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With or without religion, you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.



Steven Weinberg (1933 – ), quoted in The New York Times, April 20, 1999

From Whence we Came .. Parts  ‘ I ‘  through  ‘ IV ‘



Is There “A” God In The House ??


Is there truly any reason why we should be ‘a the opinion that there is only one God??? As near as I can see, and this goes for the peoples ‘a whatever religion ya care ta be a member of, the only reason for which we can possibly be of this preposition is quite simply, Blind Faith. Well that I spose and a certain amount of what I consider to be a very plentiful ‘n potent amount ‘a brain washing by groups of supposed enlightened ‘n spiritual leaders from different areas of the planet who aren’t even in the same book, never mind on the same page. Personally, I am in awe that there could be so many people of so many different religion’s who see God in so many different ways who can be so credulous as to believe without any definitive proof or evidence, other than ages old hear-say, that God could possibly be just one omnipotent being.

          If indeed we are, all of us, the product of this one omnipotent being, could we go so far as to wonder if mayhap God is somewhat of a schizoid??? Could it be that this one single God is possibly sufferin from some form of dissociate disorder?? I’ve no idea just how many different religions there are, each seeing this God as though a totally different being from each religious perspective, but if this God truly is one being then I’m thinkin that he may just be suffering something to the order ‘a Kerry times ten when it comes to multiple personalities. Is he demented, a scientist perhaps, or just of such a curiosity as to have produced all ‘a these different races ‘n religions each with a different set of values and beliefs and then sat back ta watch the blood bath?? Much like these supposed reality shows wherein groups of people or individuals are pitted against one and other in competition, with each group or individual focused on the single goal of the grand prize.

So Yeah … Gettin back to “from whence we came”, as that does so seem to be from whence religion came as well, could it possibly be that mayhap there was more than one God?? No-one can really say fer sure with even the slightest amount of factually proven certainty, so what’s ta say, huh. Could just as easily be that the terms God, Allah, Buda and whatever others they is out there is nothing more than proper names or insignia’s denoting positions of social standing among the community of our friendly neighborhood aliens. Of this I am sure … Just as a dog looks up to, and obeys it’s master, if indeed we were the product of genetic engineering by aliens … You can rest assured that these aliens would no doubt have etched indelibly into our minds that they were in charge. That they were the boss hog, the top dog, the leader ‘a the pack, the big kahuna, … “GOD”! ! … There certainly are enough stories within all ‘a the different religious sects of this God reaching down from the heavens ta smite individuals or groups of early man fer pizzin on his new carpet as it were.

Throughout our history, men in power have always come up with labels to signify they’s status on the social ladder and to make known their role of authority among the commoners. Could this concept have been brought to and handed down to us from afar?? Kings, Queens, Presidents, Prime ministers, Emirates, Emperors, The Pope, etc, etc, right the way down to “Mom” ‘n “Dad”. The leaders of the family unit as it were. And just to point out how gullible we can be as kids, who hasn’t ever heard the old, “Oh Yeah ! ! … Well my Momma says …” in such a manner as to suggest that whatever “Momma” says must surely be irrefutably correct. Oh, and don’t go thinking this gullibility doesn’t follow us throughout our adult lives kiddies. Gullibility is the seed of vulnerability which is what makes so many of us as adults susceptible to the oh’ so many scams ‘n cons we keep hearin about. Even the very concept of democracy is somewhat of a con based on the concept that more than fifty percent of the people are right one-hundred percent of the time. Point bein I spose, that with the proper promotional strategies, we can be led to believe just about any damned thang.

Yikes eh ! ! !

Turn Left …

No ! !  … Yer other left ! ! !

Takin all ‘a this into consideration, it’s not so hard to understand where one might question the origins of the human race and indeed even the origins of religion. If indeed as I suggest, that we may well be the conclusion of a sped evolution from controlled, and quarantined groups of apes around the planet through genetic engineering by aliens from wherever in the cosmos, it’s certainly not difficult to imagine how easily we may have come to consider these aliens as Gods. And as at that point in our development, there would not have been any form of communication between each of our different genus groups of early man, each group may well have been of the impression that they were the only ones. Not to mention that communication between the members of each group would most certainly have been of quite a primitive nature. Drawings on cave walls ‘n such. As well, it would be understandable that each group would no doubt form somewhat different beliefs and rules of conduct {the basis of religion and law} based on they’s basic animal instincts which could never be eradicated, living conditions as per the ecological properties of the regions each group was indigenous to, and lastly whatever lessons were picked up from the aliens responsible to and working with each group.

 With the end of the genetic enhancements, the gates to these quarantined areas would have been opened such that this new species could venture out into the world to procreate and populate the planet. In years later as we populated and spread out, it would stand to reason that upon meeting up with others that there would be misunderstanding leading to conflicts as to who we are, what colour we are, our very origins, how things were done, and who’s ways ‘n beliefs were right. Not to mention that each group would see the others to be infringing on they’s territory. In the ensuing struggle for dominance, this infant species would plant the seeds for the very beginnings of organized religion, intolerance, and prejudice toward our fellow man whom we most certainly would have perceived as a threat to the very existence ‘n convictions of whichever given group.

The sad part is of course how precious little things have changed over the years and from each generation to the next. This concept of intolerance ‘n conflict throughout the community of man is as old as time itself from our perspective. You can see this conflict in motion between world governments, racial difference, religions, corporations, unions, and right the way down to they two neighbors who can’t come to a decision as to where the fence should run and who should pay fer it without callin in the surveyor ‘n makin a trip ta court ta mark out the property line in blood. Hopefully, the other guys blood. That’s right ! ! … Let’s just push that fence a couple ‘a inches that a’ way.

And that would be my bit fer the day …  Hope all

is well in everyones little corner ‘a the world and will catch ya’s all later.

Ciao Fer Now Kiddies …


    From Whence We Came .. Parts  ‘ I’   through  ‘ IV ‘





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  1. There are few things that I will not discuss ..one of them is religion..lol….thanks for leaving a comment on my space..like I said I will still be checking them..as for Dad getting back to work..well..we all told him to take it easy for another little while but being the fisherman that he is..he wanted to get back out on the water and get his quota..lol..he is just too happy that he is still able to do that I guess..anyhow you take care and I will be dropping in on ya from time to time!

  2. Whoohoo im here! ya did good Arch. i guess im a skitzoid, im a beleiver, so im not even gonna go there with you.  looks like our timing is going to be off again, you will be coming back soon, and i am waiting to hear on a job interview this morning. Wish me luck. have a great weekend hon, huge hugs

  3. For some reson I\’ve had a hard time gettin on here! To understand the mayby origins of differnt religions and races, look at the story of the "tower of babel" ..
    It\’s hard to love a religion when it\’s killing innocent people, specificaly those religions that tell you to kill all the outsiders. HEM HEMM

  4. Elaine Says through E-mail:

    From Whence We Came…….my head is spinning – taking’ it all in but as a general summation, I’m with you……I read all 4 parts…
    I am particularly interested in the genetic engineering side as our daughter is headed in that direction…….

    overall, I find organized religion very divisive so while the practices and tenets/dogma may give comfort to some, I find that religion separates more than unites – an us vs. them mentality……
    I was an agnsotic until age 31 but for the last 20 years, I have come to have a powerful faith ……while at the same time, being told by my Christian friends that I’m going to Hell unless I accept Christ as my saviour……and oh my when our youngest was doing a project on Darwin – we were at loggerheads with friends who empahsized the THEORY of evolution……folks sure do get passionate about their gods….

    I came in through the back door – science! Quantum physics is something I can relate to so for example – prayer = laser (focused energy)……….not that simple but the light went on for me……….and I’m kinda hard-headed…..I have read countless double-blind studies about remote prayer etc……and had some strange experiences etc….

    but I am a ‘to each his own’ kinda gal – live and let live, and don’t wish to go to war over something people hold so dear…..

    • Please do correct me if’n I’m wrong …
      Bare in mind, I’ve done absolutely no research on the matter. The Faith of Buddhism! … Like most everything I write, my opinions are based on what I see as I journey down this lonely road, and my thoughts on Buddhism are no different.
      First off, I do recognize that Buddhism is referred to as a “Faith” rather than a religion. Would this near suggest that a person of any given religion might more likely first have to put faith in they’s religion, and whichever God (there is only one, right?), afore they can put faith in they selves?? Meh!! … just a thought.
      My impression is that in Buddhism, there are no teachings, nor preaching of there bein any nature of anything one might consider to be a god. There is no bowing, nor kneeling to any form of deity. About now I spect there’d be a good many religious folk balking, “oh yeah .. What about Buddha??? Isn’t Buddha your god??” To they I would have to say, Buddha may well be the father of Buddhism, but by no means a deity. From what I’ve figured, Buddhism is all about inner peace, ultimately relating to being at peace with ones own lot, and as well, being at peace with all that is around one. Be it anything from and betwixed Mother Nature’s garden with it’s plethora of life, to rocket ships blasting off into space. The good, bad, and the ugly … The whole nine yards!!
      Would that be a fair enough quick and from the hip synopsis??

      • Elaine Says Through E-mail:

        I think your quick and from the hip synopsis is as good as any….

        I do not claim to be Buddhist – but it is a way of being that most closely resonates with me…one I neither defend nor advocate…there are a few things (very few) in this great mystery that have become clear to me – that are right for me – ‘unshakeable knowing’ and when ya know it, ya know it…..some things sit right (Emerson, Thoreau, Buddhism, Nature) and a powerful faith that things are unfolding as they should

        it is interesting to see how we are all muddling through this lifetime – making sense …the paths we take – whether it is Scientology, the end of a needle, agnosticism or Christianity etc…..we are all on this road together – the great slipstream of human consciousness and I am eternally fascinated…

        eventually we all get back to Source…

        and while I appreciate the paths that lead others to their own peace – I am often too alienated by the dogma and the exclusionary beliefs that leave those who don’t subscribe to ‘their’ way out in the cold..

        at the end of the day – if we try to do our best, to be better than the day before, kind to our fellow man and raise the bar a little – then cheers to whatever wagon brings ya there…..

        will end with a nice quote from my favourite Buddhist teacher – Pema Chodron – that just came into my inbox

        TAPPING INTO YOUR SOURCE There’s a reason that you can learn from everything: you have basic wisdom, basic intelligence, and basic goodness. Therefore, if the environment is supportive and encourages you to be brave and to open your heart and mind, you’ll find yourself opening to the wisdom and compassion that’s inherently there. It’s like tapping into your source, tapping into what you already have. It’s the willingness to open your eyes, your heart, and your mind, to allow situations in your life to become your teacher.

        Have a good one!

      • Loving this ending quote , Pema Chodron. Amen to that, so’s ta speak … 🙂
        To simply see that thangs are unfolding as they are is not necessarily to say that thangs is “unfolding as they should / could”. Therein lies my conflict, what is versus what could be. Unable to find ease twixed these two sheets.
        Other than that Elaine, we’s definitely settin in the same car, ridin the same train.

      • Elaine Says Through E-mail:

        you know what? I re-read my email and it was that very phrase that tripped me up and I almost corrected myself in a follow-up but I am supposed to be doing other things…….ah – distractions! Lots to ponder…

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