~ From Whence we Came: ‘III’ ~   9 comments

From Whence we Came: ‘III’

{ Parts ‘I’ , Through ‘IV’ }


Isn’t it amazing how far we’ve come in the area of genetic engineering?? I spose the most obvious examples are found in plant life at the moment. In ornamental plants, one need look no further than all ‘a the new and man-made breeds of roses or orchids for example. Science ‘n horticulture teaming up, mixing a bit ‘a this and a bit ‘a that to come up with blossoms of different and unique colours and petal configurations. In agriculture with all ‘a the high yield crops such as to feed more and more people while at the same time farming on less and less acreages of land. … Even in all ‘a the hybrid marijuana being cultivated these days with oh so much more buzz to the bud. … Do you swear to smoke the bud, .. the whole bud, .. nothing but the bud, .. So help you Mary Jane??

Then of course there’s all ‘a this cloning goin on. Barnyard animals only at the moment, but hey, … that’s just one step away from being able ta clone ourselves. And who’s ta say that there ain’t someone somewhere already cloning humans. … Stem cell research leading to such anticipated wonders as the ability to grow single organs matched perfectly to the recipients through, you guessed it, genetic engineering. Hades man!! Moral issues aside .. The buzz is that we’s just a stone through away from being able ta custom order our kiddletts. And who knows how many options one might have.  Male, female, colour of eyes, hair, … mayhap even the colour ‘a they’s skin so’s to match up to the furniture. Don’t ya just hate it when they little buggers clash with the friggin furniture??


Here’s a bit of ‘a far off theory for ya’s as to how all the many different races of man might possibly have first come to be. Oh and ah … I spose there’s about as much irrefutable proof that this theory is correct as there is that any theory in any bible is correct. So there ya go eh!! Read on … Enjoy … And poke as many holes into it as ya see fit.

 I do consider Darwin’s theory of evolution to be a viable beginning, but I do believe there may well be a lot more to it than that. This is where that nagging question of why did not all ‘a the apes evolve, if indeedy that’s where we came from in the first place. And to assume that the different races of humans evolved from different genus of apes, quite viable really, but unlikely that so many different genus of apes would evolve in the same manner, and at approximately the same time. What if there was a helping hand in all ‘a this ? ? . God perhaps … ??



        This is where I believe it is quite possible that Aliens with an interest in our little rock island in the sky, for what ever reason, might have had a hand in it all. Quite possibly the very beginnings of religion, as well as the beginnings of man such as we are now. One could only speculate of what interest these aliens would have for this madness. Perhaps a little science project, mayhap they needed a workforce ta build the pyramids, Stonehenge, landing strips of such a size that you can only really make them out from the air. Could even be that earth is nothing more than a game board and we are the playing pieces. I’ve even entertained the notion that these aliens might have even been trying to procreate them-selves in the only manner that they could for what ever reasons at the time. After all, we are supposedly created in our makers likeness … right??

        In the end however, if you came across a planet with no real intelligent life and wanted to populate it through genetic engineering, you might take a boo around looking for the most adaptive, versatile, social and tolerant natured bipedal creature you could find. If apes were your choice, the question would then be which genus of apes might best be suited to your needs or wants. I’ve never heard that man evolved from monkeys so I’m of the thinking that in all likelihood, monkeys would ‘a bin ruled out due to their size perhaps. But of the many different apes around the planet, which to choose?? Which to choose indeed??  

How about quarantined, controlled test groups?? No sense limiting this little experiment to just one genus of ape if there’s a possibility that one might be a better choice than another. Or mayhap they’d ‘a wanted ta see if one group might prosper more so than another. A group of apes here, … a group of apes there, … check it out dude … all around the planet, there’s groups of apes everywhere. And all having evolved just a little bit differently in they’s own indigenous locations which would account for the many different genus of man we see today. As well, with these little groups of apes being in controlled quarantined areas, this might possibly explain why all apes didn’t evolve. The first zoos known to man as it were and we may well have been the main attraction.

Genetic engineering. … A branch of science which we are just now beginning to understand and utilize. A science which could quite possibly change the parameters of life such as we know it.

To my way of thinking, it is not unreasonable to think that genetic engineering may well have played a large part in the development of man. I’m no exobiological scientist of course, but if there were a species of aliens proficient in such science, it would be, I would think, possible over a period of time to take a species such as the ape and speed it along in it’s evolutionary development. Adding little bits and pieces of genetic materials over a number of generations which could ultimately result in a brand new species of animal. What the hey!! If you was so inclined, you could even give this new species of animal a name. How about “Homo-habilis”!! 

Yeah … Homo-habilis. That would be an extinct ancestor of “Homo-sapiens” from approximately 1.5 million years ago. Could it be that they are extinct because they were part of these controlled test groups?? A couple ‘a more genetic changes, a little tweak here, a little tweak there, and viola, the Homo-habilis is extinct and the Homo-sapiens are born?? And of the apes such as we know them today, the result of the apes not included in these test groups and left to evolve in they’s own natural time and ways ? ?


And God said, let the earth bring forth marijuana, the herb yielding seed after his kind, whose seed is in itself, upon the earth: and it was so.

And the earth brought forth marijuana, the herb yielding seed after his kind: and God rolled a big phatty and saw that it was gooooood.


Okay!! . Not exactly verbatim, but like I’ve bin known to say on many occasions … Is all a mater of interpretation. I mean, go figure … There wouldn’t ‘a bin any taverns at the time of all this, so mayhap these aliens brought a little ‘a Mary Jane’s finest along and put it upon the earth fer ta chill out on they’s off time. Or hey!! Mayhap they brought it along ta chill out the apes so’s they could work with Them … Us … Whatever!!


I’s bettin you’s will have a hard time believing this, but when I shake my head, I can actually hear somethin rattling in there. Hence the term .. To much time on my hands. 

Have a great one ‘n will catch ya’s all later.


            From Whence we Came, ‘ I ‘ Through ‘ IV ‘ 




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  1. Everyone comes across and contimplates this question quite often,
    Have you been watching Suzuki\’s story on the nature of things on the differnt genus of MAN gone to extinction? Intersting, like the little pigme man from Chgina (im serios) to get a good idea what might happen if people where capable of choosing there children, or rather government controlled, tyr Huxleys Brave new world!

  2. horrible spelling, hey Im at work!

  3. Hi ya hon, interesting theory, aliens huh? lolI have known an ape or two in my day. And that sounds like a good place for them ,lol their own planet! Now run with that, I think you may be onto something there.
    Its been along time coming for me to get here (or anywhere else for that matter).  Thanks for the cute comment, lol changes. Ya, umm. they havent quite changed THAT much, lol But one can never tell eh? Hope you have a fantab week Arch, stay healthy happy, and away from you know who, lol huge hugs

  4. lol I don\’t even know what to say to that….
    hope all is well 🙂

  5. the theory of evolution is an interesting story, so is the "god" theory, but I love the alien theory. Why should we think that we are the only planet in the universe with life…maybe not the most intelligent life forms, but life forms indeed.

  6. Well I actually read all that, because you alway stop and take the time to smell the roses so to speak when you visit all of us…. so I can leave a comment *winks*   I\’m back….i sent you an invite to see some pics I took while out in BC…you will prolly apprectiate them as much as I enjoyed taking them all!
    Oh and Hiya Grumps!!!!  Hows my friend doing I see you do indeed have had some time on your hands to compute all that out…lol.  "God rolled a big phatty and and thought it was good"…lol..my brother would appreciate that one…lol. *rollz eyez*  That was all interesting, the evolution of man….. apes, aliens, me….whatever happened to Adam and Eve in all that?  lol.
    You never sieze to amaze me in your commentary…glad to see you still come on to intrique us with our thoughts and theories…you would be a hoot to go talk over a X-large one & one from Timmies!!  I hope all is well with you hun….and I love it when you can stop in for a visit…nothing better than a visit from a true blue person offering the best of commentary for me to read!  Your the best Grumps!
    Now I am off to save the world….or atleast save that cinnamon raisen bagel, tht is toasted with butter sitting over there on my counter.  It nees a safe refuge in ma Belly!!!!
    {{{{{HUGGLEZ}}}}}}} & big Smilez

  7. Hey!!! Long time no visit from me! Trying to make up for all that now..been slowly gettin thru my list of favourites..taking a long time as I have alot of reading to catch up on..lol..love your thoughts btw! Drop by and say hi sometime!

  8. Good morning Mr Bunker, hope all is well with you, I must admit, its strange being back on spaces and you not here to be a part of it. Its odd thats for sure. Anyway sweetie, the changes in my life are still so sweet!, lol This time last year was sooo much different for me, Im sure you remember! Life is sweet, life is short. Grab it by the horns hon and enjoy , because you just never know! huge hugs

  9. Hey Arch!
    Long time no hear huh? I\’m sorry you haven\’t heard from me in a while but I have been up to my eyeballs in work and right now my Step-Kids are here visiting from England so I\’m also up to my eyeballs in kids! LOL! It\’s been fun though. Very interest blog you have there. But then you always have something interesting to say….I just wished I could get my butt over here more often to read it. Anyway….hope you have a wonderful day hon…I\’m off to take my daughter to the doctor\’s because she has bad poison ivy….now why did the aliens have that nasty plant on the planet? LOL! HUGS!
    Love & Blessings,

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