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  Ignorance and Arrogance


Ignorance and Arrogance


It does at times seem as though folks just don’t give a rats ass what it is that they’s teachin they’s children. Examples are plenty these days with a perfect one bein all ‘a what’s bin goin on between Israel and Lebanon presently. The extent of destruction, of lives ‘n property loss seemingly over Lebanon capturing and holding two Israel’s soldiers captive. Why this happened in the first place is somewhat of a mystery to me, but hey, … that’s not exactly my point here anyways.

          So good deal … A cease fire now in place, and now they can get on with all ‘a they’s political bull-shyte. Of course, now that the guns is bin silenced, all ‘a the news agencies can get back in there ta report on the Lebanese returning to what little bit ‘a what’s left of they’s homes. Rubble ‘n corpses fer most part from what little I saw in the news, and typically do some interviews with some ‘a the folks and they’s reactions upon returnin home. Fer the most part it was all talk of cleanin up, identifyin the dead, mass burials, rebuilding, and tryin ta get back to some semblance ‘a normal life.

There was one gentleman interviewed however who’s conclusion of comment kind ‘a stuck with me, and continues ta replay in my head like a broken record. This particular dude is a member of Lebanon’s hespilad (spell-check) army, and at the end ‘a his interview, stated that in the end, he is a Lebanon soldier and would continue the fight against Israel, as would his children after him. …

Thus, Ignorance and Arrogance beget Ignorance and Arrogance.

Are we immune to this behavior here in North America?? … If yer thinking yes, ya better do some re-thinkin I’m afraid. Here in Ontario, one need only look to the land disputes between the Indians (Natives to North America) and the white folks (Immigrants to North America, ALL). The most notable bein the disputes over land in Ipperwash, Kettle Point area which broke out into violence which ended with the shooting death of Dudley George (Native), the dispute over the beach in Grand Bend, and currently the dispute over land ear-marked fer development in the Caledonia region. How the hell developers ever got the OK to go ahead and build while the ownership of the land is still in dispute is beyond me, but there ya go eh. Money talks ‘n bullshyte walks I suppose is what that’s all about.

If ya think about it, the native reserves are much like separate little countries within Canada and the United States. It does so seem that way to me anyways. They don’t recognize many ‘a the country’s laws, they govern their own land, have their own police force, deal with they’s own problems internally, and of course, don’t pay taxes. Oh and yeah … Apparently they even have they’s own armed forces. I mean, where else and who else can get away with blockin a highway and patrolling this blockade with a gun toting armed force within the borders of our countries?? Yet there it is folks. The North American Indians protecting land which they claim to be their own at gun-point with the tension between them and the local townsfolk such that violence could conceivably break out in a heart-beat. And don’t think fer a moment that these well meaning townsfolk aren’t beyond grabbin hold ‘a they’s surely loaded ‘n ready ta rock weaponry ‘n headin fer the battle-field if’n they thought they could get away with it. I don’t doubt fer a second that the only thing holdin em back is the fact that they have ta conform to the white mans law and know full well what’d happen if’n they was ta take up arms. Straight to the clink!!! Do not pass go, do not collect yer two hundred dollars.

So what about the children on both sides ‘a the border in these areas do ya spose?? Think they’s learnin anything ‘a any real social value there?? With havin ta watch within their own homes ‘n towns all of what’s goin on and listening to all ‘a the bitter ‘n hateful talk such as what must surely be bantering about these days, I’m thinking they’s likely learnin how ta be just as hateful ‘n bitter as the so called grown-ups involved in the feud. And of course with all ‘a this bein on national news-casts, kids all over the country ‘n continent get ta see little bits ‘a what’s goin on, and then have ta listen as they’s parents no doubt put forth they’s two cents worth. I spose you could call that equal opportunity to an education. Gotta make sure it reaches out to all ‘a the little monkeys, right??

I often wonder “What if??” What if the white man had never discovered the Americas? Had there bin no Immigration from any other part of the world, would the native Indians have evolved technologically and economically? Would there be planes, trains, ‘n automobiles? Televisions, microwaves, and weed whackers? Or would this continent still be as ecologically natural as it was before the white man ever stepped foot upon it? And the question I beg to ask most often or course, … would the native Indians be a peaceful bunch, or would there constantly be wars between tribes across this land for rites to hunting grounds, river access fer transportation and fishing, lands to build new communities or whatever? And here’s a question a bud had put forth just the other day … What if Germany had won the world wars and achieved world dominance? Would the native Indians of North America have any rights to land claims at all? Hell … If Hitler had ‘a made his way to the Americas and looked upon the Indians in the same manner as he looked upon the Jews, would there even be any North American Indians remaining ta make any claims what-so-ever??

I jotted this quote down one night while watchin the movie “X-MEN II” thinking that one day, I’d have the perfect spot ta put this little quote. It’s articulated by Patrick Stewart at the very start ‘a the flick in the opening dialog before the start-up credits and … Man Oh Man ! ! … Talk about callin it precisely the way it is. “It is an historical fact, … sharing the world has never been humanities defining attribute”.… As painfully obvious as it is that we can not share the world with what we fondly consider to be the lesser of the creatures, or lower life forms as some like to refer to em, . . . It is equally as obvious that we are unable and unwilling to share it with each other. Is this our legacy?? These morals which we pass along from generation ta generation?? Will there ever be an end to it??


Teach yer children well folks. Keep yer heads down, stay out ‘a the crossfire ‘n have a great day. … Ciao Fer Now Kiddies.


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  1. Whoa o_O that\’s a long one but well put! 
    I gree with your writings at the end esp with the \’what if\’s\’  good golly molly if Hitler had indeed discovered the Americas….I might not even be here and I believe there would still be some masacres of land issues etc amongst the many Tribes across Canada….take the Blackfoot and Crees to this day, you will still see a lot of Blackfoots here in Alberta all still pissy over the past (not able to move on)  phhhhhft…they\’d still be scrapping if no tight whities had immigrated here to Canada….lol
    So I am back from my holiday…got back Saturday night!  Had the bejeezus scared out of me on the plane when it tried to land…plhuck…that just confirmed how much I HATE to fly.  But I am here and that I am grateful for.  My holidays were grand lots of fishing…me no catchy anything but almost did out on the Figure Eight lake….I was using my nephews rod…and the dang fish broke the line and ran away with my spoon!
    My sis seen him jump out the water in frustration I am sure of still having the hook still in his mouth…she said he was huge!  
    So ya….there is my fish story …finally!
    So how\’s my Grumps….you doing OK?  Quit smoking yet?  lol……I hope we catch each other on line again soon..you take care now ya hear!
    {{{{HUGGLEZ}}}}} & Smilez

  2.  I am one of the few who are with the Natives. Give them what\’s there\’s. Anyone who thinks they recieve to much money, needs to spend more time in a reserve. Perhaps spend a week or two. It can be awful hard for a Native to "make it "in their own damn country! I don\’t usually take sides but….

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