~ Tulips ?? .. In a Tree ??? ~   12 comments


I think that I shall never

See a poem lovely

As a tree.  

Joyce Kilmer (1886 – 1918), "Trees" (poem), 1914



Have ya’s ever heard of a tree

called the “Tulip tree” ? ? ?


Ok … So I did a little googlin and found a site what says they’s also known as Yellow poplar, Tulip poplar, White poplar and Whitewood. But wait a minute here ! ! 

Another site refers to it as one of two wild magnolia species. Go figure. … They are, according to both sites at least, the tallest of the eastern hardwoods.


And I have never heard of em to me knowledge, nor do I believe I have ever seen one until just last week. I went ta visit the old gal who used to live next door to me at the nursing home she’s now in, caught up with her while she was strolling round the complex and we had a little sit down ‘n chat on a nicely shaded bench. The tree itself, straight and tall, rather unspectacular, … till I noticed spots of yellow from top to bottom scattered throughout the green of its leaves.



I will say that the grounds at this place are really quite nice and well taken care of. More like a park setting with gardens all around it, but it was this tree which most caught my interest. Certainly a good conversation piece, of that there is no doubt.

Betty did tell me that it was a Tulip tree but didn’t know any more about it than that. Said she had never seen one till she went to the home as well, so her bein 84 years ‘a age … I’s inclined ta think that they’s not too many of em round these parts. Beautiful flower on em though, nothin like what I ever seen in a tree before. And of the leaf, I was thinkin at the time that perhaps it was a member ‘a the maple family. Not as jagged a leaf as the maple and missing the center crown, but to some extent it does so seem to me to have a bit of a maplish shape to it.



So there ya go … Just one ‘a them flukish deals what I just happened to ‘a had me camera with me that day, so figured ta share it up fer anyone who’s never gotten the opportunity ta see such a tree.

Below is a map showing the range of the Tulip Tree just so’s ya don’t go huntin round yer back yard lookin fer somethin yer not likely ta find. As you can see, there’s precious little area in Southwestern Ontario where they can be found, although I did read in the second site I’d highlighted above, that there is a stand of em in Backus Woods near Long Point in the Regional Conservation Authority Lands.



Native Range of the Tulip Tree (White Poplar)


     PB note: .. .. ~ Sharon ~ brought up a question in comments what I hadn’t given any thought to when I wrote up the blob. … “What does it smell like ?” .. I spose the reason I didn’t give it any thought is cause the flowers really don’t have much scent to them at all. Stuck me sniffer right into that flower I got the pic of up above, and surprisingly, just a faint wee bit of aroma. Even had ta take a couple ‘a good sniffs just ta ascertain that. Hardly worth mentioning. To be honest, I didn’t really come away thinkin it smelled like anything in particular. Have ya’s ever heard of an itofit ? ? . Cause yeah … That’s about the it-of-it. .. ..

Later kiddies. *smiles*


And as a special little treat fer the Gals … The first couple ‘a roses off ‘a me little rose bush out behind ‘a the house.

Just fer You’s …  



Hope ya’s enjoyed … Have a great day …

Will catch ya’s later.

~ Ciao Fer Now ~




Posted June 14, 2006 by Archie ~Grumps~ in . . . B.S. Adventures

12 responses to “~ Tulips ?? .. In a Tree ??? ~

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  1. What a pretty tree..I have to tsay that it is the first time that I seen one like that..or even knew they existed..they are nice though..will have to keep my eyes open now just in case there is one sittin\’ in my backyard..lol..Happy hump day!

  2. hello!!!!! I\’m so glad to finally see this tulip tree…people ask me for them all the time.  What a beauty, thanks for the great pics!!! I bought a flowering dowood last year…it\’s quite the specimen. Cornus alba celsetial if u wanna check it out sometime, i couldn\’t find a picture. See ya later!!!! Oh wait…hahahah speaking of plants….my favorite shrub for 2006= Itea, little henry…it\’s so beautiful.
    ciao grumps
    bigggg huggggsss

  3. Well archie I\’m learning more each day about plants never heard of a tuplip tree until now now I will be looking for one thanks archie love ya alot. Hope betty is well and I\’m glad you got to visit her and had a good visit I hope well take care talk to you soon back to work so busy once again ttyl snoopy

  4. wows thats such a pretty tree. i\’ve never seen one in my life but now i can at least pretend that i have!  what does it smell like?

  5. hey there! sorry and glad to hear that breena\’s puter is down!
    I\’m not suer if it a true account. Just thought it was intresting…. especially when my high school BF is in the Stan right now. it just makes one think.
    hope you have a great week end!

  6. well actually yes i do read the blogs i visit.. silly 🙂 and your blog is about the tulip tree.. smiles and hugsss

  7. and the roses are beautiful.. so yes i do view and read the blogs i go to 🙂 smiles

  8. Good Morning from Germany !!!Hiya there..hope you are doing great.
    I am off duty this week-end *woohoo* but I have to cut the lawn ..laterz*grin*
    Weather is rainy and got much colder..oh well..its week-end!
    My family has just left the house. My daughter has an exam in French this morning.
    So, hope I\’ll catch you later Archie
    Have a nice day+week-end as well
    {{{{{{{{{{{huggles}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} and kisses

  9. Wow…that is quite a fancy tree if I ever saw one, especially when it is such a big tree then to have pretty yellow flowers through out it.  Thanks for sharing that.  I was thinking man does Grumps take his camera every where??  Mind you if I had one I would….and funny thing I was looking at some on sale in the flyers at my sis this afternoon.
    My nephew and I went down to fish creek park again…(the 4 year old) we were suprized how much the water had risen on the river from the rain last week.  Where he was throwing rocks from the bank last week was covered high with water.  He pipes up Auntie Ci-Ci we shoulda take a pic-ture…lets bring a camera next time so we can take pic-tures.  lol…he\’s so cute.
    He had the runs….lol…but he used the "D" word.  Well, we are  not even at the park for 20 mins and he is "we gotta go home so I can poop auntie…then we can come back "(as he is standing there almost crossed legged..*snickers*  I am I think not if we drive home to poop were staying ther cause you bet\’cha you will need to poop again in 20 minutes and were not driving back and forth. 
    Good thing there were so open washrooms on the way back to the car where he relieved himself….the things he was saying in there….lol..oh my goodnes….lol…"Auntie….my poops is all runned out, we can go now!  Lets put some kleenex in my underwears jus in case tooooo."  lol.  oi  o_O 
    Never a dull moment going to the park with him!  HE tells me, "next time lets bring a picnic of peanut budder and jam sanwiches for me and you he says, and pwain sanwiches for the ducks….NO BUDDER!!!  ducks don\’t eat budder auntie!    We can sit on the benches and the ducks can stay in the wadder and we frow the bwead in da wadder auntie!"  So don\’t forget! 
    Ok sure..my memory sucks.  But he will remember I am sure!
    Well it was a nice weekend, my sons and nephew and i helped my sis move her big stuff…over to her new place …well they did the big stuff four truck loads and I did four car loads.  I dislike moving sooooo much.    Oh well…anyways I have a busy week, lots of double shifts….one job right to the next!  So I will catch ya later on in the week.

  10. WOW Arrch,
    that tree is beautiful, thanks for letting us know about it!

  11. Georgous and I want one now, lol your rose bush is beautiful to. I have wild roses growing in my back yard, bush upon bush of them, just beautiful.  your map doesnt include me, lol so im thinking there is no way it grows around here, sucks to be me. have a great day, humungous huggies

  12. Hi Archie, yes the tulip poplar is a common tree in Georgia. Some of the largest trees i\’ve see in these parts have been old poplars. The bloom is quite unusual but not easily noticed from the ground. They turn face up into the sun inviting the honey bees in for a treat. Tulip Poplar honey is a light gold honey that is readily available throughout the Southeast US. http://davesgarden.com/guides/pf/showimage/20657/

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