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By all means marry; if you get a good wife, you’ll be happy. If you get a bad one, you’ll become a philosopher. 


    Socrates(469 BC – 399 BC) 

Of late I’ve given thought to conversations I’ve had concernin the state of marriages more often than usual. It always seems to evolve around the same questions concerning longevity, roles in the upbringing of kids, rights, and feelings of one er the other not pulling their share ‘a the load as it were.

Society has gone through some pretty big changes in the last bunch ‘a years, and typically as these changes have been rather slow in coming, we’ve not really taken the notice for which they are due. It seems the older generations can’t figure out why the younger generations cant hold a marriage together, and the younger generations can’t figure out why it is that the older generations managed to keep their marriages for the long haul.  It would appear that if ever there were a rule book for successful marriages, it’s bin deep sixed leavin couples struggling to define the parameters of their relationships with precious little in the way of guidelines. 

The days of 50th anniversaries seems all but over, and even 25 year anniversaries are getting to be a pretty scarcely celebrated landmark. Givin the way things is goin these days, it makes sense to me that the old “Till death do us part” bit, mayhap should get change to, “Till we tire of each others company’. .. Or how’s about, “For a term ‘a five years with an option to renew.” . {wee snicker} . Better not let that one get out to the government ‘er they’ll be tryin ta figure out a way ta charge a renewal fee. If there were any renewals, that is.

Seems to me that currently we live in a time when Women have more rights than they ever have had, and still feel as though they are subservient. At the same time, Men are feeling as though they are loosing all sense of control wherein women are trying to run their lives lending to feelings of lost rights. It’s gotten to the point now that a molehill such as who gets ta hold on to the remote control has the potential to turn into a insurmountable mountain.

From this, has spawned a brand new industry. You can find it in the phone book under “Marriage Counselors” or “Psychologists”. Pages ‘n pages ‘a these clowns makin a killin off ‘a us with all ‘a our petty little problems. Not that these guys can keep a marriage goin fer life, lest of course ya’s include em in yer vows .. “And I promise ta see our marriage counselor once a week fer as long as we all three shall live.” … I now pronounce you’s Husband, Wife, and Marriage counselor. .. Group hugs everybody.

In lookin at the changes in society over the last 50 years or so, it occurs to me that the largest of the problems within relationships these days has to do with the democratic system. The marriages of old what actually lasted the long term were back when the men were the king of the castle, rulers of the roost as it were. In any decision it was one against nothin and so the decision was made, the ruling applied and adhered to. People knew their roles. The not so democratic system worked, and time marched on.

 The problem in a relationship of supposed equality is that the democratic system fails at any and all points such as the two of you have opposing views. One against One ! ! . Hence the power struggle and the feelings on either side of having ones rights trod on.

So now, in listening to disgruntled wives talking, one might hear the questions … “Why does he always go on about how he’s giving up so much? Why does he think he’s the only one making sacrifices?” Well colour me crazy here but if I don’t miss my guess, for the most part when there’s a woman askin these questions … Chances are that the hubby’s askin the exact same questions simply exchangin the “he’s” with “she’s”.

Now I don’t have all ‘a the answers here obviously, but I gotta wonder if havin a better understanding of why the questions are there in the first place might go a long ways in helping to deal with the problems.

Ya know … It’s comical that for the most part we never really give a whole lot ‘a thought to the true meanin ‘a compromise till we’s on the loosin {shitty} end ‘a the stick. … Yeah eh !! . Then we know all about what compromise means.

Don’t we

      I spose that’s the selfish part ‘a our “Human Nature”  comin out, eh !!!

       Hey !! . Don’t they teach this shyte in high school social studies ???

Take care all ‘n keep well.

Catch me later

~ Ciao Fer Now ~

  Social Studies, Parts ‘1’ through ‘3’ 






Posted March 23, 2006 by Archie ~Grumps~ in ~ Social Studies ~

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  1. I\’ve taken the kids to the museum there a couple times now.. they love it there.. My daughter is really into science experiments and that kinda shit.
    as for the job shadowing.. well.. yeah, it\’s just running behind someone all day watching what they do to get a grasp on things.. but I ended up turning the job down anyway.. it was at an advertising firm in london (otvos advertising).. it wasn\’t for me.. 60 hours a week.. plus the commute.. wouldn\’t leave me any time with the kids 😦

  2. Happy spring to you too!! FINALLY!! Grins!!
    Alot of people these days don\’t know the meaning of compromise or sacrifice. There is a fine line between your love for someone and your need for someone(if u know where that line is please u gotta let me know)

  3. I think your on the right page, there can only be one head of the household, I can and try to respect that..
    It\’s all about open communication and resolving things before they become issues… TALK people, and yes comprimise a bit will ya?!?!!?
    Nice blog arch,

  4. "Don\’t give up" is am awsome song with Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel, I also like her "Runnin up the hill" and as for peter garbiel?!!?!?
    "Shock the monkey "in GERMAN wow, that\’s BAD ASS!

  5. OH! OH! " Games without frontiers "by Peter Gabriel as well, I like PG!!!!!!

  6. Hello Archie dear !
    Finally I have found time to drop in and leave a warm greeting for you !
    I have been busy lately.. driving every morning to the hospital to get the treatment for my psoriasis.
    Spring has arrived here- its really nice outside. Today I am off and I enjoy being at home and get my other stuff done..
    take care


  8. well,..since ,…with the month we\’ve had,….you know how i feel about this whole topic,…
    i don\’t beleive it should be a big sacrific to keep one\’s pants on if infact one is committed to a relationship,… and as far as your idea about we should all love one another and noone should be with another for their whole lives,…i don\’t agree with you,..but,..to each is own,… your idea of being unfaithful just doesn\’t sit right with me,…12 years is a long time,…and even longer when the other is,…you know who,….but,..i\’ve never once felt the need to go to another bed,….as elton john sings,….and it\’s no sacrific,….no sacrific,..at all,…
    anyhow,..i gotta get ta bed,..otherwise i won\’t even have a voice tomorrow,…lol
    nite hun

  9. Hello there stranger….I loved that!  esp the part about : Givin the way things is goin these days, it makes sense to me that the old “Till death do us part” bit mayhap should get change to “Till we tire of each others company’. .. Or how’s about, “For a term ‘a five years with an option to renew.” . {wee snicker} . Better not let that one get out to the government er they’ll be tryin ta figure out a way ta charge a renewal fee.
    That was halarious.
    I actually agree with you on what you said about changes in society, I fear for my boys repproducing and the thought of my grandchildren growing up in todays society.  Gone are the days of little house on the priaries….I so wish things never changed.  Maybe that is why I am still not married…lol…I am afraid I will never wee 25 years of marriage either!
    Have a great day!  And thanks for the great read!

  10. Well now, lookie here, smack up against it i am. How do i respond to it? ummmmm i know…. MARRIAGE SUCKS! Been there, done that, and will NEVER be so blind again.
    Enough of that shit, hi Arch , lol. how the hell are ya man! This is me, missing your humor and wit. I definetely dont get here often enough anymore, actually, i totally amazed that I can comment now! Keep your fingers crossed for me that it publishes. Will catch you later hon on msn, ok? huge hugs, Glen

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