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From Whence we Came: ‘I’ through ‘IV’ 

Albert Einstein (1879 – 1955),


Still wonderin how Man ever came to be ??? . Adam ‘n Eve possibly ?? . I’m afraid that speaking for myself, I really can’t take much stock in that notion. … That we evolved from Apes perhaps ??? . I’m a lot more likely to believe this than the Adam ‘n Eve theory, but either way, there does so seem to be some as of yet, insufficiently answered questions to my way of thinking.


 If there is only one God and we are all the protégée of just one couple, how is it that there are so many different races of man and as well how does it come to be that there are so many different religions ???


{And please … Not the babbling wall tale. I’d be more wantin ta believe that Samantha could change the face of the world with a mere wiggle of her nose.}


If indeed we did evolve from the Apes, then how did religion, and this unfounded belief in whatever Gods, ever come to be in the first place ??? . And why did not all apes evolve ???


Another of my curiosities is why haven’t science and religion teamed up in an effort to try to find a viable theory which might possibly make a little more sense on both sides ??? . Could it simply be that there are just too many different branches of both science and religion for them all to possibly even consider looking on the same page ??? . Is it the selfishness of man such that each individual or faction is so unwilling to share the glory that each will hold steadfast to they’s own beliefs in total ignorance to the quest of a single truth ???


Do you suppose that if’n you could venture back in time, long before the time of Christ even, and take along a few of our modern technologies, {a bic lighter, rifle, generator, a few light bulbs, a toaster oven, perhaps a vibrator,and a dirt bike ta get yer azz down to da local pub in the evenings} that you might possibly be viewed as some sort of all knowing, all powerful God ???


Or how’s about if’n you was a being from a planet orbiting one ‘a the oh so many distant suns we see in our nights sky, with technologies making our greatest achievements look like infant’s toys. Do you spose you could actually, by our definition or perception, … be  a God ???



Holly crap ! ! ! . Damn near looks like the start ‘a somethin … does’n it ! !

Well I’s leavin it at that fer now ‘n will just have ta see what comes up the road.

I’ll leave ya with a little tid-bit of news which was related to me from a friend here in town just yesterday. Another one ‘a them “What will they think of next” kind ‘a deals. … Enjoy ! !



A British company is developing computer chips which will store music in breast implants…This is a major breakthrough for Women as they are constantly complaining about Men staring at their breasts, and not listening to them.



Yeah bubba ! ! !

Surround sound at it’s finest Eh ! ! 

With a nipply in each ear.

{*snickers ‘n grins*}

Take care all. Will catch ya’s later.

~ Ciao Fer Now ~ 


 From Whence We Came  ‘I’  through  ‘IV’ 




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  1. I love when people try to combine science with religion. Two distinct entities, that won\’t listen to each other.
    It is like explaining to all the catholics who have read the Da Vinci Code, that it is FICTION, not FACT. Amazing how the wirtten word can be precieved as the truth, and who says the Bible is 100% fact. It doesnt have any footnotes to back it up. Ahh the joys of religion, men have died and are still dying in the name of it today.
    I hope you had a great weekend, it was a great beach weekend for me.

  2. Hey! Been a while! I don\’t have any answers to your questions..lol..I wish I did..
    Drop by sometime!

  3. Personally speaking I never wonder about the wondes of the world….it might cause my pretty little head to go into brain overload.  We will just let all those people wanting to know about those theories tend to that I mean why would the big Kohuna make it so simple to figure it out.
    K, back to us lovely people that roam this earth…ya got me curious about the where did all the different races come from if it all started from Adam and Eve….lol  Never gave that much thought before as I mentioned earlier.
    Well grupmps it has been a pleasure as always…have a wonderful week !  I must shower up and go check in on the son on the way to work…now i get to see the new place. *winks*
    Ciao bello…..

  4. I am an adam and eve believer. Here is an answer to your colour question.
    If you where in the hottest climate ever say… africa, would your skin after generations just become darker and darker to survive the sun? As well your hair become coarser and closer to your head for protection?
    How about an eskimo, squinting all those hundred and hundreds of years from the snow blind sunshine would change your eyes no? I think darwin was right with evolution, I think that evolution  is present in humans, as well as animals. I cannot believe we came from apes, and what does seperate us greatly from the apes is our questions about spirituality , and our creator, among other things..like our sence of reasoning etc…. LOL!

  5. a bic lighter, rifle, generator, a few light bulbs, a toaster oven, perhaps a vibrator, <— LMAO haha.. yeah that\’s a necessity alright 😉
    Hope you have a fantastic weekend =)

  6. lol, nice line up of tools my friend. Each and every one  of them are a necesiity (hehe) Im an Adam and Eve  believer , I wonder how many "tools" they had around then eh? Bet surround sound wasnt one of them though. I have a ton of catching up to do, gotta make this short and sweet. humungous huggies

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