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The principals of flight are to physically defy the laws of gravity while at the same time, conforming to the laws of physics    Archie


Good Mornin All

So we had the big Balloon Fest down in Harris Park here in London  on Victoria day weekend and like last year, I made it down for the 06:00 launching with R ‘n B. It sure is something the speed in which they get all ‘a them balloons set up and into the air and the early morning launchings are so much more peaceful on account ‘a there bein so few people willin ta drag they’s azzes out ‘a bed ta get down there ‘n crowd the place out that early in the mornin.

One ‘a the favorites is the big dinosaur balloon which last year I didn’t even notice till it was in the air and dang near out ‘a sight. I did get a couple ‘a pics of it as it sailed over the trees but was somewhat disappointed that I hadn’t known it was there sooner so’s I could ‘a got a few pics ‘a them getting it set up and launched. So yeah, … This year I made a point ‘a seekin it out ‘n got a little pictorial ‘a the whole show of Dino transforming from a great big rag laid out on the ground to it’s majestic self rising into the sky. So a couple ‘a pics here ‘n if’n ya wants ta check out the whole thing, ya’s can take a look in the Balloon Fest 2006 photo album.

Using large gas powered fans, the first step is ta get the balloon inflated till it takes on it’s shape


They then fire up the propane burners in the gondola, which is lying on it’s side at this point, aiming them into the balloon heating the air till they lift off the ground and pull the gondola upright


Talk about yer burnin ring ‘a fire. That must ‘a bin some heapin helpin ‘a beans I’m thinking


With a mighty roar ‘a the propane burners, up over the trees ‘n on their way to a Champaign breakfast in some unsuspectin farmers field … Hopefully

In stickin with the Big Air theme here, I was watchin a couple ‘a the nephews last Friday, as their regular minder was indisposed, and happened to ‘a taken me camera along as one ‘a them who-knows afterthought kind ‘a dealies. Young lads, bicycles, and dirt hills. Stands ta reason I spose that this’d be a winnin combination and sure enough, this’d be the activity ‘a choice ‘n desire.

Hidden from sight ‘a the general public, tucked away in a small wooded area off the edge ‘a one ‘a the local parks near by, a challenging little course ‘a “hills” {jump ramps made up ‘a old refrigerators ‘n such, then covered with dirt} where these young lads go ta recklessly defy gravity and pit themselves against the mercy ‘a the laws ‘a physics.

Fortunately me charges aren’t of the age and size ta make any real big air on these jumps and the youngest was happy ta just push his bike up a couple ‘a the hills and then coast down at what I’m sure must ‘a felt like rocket speed to ‘im, but I could definitely see the potential fer there ta be a world ‘a hurt fer anyone havin at it and makin that one little error in judgment. And hey … I even had a couple ‘a goes at it meself just fer the thrill ‘a it and ta check that these ramps weren’t such as ta throw a kid upsidy-down just cause they was there. {sorry … no pics ‘a Grumps makin the rounds} *grins*


Anyways … We’d bin there fer about half an hour er so when these two somewhat older lads showed up, one ‘a whom was ridin on a $3500.oo bike and MAN !!! .. Did he ever put on a show ‘a how it’s done. This bike he was riding is built ‘a some fancy azz composite metals, has disk brakes front ‘n back, and the shock absorbers what have a measured travel to em such as I’ve never seen on a bicycle before. Definitely designed fer the task a hand I’m thinking.


The trick he says, is that ya can’t be afraid ta get up as much speed as ya can and as well, not be afraid ‘a goin too high in the air. That’d pretty much rule out any chance ‘a me whipppin over them hills like that I’m afraid as I’ve always pretty much liked ta keep me wheels on the ground or at very least, reasonably near to it.

And again, there’s a bunch ‘a more pics ‘a our little outing if’n ya wants ta check em out in the Big Air photo album.


What a great summer we’s havin here so far. Not too hot during the days fer the most part and pretty much coolin down enough at night ta keep the house at a moderate temp. Have only had ta fire up the A/C two days so far durin that 3 day hot spell we had a bit ago near the end ‘a Jully. And Hey ! ! Go figure … The grass is still green ‘n growin. What a switch that is from the last bunch ‘a summers.

That’s the way, uh-huh uh-huh, I like it …

Hope ya’s are all havin a great time. Ciao Fer Now ‘n will catch ya’s later.

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  1. Hey Arch!
    I love the balloon pics! Just awesome! And the boys on their bikes is fun too although I think that\’s something I will never try myself….LOL! Accident prone is my middle name…LOL! As far as the poison ivy goes….I think my daughter Sarah learned a valuable lesson from it…..when walking in tall grass….always, always wear long pants. LOL! Heaven knows I had to learn that lesson too the hard way as a kid….LOL!
    If you want to rant about how the airlines are handling this whole thing you go right ahead! Frankly I\’m sick to death of it! They are just promoting more fear! It pisses me off that we can\’t take liquids on our carry on luggage! What crap! I do think that thwe water that they offer you on the plane is included in the priced of your airfare though. I would offten drink water while I would fly and they never charged me anything extra. But heck just the idea that I can\’t take a tube of tooth paste on board with me makes me kinda mad since one of the things I would do right before landing is going to the bathroom and give my teeth a good brushing before landing…especially with taking those overnight flights to England. Somehow it just made me feel a lot fresher. Well I guess a lot of people will be chewing a lot of gum huh….until they decided to take that away from us too! LOL!
    Anyway…I hope you have a wonderful weekend hon and I\’ll speak to you again soon! HUGS!
    Love & Blessings,

  2. I love the ballon festival pictures. for a few years I became a balloon junkie. I crewed for a female baloon pilot. small ballon, and smaller crew!
    it has been a great summer in the prairies, too. we are now full swing into harvest. 2300 acres down and about 3700 more to go!

  3. Those are great ballon pics Grumps, I quite enjoyed them so thanks for sharing.  That dino one is HUGE huh…holy smokes….I would be scared to go up and float around in one yet I would like to give skydiving a try *scratches head*  *giggles* where is the logic in that huh?
    My boys use to ride bikes like that when they were younger…then they grew up….*I think*  lol  Iam heading up to Fairview before the long weekend and won\’t be back till around the 8th…so try not to miss me ok!!  lol
    Have a graet weekend and week!

  4. MAn o man,its been a looooooooonnnnnnnnnng time sicnce I was at ballonfest! Lets see, I was nineteen and extremely drunk! LOL.shhhhhhhhh I was born in London!

  5. Archie, Archie, ( In Edidths tone;)
    I am just gathering the URLS to myspace friends in case anything ever happens to my space, I will be able to find yas. TGIF Have a great weekend 🙂

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