~The Future Is Not ‘Hours’~ ‘II’ of ‘IV’   18 comments


          ~ The Future is not ‘hours’ ~

Parts ‘I’ through ‘IV’



In all recorded history there has not been one economist who has had to worry about where the next meal would come from.

Peter Drucker (1909 – 2005) 



        One of the many things within the community of man which causes a great deal of dissention is economic tables. There is seemingly no end to ‘em. A myriad of em as a matter ‘a fact and that’s bein quite conservative in description. They range in levels right the way from the economic tables of our households to the highest levels on a global compass.

        Not too many folks would like to think that they’s household is balanced by an economic table, but truth is that this is in fact near to bein the lowliest table of em all. Short of ones personal table with what little allowance is left to they’s pocket after all ‘a the bills is paid. With the $28.oo bucks ya gots left after all ‘a the bills is paid, do ya run out ‘n get a box a beer, or do ya head over to the movie house ‘n rent a few new releases? With a little budgeting skill, mayhap you’ll end up with a six pack, two movies instead ‘a four, ‘n a couple ‘a bucks left fer Timmies.

        Within a household, although we don’t really recognize it as such, the balancing of our economic table is an ongoing battle on a near daily basis. There is ‘X’ amount coming in which then has to be broken down and distributed to the various budgeted expenses, and in the end, hopefully, there’ll be some little wee bit left what we can say … “Holy Crap!!! We got some extra here!!!” This of course gets earmarked fer the bank ta pay off the credit card charges ya accrued last month fer that unexpected vet bill, the trip to Maui Maui, er whatever.

        There’s the rent er mortgage, the hydro ‘n water, natural gas, groceries, fuel fer the gas guzzler, personal hygiene, the entertainment fund, kids allowances, RRSP’s, personal loans, education funds, the list rolls out in front ‘a ya like a red carpet. The same colour ‘a red as the ink ya uses in yer cheque book. *scratches chin* And what happens when the heating bill comes in at $75.oo bucks more than ya budgeted for? That’s where the scratchin ‘n clawin begins, lookin over the economic table ta take from Peter ta pay Paul in an effort ta balance it all out yet again. … She wants new appliances, he wants a new high definition, wide screen, plasma television, and the dissension begins.

        So ya wanna take a step up the economic ladder ‘n take a look see at what’s goin on up there??? Jump in yer car ‘n head off ta work. If’n ya can keep yer little nugget from exploding whilst yer checkin out what’s happenin there, yer doin good. Of course the larger the company gets, … the worster it gets. If’n ya works at a small family owned business, although it’s still there, you wouldn’t really notice it much more than around yer home. Get into some ‘a these larger companies with franchises, or large corporations such as Ford, Gm and the likes, and … phewwwwwww !!! Look the hell out cause they’s enough tables up there ta crush a poor persons mind just lookin at em. Not to mention, … turn yer heart to stone so’s ya don’t give a rat’s azz abut the people what all ‘a these facts, graphs, charts ‘n numbers represent down at the bottom ‘a the heap. Wouldn’t it be sweet to have such a callous way about ya. … To just not give a shyte!!!

        Oh!!! … Hey!!! … I’m getting a little off Topic there! But you see now, how dissention reaches throughout our community like the friggin black plague???

        It seems within the larger corporations, all them folks up the supposed top ‘a the heap sees, is what’s known as an overview. They’s greatest concern is profit. After that comes the stockholders and themselves,. Er is it the other way round. Mayhap They thinks ‘a theyselves first ‘n then the profits ‘n stockholders. These folks aren’t too concerned with what is actually goin on in each little plant or office, so the overview boils down to pretty much how each location is doing as far as their bottom line. Does the head office have ta keep puttin chunks ‘a cash into a specific branch? Are they getting enough back to warrant it’s existence? Are they meeting or exceeding the profit margin? Can they get the same work done cheaper somewheres else without all ‘a the headaches? Perhaps some smaller plant right across the street where they can get the labour at half the cost for a workforce what are doin the exact same tasks. If’n a branch isn’t living up to expectations, the red flag raises and the question of why-fore filters on down the ladder. The economic tables don’t lie. Just follow the trail ‘a red flags from one level of tables to another till ya sift yer way through to the departments what are costing the CEO’s they’s new yachts.

        Real-estate tables are pretty scary things as well. Take a three bedroom house on a quarter acre lot ‘n slide it about on the monopoly board and watch from high above as the value ‘a this property rises and falls as it passes from one zone of this economic table to the next. Get in a little closer and watch within each of these zones as the price fluctuates from neighbourhood to neighbourhood. Zoom right in for an even closer look and the price changes from one side of a street to another.

        It’s the same bunch ‘a sticks nailed together, the same panelling, the same asphalt roofing ‘n dug into the same quarter acre chunk ‘a dirt. Yet it’s price fluctuates anywhere from probly $25,000.oo at the low end up to likely $300.000.oo at the high end, and all decided upon by the standards of a table which seems to be plotted out in a manner such as to keep people of certain economic standings in one area while people of other certain economic stead are destined to another. You can call it “the east end”, or “the west end”, “city center”, “The North”, “old south”, “rich bitch part ‘a town”, “the slums” er whatever ya wants ta call it. In the end, areas designed by these tables have only one effect. Keeping folks of different economic worth amongst they’s own kind. Dissention and division!!!

        Municipal economic tables??? What better a’ place to start than to overlap perhaps the largest portion of they’s income table with the real-estate tables to calculate property taxes. Same pile ‘a sticks ‘n wallpaper dug into the same size chunk ‘a dirt, yet considerably different rates fer some than for others pending what part ‘a town they lives in.

        Well Shyte … If’n a person had the where-with-all ‘n the mental capacity ta do the research on all ‘a these tables ‘n the effect on the different “classes” ‘a folks in the community. … I’m sure there’d be a 6000 page “article” could be written of it all. Still, the end result near as I can see is dissention ‘n division within our communities, and indeed on a global basis.

        All ‘a the economic crap on a municipal level pits neighbourhood agin neighbourhood whenever certain projects are up fer consideration. For example. … Here in London concernin a planned CN line overpass in the east end at the intersection ‘a Hale ‘n Trafalgar. Slated to begin within the next couple ‘a years, it would ease traffic tie ups for a five mile stretch along  the CN tracks from near to the downtown core, right the way out ‘a town. As soon as the budget was approved fer it, the North Enders (the snooty tooty part ‘a town) started up with all ‘a they’s whinin bout how the money could be better spent up they’s way. Who uses them crossings down there anyways. Why not put an overpass nearer to the north end on the CP rail line ta ease up the congestion in their little corner ‘a the forest.

        Provincial and state tables have cities pitted agin one ‘n other, scratchin ‘n clawin fer they’s chuck  ‘a the coughers kitty, each arguing how they’s more deserving or needin than the next. Federal tables have folks in the different states, provinces, ‘n regions frowning on one ‘n other, and somewhere way the hell up there at the top ‘a the economic ladder is some bunch ‘a freaks keepin track ‘a things in a global perspective.

        On the global economic tables, gold does seem to be the standard indicator of currency’s worth, and perhaps even a country’s worth around the world. But what of the worth of the people living in these countries. What’s an once of gold worth to the average Joe in Indonesia fer instance, versus the worth of an once of gold to the average Joe in Canada or the United States. So I googled up a report done in the US by the “Federal Research Division” (countrystudies.us/indonesia/) from the early 90’s ta try ta find income stats for the average Joe in Indonesia. Also, I googled up a currency conversion site (xe.com) ta get an idea ‘a how they fairs out in comparison to the average Joe in Canada er the US.

        I should just point out here as well that these average incomes are not reflecting the number of hours worked or the skills and education levels of the workers. A little readin left ta be done between the lines as far as that goes, ‘n I’m thinkin ya’s wouldn’t like what ya’s was readin. So in Indonesia (mid 80’s), the average Joe earns approximately 260,000 Rupiahs while at the lowest end, approximately 32,000 Rupiahs per month. Sounds like not too bad a haul standin on it’s own, but lets just run these figures through the “Universal Currency Converter” ‘n see what we come up with.

(260,000 Rupiahs per month): (aprox. US $28.24)(aprox. Can. $32.15)

(32,000 Rupiahs per month): (aprox. US $3.47)(aprox. Can. $3.95)

        So where do ya figure these good, hard workin, blue collar folks of Indonesia are takin they’s vacations at? Do ya spose ya might run into em in Hawaii, the Mediterranean, in any ‘a the many luxurious Club Meds perhaps?? I’ll bet they’s just linin up as well ta get on board the next cruise ship leavin out ‘a port, huh?? … I’s bettin they’s not sportin a’ whole whack ‘a gold jewellery round they’s necks either, eh??? I wonder if’n any ‘a the workin stiffs over in Indonesia have air-conditioning fer they’s … houses???

        One country’s peoples prosper in economic growth while another country’s people cower economically like a dog shittin a’ razorblade ‘n runnin from a’ size twelve, spit pollished, steel toed army boot chasin after it’s azz. On this global economic table, it all boils down to natural resources (which don’t necessarily reflect the resource ‘a the peoples livin there). If’n some little country ain’t got no resources, it ain’t worth spit ta these mongers at the top. Could well be a population ‘a millions ‘a peoples livin there, but with no natural resources, it just ain’t ‘a no concern. These oppressed little countries are where ya might find what ya call yer friendly neighbourhood sweat shops bein set up what are just another example ‘a the strong victimizing the weak. These are the countries what you’ll see the leaders ‘a so called democratic societies tossin a few sheckles at from time ta time in an effort ta boost they’s approval ratings fer the next election. These countries is like the kids what never get ta have lunch at school cause the schoolyard bullies is playin Frisbee with they’s bologna sandywiches.

       So how’s that fer dissention ‘n division?? And where the hell would ya start in tryin ta bring things to order so as ta better portray a global society of a more Compassionate ‘n Humane nature???


Holy Shyte!!! … And ya know … I’s just some dummy what don’t even have a formal education. What the fuck is the intellegent folks on this planet thinkin about??? … Probly how ta keep us dummies in a state ‘a destitution, huh!!!    *grins*

I’s startin ta smell smoke here. Mayhap I gots a belt slippin up in the attic somewheres. Time ta shut er down fer a bit ‘n let er all cool down me thinks!! … Another day … Another way. Stay tuned kiddies … More ta come.

Oh and yeah … I did indeedy switch back to the old background. Just feels more like home somehow. The only thing what pizzes me off bout this one … is that the “Titles” fer the lists could be a different colour so’s ta cantrast and stand out a little mo’ better. .. What a’ ya do eh???

Nov. 10, … And lookie here now … I just found all ‘a the options fer “Colour” scheming up there in the “Customize” tab. Some more playin about ta be done. A person could have a different space every day with all ‘a this.

OK!! … Can’t leave ya’s withought a little chuckle here eh.

This a’ here one never ceaces ta coax a good laugh out ‘a me.


Enjoy, and uh … Later Gators …



*grins*  .. Ciao Fer Now!!

    ~ The Future is not ‘Hours’ ~

     Parts ‘I’ through ‘IV’




Posted November 9, 2006 by Archie ~Grumps~ in ~ The Future is Not 'Hours' ~

18 responses to “~The Future Is Not ‘Hours’~ ‘II’ of ‘IV’

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  1. Hey darling.. long time no chat.. just checkin in on ya…..

  2. Oh Gladys!!!….LOL
    ah…the economy..its crazy stuff…here in Alberta its going crazy…too much work..not enough people and not enough houses. But as it always does…it will plummett. Always does.  I got into the "real estate game"…bought a house years back…was planning on becoming a slum lord…but..here I am…10 years in the same house…but…at least I can say I pretty much own it outright…LOL
    and as for job security…I have that…and its easy….I owe my Boss money!!…LOL
    Take care and see ya around!!

  3. So who won the coin toss for the CN overpass? My bet would be the northside! I remember when i lived up that way, the further north you went the less traffic was seen, the conjestion is definetly more predominant around Trafalgar for sure Arch.
    And ya, a 3 bedroom bungalow on the east coast goes for approximately 60,000, now go to Albeta and try and get the same bungalow for UNDER 400,000, me thnks it would be next to impossible! Anyway sweetie, great blog, as usual! I have come to expect no less from da bunker, lol hope you have an awesome weekend and an even better week sweetie, huge huge hugs

  4. your not liking the changes here either eh..lol..but what can we do about it..nadda! Anyhow doll i\’m just heading out the door and wanted to drop by and say hiya! Haven\’t seen ya on msn lately..still looking forward to another game of Minesweeper!! Catch ya soon!

  5. thank you for your comment hun.  great to see you dropped by.  I am out here in ontario now… enjoying all the damned rain.. LOL….
    I was just showing the other half your site.  I hope he drops by and reads your blogs.. you sure sound like you have a grasp on the shit.. why not run for prime minister eh?????  You sure as hell would do a better job and keep me entertained.. LOL
    Love the lil pics with commentary… cracked me up…..god where do you find them….
    Keep the sense of humour up and running hun…… joy is what this world is missing.. why live in positivity when negativity is so much easier hey.   Hard lesson to learn for some, and my living with a life long struggle of depression.  I get it and apply it.. happiness is the cure to all adversity.  Just my opinion – it may suck – but it is mine.. LMAO.
    Cuddle Huggles.

  6. Hey Archie,great blog.Only economic table I ever understood was this.Have a job pay the bills,get a job on the side under the economic table to pay for some luxuries like the Tim\’s,Beer Store,and Smokes.Have lived in Ontario,close to 2 yrs now,and have had no luck finding the under the economic table job.Have a good job,but the bills have to come first,so luxuries are far and few.Hope your havin\’ a good weekend,and that all is well in Da Bunker.Have a good one.Peace.

  7.  Archie, it is plain to see that you are a master with numbers,
    …176 minutes *Snickerin …*
    and if ya can do that with a clock what can be done in the hands of a master with a table….well that just blows my mind! here are some more numbers for ya …
    1- You can kiss the person who kissed you!2- You can\’t kiss the person more than 3 times3- You -MUST- kiss 6 other people4- You should kiss them in public! Paste it on their user page! c\’mon..don\’t be scared of public displays of affection5- Random kisses are perfectly okay! (and sweet)6- You should most definitely get started kissing right away!888888__________888888_8888888________8888888_88888888______88888888_8888_8888____8888_8888_8888__8888__8888__8888_8888___88888888___8888_8888____888888____8888_8888_____8888_____8888_8888______88______8888_8888______________8888_8888______________8888_88888____________88888_88888____________88888_88888____________88888_88888____________88888_88888____________88888_88888____________88888_88888____________88888_888888__________888888__888888________888888____888888888888888888_______88888888888888_________88888888888888_______88888888888888888_____888888________88888____88888__________________88888__________________88888__________________88888__________________88888__________________888888________88888_____88888888888888888________88888888888888_____888888__________888888_888888__________888888_888888__________888888_888888__________888888_8888888888888888888888_8888888888888888888888_8888888888888888888888_888888__________888888_888888__________888888_888888__________888888_888888__________888888_______8888888888________________________888888888888888___________________888888822222228888_________________88888822222222288888_______________888888222222222228888822228888______888882222222222222288222222222888___8888822222222222222222222222222288___8888822222222222222222222222222_88___88888222222222222222222222222__888___888822222222222222222222222___888____8888222222222222222222222____888_____8888222222222222222222_____888_______8882222222222222222_____8888_________888822222222222______888888__________8888882222______88888888_____________888888_____888888888_________________88888888888888_______________________888888888________________Send to 10 of your friends to show them how much luv u have for them. If u get this back it means u r luved 2x as much!!

  8. Hey Arch,
    Sorry it\’s been a while since I commented back but we finally got or internet up and running today after our big move this past weekend. So far so good. I like this place a lot…yes I still feel a bit home sick but I know that as time goes by it will get better. I want to say thank you again for all your kind words. All you guys have been ever so supportive! I\’m gonna see about reading your blog that ya posted sometime tomorrow. But for now I have to get running. I hope you have a wonderful evening my dear and I\’ll speak at you again soon! HUGS!
    Love & Blessings,

  9. Just doin\’ a drive by blog,hope all is well and that your week got off to a good start.Peace.

  10. Hi ya grumps, i just wanted to sneak in and wish you a great day. Wow, its been a long time since I came in just to say hello eh? You must have gone over to R&B\’s on Sunday, hope you guys had a great time.  Well sweetie, I have to get going, just wanted to say hello, huge hugs

  11. Hey Grumps.You got love those tags………………….not ! One of the few things I don\’t participate in.The other thing is the Spaces Hall Of Fame,etc…Know it sounds like a lie,as I have a vote button in all my blogs,lol.It helps generate some extra income for the person who runs that topsite space.Maybe that could be an econmical table to look into for us as well.Thanks for the visit.

  12. Thought it was time I got my old butt over here for a hello…………..now I didn\’t get through the whole blog, I hate to admit, but only because it\’s getting late and I should be hauling the carcass to bed, I\’ll try to pop in tomorrow and finish it 🙂

  13. Hi ya sweetie.
    Glad you came to find me.  LOL.. you must be still in the assumed position.. LOL……. little stiff I would say……. unwind now.. LOL
    You have me cracking up.  You know… I think that you would get along very well with my better half… you should visit his space and give him a good laugh.. LOL….
    Yes I have another half.. hard to imagine hey…. Glad to correspond again with you.  My move from NS to Quebec took the wind from my blogging sails there for awhile.  Just not enough time..
    However, I am back baby.. LOL

    Weight Loss Support
  14.    Just thought I pop over to Da Bunker for a pint or five,when I realized,I don\’t know where Da Bunker is.Have a good one Grumps.

  15. Hi Archie; Im gettin a few of the chain thingies too…E-mails and such, and I think your policy there is a good one. I hope that you have a weekend worth remembering. Here is a kiss in the wind…intended for you….take care from Angela

  16. Hey Arch!
    thanks for the patience hon. things are starting to look more normal around here. We have just about everything unpacked and we even got some pictures up on the walls in the living room and some curtains up, Now it is starting to feel more like home. I did manage to get to Wal-Mart on Friday. Colin was with me when we went but I drove it. I just hope I remember for next week….LOL! Anyway….I better get going for now. Have a great rest of your weekend and I\’ll speak to you again soon. HUGS!
    Love & Blessings,

  17. Wowsers o_O that was huge! 
    Where the heck do you come up with these topics of yours…lol.  My economic table sucks and is real wobbly…I think the legs need tightening.  I am one of many fellow Canadians who have to work their arse off, working numerous jobs just to make things balance out.  And I don\’t have too many recreational extras such as; drinking (at a bar or at home) or bingos (in a hall or at home…lol), rarely go to movies unless one catches my eye at the cheap theater and even that is a toss up. 
    And your info at the end of yer blob on other  countries, where their denaro\’s look like lots, but like you put there it is nothing but spit in a pot!  That there puts my life into perspective damn fast!!!  However there is this fella Muhammad Yumas who won the Nobel Peace thingy for 2006: 
    Muhammad Yunus is that rare thing: a bona fide visionary.
    His dream is the total eradication of poverty from the world. In 1983, against the advice of banking and government officials, Yunus established Grameen, a bank devoted to providing the poorest of Bangladesh with minuscule loans. Grameen Bank, based on the belief that credit is a basic human right, not the privilege of a fortunate few, now provides over 2.5 billion dollars of micro-loans to more than two million families in rural Bangladesh. Ninety-four percent of Yunus\’s clients are women, and repayment rates are near 100 percent. Around the world, micro-lending programs inspired by Grameen are blossoming, with more than three hundred programs established in the United States alone.  
    Taken fr:  http://www.publicaffairsbooks.com/publicaffairsbooks-cgi-bin/display?book=1586481983
    Thanks for the read and the strained eyeballs  o_O  *giggles*  Oh and thanks for stopping by…you always seem to be the first !   
    Have  a great week Grumps

  18. Nice one Bunk,
    Question WTF? Is wrong with Londons core, and why oh why can it not be prosperous?When I lived there they had just built that big mall in the core, which FLOPPED…As well, getting in and around Londons core is a freaking nightmare..
    A good point to about big industry lately is the trend to lay of people JUST BEFORE RETIREMENT how shitty is that?
    We\’ve lost our sence of responsibility, and trust, its SHYTE lol

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