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Although the world is full of suffering,

it is full also of the overcoming of it.

Helen Keller(1880 – 1968)

Here’s another controversial one. Suicide … What drives people to it ?? Are they brave, cowards, weak, strong, demented, sane ?? Should it be one’s own right to choose?? What exactly are the conditions in which suicide might be understandable and is there such a thing as suicide etiquette ??

I might as well touch on me thoughts of etiquette ta start off here as it’s what got me started on this in the first place. A news story out ‘a Toronto bout some clown who decided ta off himself, and made a complete debauched mess of it. So the story goes, he and his wife were splittin up and the day before the papers were to be signed for the sale ‘a the house, he decided ta take himself out, and the house with him. I’ve not heard what exactly it was that he used ta blow the place up but it blowed up real good, and in the end, the house was destroyed by the explosion and ensuing fire. The neighbours homes on both sides were damaged, one severely enough that the occupants now have to take refuge with other neighbours, and a pedestrian out fer a morning stroll was injured from the flying debris. And oh yeah … The firefighters were there and had the fire under control in time enough ta drag his still breathing sorry azz out from under all ‘a the rubble. This is not good suicide etiquette folks ! ! !

Neither is blowing yer skull open with a twelve gauge shot-gun scattering brain bits all over the walls, nor is jumpin in front of a train or transport, leaping off an overpass or tall building scattering body bits from here ta phriggin there. Indiscriminately involving and putting complete strangers at risk of injury or death such as by crossing the center line on a secondary highway to take ones self out in a high speed head on automobile collision. Not good etiquette ! ! And this thing we so often hear about with the whole “murder, suicide” thingy. Ya wanna take yer own self out, fine ! ! … What is it that has these particular people feeling that they have the right ta take out the people they see as bein the cause of they’s misery?? To be so selfish as ta even take out they’s own children?? Do they figure they’s doin em a favour?? Definitely … NOT GOOD SUICIDE ETIQUETTE ! ! !

Even a razor blade across the wrist makes more of a mess than what anyone should have ta be put into the position ‘a dealin with. Do it quietly and as cleanly as possible is what I say. It’s bad enough that some-one has ta find the body, never mind all ‘a the mess what some seem so compelled ta leave behind addin to the trauma of it all. Drownin’s not to bad a deal I spose cept it’s still an awful waste ‘a manpower and resources ta drag the lake lookin fer a body ta put in the box. Unless ‘a course ya choose not ta tell anyone where yer goin. Strap on a pair ‘a concrete booties ‘n head fer the bottom ‘a the lake would be clean enough. A couple days ‘a bein fish fodder ‘n there’d be nothin left but a small cluster ‘a bones lyin on the lake bed. The only problem with that is the surviving relative’s ‘n friend’s feelings of closure. There’d always be that nagging question eatin away at em.

Carbon monoxide works really well from what I understand. A closed space such as a garage or shed with a runnin car or lawn-mower, put some tunes on, sit back, relax, slip off into a nice long ‘n painless slumber. Fit a flex hose from the exhaust pipe ‘a the car ‘n run it into the passenger compartment. … A few minutes, and it’s all over cept fer the cryin. … Light a candle baby cause a get well card just won’t do ! ! … There’s all kind ‘a more ways but hey. The trick is ta keep it clean. Even in the case of a hangin, who wants ta be the one ta have ta lift the person up ta get the weight off so’s they can release the rope. Keep it simple so’s they can just bag ya, .. tag ya, .. drag ya to da curb ‘n get on with they’s day.

So lets see now … Just so’s ya know that I do indeed have some little bit of experience dealing with the trauma of lossin folks to suicide, thus far I’ve two brother-in-law’s have done it, another brother-in-law who’s made a few attempts (always makin sure someone knows so’s ta come ‘n save the day), a couple ‘a late friends who’ve done it, and a couple ‘a more past friends who’ve given it a try er two. Oh and then of course there was the MP Sergeant what shot his brains out in the crapper at the MP headquarters in CFB Gagetown while I was in the army and stationed there, but I didn’t know that fellow at all so wouldn’t hazard a guess as ta what that was all about. I spose that one just kind ‘a seemed nearer to me cause it was the first person to off his-self in such close proximity within the same community. I won’t go into the details ‘a any of em, just thought I should mention it is all. Call it a credibility thingy.

When ya gets right down to the nuts ‘n bolts of it, suicide is simply another cause of death. In the end, ya pretty much gots yer old age, illness, the totally unexpected with seemingly no rhyme or reason, accidents, murders, wars, and suicide. Without exception, any death comes with a certain amount ‘a pain pendin how close one is with whoever has passed, and then come the differences. With old age it seems always to be “had a good, long, full life.” Death due to illness often comes with “just as well … won’t have ta suffer any-more.” The unexpected is a whole lot ‘a “holy crap” wherein no-one can really seem ta get a handle on it (bin there once too). Accidental deaths seem often to come with the “who’s to blame” thingy and just as often as not, the ensuing law suit in an effort ta somehow make up fer the loss. Murders and wars … They’s gots ta be tough ones. Try ta find a way ta justify them ones. And then there’s suicides … Socially, there is a certain stigma and intolerance toward suicide which makes it hard to sort out ones emotions and understanding of the person and why this has happened. The blame game is a little different as it now swirls through family and friends like a whirlpool dragging everyone into the abyss with feelings of guilt, with each asking “what could I have done” and “why didn’t we see this coming”. Ultimately however, in the end it always seems to come down to “how could he/she be so selfish as to cause us all so much pain”. Personally, I find that to be even more of a selfish attitude than that of the person who doffed themselves, but hey. … That’s just my opinion.

I will admit however that it does get me onions in a bit of a bunch when I hear of young kids doin away with theyselves. That they don’t have anyone with whom they can be comfortably open and honest enough with ‘n get the required guidance ta see em through is nothing short of a damned shame ta say the least. The teens to mid twenties is of course the age group I’s referrin to here. Some like ta call em young adults, but as far as I’m concerned, they’s lack of life’s experiences hardly qualifies em as adults of any nature. That they feel of the intellectual and emotional maturity to make such a decision is to me, absolutely preposterous. I’m well aware that for some of these kids, life can be pretty tough getting through to adulthood for all kind ‘a crappy reasons, even if it’s simply a lack of guidance from they’s parents. But for others, it can be as simple as the girlfriend / boyfriend dumped me or cheated on me, so life is no longer worth living. Talk about puttin the cart ahead ‘a the donkey. It’s pretty much akin ta getting out the monopoly board, havin a quick read ‘a the instructions, and givin up before ya gets ta yer first throw ‘a the dice. Kids of this age group really haven’t even gotten through the getting raised part ‘a life, never mind puttin it all to practice and givin a go at makin a life ‘a they’s own.

Does it boil down to quality of life?? And who gets ta make the call as to what’s an acceptable quality?? We often enough hear of cases wherein someone is dealing with some amount of illness such as it comes to the point that a medical procedure is necessary to prolong a person’s life. Not necessarily a procedure which will improve the quality of a persons life, just simply prolong the misery. In some of these cases the person has requested not to receive the procedure only to later see the family overriding this decision as obviously the person is no longer of sound mind and is being perhaps a wee bit on the selfish side. {Phppppt ! ! } Not ta mention that at this point, the person most probably can’t speak fer there own self. A couple ‘a months later, there’s that person in the very condition they so desperately wanted NOT to be in. A complete and total burden who can no longer even communicate, eat, or even acknowledge that someone is standing right next to them. In such cases as these, I question what possible right do these folks figure they have to condemn someone to such an existence as this and think to myself, if it were me, these people would most surely want to hope that if I had any control of my actions in the afterlife, that I don’t hold a grudge, cause . . . DAMN ! ! !

This and so many cases much the same with our elderly in nursing homes with absolutely no discernible amount of quality of life are the ones we so often hear people in discussion admitting openly that we have more compassion for our family pets than we do for our family members. Then of course the question “why is that?”, and said in the next breath that the family pet is after all, a member of the family as well. Where’s the compassion ? ? ?

What about the bloke who’s just plain ‘n simply had enough. Mayhap someone who can just never get ahead on account ‘a havin a poor choice ‘a priorities. They say ya can’t help someone who isn’t willin ta help themselves. If a person’s choice of priorities is, lets say gambling, drinkin, ‘n drugs, Is there any thing you could do if’n this person has no will not want to change?? So here’s a person can’t keep an apartment, pay the bills, put food on the table, and of course everything they had of value bin lost to the pawn shop. Would that meet the standards of a poor quality ‘a life?? Could well be that this person even has a decent payin job and could have things pretty sweet if only fer the upset ‘a priorities. Is it ours ta say that these folks can’t just end it if they simply don’t have the will er the want ta make the necessary changes ta turn they’s lives around???

They say that some people gots a golden horse-shoe up they’s azz. How about the dude who’s horse-shoe’s made ‘a shit, and ta boot is up his azz upsidy down. There are some folks who no matter how hard they try, every time they sees a glimmer ‘a light at the end ‘a the tunnel, the tunnel collapses and smashes they’s every dream into …The Fantasy Zone ! ! ! Hey … Don’t get me wrong now. Fantasies are a good thing. Especially if’n ya gots an obtainable dream er two ta go with em. If ya don’t got an obtainable dream er two however, a bunch ‘a fantasies ain’t gonna do ya a whole lot ‘a good … Are they ?? Lets say some poor schmuck who try as he may, just couldn’t seem ta get it together with school fer that oh so important diploma, struggled from job to job all his life ta eke out a life what he could at least wear an honest smile from time ta time. Then BAM ! ! ! His wife walks out on ‘im fer someone of better social standing, takes the gold mine ‘n leaves ‘im the shaft. A month later the plant he works at for a meagre wage shuts the doors. The engine in the car bails on ‘im, and when he gets home from the auto-wrecker’s with the fifty bucks from the ole clunker in his pocket, there’s an eviction notice on the door. Yeah eh … Fun times in … The Fantasy Zone ! ! !

Even folks with a humble yet comfortable enough situation goin with the mortgage half paid, a couple ‘a sheckles stashed away fer the future, a manageable marriage. Then comes the stroke or Multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, some bull-shyte debilitating thang what the doctors can’t even diagnose, some dumb-azz accident water-skiing er surfing rendering a person Para or even Quadriplegic. Hell … The list goes on ‘n on. And what if there’s no life insurance or ya gets turned down cause they say ya don’t meet the criteria. What if there’s plain ‘n simple no life line to be found such as a person can carry on providing fer they selves and maintaining a life with some wee little bit a’ dignity?? Sittin back watchin as everything they’s worked for thus far in they’s lives, including some little bit ‘a promise fer the future, gets whittled away over a few years turning they’s lives into nothing more than a shit-stain in the line of time.

Quality of life can be a precarious thing for some to say the least. Certainly there are those of hard times who have the gumption ta carry on. Perhaps even if only due to the uncertainty and fear of what comes next. But for those who can’t muster the gumption, aren’t afraid, or even a little more adventurous and curious of what does indeed lie ahead, is it ours to say whether they should or should not?? Is it them bein selfish for wanting to call it a day, or is it us bein selfish for expectin them to suffer through whatever pain and indignities life holds for them, and for however long simply to spare us the pain of loss??

What ever happened to that fellow what got dubbed “Dr. Death”? Dr. Kevorkian er somethin like that. Agree er don’t, in my opinion, that is a man who was providing a compassionate and kind service to those who called on him. No doubt grossly overcharging for this service, but yeah .. That’s free enterprise for ya. My understanding is that he didn’t actually flip the switch as it were, but rather provided all ‘a the necessary hardware, and put the switch in the hands of the person involved. I’m sure he had some fairly strict criteria as opposed to helpin any Tom Dick or Marry to a peaceful end, but holly crap what a stink did arise as a result ‘a him doin what he did. Far as I’s concerned, should ‘a bin a franchise!!! Put a Dr. “D.” in every major city. Why the hell not??

Here’s a little somethin fer ya’s ta think about. If there were sufficient explicable scientific proof that when we die, we all go to some happy place with fields ‘a posies, pigmy ponies, ‘n playful puppies, where whatever we wished for was ours at that moment in time. With pot plants growin in every garden ‘n souls actually greeting complete strangers without fear… Well I’s not a bettin man, but I’d be near ta layin odds that there’d be line-ups on the roof-tops of every tall building. Why not eh?? If we all knew unequivocally that we’d never want fer nothin, and ya’d never have ta lock a door behind ya again??? … Take a number ‘n wait yer turn ! ! Why would anyone havin a rough time and chronically dissatisfied and depressed in this life care ta continue through they’s sufferance if they knew with such certainty that beyond lay an existence as sweet as a never ending trickle ‘a honey?? And hey ! ! … Could ya blame em!!

For those who quite simply cannot persevere. I offer up this Vulcan prayer as recited by Tuvoc.

*yuk – yuk – yuk … I know!!!*

“May your Death Bring you the peace you never found in life.”


{A few days later}


            And here we go again ! ! Now in the news, all ‘a this shyte with this cracker head in Montreal. Here’s a kid who in his own website made public the fact that when he goes out, it’d be in a blaze ‘a gunfire. What’s he do the very next day?? Walks into DawsonCollege armed to the teeth ‘n starts firing indiscriminately ‘n without provocation, shootin at whoever was in his line ‘a sight. The cops made it there in about three minutes apparently as they was on a call right near by, engaged in a “blazing gun-fight” with the kid in which the kid ended up dead. Now the news is sayin that the cop that shot the kid only tagged him in the arm and that the kid then turned his own rifle on hisself ‘n delivered the fatal shot.




{Yet another few days later}


Charles Roberts … A 32 year old man who just two days ago (Oct 2nd), shot ‘n killed four young girls and a teacher’s aid in a one room Amish school-house down in Pennsylvania, and then took hisself out.

In a premeditated action, he walked in, released the adults ‘n all ‘a the boys, barricaded the doors, bound the young girls ‘n when the cops got there, started shootin. In a statement relayed from his wife (er widow I spose now), Charles was described as always havin bin “loving, kind, supportive, thoughtful, ‘n never said no when asked to change their kid’s diapers”.

Suicide I can somwhat understand. But this crap … I just don’t get it ! ! !



{I do believe this little comic (?) adds somewheres near to a thousand words}

Take care all … Catch me later …

Ciao Fer Now …



Posted October 4, 2006 by Archie ~Grumps~ in ~ Dark Side Blobs ~

7 responses to “~ Suicide … A Good Day to Die ??? ~

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  1. Hey Arch!
    Once again a very good blog! It\’s a good thing I have coffee while reading your blogs cause you have a way of making one use their brain….LOL! My brother had a close friend commit suicide when he was only 17 and that was painful. At the time when it happened I was in the middle of a divorce…finding myself struggling money wise as a new single parent and thinking…what the hell was so hard in your life at 17 to make you do this?!?! Shit he should have tried walking in my shoes at the time! That was hard! It truly broke my heart. So many questions and no answers to them. And the funny thing is…he was visiting my brother just a week before this and telling us about all his big plans for the future as far as his schooling and stuff goes. This kid was smart as a whip! And then boom! I got the call a week later that he had blown his brains out and his dad of all people found him that way!
    But yeah the whole murder suicide thing just burns me up to no end! I just don\’t understand it at all! If you\’re gonna take yourself out…fine but why take other people out with you as well? The whole thing from Lancaster County here in PA really upset me. What the hell did those Amish kids ever do to him? What do they do to anybody? What a sick bastard!
    I\’m so glad I could finally get to your blog again. I really hate all these changes to MSN Spaces! It sucks major ass! I have had more trouble commenting back to people and looking at their Space ever since they decided to "improve" things. What a load of crap! LOL! Hopefully they will get their shit straight soon but hell who knows with the mighty MSN….LOL!
    Thank you for the B-Day wishes for my Gram and I. I like your idea on a person\’s B-Day being a paid holiday. Being at work that day really was NOT my idea of a good time….LOL! Oh well….it\’s not the first time I ever had to work on my B-Day and I\’m pretty sure it ain\’t gonna be my last. LOL!
    Yep I will be transfering down there and working for the same company. In fact I was just down there yesterday for the transfer interview. I got a tour of the plant and it\’s a lot different than the plant I work for now. It\’s more or less a wharehouse with a light assembly area. This means that I don\’t have to wear steel toe boots, safety glasses, or ear plugs anymore! Woo Hoo! I do hope they accept my transfer because this would be a great way to get my foot in the door down in Carlisle.
    Anyway…I think I\’ve rambled on long enough. I\’m going to be posting a new blog at some point today about my interview yesterday so you\’ll get to read more about it there. Once again thank you so much and it really is great to hear from you again hon. HUGS!
    Love & Blessings,

  2. That is perhaps the best blog you have ever written. Suicide is a difficult thing, and is condemed in the bible. Your body is a temple, treat it like one! I think its a cowardly death, at least they could get involved in some noble war, although war isn\’t really noble. I think you should try the TP boys movie over Jackass II I like the boys in jackass as well, but TP boys is good clean (well mayby not so clean) Canadian production.. The show is filmed in Nova Scotia actually near Antigonish..I do believe they will make the movie friendly for newbies,

  3. If people want to commit suicide they shouldn\’t  be taking other innocent lives with them.  If they want to end their own life that\’s one thing but they don\’t have the right to end another\’s life!  Have a good day Grumps!

  4. First of all happy thanksgiving arch, hope you enjoy your turkey and all the trimmings. Not me, i feel like a mac truck hit me today, every bone in my body is aching and all i want to do is go to bed. im forcing myself to TRY and wish everyone a happy and safe thanksgiving.
    As far as the suicide thing goes, i have absolutely NO pity on the one taking his or her own life, most of the time it is just a play for head games, trying to lay a guilt trip on the survivors, blah, and for the twits who actually go through with it and take out innocent people, they are monsters in my book, especially when they take the lives of children. I feel very strongly about not supporting someone who TRIES to commit suicide, and yes, there is a very strong history in my background of knowing some who did just that and then tried to lay the blame or guilt on others. To them i say, "go fuck yourself" and leave the rest of us alone.
    Ya, im not usually so vocal Arch, but this really hit a nerve with me. Just sick of the bullshit hon. Have a good day, and please wish Bren a happy thanksgiving for me as well, her space isnt being kind to me lately. huge hugs

  5. You\’re more than welcome for the compliment Arch! Your blog is always well thought out and thought provoking! I\’m looking forward to this upcoming blog you\’re talking about and I\’ll see about keeping an eye out for it. Thank you for all the good wishes and for the support. This has got to be the most exciting and stressful time in my life and knowing there are good friends such as yourself sending warm thoughts and well wishes our way really puts a smile on my face. Here\’s hoping you have an awesome weekend and a very Happy Thanksgiving! Eat all that good food for me hon…I won\’t get any of that stuff till next month. LOL! HUGS!
    Love & Blessings,

  6.  glad you enjoyed the din din, hope your other thanksgiving dinner is awesome as well, http://img135.imageshack.us/img135/7186/htg01he9.gif , im just now getting around, i stopped at you the other night, i was feeling like crap all weekend, now i get to go back to work,lol, and start all over again. huge hugs arch

  7. thanks for stoppin by. the last few times I visited your site it kept crashing. I will come and visit again.

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