~ I Bin Robbed ! ! ! ~   7 comments

Holy Bat Crap Batman ! !

I Bin Robbed ! ! !


Well I spose the reality is that we all bin robbed but this latest Utilities bill really had me eyes poppin out ‘a me sockets.

Conserve  … Conserve  … Conserve ! ! !

So I gots all ‘a these cute little curly cue energy efficient NOMA Mini Spiral bulbs all through the house ‘n bunker, I mind ‘n shut down anything not bein used, and pretty much only have one light on in the evenings ta light up the entire main floor. I hang the laundry out ta dry, have a gas water heater, gas stove, and have thus far flat out refused ta turn on the air-conditioner. I live alone so I don’t have kids ta follow round shuttin crap off behind em er holdin the fridge open fer ten minutes only to decide there’s absolutely nothing in there to eat. I don’t water the lawn and only have a couple ‘a plants that I actually water. I turn the pressure right down when I shower, and have a quiet little secluded spot out the back where 90 percent ‘a the time I go fer ta pizz so’s I don’t have ta be flushin the terlet more ‘n a couple ‘a times a day.

I freshen up the bird bath every mornin … Shame on me ! !

Now with all ‘a that one might think that the water ‘n hydro bill might be a wee bit more of a soothing hit … Right ? ? ? . Ya might think when the bill come in, I might be able ta breath a breath ‘a satisfaction knowin that all ‘a my efforts is payin off ? ? ?  

Ok … So yer havin a little trouble reading them numbers ??? . Hang on then. ..

Let me just .. .. .. A little cropping .. .. .. Resize it a bit .. .. ..

There We Go ! ! !

Actual cost of Hydro – – – – $12.39

Actual cost ‘a Water – – – – $  5.00

 Grand total – – – – – – – – – –$17.39

Then, along come these corporate, cog suckin, THIEVING RAT BASTARDS with all ‘a they’s inconspicuous add-ons what we’re not spose ta concern ourselves with ‘n lookie what happens.

Actual Grand Total – – – – – – – – – – – – – – $17.39

Gst Tax (of course) – – – – – – – – – – – – – – $  2.31

Thieving Rat Bastard Charges – – – – – – – – $29.03

Why Don’t Ya Just Fuckin Shoot Me – – –$48.73

 How can it be legal that these extra charges can possibly come ta be more than the cost of the hydro and the water ? ? ? . $17.63 ta deliver $12.39 worth ‘a hydro ? ? ? . A storm drainage charge of $7.95 while the water cost $5.00 ? ? . And what’s with this column, Sanitary Sewer System Charge $0.00 ? ? . Is that spose ta make me feel good that there’s no charge there, or is that a warning ta bend over, lean up agin somethin solid, ‘n get ready ta take it up the azz yet again ? ?

Ohhhhhhhh Puleeeeeeez .. .. ..

Use a little SPIT this time would ya’s ? ? ?

Oh yeah . . . I know . . . It’s the same everywhere fer everyone. And I’ll tell ya what .. .. .. They Rat Bastards can pretty it up all they want ‘n put whatever fanciful names they want on all ‘a these extra charges .. ..

I’ll still be callin it as I see’s it .. .. ..


THEFT ! ! ! !

Is no small wonder why I so look forward ta wakin up each ‘n every morning only ta find out I’s still breathin, have a pulse, ‘n have ta put up with yet another day ‘a this nature ‘a shyte. Where the fuck’s that heart attack I ordered ? ?

 Thirty minutes er its free .. .. .. Right ! ! !

Geezus cryste I’m getting tired ‘a seein red all ‘a the time ! ! 

The “Feds” pass the buck to the provinces. The provinces pass the buck to the municipalities. The municipalities pass the buck to the municipally owed corporations. The banks and the big corporations are all widgeting around in there all over da place. The blame ‘n responsibillity goes round and round relentlessly. Everybody’s so dizzy spinnin round in circles wonderin what direction the shit’s bein slung from, we don’t even know who ta be angry at or even which direction to focus our anger. .. ..

Divided they fall ! ! !

That’s it, that’s all folks.

Catch Ya’s Later .. Have a great one.

Ciao Fer Now.



Posted July 9, 2006 by Archie ~Grumps~ in ~ Dark Side Blobs ~

7 responses to “~ I Bin Robbed ! ! ! ~

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  1. just dropping by.
    I know how you feel about the "legalized robbery". as farmers we put up with it all the time from the chemical and fertilizer companies. I hardly notice the thievery that goes on in my utility bills because I\’m so pissed of about the other expenses, like the cost of fuel.
    have a great summer, and don\’t fret to much, you could be living in Saskatchewan, and really be getting screwed by the government….

  2. hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh bunker!What are we going to do with ya! Even with all those crazy charges CONGRATS what a LOW bill :O)

  3. oh my… glad to see you never change my dear….. legalized robbery..  i am sure there will be alot of people in line with you to have that one done.. LMAO..

  4. I cant speak for anyone else, but I know for sure I will miss you popping in and out. I already do.
    I remember those old hydro bills (wow, hydro, havent used that word in quite a while, lol its power here) and i aslo remember when I lived up there and paid 7 cents a litre for natural gas! then within months, we were told to "lockin" and save, i didnt buy it then, i dont buy it now.  I was one of the few stubborner ones around and wouldnt lock, lol, you know me for stubborness eh? As it turned out, it worked for me, for a LITTLE while. I was paying 9 cents, (yeah, it went up a tad) but most were "lockedin" paying between 14-16 cents per litre, what a terrific savings for them eh? lmao
    Well Arch, there is no such thing as natural gas around these parts yet, but there is legalized theft. We see it everyday at the gas gougers, er, i mean pumps.
    Our power(hydro) used to be one of the highest in Canada, now it seems we are on an even keel with the rest of civilization.
    You have a great week, (stay away from peeing in those bushes, lol buy a bottle of disinfectant like pinesol or lestoil and pour some in your toilet, no need to flush everytime! You live alone, so it wont add up to much. that way you may only have to flush  at night.
    huge hugs sweetie.

  5. wowser o_O    I only wish for a hydro bill that small..but i have not bush to pizz in the back as you put it…lol…neighbours might not appreciate seeing my heiny either!  lol
    I hear you about internet etc…..I hope I catch ya again on line. 

  6. Good morning Mr. Bunker, this is me, still missing you.  Did you get me email? I sure hope so, not that i expect you to be able to access it for a bit yet, lol but please keep it in mind ok? huge hugs

  7. Just letting you know that you made me laugh…  Pop in once and a while…  At least this MSN blog thing is still free…
    – Roadster

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