Archie…Yes it is a common misconception that facial hair can be used as handle bars during a mostache ride. I regret that a member of the "fairer sex" tried to impose herself on you and  all ‘a the guys in a bowling alley. I must recomend the utmost caution when venturing out of the bunker, walk softly and carry a big stick…well between you and me Im told that size doesnt matter….small but cute will do just fine. Thanks for the education, I will let my female friends know that we should stop grabbing and pulling. Thanks as always, for the smiles and hugs. Angela.

  12. Hiya Arch, long time no see, thought I\’d say hello! HELLOOO!! I\’m all for the stem cells!!!!  But pet cloning??? That\’s just wrong on sooo many levels.  I\’ve often wondered about this badiu.com stuff myself. All i ever get in the stats is people looking for "naked".lol.
    Happy new year!!

  13. Hi Archie:
    Just stopping by to say hello on this freezing cold day……………hope all is well. Pet cloning?? wtf?

  14.    Hi Grumps,hope all is well,just stopping by to say,"Hello".Wishing you a great weekend.Peace.

  15. Where has Archie gone?

  16. thought i would stop by and say hi hun,…
    glad your still at it over here,..although it sure does have a "sterile" feel without your true self being able to shine through
    bring back the body paint,….lmao
    friend 4ever

  17. i\’m sorry but your not a gangster

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