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Hegel was right when he said that we learn from history that man can never learn anything from history.

                Shaw, George Bernard (1856 – 1950)

        Man Oh Man! ! ! This society of ours is certainly got me baffled. In addition, somewhat pizzed off, disgusted, ‘n disappointed. No shyte, eh?? Like I haven’t made that pretty much crystal clear numerous times in the past. I often wonder if on a global basis, we will ever be able ta fix the problems facing human-kind, or are we destined, as much as it seems determined, to struggle through with things bein as they is fer all eternity?? Or, until we one way er another, wipe ourselves out?? God knows we’s pretty much headin in that direction.

         Do ya spose any ‘a the Governments of the world are in any way, shape, or form givin any thought to ways of bringin peace to the society of Man on a global basis??? Would they even want to see global peace of such magnitude??? Well, I’ll tell you what … I’m not one much fer putting a whole lot ‘a stock inta the many conspiracy theories floatin about, but I don’t rule out the definite possibility that there could most certainly be a whole bunch more goin on behind the scenes in the political circles than what we’ll ever know about. Trust me … I’ve held office in a union local as steward, and as well, I have been voted into position and participated in the negotiations for our local’s contract with the company some while ago. I’ve seen the bottom rung ‘a the political ladder, ‘n got a taste ‘a the corruption from that lowly level. I can’t even imagine the aggregate ‘a corruption goin on once ya’d get a look at what’s happening at the top ‘a that ladder. And don’t we all know just how high that friggin ladder goes???

        As far as the dirt ‘n debris ‘a what I believe to be the issues ‘a what gotta be tended to in an effort ta straighten things up fer the future. … It’s the wars of one country against another, and the violence on the streets of our towns ‘n cities which I’m mostly speakin of. If you sit and think about it, can you not figure ‘a any ways through which we might just possibly eliminate wars ‘n drastically reduce the problems ‘a the violence??? I asked once before what you might give up, or be willing ta sacrifice for a world without war ‘n can’t honestly say as I saw anyone offerin up any suggestions. I don’t spose anyone’s given it any thought??? I’ll give ya a hint ‘a what I can see as bein a large part ‘a the problem. Dissention amongst the troops as it were !!! That’s right … Who hasn’t ever heard the old saying, “Divided We Fall !!!” And kiddies … If’n ya’s take a good close look … mankind is about as divided as we can possibly be without coming unravelled at the seams ‘n spillin out inta purgatory er some damned thang like that.

        So I spose goin by that, the two biggest questions on the page would have ta be …

        What are the greatest root causes of wars??

        What are the greatest root causes of dissention and division??

        Not all simple questions come equipped with simple answers. These two questions here are a perfect example ‘a that. Matter ‘a fact, the answers to these two, really are quite complex. They also have a considerable amount ‘a overlapping annotations, which to some extent I spose, is a good thing. For every overlapping issue, ya kind ‘a get the two birds with one stone thingy happenin when it comes ta implementing the quick fixes. Oh hey … Did I say quick!!! … There’s that wishful thinkin again, eh.

        A few ‘a the larger stones what cover both ‘a these questions to my way ‘a thinkin, would have ta be religion, political structure, our economic tables in they’re myriad of tiers, ‘n perhaps above all … A continual pattern of over population. Well, that’s the four biggies anyway ‘n ta concentrate and deal with these four would no doubt go a long ways ta bringin the people ‘a this planet to a’ wee bit more of an harmonious existence.

        History certainly doesn’t teach us how to fix these problems, as is quite obvious, but as near as I can see, it does teach us that whatever it is that we are doing, doesn’t work. … In my opinion, about the only thing which history does indeed teach us, is that if ever we are to evolve positively in social manner, we are in need of change to quite some radical degree.

        I don’t know that man is, at this point in time, even capable of the necessary sum of compassion ‘n self respect which would be required to accept such radical change, nor do I know that ever we will be. In fact, and oh how wrong I’d like to be about this, the only thing I can say with any amount ‘a certainty is that I, and most likely you as well, will never live to see even the beginnings of it in our lifetime. I do believe that we’d stand a better chance ‘a seein some catastrophic event such as an all out nuclear world war, or perhaps a total and complete breakdown of the worlds economic structure lending to anarchy in the streets. Or what the hey … Mayhap even some huge-mongous haemorrhoid {That’d be redneck fer ‘ass-teroid’ … a pain in the azz however ya care’s ta look at it *grins*} hurlin down from the heavens, ‘n crashin into our little rock island in the sky. Now don’t that sound like a whole heapin helpin ‘a fun. Where’s Bruce Willis when ya needs ‘im.


OK sure!!! … So now I spose yer all expectin the old man ta put a smile yer face. …

Right !!!    

Well first off ! … I ain’t old, .. I’s seasoned !!!!

OK … Shyte!! … Let me see here at what I gots …

Yeah ! …. Here!!   This should ought ta get ya’s laughin …

Scroll slowly now …



*Right Back … Laughin fit goin here*

*Phewww … *   Good then !! That’ll be quite enough ‘a that now .. Won’t It !!!

But I knew that you wanted it !!

Hope ya’s all enjoyed that. *tee heein…*   Have a wonderful Halloween if’n I don’t get ta posting nothin before then. I guess I’s gonna have ta kick me azz inta gear on that one theh. Gotta get some goodies in fer the kiddies, and get the jack lantern out ‘a the attic. *plastic job … lots ‘a folks thinks it’s real.* *grins* . Mayhap I’ll squirt a little grease inta the axle ‘a that turbine vent up there while I’s at it. That friggin rumblin sound is bin drivin me batty!!!

All righty then … catch ya’ll later. Take care.

Ciao Fer Now …        

            ~ The Future Is Not ‘hours’ ~

             Parts ‘I’ through ‘IV’  




Posted October 26, 2006 by Archie ~Grumps~ in ~ The Future is Not 'Hours' ~

8 responses to “~The Future Is Not ‘Hours’~ ‘I’ of ‘IV’

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  1. Hey Arch!
    Good haevens…your blogs always get me thinkin\’ and now my head hurts….LOL! 😉 As far as the root causes of violence in the world I would have to say it\’s a lack of understand of those around you. Most people that see some one different than themselves always think…Man they are odd….I bet they\’re up to no good. Maybe we better start a war with them to wipe them out before they do it to us. It all boils down to pure stupidity and not taking the time to educate yourselves. Does that make any sense to you? I hope cause that took a lot for me to think up at this time of day….LOL!
    As far as the oil thing goes….It was never brought up in the intial papers that were drawn up. So really this may work against us too. Heck I would have NEVER dreamed that someone would pull this kinda bullshit so I never thought about having in put in the papers to be honest with ya. We thought more about the kitchen appliances and such before that. I have a feeling she will end up leaving it there since she will not make much of a profit by selling it back to the oil company. Any hey if she wants to play that game I would gather buy the oil off the oil company itself than to give her one damn red cent! It\’s the principal of the thing you see.
    Yes the plant I\’ll be working for in Carlisle will do the same pay raises and bonuses as the plant here in Lewistown because it is the same company. This pay raise we are getting is a cost of living raise that they almost had to do because the minimum wage is going up here in the USA and it will raise everyones pay just to be able to keep above minimum wage. The bonus is based on the company as a whole making a profit for the year and if that happens we will be getting that bonus December of 2007. That is the one that I think we will never see since they are so full of shit 99.9% of the time….LOL! You know me…I just call em as I see em….LOL!
    Anyway…I hope you have a wonderful weekend hon and keep smiling! HUGS!
    Love & Blessings,
    PS….loved the funny! LMAO!

  2. Howdy!
    Thanks for peekin\’ in tonight, hope you\’re having a good weekend so far.
    You know I actually read all this, aren\’t ya proud of me, especially since it\’s been a long day and I\’ve been busier than a pack of snakes stuck in the wagon wheels!  Okay I don\’t get it either lol it\’s pretty close to a line my boss uses ~confused face~!  Anyway, regarding your questions, I\’m thinking if we dropped the jealousy and greed thing we\’ve got happening in all walks of life, we\’d be on our way to a more harmonious existence.  I see it everywhere I turn………..
    Now as to your reply on the Grad song…….you\’ll never guess but………my son knows every word to that song, and will belt it out at the top of his lungs when we\’ve got the cd plugged into the car stereo hehe!  So he\’d love that one!
    As for the angel joke………ticks me off it\’s not showing, maybe I\’ll get energetic enough to try and fix it tomorrow, we shall see, but trust me……….the second angel makes me go "yum yum pigs bum :-)".
    Have a great weekend Grumps ~hugs~

  3. Oh man Arch, i feel as though my body is at war, I didnt get to read your blog in its entirety, i will have to come back and do it and the previous one justice, today isnt the day for that though, im just not feeling up to it hon, i wanted to pop by and wish you a great weekend though and to say thank you so much for thinking of me this week, huge hugs hon

  4. Hi Arch,thanks for the drop by and the comment.Gotta admit,like your bloggin\’ style and the way you present your humor.No shyte really like your space.Kudos to you.Notice that many of your friends in your list are fellow canucks,and that they visit here regular.I visit many of them from my other space.I\’m actually a resident of Milton,Ontario.Profile of this space is an alias to add to the whatever the effect is I\’m going fer.Have another space if you care to drop by,humor and space enhancements are the theme,and the occasional rant.Hope the weekend is going well for you.Anyone ever tell ya,that you look like Steve Smith a.k.a. Red Green.Here\’s my other space,if you care to pop over,тωєαк™.Have a good one.Peace.

  5. Hi Grumps…gosh I think my eyes are all crossed now o_O  that was a lot of reading…not only this blog but the other one as well.  Learned all sorts of things about MSN Spaces live…..
    I am not even going to begin to answer them 2 questions you got going up there reminds me too much of my Social studies class….I could go on and on about how violence seems to becoming the societal norm lately.  Just have to watch the morning or eve news to see all the shooting and stabbings going on in all our fair cities. 
    The thought of knowing what the Department of National Defense is up to or what\’s his pickle…ummm oh  ya …Stephan Harper is up to is probably not something I even want to know.  lol
    Anyhoo my dear thanks for the caring email….I am doing swell, just busy as per usual!
    Have a super week my friend!
    Luv & {{{{HUGS}}}}

  6. Hey Archie, Thanks for checkin up on me, I am doing fine thanks. It is nice to hear that your Mom was a nurse, my respect and admiration goes out to all nurses. I am under the direction of the "other Mother" reguarding calls to the ambulance, as the bills now go to her. To tell you the truth my daughter is easily a million dollar baby as ambulance trips and helicopter rides are routine for Michaela. I was with her for 5.5 months in Calagary Hospital and saw her through just about every medical emergency known to mankind, so coming unhinged was never an option. I earned the title "cool cumcumber"….(while people were looking) ;-} There is alot to be learned from Michaela, and she has taken me to school. The first is gratitude for my health, and smarts. I have learned how to share the one I love the most, knowing you can never chain a soul. Against all odds I still believe in happy endings, knowing that faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.
    Thanks for the Huggles…I was a huggles virgin before you came along….he he
    Take care of you ….from Angela

  7.         Hello ,
    Thank you very much for your com on my space .
    Yes i am a huge fan of KISS since 1984 ( time goes by )
    & i sill love KISS the same as back then in the 80\’s .
    Hope you have a wonderful day …
    Hope to hear from you soon again .
    Greetings from France
                   Take care ,
               Anne – catherine *

  8.                           Hello ,
    Came by to wish you a great & wonderful weekend .
    I hope that everything is ok for you ?
    Wow in France it\’s getting cold ( winter is back ) lol .
                             Take care
                         Anne – catherine *

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