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Paisley Water Blues ! ! !

To say the least, a town life makes one more tolerant and liberal in one’s judgement of others.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807 – 1882), Hyperion, 1839

         Man oh Man ! ! !  Sometimes the pettiness ‘a people is enough ta drive me right over the edge. Ever hear of a place by the name ‘a Paisley in Ontario ?? Of course ya have. Or not. … Is a little place just big enough not ta be considered a village and barely big enough ta be classified as a town (population less than 2000) and just a little piece up the road from Walkerton Ontario. Oh sure ! … Walkerton’s got some eyebrows raising now. Isn’t that where they had all ‘a that ecolli bacteria in the municipal water system what killed off a few ‘a the folks and made a bunch ‘a more of em sick. Not ta mention, has just about every well in the free world classified as non-drinkable as a result ‘a what all went on with that.

          Anyways …  Now it’s Paisley in the news fer water related problems. Seems ta be makin one er two ‘a the towns most petty people sick, so it is. Ya see, pretty near the entire force ‘a the fire department is made up ‘a volunteers.

         That’s Right ! ! ! !

Volunteers, Dam-it ! ! !


vol·un·teer [vòllən tr]

n (plural vol·un·teers)

1.  somebody who works for free: somebody who works without being paid 


(past vol·un·teered, past participle vol·un·teered, present participle vol·un·teer·ing, 3rd person present singular vol·un·teers)

­­­ – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

1.  vti offer free help: to do charitable or helpful work without receiving pay for it

volunteers his time


          Now these guys do put in quite a bit ‘a time other than just fighting fires. As well, they volunteer time doing educational talks in schools, fairs ‘n wherever else they’d go for that nature ‘a thing. They also put time in to represent the community in public events such as parades, ‘n doin tours through the fire hall. Rescuing little old lady’s cats what get themselves stuck up in trees ‘n all ‘a whatever else comes with bein a member ‘a the VOLUNTEER fire fighting force. Oh, and lest we ferget the fact that they’s burnin they’s own gas in they’s own vehicles ta get ta wherever the call takes em.

          So yeah … Get this. Seems these volunteers ‘a bin takin advantage ‘a the municipality if you can imagine. While out VOLUNTEERING they’s time keepin the Fire Trucks washed, they’s bin doubling up and washin they’s own vehicles at the same time.

Shame on them ! ! !

          So now some petty bitch (oh, and I don’t reserve the term bitch to women only by the way, all-beit it was indeed a woman they was interviewin on the tele.) has rounded up a couple ‘a more equally petty people onto er bitch-bandwagon ‘n goin as far as ta say these volunteer fire-fighters is stealin from the municipality. When asked the cost to the municipality, her reply, simply, “we have no way of knowing as we’ve no idea just how much water is being used.” That and something about the strain it must surely be putting on the good folks of the community. The good folks much like herself I’m sure.

          And people wonder why I don’t make it a habit ‘a watchin the news. I’ll tell you what though. If’n it was me volunteerin my time at that fire station and the call come in to put out a house fire ‘n I find out it was the home ‘a this bitch or the home ‘a some-one else on er bitch-bandwagon, the only time I’d be volunteerin is a couple ‘a quality hours watchin a flick, say Back-draft fer instance, in front ‘a the tele while enjoyin a big ole bowl ‘a hot buttered pop-corn. …

And a tall cool jug ‘a water ! ! !


Why the hell should I care, eh?? Oh well!! … Hope ya’s all have a great Hump-day ‘n will catch ya’s later.

Oh and uhhh … A little advanced notice here … Next Wednesday I’ll be puttin in a Hump-Day Blob what you Gals may want ta have a bit ‘a chocolate handy for. Er a glass ‘a wine perhaps … A little somethin ta stimulate the senses before ya’s starts ta readin. I’s pretty sure yous’ll enjoy it. *grins*

Somethin ta look forward to …    

Ciao Fer Now …




Posted October 10, 2006 by Archie ~Grumps~ in ~ Dark Side Blobs ~

8 responses to “~ Paisley Water Blues! ~

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  1. Howdy Arch!
    Once again a very good blog! That bitch needs to be smacked upside the head! For all that those volunteer firemen do for the community I think that they should gladly let them wash up their own cars for free too! Hell they often get to the fire in their own cars as well as some riding the firetrucks. See in my town here that\’s what  we have…volunteer firemen. They not only work at a regular paying job but also fitgh fires for free to help out the community. Most of our EMTs are also volunteers. These guys often fight a fire all night and then go to their regular jobs all day! I\’d like to see her try to do that without  falling over in a heap! This is one person that has way too much time on her hands! She needs to think about this the next time she needs to dial 911 and have one of these brave people come to her aid or the aid of some one she loves. Anyway….that\’s enough of my two cents….LOL! Hope all is well with you hon and I\’ll speak at you later! HUGS!
    Love & Blessings,

  2. Hey Archie always nice to hear from you, thanks for stopping by. Its an amazing place you have here, and its obvious that you have a mind, that is filled with more then just yourself. I love your ponderings about controversial issues and would love to soak in your wisdom….so I will be back to visit the bunker. Have a good one, from Angela

  3. Lol….I thought I read that here last time, about the double dipping washing fire trucks and personal vehicle  etc*gasp*  Am I loosing it Grumps?  Or has that piece been there for a short bit?  I also thought I commented on it.  *slaps forehead*  I musta been sleep walking or sumthin!  lol….silly me.
    Wow it is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo great to see you back here.  I have not been blogging as much as life is happening and well..what  can ya do when that happens?  Live it I guess huh?
    So how has one of my most FAVORITE guys in the whole world been huh?  Yes we have to catch each other on MSN soon…and chat.  That is so kewl about your nephew and being in the minors "B\’ League…whooo hoooo for him that is so great when guys love hockey that means their moving up…and one day he might play for the FLAMES huh???!!! lmbo….*jokes*
    Sounds like your Thanksgiving is not over till this weekend passes….what time is dinner hun?  I\’ll be sure to book a flight…never can get enough stuffen and pumkin pie!
    I been home sick today…woke up early…putzed around then was getting ready for work and I started feeling nauseated and weird…well I know I am always weird, but this was a weird, weird…felt chilly in my bones…like the legs and arms…not quite sure how to describe it.  But there was no hope in heck i was drving anywhere or even walking to the c-train to go in.
    So I went back to bed…ended up sleeping till 1pm….and I still feel nauseated.  Go to the Dr\’s?  lol….I will I will….must book an appot they are not doing physical till Nove…that displeased me so i hung up…lol.  maybe I will jut go to the walk in clinic on my way home tomorrow and get a req to get my blood sugar levels tested.
    Well I am going to sign out….hope to see you soon GrUmpS!

  4. Hey Arch!
    Love what you\’re dressing up as for Halloween…LOL! It suits ya to a T! LOL! I really haven\’t thought about what I\’m dressing up as for Halloween. I know I have to work that evening so I probably won\’t get a chance to do the whole dress up thing. 😦 I know it\’s a real bummer huh? Oh well…..there is always next year and I plan on getting into the Halloween spirit all the same anyway. I think my oldest is taking the younger two out trick or treating for me so she can use my old witches outfit from last year. I just want her to get plenty of pictures for me. Anyway….hope you have a wonderful day today hon and I\’ll speak at ya again soon! HUGS!
    Love & Blessings,

  5. Those fire fighters should string the bitch wagon up by their necks…  When i hear things like this, it tends to piss me off a bit too.  Now, it\’ll piss them off enough that I\’m sure you\’ll have a hard time getting those hours filled in the future.  And for the house that burns, I\’d bring the smores…
    – Good to see you back
    – Roadster 

  6. I am going to come back and read this blog a bit later ARCH.. But in responce to you… DR WHO is on the rabbit ear stations!
    I\’m SURE you get a CBC station tune in Mondays 8pm, you will NOT be dissapointed, how can you not know the who? Its been runnin since 63! Somethings got to give was never finished, as Marilyn passed away during production… BUT The stills from it where racy, it looked to be GOOD … if you have a VCR or a DVD rent THE MISFITS a young strapping Clark Gable and Marilyn, you will not be dissapointed, if you like that I will suggest others..

  7. OK DONE
    Somethings rotten in the state of…paisley? hmm this is why my drinking of H20 has drastically chaanged in the last five years..
    Our food/water supply is BAD eat your vitamins, wash everything thoughly, soak your meats in lemon, and drink bottled water, among other things,
    DAMN firemen they forgot to wash my car!
    If you HAD cable you could watch Wednesdays IFC channel HUMP NIGHT IM SERIOUS! I got  the white wine chilin at home fer ya!oh and some lindor chocolates mmmmm swiss chocolate mmmmmmmmm

  8. Well Archie your wisdom has not failed usd all. Both my former space and the present space were created using the same MSN account and e-mail, and it is amazing to me that you took the time to pay this much attention to detail as I am a "big picture" type. The Blog "Crazy on You"  is a lose remake of a song by \’Heart" by rap artist Eminem,  about his stormy relationship with his wife Kim  Mathers. I guess what I liked about the song was Eminem\’s revelation reguarding his marital dramas, with surprsing honesty. Well I hope that you have an enjoyable weekend, from Angela.

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