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Here’s an interesting little piece I found some time ago what I got a pretty good chuckle out ‘a. Meant ta post it, filed it away, fergot aboud it, ‘n just tripped over it this morn. I’ll say this much fer Corinne Asturias … She certainly done ‘er homework.

Hey ! ! . Wait a minute here ! !

I most certainly am NOT a Grump ! ! ! !

Anyways … Found it in metroactive’s web page so’s ya can click on they’s banner below to go ‘n check em out if’n ya’s want.


Gruff It Out

It’s a dirty job, but somebody’s gotta love doing it

By Corinne Asturias

NOW THAT WE KNOW grumpiness is genetic, we should probably muster some genuine sympathy for the grumps among us. Anyone who has ever known, loved, or lived with a grump is acutely aware of the unconscious, predisposed nature within a person who seems to have landed on the wrong planet and can’t go back.

From birth, a grump knows he or she is different. They see other people being civil before 8am, giggling over life’s small indignities and enjoying small children and dogs. From birth on, grumps know they have been ripped off.

I come from a family that runs roughly half-grump. My grandfather was so ill-tempered that as children we nicknamed him "Grumpa." My brother and sister are both grumps. Sure, they’ll read this and get a little miffed, but that just proves my point.

Living with grumps, I learned certain things. As a rule, grumps are not morning people. After an entire night stewing in their own juices, they need to seriously adjust their chemicals with caffeine, sugar or a good long session in the shower. My youngest sister, a grump who can grouse with the best of them, would come to the breakfast table at the age of 4, head held high, with her green blanket draped over her head. A grump needs to know when to be alone.

Grumps are also fun to annoy. The stimulus-response relationship is at times almost enchanting. Harassing a grump without sustaining personal injury is good sport.

A number of the sources nominating valley grumps did so with the caveat that their grump had many redeeming characteristics. Indeed, many grumps seem to have a kinder, gentler flip side. Grumps are often irascible, curmudgeonly and much-loved. There’s also the fact that after a particularly bad episode in a public place, where a grump has, say, imitated a terrier seizing upon a pant leg, he or she will attempt to provide compensation to the victims.

Grumps come in many varieties, but by consensus (although it was difficult having what could be termed a serious analysis around such a subject), a grump is not the same thing as an "asshole," who works long and hard at the task of making others miserable and feels little remorse afterward. A grump is also not a "weenie," who will try to defend or deny his behavior later. A grump is not a "whiner," who yearns for sympathy more than solutions.

The term "grump" also has a decidedly male connotation to it. In a women’s studies course I once took, it was one of a few derogatory terms that made it over to the male-only chalkboard (the women’s board had about 10 times as many words on it). A woman who is a grump is mistakenly called a "bitch." Yet, in my experience a bitch is a very different thing than a grump. A "bitch" is selective. Grumps are undiscriminating.

Grumps serve an important in-your-face function in society. As one grump pointed out to me, we can’t all be doormats. Someone has to snap, do the facial twist and shout, or the world would be like a talk show on the Christian channel.

It’s true that the world would not be the same without grumps. For one thing, they allow the non-grumpy around them to feel patient, optimistic and brimming with self-control. The emotionally vigilant see problems coming from 1,000 yards and experience annoyed reactions long before the average person. This can be good. Someone has to let out the big huff and moan at the supermarket when there are 10 people in line, … or to scream out "FOCUS!" at the movies before the next scene is ruined.

Chances are, most of the grumps on this list will be unhappy about their selection. Then again, they were already unhappy. Can we help it?

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So ! ! … Now that we all know, … mayhap we can all cut grumps, {not me of course … I’s not a grump ! !}  a little slack.


Hope ya’s enjoyed ‘n will catch ya’s later.

~ Ciao Fer Now ~


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  1. Hello Archie….just drop in to leave *have-a-nice-weekend-greetings* here for you*hehe*
    I\’ll be on duty this week-end. *love it* this week has been kind of hard for me anyway..every day working, including the week-end. But on Monday I\’ll be off*forsure*
    Yesterday we have had a nice bar-b-que with the old ppl. Weather hasnt been that nice, but at least it was\’nt raining. Guess they all enjoyed it tho. My boss has taken some pictures, hope I can get them,too.
    The next step for my job is in sight. I\’ll be able to participate in a training for nursering end of August. Fits quite well. My job now ends on 14th August and the training will begin 29th.
    Only one bad thing..I gotta drive every morning towards Bremen-means again 2 hrs busdriving.But well…guess I\’ll make it*laugh*
    Tomorrow is a deciding soccer match for Germany vs Sweden. If we\’ll make it, we have arrived the quarterfinals. I am not sure, if that\’ll work out. Sweden has a strong team !
    have a nice week-end and take care.
    laterz dear {{{{{{{{{{{{{huggies+kisses}}}}}}}}}}}}

  2. Yer not a grump eh? ( giggles) ok, have it your way, lolbut thats ok, you are endearing, grumpy grumps or not. Didnt expect an update so soon, lol I will have to be more diligent in coming over here, even though in a few it may be even more sporatic huh? In the meantime, I gotta ton of errands to do today,(no sunshine, lol) so have a good one, i will give you a shout later on. huge huggies

  3. Grumpiness is genetic – I knew it – LOL!  Maybe that explains my relatives & why I don\’t like them – HAHAHAHA!  

  4. the bit on grumps hits true to the spot. I guess there may be a little "grump"iness in all of us.
    have a great day.

  5. *snickers*  Green blanket drapped over her head…ha ha ha…I can just picture that having raised a grump and still have it residing here….*gasp*  But he is my grump and I love him to pieces……and he is my baby, big baby that is! 
    Why is it so hard to let the last one go????  Hummm *thinking*…I bet if they <–the twins, did a switch real quick and replaced him with a pug things would be ok!  *snickers*  That would be more than ok…*winks*
    Bet\’cha you can tell it is me wiht all the little …….*dots*  here and there…..not too sure where the h-e-double hockey sticks I picked that up from….lol….neh…who cares right?
    So how was your weekend end Grumps??  Mine was ok…it was sorta hot but atleast we had some wind to balance it out.  I was listening to the radio when the alarm went off this morning.  I am not going to be a happy camper this week at all I guess.  I am sure all the sunseekers who want leather for skin when their older, will appreciate this week.
    It is suppose to get to 28 + today, 29+ tomorrow 31+ on Wednesday…ya and so on and so on.  Gosh I hope it holds out till next Monday cause it is the long weekend this weekend is it not?  A bunch of us women from work are going camping (I think I told you that)…and i sure hope it does not decide to thunder and lightening out there….lol.  I will poop my pants if it does….cause I don\’t much like being in my own house when it is like that, I sure as h-e-double hockey sticks  don\’t want to be camping in it!
    I guess we will just have to wait and see how it all pans out…we can always just pack up and header home.  (me I will eave the tent standing and all…lol.  Some of us are going out Wednesday night to pick a couple side-by side sites  and just pay the extra…it makes no difference to us.  $20.00 a pop or should I say unit…lol.  I am a unit and never knew it….*snickers*
    Well I had my nephews here for a short spell this weekend…so much trouble to get into here…it was hard to get them to hold still for a pic.  I did a couple cam videos as well to send to grampa rouche…I will try and upload them onto that tube site I joined and put it up on my space.  They were looking for grampa in the camera…*snickers*   Kids…their so innocent…Ya gotta love em!!
    Well my sweets, excuse all my errors and grammatical mixups…but it is monday after all and the coffeee is jsut beginning to kick in now…

  6. hi ya grumpsy, hows it going today? i see you have a plug for polly, lol. awwww cute, time is running out eh? sucks to be us. anyhoo, hope to "see" you soon. huge hugs

  7. Did you forget to update – lol?  Thanks for the plug – hehehe!  (no name) could be in for some competition as a pr person – HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  8. Hey Arch!
    Just wanted to stop by and give ya a quick hello! Sorry I haven\’t been around much but it\’s be crazy around here lately. LOL! Hoping all is well in your neck of the woods and I\’ll do my best to get my butt back here soon! HUGS!
    Love & Blessings,

  9. Hey..lol..great blog again..I didn\’t comment on that pic cuz basically nothing surprises me anymore..lol…the finger is a common occurance these days..the younguns have nobody to teach them right from wrong anymore..well..I can\’t say all..I do know alot of really polite kiddies..but they are all related to me…hehehehe..take care..

  10. hey stranger.. where have you been hiding.. nope.. where have i been hiding.. well here there and everywhere.. but forgot to drop in and check up on you.. so i apologize for my lengthy absence.. can you ever forgive me

  11. you\’re not grumpy?!? lol jk 😛
    Hope you had a great long weekend! We did for sure =)

  12. Hiya Handsome *waves* 
    I\’m back…did ya miss me????  I thought about you when I was camping…I believe I was hanging in a tree putting up tarps at the time….thinking it sure would be nice to have a man here to help with this task.  Damn shame when your the tallest one in a group of ladies to do tarping….gurrrr…my arms are all scrapped up now cause I had to take em down too….lol….pityful it is.
    So how was your long weekend Grumps?  What did you do?  Who did you visit?  You did not blog so where ya been holing yourself up?  You ok?   Did ya quit smoking yet….lol.  I sooooo wanted on this weekend to unwind by the fire with…so it was a good thing there were no stores up there in the mountains….I would have caved.
    I am making my rounds tonight …you my last one for the night…it gets kind of exhausting on the fingers commenting…lol…..my \’just\’s\’ are \’jsut\’, my \’the\’s\’ are \’ hte\’…gurrrrr….not too mentnion my mentions are screwed up too…lol.  I will have to srtart wiff you next time insteda …gurrrrrrr of sayviung best for last…lol.  *gg* what the heck….lol.
    {{{{HUGGLEZ}}} to you my sweets!
    *kiss* on da cheek <— on da face!

  13. Hi ya hunni, your getting quite the fan club, lol and its with great reason, cuz you are a sweetie. and a sweetie that is dearly missed. Hope you enjoyed your long weekend, mine sucked, I had a nasty headache. sucks to be me eh? lol . Have a fantastic week Arch, hugggggggggssssssssss lol, and i will plant a wet one on your cheek to lmao , face here as well.

  14. Hello Archie over there in Canada…where are you???? Haven\’t seen you for days…
    I miss you baaaaaaaaby *hehe*
    hope everything is alright.?!
    and hope to see you soon..
    laterz Archie ^^
    love and kisses and huggies..

  15. hi ya hunni, im back! lol and missing you, where are you Arch? Hope all is well. huge humungous hugs

  16. nah, yer the best grumps!

  17. Told you you wasn\’t a grump!!! smiles.

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