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While there’s life, there’s hope.

Cicero (106 BC – 43 BC), Ad




My little Magnolia tree out behind the house. Pretty small fer a plant what must be at least 6 years old now eh ?? . Well the poor little thing has had a rough life to say the least, and what’s there now is the result of its defiance to die and my decision to give it one last chance when it was on it’s way to the weekly garbage.


A gift from the folks originally, it’s first traumatic experience was the hour and half ride home in the back ‘a the pick up. Who’d a guessed it could suffer that much wind burn in such a short time ?? . Certainly not me anyways !! {chucklin} . A piece of advice, and for what it’s worth … Never transport a plant any distance in the back of an open pick up or trailor.


We got the thing in the ground anyways figurin at the very least it would prosper come the next year. It did indeed live but prosper is hardly the term I’d use to describe it’s condition. More like barely eking out an existence actually. Or maybe even closer to the mark id be ta say it was dyin a slow agonizing death.


At the end of it’s second full season the decision was made that it no longer had a pulse and was declared dead at the scene. So garbage bound I dug what precious little there was of it out ‘a the ground to find that the earth containing the root ball had literally turned to this mucky grayish brown clay like substance which had obviously denied the plant of any nutrients what so ever.


I did notice that there was still just one little tiny sprig not longer than a quarter an inch what still had just a tint of green to it which against the old girl’s opinion, I decided was enough such as to warrant givin the little guy just one more chance.


Washed all the clay-like crap off ‘a the root ball, Trimmed all ‘a what was left of the dead branches leaving this little stump of about 2”, picked out a new spot for it and put it back in the ground packing all fresh compost round the roots. It didn’t take long with keeping an eye on it and watering it regularly that I noticed the one tiny little sprig was actually growing and forming the bud for a leaf on the end.


Last year was the first time I had ever seen flowers on the poor thing and unfortunately, the weather turned arctic on us and killed the blossoms before they had a chance to mature. Somewhat disappointed but pleased none the less to know me little Magnolia tree was finally getting to be a healthy thriving plant.


So here it is, six years later and lookin the size ‘a somethin fresh out ‘a the nursery and finally showin it’s gratitude for patience and optimism with a nice display of mature healthy blossoms. … How sweet it is !!!



Welcome to spring Everyone !!

Ciao Fer Now …


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Posted April 24, 2006 by Archie ~Grumps~ in . . . B.S. Adventures

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  1. Aint nature grand???? 
    That\’s a Leonard Messler magnolia if I\’m not mistaken, and what a beauty she is!!! Quite the reward for all the patience you have given!! Give her some bone meal…she loves that!! Tee hee…just got off work at the nursery so I\’m still in plant mode! I\’ll send u a pic when mine blooms….it\’s my favorite springtime treat.

             I would like to tell you archie do you remember that clematis plant you and the ex gave me about three or four years ago well I planted it on helena  up against a  fence had no luck with it so I then moved it to my flower bed  still no luck then we move to the west side of the city into a new home,  and I dug it up before we moved and took it with us still no luck with the dam thing just almost like you was up to my wits end with the thing then about a year and a half later moved again into another neighbourhood so once again dug it up and took it with me in hopes eventually it would grow. Well went outside the other day to take a look at  my flowerbed to see what has returned and what has not and here to my amazing eyes it has finally and I mean finally after all those years it is growing and very nicely I might say I was so happy and can\’t wait to see the flowers on it. I guess it takes alot of patients for something to turn out the way you want it to.

  3. Aw Arch! It\’s so cute! What a sweet story too! Goes to show what a little TLC will do for a plant, animal or person. May the sweet little thing continue to grow and thrive. Who knows….maybe someday it\’ll get as big as it\’s suppose to. Have a wonderful day hon and enjoy the spring! HUGS!
    Love & Blessings,

  4. that is a beautiful tree, unfortunatley the climate in saskatchewan limits the types of trees we can grow. But I would someday like to have a saskatoon berry orchard at our farm, that is one tree I know will grow.

  5. Hiya Grumps!  Oh my gosh persaverance sure pays off in this case and lookd at your tree, she is beautiful!   Just like those teen girls I am working within each of them is a the most beautiful flower just waiting to burst out!!!
    Gosh those flowers are so pretty Grumps  can ya take a close up of one before they go away….huh can ya??  Peas
    Well Have a super rest of the week I still only see that big ole eagle sittin gon the nest and no little ones yet.

  6. Thjat\’s really sweet you took the time to nurse it back to health. I do that to with plants, alot of people don\’t bother, that bothers me.

  7. Hiya there Archie..well oh well..looks nice your undies all in-a-line hanging..*LOL* you seem to be a decent house-man tho !
    In my old house I have had a huge magnolia as well. They really look great with all the pinl-white blossoms.
    Magnolia is the state flower of Miami.
    Flowers are beautiful..I could\’nt do without. I\’ll wait for a another 2-3 weeks, till we have had "icemen".
    Don\’t know, if you know them also. 3 days in May when it can freeze again during the night –  and it can get really cold then.
    I dont wanna risk to plant my flowers out before those days.
    So I hope you have had a good sleep and nice dreams. I just got back from the village, have done some shoppings and banking.
    rolled over your millions on my account –  hope you don\’t mind !!!!*gg*
    Have a great day and I\’ll catch you later !
    kiss and hugs

  8. Wooooooooooo   loved the pics, thanks Grumps!!!  YOur the best!  I love the close up of the full bloom and one at night that is a close up with the bird bath behind it!  Sweet!
    I wish I had a clothes line to hang my bloomers as well…and my sheets…I love the freshness of it all when ya slip into the sheets at night.
    Well have a great Friday and a super weekend!

  9. Hey Arch!
    Thanks for the lovely house comment. It truly is a beautiful home! We were looking at some plots of land up near my dad and gram\’s house. I\’ll be giving some more info on that in a few minutes when I post my new blog.
    Yeah I\’m hoping that the web cast of the new Native channel will work ok. They have come a long way in doing web casts and with my having broadband internet that should help out as well.
    I think I do need to find some different info on my little cactus plants. Maybe I\’ll look up info on the net over the weekend. Surely I should be able to find something out there.
    Anyway…..I hope you have a wonderful weekend hon and that the weather is beautiful for it. It\’s suppose to be here but then you just never know what might happen. LOL! Have a good one and I\’ll speak to you soon! HUGS!
    Love & Blessings,

  10. Awww Sweet Sweet MagnoliA!!  great Survival Story…its looking lovely now!!
    Hope your having a great weekend!!

  11. Thank you for the heads up on the link!
    as for the golf tournament TO doesnt stand a chance!! hahah
    and yeah my ex can be an idiot like that! Too bad we have kids and i
     can never get rid of him!!LOL.. Im doomed just like the redwings…except they have a chance next year! 😐
    have a good night and come back any time and many times!! 😉

  12. Ahhh, feels like spring over here, I can smell it. Magnolias are wonderful. the pics you sent me are terrific, thank you so much, a little piece of heaven. Oh i miss you all so much, this sucks. IM longing for Ontario, not good. and when you send me pics of it, it only jabs the point home even harder. I am amazed at the amount of blogs in here! HOLY SHYTE arch, were ya on a writing spree? lol I sure didnt expect this. Im so used to you only blogging once in forever, lol good to read, all of it. I especially enjoyed your blog on the eagles, good stuff, talk to you soon, huge huge hugs

  13. I am getting anxious for a new blog bunkie!

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