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Be still when you have nothing to say; when genuine passion moves you, say what you’ve got to say, and say it hot.  

                              D. H. Lawrence  (1885 – 1930)

 Some while ago I had done this silly little google search what was suggested by Laura {~ATWG~} in one ‘a her blobs. The search terms were that you type in yer name and then “needs”. “Archie Needs” for example. The results ‘a that search were quite comical, so a few nights ago, fer whatever reason, as I was recalling it I wondered, what would I get out of a search fer “Grumps Needs”?? The search didn’t come out quite the same such as I could put a comical little story together with it, but I did find a couple ‘a good sites fer if’n ya wants ta learn more about curmudgeonly grumps. I know I did up a blob back in June of this topic after finding an article written by Corinne Asturias as published in Metroactive, but after readin this article, I just couldn’t resist. I spose the biggest difference between the two is that this article seems more to be written from the inside lookin out, whereas the article by Corinne seemed more from the perspective of someone on the outside lookin in.


I do get quite a kick out ‘a pages I find on this topic as they kind ‘a give me the sense that I’s learnin a little more about myself while lookin at me reflection in a mirror. If you knew me at all, you’d never consider asking such an absurd question as, am I a grump? … You’d already know that I ain’t a grump!! Least ways, if’n yer so uncertain ‘n inclined as ta have ta ask … That’s my story ‘n I’s stickin to it!!! As much as to say I spose, is that if’n ya can’t see it, then yer not likely wantin ta believe it anyways.

Here’s a few excerpts out ‘a this article what I thought ta be comically enlightening, and If’n yer so inclined … Just clicky on the link there ‘n ya’s can read the whole thang. Enjoy kiddies … I know I did.


     A Few Good Grumps

     By Jon Winokur, November-December 2003



     If curmudgeons are occasionally testy, it’s partly because they bear a terrific burden. Curmudgeons don’t hate sinners, just sins. They don’t hate humankind, just humankind’s excesses—and they hold out secret hope for the improvement of the species.


     “Curmudgeons are idealists at heart,” insists 60 Minutes commentator Andy Rooney, who may qualify as America’s Curmudgeon Laureate. “They’re trying to straighten out the whole world. I think criticism is the best source of change.” … Rooney says of Mencken, his hero, “He was willing to inspect our whole world, using his brain without any sentiment—which most Americans are not willing to do.



     Lewis confesses that his outlook is a result of parents who were so emotionally damaging. “I was my own baby, had to raise myself and become an adult.” … “A curmudgeon tries desperately to have a sense of hope,” he says, “but is surrounded by people who are trying to take the wind out of his sails.”



     Lifelong exposure to the hypocrisies of politics leaves curmudgeons united in their disdain for politicians of all stripes, as reflected in Ambrose Bierce’s definition of a conservative: “a statesman who is enamored of existing evils, as distinguished from a liberal, who wishes to replace them with others.”


     The curmudgeon’s sensibility is an oyster’s pearl produced by the grit of existence. Curmudgeons maintain their balance in a universe gone mad. (“When I was younger I thought it was me, but now I know it’s the world that needs fixing,” one veteran curmudgeon told me on the eve of her 60th birthday.) The beauty of it is, they expect the worst, but they keep on playing. That’s why curmudgeons are the ultimate adults.


It seems for years, curmudgeons have bin getting a bit of a’ bum rap. We’s seen as bein pessimistic ‘n dispassionate when we speak out of our views on society in general. Oddly, I don’t so much get a lot ‘a that here, but Man oh Man!! I’ve sure gotten me share of it over the years. As difficult as it may at times be to see, it is really quite the opposite. A curmudgeon is generally speaking, quite compassionate of society, and just a little more than crusty about society’s ways. We’ve a realistic view of what we see, and disappointed that society on the whole seems to be turning a blind ear, ‘n a deaf eye to the problems plaguing humanity on a global basis.

The way I sees it, as fleeting a wisp ‘a hope as it seems that there is for humanity, might as well keep trudging on ta see what nature ‘a shyte we step our boots into next before we finally figure out ta step over the puddle. If indeed we ever do!! Perhaps curmudgeons would make fer a better breed ‘a politicians. Who knows eh?? It would certainly be politics the likes ‘a what’s never before bin seen. Of that, I am absolutely sure!! Could ya imagine??? A new world government with curmudgeons holding the highest seats. Come on into that office with some petty bit ‘a selfish bullshyte ‘n see how far ya gets before ya gets tossed out on yer cauliflowered ear. *grins..* How’s that fer political correctness!!

                        Enjoy the day Kiddies … Will catch ya’s later.             ~ Ciao Fer Now ~


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  1. Hey…welcome back!!! and I think that its time for those msn nazi to stay away..I think that there spaces on here that need to be gone that they won\’t do nuttin about..but the just love to pick on the only good ones that are here right..grrrrr

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